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AMR/iFi audio

iFi Audio iGalvanic3.0 - The Holy Grail of Computer Audio

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Does anyone here have an problem with Temperature with there Icron Fiber USB Extender?

I have the huge problem now with the Temperature fall the "Master" drive insane and the connection between get loose.

Now there is no connection between?!

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Thanks for the help – I have bought the iFi Micro USB (great) and will buy the Audio Galvanic 3.0 after Christmas.  Bought from David at MCRU in Yorkshire UK – an extremely helpful and knowledgeable dealer of yours.  I will certainly buy from him again.


In researching which product to buy I came across your iFi  Tech Note on mp3 to DSD conversion which results in a reduction of harshness in the mp3 sound.  I do not have J Rivers or one of your DACS (yet), but I wanted to see if I could do the conversion in Foobar alone – not managed that yet.  However I asked for help from the Hydrogen Audio Forum and got some very sceptical replies about the value of converting mp3 to DSD, I wish I know more to be able to respond.  I don’t suppose you follow these amateur forums, but you might want to have a look at this short exchange of posts about the iFi Tech Note.  I would like to go back and make a meaningful post; perhaps you could give me some guidance.




Do you think I can make file to file conversions with the foobar plugins using foobar and my own DSD capable DAC?






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You won't regret buying the Galvanic3.0; I just bought my second one...using it thus, depending on which room (Windows 10/JRiver):


iGalvanic3.0>IDAC2>ICAN>LCD-2 headphones 

or iGalvanic3.0>IDAC2>Neumann KH120 studio monitors in one room

or iGalvanic3.0>IDAC2>old tuner>M-Audio M-38 monitors in the other (bigger) room

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