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V-DAC196 &V-PSU2::Advice Appreciated on Suitable Amp & Speakers,

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Hello Fellow Members From An Englishman In Norway;


I have read most threads on the Superb V-dac range both here and elsewhere.

I beleive the above combination of V-DAC196 &V-PSU2 would be ideal for what I have in mind?

I would like to find a compatible Amp & Speaker, but nothing to exotic.

My only music sourse is high qulity PC files,contained both on my Old 2008/9 DELL STUDIO 32 BIT LAPTOP & external hard drives


I am as yet unsure of budget but I would guess about £300/$500 Max maybe a bit more

Just a few ideas/suggestions would be great.Suitable cable advice would also be very much appreciated.


The room will be a dedicated music room quite small 10`x 7`x 7`High it is a bit different in the fact it will also house a Latin -Percussion set up ;CONGA + TIMBALES it will have bass traps fitted to walls and roof not fully there will be 8 panels in all.the floor will be wood on concrete base,roof pine.


I am thinking of playing my recorded percussion lessons,through the laptop..and of course it would be great to be able to switch over to just plain music.


Just trying to strike a balance here,I am not at all sure I can really try out to many Audio items..so it is even more important for good advice and personal feedback from fellow members


many thanks in advance


Regards Steve

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