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    Audioengine 2 Speakers

    <img src="http://www.computeraudiophile.com/files/a2black.jpg" style="padding: 10pt 10pt 7pt 10pt;" align="left">Over the last few weeks I've been dropping subtle hints about an upcoming magazine column I'd be writing. Today is the launch of my new column in Tone Audio Magazine called The Computer Audiophile. I'll be writing regular columns for Tone Audio about music servers, computer based playback, software, high quality downloads etc... Without further ado here is a snippet from my first product review for Tone Audio. <!--more-->

    [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]There's nothing like coming home to find a new pair of speakers waiting at your front door. That is unless the temperature is 11 degrees below zero and the speakers have been sitting there for a couple hours! But once unthawed, I was able to get down to listening to these little jewels.


    One third the size of the Audio Engine 5’s the model 2’s are definitely made for being right on your computer desk and fit exceptionally well on both sies of your your laptop (this is how they were displayed at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest when introduced) ... Weighing in at only 3.55 pounds each, they feature an internal 15-watt amplifier. It’s interesting to note that these speakers do not feature a Class-D or T amplifier; it is a real Class AB solid-state amplifier! Cost is $199 per pair...


    ... Connecting to the AE 2’s via the standard RCA inputs may be a little more familiar to the audiophiles in the audience and offers some additional customization. If your soundcard has RCA outputs this is a no-brainer. Unable to resist the audiophile urge to tweak, I grabbed my pair of Kimber Select (KS1011) RCA cables and connected the AE 2’s to my Benchmark DAC1 USB, which allowed me to use the volume control on the DAC1 instead of the one behind the speaker. Much more convenient!


    To read the rest of the article go to the <a href="http://www.tonepublications.com">Tone Audio website</a> and download your free copy of the magazine today.




    <a href="http://www.tonepublications.com">click for Tone Audio website</a>


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    Tone Audio<br />

    makes a very thorough impression on me and a very professional one<br />

    It is also a very good looking "magazine" as soon as you have down loaded the whole pdf.<br />

    Now Tone Audio has secured their quality for PC based systems as these may become the best valuable alternative for the dying CD/P format<br />

    Success Chris

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    I like the overall 'Tone' of the magazine. I have been reading through it for a few days now when I've had the time. It took forever to get to the place where Chris's debut review rested but getting there was quite informative and entertaining. It was a great 'opening shot' Chris! It left me wanting more!<br />

    <br />


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    Audioengine has recently added acoustic dampening isolation stands to their product list for the Audioengine 2 speakers. The stands tilt back the speakers at a 15 degree angle, which provides a better sound dispersion pattern to the ears and off the desktop surface. A more expensive and space consuming alternative would be the time-corrected maple speaker stands from Mapleshade Records but who would spend more for speaker stands than the for the speakers themselves.

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