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  3. I've always been uneasy about Tidal's prospects. The fact that they've survived this long continues to surprise me.
  4. When he claims a genre invented 40 years ago is the music of "millennials," and that it "repeats the same message over and over again," he's not displaying close-mindedness. He's displaying a very high degree of ignorance. He can say what he wants, and I can respond to it in kind.
  5. I'll be fine with whatever comes across. I'm on Spotify and hopefully they'll soon go lossless, but in the meantime I can continue to live with the 320 stream for sampling and then I purchase the music I really want. Personally he-l will freeze over before I'd contribute ten cents to the likes of a criminal gangster like Jay Z and his crew.
  6. I thought Tidal was supposed to be lossless.
  7. Sounds like any number of USB cable threads. Maybe those qualify as rap. Who knew?
  8. For those of us who have serious cash to burn, maybe we could even go for Adnaco-S1B plus 3 more SOtM tX-USBexp Ultra? One clock from sCLK-EX will feed Adnaco-R1BP1B and the rest will feed each tX-USBexp respectively So much jitter will be introduced by the optical conversion, most likely it's kinda pointless to swap that clock included in Adnaco-H1A-01 host adapter since that's placed before the optical conversion? BTW, is Lexar CFR1 the "only" decent USB-to-CF card reader that's still widely available?
  9.'s just close minded which is Larry's right. It's a sentiment I understand since I really dislike rap/hip-hop. But I realize we are all different and when/where we were born dramatically affects our perceptions/opinions on this subject. So I give rap/hip-hop the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the "Is it music?" question as it is clearly music to some people.
  10. Hi, Lots if if mentions of homemade y-cables in the thread. If you have no skill in this area but want a good cable to power from LPS-1 to two devices (say IsoRegen and mR) I'd love some recommendations. (PM me so I don't derail the thread).
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  12. I thought I'd post this to save others time and potentially, money. taobao sellers have no unmodified Pioneer DBP-160s left despite sites saying they have. You can only go so far on taobao using Google Chrome and it's translation capability. Ultimately you need to talk to sellers and the chat app is only in Chinese and there's no way to copy and paste into a translation site. Eventually I tried using a taobao agent. This was when I found that despite many sellers indicating that they had many unmodified Pioneer BDP-160s available, when you actually came to purchase one, there were none available. Shame because I really wanted to get the SACD layer of a bunch of my CDs onto my music server.
  13. This is the most ignorant comment I've seen on these forums.
  14. Might be time for Roon and MQA to consider a Tidal investment!
  15. Personally I don't like rap - never have and never will. To each his own.
  16. Rickca, that's right, the Adnaco is delivering the hard disk and network connection. The motherboard is providing the USB connection to the ISO Regen. Both the Adnaco and ISO Regen create moats so there are three isolated zones. Roy mentioned this idea in a post last weekend, and I realized that I had the kit to do the same. Thanks Roy! The ISO Regen is connected via the included USPCB "cable" to the motherboard. My dac is connected via a split lhlabs lightspeed 2g cable with the data end plugged into the ISO Regen. The power end is connected via y cable to the same LPS 1 that powers the ISO Regen. The trick was to get the existing harddisk image to boot over USB. Thankfully the win2usb utility can do the conversion to a windows to go drive in place.
  17. Thanks, I should be able to do some extended listening tonight and make sure it is stable.
  18. I know I should "chill" but the latest posts by W4S and vortecjr made it temporarily impossible. Leter (Singxer) has said he will not make new firmware for W4S until they disclose completely their i2s protocol, including DSD. This is what W4S has disclosed: Do you see any reference to DSD here? The answer is no. I have asked multiple times for this and Leter has asked privately and received nothing. Now I see it has magically appeared here: But the sad thing is we were just told by the publisher that it is unconfirmed and only for DIYers. So W4S still has disclosed nothing that Leter can make firmware for. Thanks a lot W4S. I'm gonna go chill now..........everybody have a nice weekend.
  19. if 33% of the company is worth 200 million ...
  20. This is a brilliant post, Peter!
  21. Bluesound App keeps reminding me of the new upgrade so I downloaded it and dragged it into the apps folder. It did not upgrade so I repeated but I keep getting the old one back when I install the newly downloaded one. that is on an iMac. I didn't bother with the iPad because if I can't do it on the iMac I give up until I can call support. Fortunately, Bluesound has excellent customer support. I was impressed. It is like Apple who will walk you through the repair or problem.
  22. So really, I still wonder what level dac would improve the Node 2 and Vault 2? There must be a better dac available but it would have to have the appropriate connections. I wouldn't mind putting a dac in line if that improved it. One would need to know if that would work and how much one would expect to spend to upgrade the Bluesound? If you spent double the cost of the Node 2, you may get what, 10%, 20% improvement?
  23. any wine from ernie el's winery- my son was just there kissed his OPEN cup and played golf-that'll do it for me- he then swam with the sharks without a cage and all he listens to is LoFi Spotify and Pandora bobbmd
  24. Check out this thread:
  25. Yes, it's working fine here. Did you press Save in Settings / DAC Diagnostics?
  26. isn't that what all you naysayers want and wish for since its inception and the addition of MQA-who really gives a Schiit? bobbmd
  27. how does one 'LOSE' a CEO? I have never lost my CFO and she still lives with me!
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