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  2. I wouldn't mind hearing your suggestions in case I tread down that path despite my grumbles about having something else to worry about and tune to perfection. My SoTM sMS-200 ULTRA is already about as good as you can get when it comes to streaming, it's also Roon Ready, so would I need an equally good Roon Core so as I don't put a weakness upstream before delivery to sMS 200? Anyway, a suggestion to compliment my sMS200 ULTRA would be useful as reference to me later when, and if, I think it's going to beneficial to have another box in the house. If it doesn't cause any sound degradation, it would be good if the Roon Core could also be a general office computer too - perhaps 2x SSD's, one booting cleanly into Roon, and the other Windows 10. Anyway, whatever you think.
  3. Windows X

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Yes. Sure. You can try that too and see if it works. Core isolation will choose cores based on policy and available cores. If it's stable, good. If not, you can uncheck it or write a batch script to run with Fidelizer instead too. Process Lasso also work well for such scenario.
  4. diecaster

    PS Audio DS upgrade to SNOWMASS

    Redcloud was a big step up in sound quality over the previous release. Snowmass is an even bigger step up. Ted Smith is amazing.
  5. DancingSea

    PS Audio DS upgrade to SNOWMASS

    PS Audio has email mailing lists for new products and sales in which the updates are announced. And there's Paul's daily email musings as well....
  6. crenca

    MQA is Vaporware

    Yea, but radical subjectivist sandyk, is he (and thus his "reports") measurable...only in a qualitative way - from same "reports". None of this is on topic however.
  7. What the hell is wrong with you JoeWhip?!?!? Have you gone completely sane?
  8. Kimo

    New Aqua Formula DAC (Multibit R2R)

    Actually, it was JA. It was stated that Herb's finding would be coming in 2019. Not sure what review you read, but I wouldn't call JA's unfavorable.
  9. Today
  10. The reason is that your switch is faulty and/or unable to handle the amount of multicast traffic required. Your case is noteworthy because someone else has recently also tracked down his Roon problems to the same brand of switch you had.
  11. audioking87

    Antipodes CX

    Thanks, I will try an Ethernet link from jcat net femto on my custom music server to the ex. Are you using roon from your phone to have the configuration of the server to the ex? My music server is a win 10 machine.
  12. Fastest way seems to be checking the forums: https://forum.psaudio.com
  13. My setup (2014 MacMini > HDMI > Pioneer Elite receiver) "just works" - I know that's not helpful, but just some encouragement that it's certainly possible to get 5.1 (probably higher if you have the speakers / receiver that supports it) surround output from bog-standard equipment and standard software (JRiver, Audirvana, Roon, HQPlayer, etc. - all work with this setup). In this case, I'm using the Pioneer's internal DAC (which sounds just fine) instead of some fancy outboard DAC but that's the "price" I pay for saving several thousand dollars on a standalone multichannel DAC.
  14. I have run JRiver and output multichannel HDMI audio with any number of Win-based PCs. Can you describe what you have and what you do that you want to change? (N.B.: I use JRMC's DLNA functions, not Win.)
  15. Miska

    New Aqua Formula DAC (Multibit R2R)

    Personally, I really liked sound of the Nagra HD-DAC when running at DSD128 (matching it's native rate). That would be the one I'd pick from that set of DACs...
  16. EdmontonCanuck

    It *cannot* just be about 1's and 0's - surely?

    What happens to the SQ if you remove the battery?
  17. magnuska

    Antipodes CX

    For me it was plug and play. Ethernet cable from Prestige to Antipodes. No settings needed. //Magnus
  18. hifi25nl

    AudioLinux and NUC Troubleshooting and Tuning

    Both, the variance is the important parameter, but a variance of 3 ms is very different from one of 3us
  19. Hope you have a blast on your vacation! Let us know when we can preorder.
  20. Cyan doesn't support 48-base DSD and Spring 1 doesn't either. So no difference in that respect...
  21. sb6

    New Aqua Formula DAC (Multibit R2R)

    I have to shake my head and laugh when reading these reviews. Not at all what I hear with my Aqua. Lack of transparency? Yea, no and I don't even have the xHD upgrade - yet... For what it's worth the only digital I've heard (and I have heard quite a few) that bested the Aqua Formula is the TotalDAC 12 and the Aries Cerat (forget the model). I'm sure the MSB and Nagra best it too justifying their price. The TD 6 is probably on par albeit a different flavor.
  22. This is so true (for my taste and equipment) that I have not had to adjust the output of my subwoofers ... Maybe this can affect why I perceive more SPL? But from the microphones too? Interesting ! Roch
  23. Hi You have the Settings Log where you can see all the settings you entered on your last run. But you still have to type them in manually, sorry.
  24. http://www.akasa.com.tw/update.php?tpl=product/product.list.tpl&type=Fanless Chassis&type_sub=Fanless NUC only two useable ones
  25. stumil

    Sonore microRendu

    So I want to stream from Tidal to my microrendu. Pretty simple setup - Windows 8.1 PC on a home network, fiber optic cable from switch to microrendu with TP-Link media converters, to Ayre Codex into my pre-amp. Everything works great with Roon and I recently learned how to use the 2.7 software update to stream Spotify. I found the "Updates to Tidal and Qobuz streaming" on page 194 of this thread. When I go to the Microsoft web page to download Linn Kazoo it says that I own the app. When I click on "Install on my devices" I get this message : Where do you want to install? It looks like you don’t have any applicable device(s) linked to your Microsoft account. To install, sign in on a device with your Microsoft account. and the "Install Now" box is grayed out. What's my next move? Also just want to verify that this is the most effective way to stream Tidal to my microrendu. Thanks!
  26. I'm curious. Could you please tell us where you saw this?
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