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  2. Understanding Sample Rate

    He writes for magazines for money. So what? I used to write for 'Orchid Review', a non-profit orchid magazine run by the 'British Orchid Society' and the largest orchid magazine in Europe. It's no big deal. What a shame for the pilot. I'm one too, and have sex at (rare) intervals. Does being a pilot make him a noted audio 'expert' or is it just one of your many 'appeals to authority'? From your posts you appear to throw insults at every EE who disagrees with you. Mansr is a recent example. Subjective reports? Unless they are repeatable by everyone who tries the same They are totally worthless.
  3. Understanding Sample Rate

    Please warn spacehound too...he has done it numerous times and been here only a very short time. and I have yet to have seen him be warned...IMHO, spaceman is one of the most arrogant people on this site, and he even admitted himself in one of his posts that he called himself a jackass....he deserves anything he gets to help put him in his place. I don't even mind people that are arrogant when they don't do it specifically to demean others, but he is one of the lowest forms of life. It is people like him that is the only reason i wish you would consider a point system...there are probably only about 3 or 4 people i would put in the same league as spaceman, where 90% of what they post is of trolling smart ass nature, and those 3 don't even include GUTB.

    more than that, it shows there are a lot more ignorant people than i realized, but still a big minority.
  5. Blue or red pill?

    I just have never heard or believe any system can ever be engineered that will convincingly sound like live...
  6. After installing the adapted uspcb Wednesday I got surprised several times last evening by sounds I hadn't heard consciously before. Very pleased!
  7. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Hi @tbooe, i'm interested in your findings. According to ALLO recommandation for DSD i'm using USB to Gigabit adapter: https://allo.com/sparky/usb-to-gigabit.html . Plug and Play, fixed IP, no issue with NAA, USBridge is very stable but i'm only playing DoP DSD128 (10-13 mbps) due to my DAC FW limitation (Amanero). Seems @pgbcincy succeed playing DSD512.
  8. Allo Sparky USBridge

    OK I messed around a bit more with my USBridge. I have a couple of USB-Gigabit Ethernet adapters laying around so I tried to use them instead of the builtin Ethernet port. The USB adapters definitely improved playback of FLAC to DSD512. 90% of the stutters went away. Oddly, I am still not able to play DSD64 or 128 files converted to DSD512 though. I get the same stutters with the USB adapter as I was getting with the Ethernet port. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  9. Hi Eric / @limniscate - great post and it sounds like you and Rajiv are having some real testing fun. I also have the Cerious Technologies graphene speaker cables after stumbling upon rave reviews on another forum. I'm a fan now and have ordered balanced XLRs too. I can't say I tested against many rivals but I like them and think the punch above their weight for a pretty reasonable price point. Bob Grost is also a pleasure to deal with. In terms of future tests can I ask that you consider whether LPS-1 vs LPS-2.1 is possible to test? Cheers, Alan
  10. Understanding Sample Rate

    Not in the least, I was 'taking the piss' out of sandyk's constant habit of dragging in Colloms opinion only once expressed and only on one subject as strong evidence that most of sandyk's ideas are correct. Colloms once 'passed' a supposedly 'blind' test of sandyk's ludicrous claim that WAV files are degraded by electronic transportation (wires). This turned Colloms into a 'god', if an unwitting one. And Colloms maybe unintentional claim to be an 'Expert Witness' on everything is good for a laugh. Neither did I invent the term "The Colloms" - it was someone else on this site (but I think it's great). What British hifi industry? At a quick 'offhand' look there is only Arcam (partly), Linn, and Sugden. I personally wrote off Linn years ago as their well-known turntable is an exact copy of somebody else's, resulting in a court case that neither side could afford to fully pursue.
  11. Understanding Sample Rate

    I would suggest that you should have done more research before jumping to your previous conclusions. He was also the editor of U.K. magazines such as HiFi News and Record Review at one stage, when it also published quite a bit of technical content and Audio Projects from authors such as Ben Duncan,(High Performance Audio Power Amplifiers for music perfomance and reproduction) I don't have a problem with Pommies in general, ( unless they don't use SprayFresh in summer) as I have a couple of good online friends from a U.K. Audio Forum , one of whom is a Virgin pilot, and several of us have had some very enjoyable GTGs with him when Virgin was flying to Au.(Jon drinks his beer cold too !) I don't have a problem with E.E.s in general either ,only those that believe that Subjective reports are a complete waste of time, as everything needing to be known, is already known. I actually have 2 qualified E.E. friends who I first met when they started their working lives at a Jaycar Electronics store in Sydney before going to Uni. One of these E.E.s has also participated in several of our GTGs.
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  13. Understanding Sample Rate

    I just spat my coffee out laughing. Classic and probably the only way the Iranian guy will get the result he wants.
  14. Understanding Sample Rate

    I am thinking of ridiculing groups of hominids such as different species or sub-species; maybe haplotypes...
  15. What is controlling the SE. Did you bridge the IP address, if that is even possible. Also, is the SE sensitive to the upstream device controlling it. I thought I read somewhere the Ultrarendu are. Maybe I'm remembering wrong. Just wondering about the Influence that has on an SE.
  16. Understanding Sample Rate

    A bit off topic, but while MC has a bit of an ego, the man also has some achievements. He co-founded Monitor Audio, later had Colloms Electroacoustics, a consultancy company active in design and forensics, IIRC. MC was responsible for a number of speaker and amp designs in the 80s and 90s, including Celestion and Aura. These are just the things I happen to know, as a relative outsider. Why Spacehound’s untempered vitriol towards these British audio personalities? Is he the Angry Old Man of the UK hifi scene?
  17. Understanding Sample Rate

    We and the supporting cottage 'industry' already are. "Only the intelligent can afford to make fun of themselves" - Einstein. Believing myself, maybe falsely, to be so, I live by that statement almost 100% of the time. It real riles Mrs Spacehound.
  18. Understanding Sample Rate

    More like for some mysterious (though not that mysterious) reason he gets away with insults that would have had anyone else booted out the door years ago. He insults almost everyone who has the temerity to disagree with his sometimes 'unusual' ideas. (I well-remember what he said about you just the other day)
  19. SOtM smS-200 unveiled at Munich Hi-End

    Here is how I use my single ps in series powering Brooklyn DAC. Here is where you'll find them. http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/vendor-s-bazaar/310402-fs-ultra-low-noise-power-supply-lt3045-based-pcb-2.html
  20. SOtM smS-200 unveiled at Munich Hi-End

    Thanks! JS-2 with Stammheim's single ps got to be good! 😊 My thoughts with a LPS-1.2 powering sMS-200Ultra is similar. I plan to use Alexey's 12v/1A board post LPS-1.2...if it will work that is. Otherwise I will go for Stammheim's single ps in series. I have another LPS-1.2 coming that I will use in a Ghent JSSG DC Y-split with Kelvin output shunt regulators, feeding Aqvox switch and BluWave's GI Spdif output.
  21. So anyways Barrows, are you in Seattle. I was hoping to find others who share a passion for good audio and have a nice digital system to compare and contrast. I have friends with vinyl systems that are quite fine. I also heard one digital system, USB connected server that just put it down. Better than pretty much any vinyl I heard anywhere. Little pricey, but if you want the very best it seems to cost some money. I am very happy with my setup, but know there is always some tweaking/tuning that really brings out the best.
  22. Understanding Sample Rate

    It was the cause of my getting married in 2001. Don't ask, but the marriage wasn't directly connected to the trout, but he was 'circumstantial'. Very much so.
  23. Understanding Sample Rate

    He really nailed it tho
  24. Understanding Sample Rate

    I don't think a trout even has an ass - certainly not a well defined one.
  25. Understanding Sample Rate

    A trout?
  26. Understanding Sample Rate

    "Arrogant and pompous ass like you" - sandyk about Spacehound. "So he claims. AFAIK he has never been known to make anything" - Spacehound about The Colloms. That's not an insult at all, it's just taking the piss. He's a ****ing Pom too And there's not much about him on the 'net except his own claims. Has he made anything? Or just wrote a book? "Consultant"? What on? It's not a qualification. I was asked how to catch a trout once. Does that make me one? If so, bow down and kiss my ass. Anyway, I thought you didn't like EE's? You're always rabbiting on about how useless thy are. You even called me one,, and you meant it as an insult
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