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Metrum Octave MkII Connectivity Issue With iMac

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Hello - I just recently found this site and I'm hoping someone has an idea to help me get my newly purchased (2nd hand) Metrum Octave II DAC up and running with my iMac.


Currently, I'm getting a flashing blue light over the USB input when connected to my iMac (OS X Yosemite 10.10.5).  The manual says that no USB signal is coming from the source if the light is blinking. However, the device does appear as M2Tech HiFace in my audio output device options.  I have powered off both the iMac and Octave a few times hoping a reset would work, but so far it has not.  I've read about some connectivity issues with Metrum USB inputs, and I'm hoping someone else has worked through this issue already.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I have sent an email to Metrum, but it's the weekend, and I would like to see if I can get this going before Monday.
Thanks in advance!

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4 hours ago, altec210 said:

Skatbelt - using iTunes via Pure Music






I don't know about Pure Music but with other players for Mac (Audirvana Plus, Roon, HQ player and Amarra) you have to set the audio device manually in the preferences. You could try a trial of A+. I have had a Pavane in my system a while ago (also Metrum and also M2Tech USB-interface) and it worked without problems.


EDIT: the Octave II is introduced in 2013. Melvin is probably right because in that era the M2tech interface needed a driver for Mac OS.

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