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    Announcing the Blue Coast Music Club on CA

    Announcing the Blue Coast Music club on Computer Audiophile! This one has been in the works for a few months as Cookie and her team have been working on some really cool ideas for the club (and of course they've been making music, attending trade shows, etc...). They have active blog pages, info about albums, forum topics, and direct interaction with Blue Coast artists right in the club.

    If you aren't familiar with Cookie Marenco and Blue Coast Records / Music, OTR Studios, ESE Extended Sound Environment, etc... I highly recommend doing a little research and talking to the team in the Blue Coast Music club. Blue Coast started offering downloads of high resolution music long before many people knew what high resolution was and before many component manufacturers even supported sample rates above 16/44.1.


    Some of you guys will remember this one from the archives -> When Blue Coast Records offered downloads of a performance by Keith Greeninger, Chris Kee, and drummer Bryan “Brain” Mantia, three hours after it was recorded. There was no mangling of the audio in a post-processing pressure cooker, it was released in all its glory and great sound for everyone to enjoy. Real artists can make great music that sounds fantastic!

    Blue Coast Records - High Resolution Downloads Three Hours After Performance


    Please give Cookie and her team at Blue Coast Music a warm welcome and dive right into the  club. Here's a link:




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    7 hours ago, NOMBEDES said:

    Yes.....Yes....but what about MQA?????

    Maybe one day....  we're not opposed if enough people want it... getting the conversion software is challenging.  Send them our way.  :)



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    On 2018-02-22 at 9:13 PM, AudioDoctor said:


    And today I learned about CA Clubs...


    Thanks Chris.


    The slightly annoying red marketplace tab gets all the attention and you miss the tabs beside it.  :ph34r:

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    On 2/26/2018 at 11:12 AM, agladstone said:

    I’m a big fan of Blue Coast Music!! All of your recordings are outstanding! The sound quality of your DSD128 recordings are second to none!! Thanks! 

    Thank you!  We appreciate your support!!!


    Don't forget to use your COMPU15 coupon when you purchase!


    Cookie Marenco

    Blue Coast Music


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