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UpTone Audio Regen Listening Impressions

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Repeat my message because you were confused about the topic.In another topic you can delete!
Came ISO Regen.
System on the Linux >usb PPAv2+linear power supply(LT1083-7.5 V)>ISO Regen+linear power supply(LT1083-5V)>zonotone USB cable (1.2 m) 6N Grandio 6nusbgran USB>USB DAC.
First impressions from ISO Regen!The sound flew over the acoustics,expanded the stereo image,detail increased,the sound transparent,natural tone amazing.It is only when Galvanauskas ISO.
If the ISO switch to disable it narrows the stereo image,sound lands and becomes less transparent.
Tests were conducted in three variants and in my opinion put in this order.
100 balls-usb PPAv2+Regen ISO(iso included)
85 points-usb PPAv2+Regen ISO(iso off)
75 points-usb directly from the computer+Regen ISO
50 points-usb directly from the computer.

Thanks for such an interesting product!


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Just wanted to inform any of you of what is probably blatantly obvious to most: using a LPSU (I'm using HDPlex) with the Regen is transformative. Can't believe it took me so long to give it a try.

More weight, without loss of speed, better HF decay, soundstage is more cohesive and integrated and depth has increased quite a bit. Even tone has gotten somewhat better. Hightly recommended upgrade.

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