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    Introducing CA Clubs and Allo!

    CA Clubs is something I, and others have been working on for a while. The Clubs area of CA takes specific topics / subjects to another level. We are excited to launch CA Clubs starting with our new sponsor Allo, creator of many great products such as the USBridge, that has gained so much popularity in the last few months. 

    CA Clubs is similar to site within a site, but at the same time, all the content posted in the clubs is also visible in the main Activity Stream. Thus, posting in a club is the same as interacting on the main forum or blog, but with better curation. 


    Clubs allow for many great features, any of which can be enabled or disabled depending on the need. For example, a club can feature a home page, activity stream (club only content), members page, topic / forum, images section, downloads, blogs, and a custom Q&A style section where readers can vote for the best answers and they will rise to the top of the page. 


    Currently, clubs must be created by admin of CA. If you have an idea for a club or are interested in sponsoring a club, just shoot me a message. 


    I can envision many clubs such as MQA Unfiltered, Objective, Subjective, or even brand specific clubs for fans of specific products such as an Unofficial ELAC club or Auralic club. It's really limitless. Plus, keep in mind that all club activity also appears in the main site activity stream, so club activity isn't off in in a dark corner. Everyone will still see all club contributions, but the information is collected very nicely and is easily accessible. 


    For now, we have a sample club to show everyone what's possible, in addition to the club from our launch partner Allo. 

    Here is a link to the Clubs, in addition to the link found within the tabs at the top of every page on CA. 


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    I agree.  This is a really strange decision to isolate the ALLO threads outside of the general forums...


    I do not understand why allo cannot simply have a sub-forum as for other vendors, and leave threads were they are for the time being. As far as I can see this does not work: "all the content posted in the clubs is also visible in the main Activity Stream." 


    If the purpose was to provide less exposure to ALLO than other vendors then you have succeeded! 

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    Whoops, that was confusing... I thought you were talking about Google's chat app o.O  Regardless, seems odd to create what amounts to a second, discrete forum under 'Clubs'.

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    Hello to all,


     It was our decision to have the clubs instead of a more traditional one . Yes I do agree there is a bit less visibility , we will see what we can do.

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