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Which one to buy: UpTone USB REGEN or Intona USB Isolator?



Intona is a great piece and they have indeed a great service, for a "poluted PC" it does a great job

I used to have one intona and after that 2 regen in series with linear power supplies.

I put that in the garage, because I found this amazing device the 3R by ideon audio.

I also use 2 in series but with one you get 85% of the improvement

It is cheaper than the intona, and works way better [than the regen as well]

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To answer the question: Both !

Or, wait for the upcoming UpTone Audio Iso Regen which combines both funtionalities.

Read about it in the UpTone Audio CA sponsered forum...

See more about my Intona/Regen implementation on my BLOG...  :P


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