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Sonicorbiter - Known Issues

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1. NAD M51

The issue is related to the fact that the device identifies itself as a 10 channel input via USB. Pretty strange and it needs to be fixed by NAD in firmware. Playback should work with the RoonReady output mode. It's unknown if playback will work with the other output modes.


2. Optical network isolation

50/50 chance that optical network isolators will cause connection and playback issues. These a network side issues. The use of optical network isolators is not recommend.


3. Devialet devices

Standby mode on these devices do not appear to be properly implemented. This needs to be fixed by Devialet in firmware. The use of standby mode on Devialet devices is not recommend. No other reported issues with Devialet devices.


4. Antelope DACs

Customer has reported no sound or rate lock signal on the display with USB set to 2.0. USB needs to be set to 1.0 which limits the maximum sample rate supported to 96kHz.


5. Schitt Audio DACs

Some of these USB devices need an alternate hardware port to support 176.4kHz content without resampling. Look in DAC Diagnostics in the GUI and confirm that 176400 is on the list next to Rates:

Rates: 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000, 176400, 192000


If your device does not list 176400 follow these sets to assure your content is not resampled to 88.2kHz.


On Sonicorbiter SE

1. Go to /Settings/System Settings/Custom DAC

2. In the DAC name field enter Schitt

3. In the DAC Audio Device field enter hw:1,1

4. Press Save

5. From /Settings select each output mode you want to use and select the Schitt DAC under Audio Device and press save.


On microRendu

1. Go to /Settings/System Settings/Custom DAC

2. In the DAC name field enter Schitt

3. In the DAC Audio Device field enter hw:0,1

4. Press Save

5. From /Settings select each output mode you want to use and select the Schitt DAC under Audio Device and press save.


6. These devies need to be on when the unit boots up

Any device that uses a M2Tech V1 hiFace interface, Mytek Stereo 192/DSD DAC, and Mytek Manhattan DAC. This is not really an issue, but the way the Linux driver is intended to work.


List of devices known to use the M2Tech V1 hiFace: M2Tech hiFace (white), M2Tech Young, Audia, Corrosion, Empirical, North Star, Rockne, SL Audio, W4S (early DAC-2 models), Vitus, CAD, Yeaudio, Metronome, Pathos, Rotel, Audio Esclusive, K&K Audio, Musica Pristine, and Chord.


7. exaSound DACs

These devices work on their Linux based player, but exaSound has not relased the Linux driver to the open source community. The use of exaSound devices is not recommend unless you plan to use an USB to SPDIF interface.


8. RigiSystems USB interface

Devices that use a RigiSystems USB interface do not have a Linux driver. The XXHighEnd Phasure DAC and Audio Research DAC8 are the two know devices that use this interface and are not supported.


9. Cisco managed switches

10a. These devices may cause issues with playback of high sample rate content. The fix is to set Flow Control for the unit in Ports/Port Settings. Refer to this post:https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-1-2-plays-dsd-128-roon-1-3-version-196-doesnt-solved-managed-switch-flow-control/20300/14?u=jesus_rodriguez 

10b. These devices may cause issues with the HQ Player / NAA output mode. The symptom is that HQ Player does not find your microRendu or Sonicorbiter SE. The fix is to set Multicast / Forward All in the switch configuration to Static. Refer to posts: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f26-sonore-sponsored/sonicorbiter-naa-output-mode-27274/index6.html#post584978 and http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f26-sonore-sponsored/sonicorbiter-naa-output-mode-27274/index6.html#post585089


10. Schitt Eitr USB interface

The Schitt Eitr USB interface reports to our operating system a streaming format that it does not appear to support. It's working fine for some and not for others so they may have firmware variations in the field. I sent an email to Schitt letting them know and I have not heard back from them.
Try this if you are having issues: 
Go to Settings/Squeezelite and select format = 24_3 and press Save. Go to Roon Settings / Setup and Enable Squeeze Box support. Then Enable the SqueezeLite output in Settings / Audio / Networked and test. 
11. Mytek DACs
The Mytek Stereo 192/DSD DAC and the Mytek Manhattan DAC are only supported on Sonicorbiter 2.3.  

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