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From my PC to a Behringer DEQ2496

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Hello everyone!


This is my first time here! I'm writing from Chile, at the end of South America.


I need to replace my very old receiver, it just died, and to fix it is ridiculous expensive for an old piece of audio equipment.


My first idea was to buy a Behringer A500 connected to my computer via one Behringer UCA202, but later I founded the Behringer DEQ2496 that have a good DAC inside based on AKM chip plus room correction, EQ, and others functions that probably I will never use.


Now my problem is how to connect my PC Window 7, 64 bits with PCIe slots and USB ports with the DEQ2496 that have AES/EBU and Toslink ports at reasonable cheap cost. The A500 cost here $360, the DEQ2496 $520 and the UCA202 $50. The problem with the UCA202 is the bitrate, just 16/44.


I'm looking for a converter or sound card PCIe with a price similar to the UCA202 that have a bitrate at least 24/96 but with a price target lower than $100 with AES/EBU or Toslink ports compatible with the DEQ2496. I founded some USB to Toslink converters, but no idea if those cheap converters have a reasonable good sound quality. I don't have money to make experiments.


Any suggestion will be welcome!

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