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  2. Tidal and Watermarking (and MQA) ?

    They match. But I am not sure to what degree this all influences in the context of what you literally asked and what I did, Miska : So let's be careful with drawing the right conclusions.
  3. These niggling issues with the sMS-200 products is why I went with the ultraRendu. Well, that and the fact that the sMS200ultra cost a whole lot more with no benefit for me in my setup. I don't think the problem is Roon so I would be contacting SoTM to hear what they have to say.
  4. JRiver to HQPlayer UPNP support added (limited)

    Yes, building and running Rygel on Windows especially with MPRIS plugin which requires D-Bus is painful. But there's one way that could work. It could be now possible to limited extent run HQPlayer Embedded on WSL, but since it doesn't support audio (or graphics) devices yet (if ever), you'd need to run networkaudiod at Windows side to make it work. Both can be on the same machine simultaneously. If someone wants to try it out, I'm curious to hear the results! Since WSL is under heavy development, just make sure you are at least on Fall Creators Update before trying! Mine, or @shadowlight's scripts could be useful as starting point for setting up starting of D-Bus session bus, Rygel and HQPlayer. When I have time, I may try it out myself. I have to say I have completely no idea about LMS, I've never touched it so I'm unable to give any guidance regarding it.
  5. I'm a new proud owner of the SOtM Trifecta 😁. Not really an audiophile poet so suffice to say I'm dumbfounded by the improvement of the sound over my old setup even before breaking in the new components. My current connections are: Roon to Orbi WiFi router in HiFi room (sPS-500@ 12V) to D-Link DGS105 switch (sPS-500 one leg @7V) with modified regulators, capacitors and a clock input to sMS200 (sPS-500 second leg@7V) modified to accept two clock inputs to tX-USBultra (100W Zerozone to LPS-1 @7V) with clock outputs to above switch and sMS200 to Vinnie Rossi LIO DHT DAC2.0 I have a problem with this setup in that sometimes in the middle of a song, the connection from Roon to the sMS200 gets cut off and often requires a reboot of some Trifecta devices to restore the connection. This occurs especially often with Roon upsampled to DSD512 files. Much less so with DSD256 and lower upsampling. But occasionally happens to simple 44.1MHz files too. Never used to have issues with the microRendu. That unit just worked… until it didn’t and would then be a serious issue like micro SD card failure. I wonder if anyone here can explain what is the issue is and how to resolve this disconnect problem? Or in which order to reboot which Trifecta devices to reconnect the stream? I haven’t work this out yet and it currently seems random. Sometimes rebooting the sMS-200 and reconnecting the USB cable to the LIO DAC2.0 would do the trick, sometimes not. Sometimes switching everything off, waiting for 10 min then restarting would be the only way. Thanks in advance for any information or experience.
  6. Sotm sps-500

    I bought a couple of Hirose connectors to make DIY DC cords from the SPS-500 to the SMS-200 Ultra but I can't disassemble the Hirose to access the pins for soldering. Has anyone done it or can give me some advice how to do it?
  7. black Friday deals:

    https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/collections/black-friday-deals Old link I think but small green computer/sonore are running them again. And for my fellow Aussie above Lifestylestore in Sydney are running a Black Friday sale for the whole weekend. I don't agree with it here either but I guess times they are a changin'
  8. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    You will need to check on your router's web page or use a network scanning app to see the actual IP address used by your instance of Moode. It is not necessarily
  9. JRiver to HQPlayer UPNP support added (limited)

    Ok, I understand. So those limitations make upnp functionality impossible at the moment on Windows. If there’s a way to make LMS UPNP bridge talk to HQP on Windows using the control API, without having to go through an interim app, such as JRiver, I’m definitely interested. Would you mind PM-ing or emailing me some basic guidelines?
  10. SACD Ripping using an Oppo or Pioneer? Yes, it's true!

    Personally, I use Amazon a lot of the time (some of them are quite a nice size), but also discogs. Between those two, I've never been disappointed. HTH!
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  12. Tidal and Watermarking (and MQA) ?

    I wouldn't be surprised if a big label demands to watermark buyer/subscriber information as a condition for allowing their content on the service. Usually they'd already have some preferred solution too. Like "if you can use watermarking provider X, we can make our catalog available to you". I can very well imagine that UMG could have their own CDN and Tidal would be just acting as a proxy between their backend and customer, where all watermarking would be done by the label's CDN and Tidal wouldn't even know about it. Supporting such private CDN would require backend customization from Tidal, but I can very well imagine such being not a problem for such a big label. I am not claiming Tidal is doing this, but just speculating what could be happening. Because that way I see more point in such exercise than just providing bunch of files for Tidal that have single watermark (what use would it be?). As a method to check this, one could download the same FLAC from Tidal using two different user accounts and compare if the SHA-256's match...
  13. Router Enhancement

    Er, why should my reply to a particular section of your post mean that the OP's findings can't be valid? My comment was clearly aimed at your misinterpretation of the OP's network setup with regards the digital audio signal path. BTW, I'm certainly not dismissing the OP's findings.
  14. Guys look: http://www.thinksrs.com/products/FS725.htm
  15. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    Thanks, so I type in my chrome/IE? But it still "This site can’t be reached"
  16. Yeah, I have had my eyes on them for a long time. I am just not sure how to wire them with balanced XLRs? 🤔 I have'nt seen anyone using top-mounted super tweeters on active speakers when searching for answers.
  17. black Friday deals:

    First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating out there. Second, I wish the best of luck to all Black Friday shoppers.
  18. What is the definition of Audiophile?

    I'm so sorry I forgot to mention that they're in the industry because of their educational background and passion for music.
  19. Ok, but $215.- is not that expensive when it comes to speakers https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/bullet-tweeters/fostex-t90a-top-mount-horn-super-tweeter/. Do you know if it is possible to use super tweeters on active speakers? I use XLR cables for my Monkey Banana Turbo 5.
  20. Selling my MicroRendu 1.4. Free shipping worldwide. iFi 9V 2A power as new in the box. PayPal preferred. §635 (Buyers cover PayPal fee).
  21. Tidal and Watermarking (and MQA) ?

    Why does this conversation keep coming back to Tidal? Based on what I posted above, watermarking is being done by UMG labels across all streaming/broadcast platforms, including FM radio, and this is measurable as well as audible. And yes, OK, MQA is a thing. But I can't find any proof that Tidal is doing additional watermarking of any kind on their own. Am I missing something?
  22. black Friday deals:

    If anyone is wondering about Allan’s use of the term niggardly, as those of you who reported the post are, here is an explanation: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Controversies_about_the_word_"niggardly" “In the United States, there have been several controversies concerning the word "niggardly", an adjective meaning "stingy" or "miserly", because of its phonetic similarity to the racial slur "nigger". Etymologically the two words are unrelated.”
  23. Only the first unfold is done in the Tidal software whether by computer or streamer. The second unfold is done in the DAC. So if you want full unfold that does leave you with either Bluesound, Lumin or the much higher priced Aurender.
  24. I thought the MQA conversion was done in the software in TIDAL and so there was no need for specialized hardware. In any event, the BlueSound Vault2 is both a DAC and a streamer handling MQA, so in the end it may be the best solution.
  25. Easy enough to use search engine.
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