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  2. Hi, I need help with the installation of my Paul Pang V2.0 USB card on my MITAC PD10BI MT motherboard (similar to dn2800 mt) with a separate powersupply for the pc and the card. SSD and music files on an external usb harddrive. Running windows server 2016. The issue is that sometimes the card works and is recognized, sometimes it is not recognized and sometimes windows tells me there isn’t enough resources. I haven’t been able to find any pattern so far and it seems to happen randomly. If the usb card works it works fine. Any idea to what is going on and how to get the setup to recognize the card at each startup? Thank you. Jock
  3. Jitter

  4. Preamps - Analysis and Reviews

    you said "live, unamplified" - and wood is the most natural an unamplified (especially if we get rid of the acoustic amplification of the instrument body) but I take your point about this, and that is why my sports car has carbs on it and not fuel injection
  5. Album of the Evening

    Alan Pasqua "My New Old Friend". A nice review of this jazz piano trio album can be found at All About Jazz.
  6. I think we should be grateful that we have someone passionate like @Cornan sharing with us the results of his findings. We just need to decide which ones we want to try in our system and that's it. It may or may not work in every system but still, there is a learning either way
  7. HQ Player

    I don't know yet, I literally just installed it. I know that @Miska has mentioned the 8192 sample limit in previous drivers as an unfortunate restriction.
  8. Hi @allo.com or @Daniel Knight Will DietPi_v155_SparkySBC-armv7-(Stretch)_Allo_Web_Interface image let me access dietpi functions via IP address? TIA!
  9. Simple (I hope) cable question

    Never tried one myself, but the Corning fiber optic USB cables were quite the rage here for a few weeks. A ten meter one of those with a USB A-to-B jumper might be a solution. https://www.corning.com/microsites/coc/ocbc/Documents/CNT-009-AEN.pdf
  10. HQ Player

    Thanks for the heads-up. How does it sound?
  11. is there ANY benefit to playing from a cd player?

    Both Blue Note and Verve are owned by Universal.
  12. I'll actually be curious to a/b MQA and NON dsd high rez between the Bluesound Node2 and the Pro-Ject Dac. The Bluesound barely sounds better than my Peachtree Nova-pre (regualr hi rez). I find it interesting that the above reviewer heard no major sonic difference between the Benchmark and the Pro-ject.
  13. I would think a well recorded pipe organ with at least a 16ft diapason would be a good place to start.
  14. Let's get real - this cost me < $10 and is worth testing. But thanks for the bump
  15. Simple (I hope) cable question

    Well, if you're willing to spend some real money, the best solution is probably an Adnaco USB extender that uses fiber cable. This has the additional benefit of galvanic isolation.
  16. is there ANY benefit to playing from a cd player?

    Who owns Verve these days, does anybody know? Back in the sixties when Bossa Nova from Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd, Laurindo Almeida, Joao and Astrud Gilberto was king, Verve was owned by MGM records, but I doubt it is today.
  17. HQ Player

    iFi has a new USB audio driver 3.2 for the micro iDSD that allows ASIO buffer size up to 32767 samples. The previous 2.26 driver was limited to 8192 samples. I'm not sure when this driver became available. I just discovered it today while reviewing all my current drivers.
  18. Simple (I hope) cable question

    You know, that probably would work fine and the price is certainly reasonable. I wasn't thinking of repeater cables when I made my response. In fact I didn't even know that such a puppy existed! I knew that hubs could extend the range, but they are messy at best. In fact, I think I'll order a couple of these from Monoprice. Thanks for the heads up.
  19. Simple (I hope) cable question

    Yes, a 20 ft USB cable is non-trivial. Suspect that it would work reliably, but I hesitate to say that there is no degradation of the music signal. I suspect that the error rate would go through the roof, and error correction would be working overtime. And if the errors force the DAC into interpolation, one can certainly hear it!
  20. Article: The Next Track: Network Streamers

    I don't know what he thinks, but @dougscripts thinks that's worth considering.
  21. And something very neat happened. As usual, I did a clean install. Normally this would mean redownloading software, and going through a bit of hassle getting everything set up as before. Not this time. Despite the clean install, everything is as I left it in Sierra. All my software is there, passwords were there, Safari Extensions, etc... All I had to do was restart and take up where I left off. I still have to upgrade my HDDs to APFS which will take some doing, but right now my SSD boot drive is working perfectly.
  22. I am not sure about 230v, but there are plenty of switches with fiber ports. I myself have used D-Link and Cisco. Do a search on Amazon. There are also cheaper options on the various Chinese e-commerce sites.
  23. Simple (I hope) cable question

    https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=6149 These $8.71 plus shipping active USB extenders also work just fine. This one is 32 ft, there are different lengths. You'll suffer zero problems at least up to 192 khz and 24 bit files. I have used a couple longer than this without problems. I would prefer it to a pair of analog cables. Though actually either for 16 ft will work fine.
  24. Simple (I hope) cable question

    You might think that the type of RCAs would make a difference, but they don't. Silver's a better conductor than copper, but over a length of three feet or less (the normal length of MOST home audio interconnects), I have found that you could use a straightened coat hanger as an interconnect, and you wouldn't hear a difference (as long as the two chassis were grounded together some other way). I don't think I'd recommend it though
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  26. Article: The Next Track: Network Streamers

    We thought of that early in the show's history, but we decided that it would add a couple more minutes to the show, and not every guest might be prepared to mention something interesting. Maybe we'll do a "next track" episode at some point, where we record a number of guests making their picks of best music of the year. (Hmm, @DougAdams, what do you think about that?)
  27. Article: The Next Track: Network Streamers

    I like this episode. Just one question for (@DougAdams) and (@kirkmc), why don't you ask your guest what's their next track? I'd love to know what people like Chris and Andy Doe are playing next. --LP
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