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  2. I used Amarra for several years (and spend a lot for its upgrades and add-ons), in fact it was my player of choice, with Audirvana Plus as a second option just in case. But, after I tried HQPlayer Amarra was abandoned. All this was about listening rips and digital downloads, not streams, though.
  3. Hello everyone. This is Fram from Mumbai! I am about to update my Dac2x. I have received the hardware from EMM Labs and the instructions as to how to update the software too. Hope to get this done soon. My question to all you fellow users is about the "ST Link", "Orange fiber cable" that i use between the Transport and the DAC. Are there any other alternatives that you all may have tried or read about? Thankful.
  4. Chris, Was the site down for maintenance over the weekend? It seemed like I could not access it at times. Regards
  5. That and the fact that he gets to see the little green "Authenticated" light illuminate. Isn't he the lucky soul. LOL
  6. Hi Larry, can you teach me how to trim down the win10? I am running a Win10 Enterprise onto a MSATA for around 60G, and I am using HQP to play my music.
  7. I do agree with the point made a few days ago about varying quality. Some of the performances have been sonically outstanding, while others not so much. The Sibelius violin concerto by Lisa Batiashvilli and yesterday's Beethoven Eroica stood out for me as being excellent. The Mozart symphony by Haitink, and the Symphonie Fantastique were fairly unexciting, I'd say. in all cases I'm referring to the 16/48 Concert Sound stream.
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  9. PS Audio DS Sr w/ Bridge II and DS Jr are both Ethernet capable - with DLNA, Tidal, Roon and now MQA support. Ethernet in and I2S out in the inside.
  10. Thank you for your reply fas42. 0. First of all, I agree with you that USB is sensitive to the actual nature of the electrical waveform. My confusion are: 1. While you are saying that Lush slow down the data transitions, PeterSt did stated that "USB3 just sounds better". I believe USB3 is faster. This seems a contradiction. 2. I cannot comprehend the meaning of "Lush appears to slow down the data transition". Do you mean less number of bytes is transmitted per unit time? 3. PeterSt's POV for SI. "Good enough is good enough as this is pure digital" seems contradictory to point 0. I find point 0 too point 3 not totally coherent.
  11. The TerraBerry 2 is about 220$ delivered. Since it is specified to work with the generic Hifiberry Alsa driver, it should work simply installing the Roon renderer package for Raspberry. I don't know about the taudac, since there is no price info in the link posted by seeteeyou.
  12. Chris, I replaced the Windows NAA with my microRendu (ultraRendu comes tmrw) and the DSD-to-PCM transition pops/clicks are indeed there, just not via Windows ASIO when using the NAA. As with you, the PCM to DSD transition does not produce an audible issue.
  13. There may be quite a few DDCs today doing USB to S/PDIF / AES-EBU conversion that can work with the Microsoft UAC2 driver of Win10 RS2 (Creators Update). I'm not aware of a list of such devices having been compiled, though. Any DDC using a recent generation of XMOS USB interface chip has a good chance of working with the Microsoft UAC2 driver. My Singxer SU-1 DDC is one of these. I have successfully played up to 24/384K PCM content while running the Microsoft UAC2 driver. However, with this driver I get only a subset of the SU-1 functionality. This driver supports WASAPI but not ASIO (regardless of the hardware in use), and there is no support for native DSD playback, but only DoP (up to DSD256). Specifically, I can't stream DSD512 through the SU-1 with the Microsoft driver, but with a different driver (belonging to Holo Audio Spring DAC) it works beautifully.
  14. Thanks for that, I did start reading this tread got to page 12 out of 38....... Still haven't got to network tips yet. Any mentions on networks seemed to be from or to people who knew all about this stuff.. I don't! So really I was just being a bit lazy, I'll keep reading! Cheers
  15. I have a folder on my computer for nothing but cover art for every album (music file) I own. I got this art from either Amazon, Google Image or some other site and saved it to the cover art folder in either jpeg or jpg. In JRiver I select Audio, Panes, List Style, Thumbnails then every file shows up with (or without) cover art. If it's missing, I choose Cover Art, Add from File (which takes me to my cover art folder) and I add the matching album art. It shows fine in JRiver, but there are still some gray squares in HQPlayer. I don't know what else to do. Any other suggestions?
  16. I believe the TauDAC does not support DSD, they seem to only mention "up to 32/192".
  17. Here's everything about the sms200 - setup and possibilities are same for the ultra.
  18. Sparky Ultra /LPS1.1 - USBridge Ultra /LPS1.2 - Uspcb-Iso Regen/LPS1.3 - Uspcb -Singxer F1 Ultra A novel way to massively improve the SQ of the sMS-200 and microRendu...
  19. "Homage" ordered ! Extraordinary Violins, Violas and Violoncelli collection, Mr. Fulton ! Thanks again, Roch
  20. Ah, that makes sense. With multiple places std::exception is used, it's hard to know for sure which part threw the exception. LOL, this is true Well, I think it's safe to say the exception is due to the time limit. I'm sure when I purchase the full-version the exception won't happen. Thanks everyone for your help!
  21. Let's be clear. NOTHING is being authenticated, WHAT SO EVER. This is is one of the most laughable outright lies told by MQA from the beginning...that somehow the artist and producer would "sign off" on the master files processed by Meridian. The only thing that is authenticated is that one is a sucker and bought an MQA DAC.
  22. Would have been more obvious is they named it MQAQM. Master Quality Authenticated Quality Master
  23. I don't know if anyone will see this, but I was wondering if any of you had opinions about Amarra For Tidal and how it compares with the other programs mentioned in this thread.
  24. Thanks for the two tips. Acronis has a $30 off coupon on NewEgg and gets me $10 off so I can get it for free. Oddly this afternoon while I was playing music my second disk that has my music on it became unavailable. I pulled it and it seems to be working so I need to figure out what happened. Manually copying files to another computer currently. I do have a backup on my NAS also.
  25. it's recursive - MQA is the Master once DRM is propagated all over Skynet
  26. Thanks to ALL of you that offered suggestions! I've decided to choose quality over quantity and am back now with Tidal. Spotify had a much larger selection of music but Tidal sounds so much better. If Spotify ever starts streaming in CD quality, I'll switch again the same day.
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