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Alex's situation

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Praying for some rain (not a lot as that can cause many other problems with erosion on a fire ravaged landscape out there) and the house of UpTone & family escapes any fire danger.

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2 minutes ago, Superdad said:

... but honestly I am not too worried at the moment.


This is the most important statement for us. You and your family's safety is uppermost in our mind.


2 minutes ago, Superdad said:

P.S.  If it seems safe to leave my wife and kids at home tomorrow with just one vehicle, then I may try to make an 1:40 drive (each way) via back roads to the FedEx depot in Merced to pick up shipments of 250 LPS-1 cases and circuit boards that were supposed to have been delivered yesterday.  Then, if my assistant and I work through the weekend we may only be a day or two off on next week's shipments.  We'll see...


Please don't worry about this now, until the danger is passed. 


A lot of people have wondered here - what can we do to help. Weill, here's one concrete way to help. Please be patient and understanding about orders being delayed, so Alex doesn't feel compelled to drive through a raging inferno to get your packages shipped! :o

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16 minutes ago, Superdad said:

Everything will be alright for us.

Glad to hear you are prepared but haven't yet needed to evacuate.  Just stay safe.  Thanks for the update, we are all concerned about your welfare.

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