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Exogal Comet Plus with WyrWorld DC upgrade NEAR-MINT

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Exogal Comet Plus with the WyWires umbilical cord upgrade. Less than nine months old, purchased new and in near-perfect condition. The Exogal Comet DAC unit itself is piano-gloss black and I've managed to maintain its showroom shine, top and bottom. Condition 9+/10. Also included is the Exogal recommended WyWyres umbilical upgrade linking the power supply with the DAC, 
The Exogal Comet Plus is one of the most remarkable DACs you'll ever hear, offering detailed yet non-fatiguing musicality. (Here's The Absolute Sound's review  http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/exogal-comet-digital-to-analog-converter/)
The Exogal Comet has a full complement of digital AND analog inputs. Can be controlled with Apple or Android app. The Exogal Comet Plus is $3000 new. The WyrWorld umbilical upgrade brings that up to $3249, For $1600, I'll ship anywhere in the continental United States.



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