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To be released in January... Monolith headphone amplifier and DAC with Dirac Sensaround II

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One of the reasons why we ventured into this is that we have found that the need for individualization is less important than generally thought, provided that the HRTFs are modelled correctly... just as in room correction, trying to model every tiny detail of a head-related transfer function can lead to errors.
The solution needs to be robust to work for everyone.
Also we have not tried to make a system that takes a given HiFi room and transforms that into headphones.
We rather wanted to create an ideal listening space... real rooms and hifi systems have lots of problems that color the sound, which is exactly what we wanted to avoid.
In a sense the virtual HiFi room could be the ultimate room correction solution :)


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Wow! Thanks for bringing this up! Very nice product it seems. For me with one flaw: if no correction curves are supported for the headphones then you have to only rely on very expensive headphones that should sound decent. I believe this was tested with some measured headphones at Dirac and finetuned the response in order to start with the sensearound technology on top of it.

So I believe that it will be less "amazing" with some "ordinary" not corrected headphones. I might be wrong of course. This is just a thought of mine. Let's see.

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