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Very basic home networking question.

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Paul R




Speak of the devil.


I think the primary reason is the phone is using the ethernet jack as its power supply instead of a wall wart. This way, when a fire (in a chemistry department, a significant concern) takes out the power, I can't call 911, and also precludes a conventional ethernet switch. This is called progress.


Comon now- actually your phone will probably stay up during a power outage, because the switches should be on a UPS designed to stay up during power outages and catastrophic events. :)


Nothing is going to work forever in a fire, but units powering emergency services need to be identified and given special treatment.


I have UPS power from my computer room runnkng to evry floor of our building just to power the switches that power the phones. Makes 911 service available even during a power outage, which is usually when someone needs 911.

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They actually went back and installed some emergency analog phones in the building because of this problem.


I got rid of my last UPS when I discovered it was actually causing more problems then it was solving, and taking my SGI down with it (yes, that dates both me and this).

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Oh They Lord... I always keep a couple last ditch analog lines around, but boy- they do sound like they slap at the symptom and not the cause...

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