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  1. Introduction for a new member from London
  2. The Most Expensive Vinyl Records in the World..
  3. Looking Into Putting Together A Wireless Music System For MY Home....Newbie questions....
  4. New Magneplanars 2.5/R. Cats and Planar Speakers.
  5. Is this any good to power an FMC, Intona or other low draw devices?
  6. The Inner Ear & Crystal Glass
  7. Big Devialet Funding Round (Series C)
  8. Marantz' new disc player & DAC converts PCM to DSD256
  9. Do you experience skin orgasms?
  10. What To Do When New Information Changes Your Existing Systems Requirements?
  12. The Truth About Audio
  13. My New Hobby
  14. RoomTune Acoustic Treatments
  15. Troubled times = better music
  16. Software Burn-in
  17. BBC radio3 sound quality
  18. ​Cable Burn In?
  19. Isotek-
  20. AKG 612/712 PRO, but what else?
  21. Chromebook Audio
  22. Equipmentless (almost) listening room
  23. Is There a Music Player Out There for a Wav Library?
  24. SONY PCM-D100 Digital Recorder
  25. Big discount on DC-8.5 Audio Restoration software-till Jan 1
  26. Speakers with a broad sweet spot
  27. Parasound P5 HALO Vs Parasound 2100 Classic with ifi NANO
  28. What audio gear is lying around in the attic, basement, closets, drawers not in use?
  29. Onkyo Receiver Issues
  30. Tidal or Qobuz on my next Altair?
  31. What Are the Best Sounding Speakers UNDER $2,500 that You've Ever Heard.?
  32. Oscilloscope Music
  33. Interaction of Sensory Systems
  34. How many bits, how fast, just how much resolution is enough?
  35. File Transfer Failure w Sierra
  36. Vinyl vs. CD - fixed tones through an oscilloscope
  37. Big data is watching
  38. HELP - FOURTH tweeter Blown??? Trouble-shooting?
  39. Of special note
  40. What.cd gone
  41. Sony HAP-S1 CD ripping function
  42. Got a Schiit Modi2 Multibit DAC while waiting for my Yggdrasil
  43. Hi Everybody!
  44. When was America great? Jon Stewart at the IOP
  45. Airfoil 5.5: Now Playing on Chromecast
  46. How audible is noise in your system?
  47. PC Audio Survey
  48. MrWicked and Ted_B: An Update Please...
  49. Three Blind Beethoven's 5th - The T-shirt On Amazon
  50. An Audiophile DNA Modification!
  51. Raspberry PI w/NAA HQ Player/ Roon and Tidal
  52. Outlet plate for Cable Feeds
  54. wireless keyboard - bluetooth or RF interference?
  55. Wifi vs cable
  56. A1R tv
  57. Samsung Electronics to Acquire Harman
  58. Powerful 7.8 magnitude quake rattles New Zealand
  59. Bruce Springsteen rescued from roadside by New Jersey bikers
  60. RIP Leon Russell
  61. Galaxy Note 3 won't show song metadata?
  62. creative s250 / s master sony hifi
  63. ‘I pray I never eat here again’ – restaurant review
  64. Miles Davis Kind of Blue - How many more years you need?
  65. Digitizing my vinyl collection
  66. Big Announcements Coming From Chord Electronics
  67. Introduce myself
  68. Leonard Cohen
  69. Aurender Looking To Hire Someone
  70. Scholar or technical articles about DSD ? Specially looking for DSD 128 and above specifically
  71. Midi Audio Setup Reset + Dynaudio Xeo
  72. good electronicsnews
  73. Building a Vinyl ripping PC - Advice requested
  74. DSD Download rates
  75. The End of America?
  76. They’re going to play racquet ball with your liver.
  77. CA CMS (Content Management System) Feedback
  78. As i always said...here is truth from the horses mouth - CD is the best digital source
  79. Bluesound Valut 2? Esoteric N-05?
  80. Let's change some of those irritating lyrics ...
  81. Class D Amplifiers
  82. Has Tidal's acquisition of new titles slowed?
  83. Your advice please: LPS for wifi routers
  84. Amanero combo384 USB module on linux
  85. In Pursuit of Silence
  86. Digital player won't recognise iTunes
  87. Using rack mounted power boards for general hi-fi
  88. Neil backs down.
  89. Waste half year and around usd10k+
  90. KR Audio Tubes
  91. Date settings
  92. Easy method to convert DTS file
  93. Problem with backspace/delete while composing posts
  94. 2 songs simultaneously ?
  95. 75 years of Capitol Records
  96. A VERY noob question: How to fit a shock mount?
  97. POTUS Has A Turntable
  98. Experiment to Compare Music Server USB and SPDIF Output
  99. Myself and my setup
  100. MQA, DRM & Streaming, Should I care?
  101. Ignore this accidental post
  102. London Listening Clubs
  103. Mp3 player for running?
  104. DSD troubleshooting
  105. dCS Network Bridge
  106. Stereophile: MQA & Warner: The Real Scoop
  107. Optimising a 2010 Mac Mini
  108. been missing the bass...picked up a pair of vintage rockers...
  109. Problem Using Space Bar On CA Forum
  110. What Is This?
  111. Old Audiophile New to Computer Audiophile
  112. Selecting a dedicated amplifier: A+G vs a ‘Class D Amp with a Class A Op Amp’
  114. Apple and bit rate
  115. Hearing aid distortion
  116. (UK only) - Anyone going to HiFi show in Windsor 29/30 Oct
  117. Making a microrendu wireless
  118. HQ Player trobleshooting
  119. USB Extension Cable Recommendations?
  120. The Ugly Side of Audio
  121. Tell us about your desktop system and listening please?
  122. Bought a new reciever.
  123. Novice question: PC music upgrade advice
  124. Budget power Filter / protector for multiple smps devices?
  125. music organiser software/playlists/Cambridge CXN/Mac/Dbpoweramp
  126. CD transport identification
  127. New Build Thread
  128. A humorous bit of perspective...
  129. Blue circle ELD-BD or another choice advice please
  130. Not just a Samsung problem ? i
  131. I'm certain you get these posts all the time, but I am uncertain what headphones to get.
  132. Help with lps specs
  133. Which gives most accurate rips, eac or cueripper
  134. Simple question: will daisy chaining surge protectors decrease audio quality?
  135. Power: Anyone try one of those Stetzerizer EMI meters?
  136. File syncing service Cubby to be discontinued
  137. Measuring a directional cable
  138. Insane JBL Surround System on Amazon!
  139. Upsampling to anything other than your DAC's internal conversion rate
  140. Bob Dylan wins Nobel Literature Prize
  141. MQA, The Press, The Industry, Consumers, etc ...
  142. Diy attenuated rca cable
  143. Untreated room bass response
  144. Is the desire to "turn it up" a sure sign of musical enjoyment?
  145. Amplifiers - A blind test or a dumb test?
  146. Vinyl ripper
  147. Budget Power regulation?
  148. Should wgscott be awarded a Nobel Prize?
  149. DSD fans are you disappointed with the lack of popular music?
  150. Latest Sony PS4 update can play FLAC files!
  151. Bob Dylan wins Noble Peace prize
  152. Announcing RAW: Roon Audio Workshop
  153. Aging amplifiers
  154. Virtual Reality for Audio
  155. Don't Buy Anything Else Until You Read This
  156. Warner Music and MQA - Questions & Concerns
  157. Elac Debut B6 vs Legacy Audio Studio HD...Fight!
  158. Starting from Scratch
  159. RCA Interconnect Comparison
  160. How did you reach your current system?
  161. How many shows can audio support?
  162. Funkhaus Berlin, an amazing recording complex
  163. Capture movies from Netflix
  164. Creating spaciousness in studio recordings - Reverb Plates
  165. Some interesting new Schiit announced at RMAF
  166. Beards and music
  167. Budget Allocation for Best SQ
  168. HQ player /i5/microRendu or soniTransporter/microRendu
  169. Latest Intel NUC i7 as music computer
  170. What Are the Best Sounding Speakers You've Ever Heard.?
  171. Good equipment but not a clue
  172. Official RMAF 2016 Thread
  173. Breaking Audio News: ELAC Acquires Audio Alchemy
  174. IsoAcoustics Aperta Isolation Stands
  175. USB Cable
  176. Which is better USB adapter or...
  177. Own a Rare First Watt VFET/SIT Amp!
  178. When a Software Upgrade Renders Your Equipment Useless (Rant)
  179. Google Home With Chromecast Audio Integration
  180. Chromecast Ultra Announced
  181. How to prepare Mac Mini Music server for sale?
  182. Listen to some microphones
  183. Does (processing) power corrupt?
  184. Audio Volume setUp pg
  185. Naim: Your Music Collection Reimagined
  186. Tube amps help
  187. AURALiC Launches POLARIS Wireless Streaming Amplifier
  188. The early days of computer audio
  189. Upgrade my setup I need you.
  190. Deleting a post?
  191. suitability of linear PSU for my Auraliti PK100
  192. Audio MID setup
  193. Yesterday was a sad day
  194. 2.5 and 5GB Ethernet standard is ratified
  195. The Story Of British Sound (video)
  196. What would you expect
  197. Power= The Third Element of a Great System
  198. Memorable Music Movies.
  199. Ultracapacitor Power Supplies are coming (PURE-DC-4EVR: the MINI and the MEGA) !
  200. Question Via Email
  201. How Researchers Go About Making the Subjective Experience Objectively Meaningful
  202. Do it or not - Bi amplification for Sonus Faber
  203. Post Your System Topology - It Might Help Others To Improve Their Systems
  204. Brick Wall surge protector question:
  205. audio MIDI Setup with a mind of its own and how to fix it
  206. Significant New Amplifier Design On The Way?
  207. 3D Audio Thread
  208. Listen to cable directionality
  209. "The Only Earphones Tuned To You"
  210. I think I'm bored with audio now.
  211. Audioengine thought experiment
  212. Sincere apologies to Cookie Marenco and Blue Coast Music
  213. Have You Tried Auro 3D Yet?
  214. Volume level too high with integrated's low knob position
  215. Native USB class 2.0 audio driver support in windows
  216. Not enough consumer demand for hi-res (Cookie Marenco)
  217. New base for Vintage Turntable
  218. Is Apple's iPhone 7 really hissing ?
  219. A Theatre Of Sound-Sculptured Space
  220. Use of Copper Foil for RFI / EMI
  221. Community Feedback Requested: CA reviews
  222. Community Feedback Requested: CA Marketplace / Classified / Buy / Sell Forum Questions
  223. Forensic audio evidences
  224. Recommend a passively cooled nVidia GPU
  225. Optical in/out to digitize vinyl
  226. SOtM special Event : sMS-200
  227. Best Amplifiers Question about features
  228. Rmaf 2016
  229. Jcat launches the new, 'Femto' USB card
  230. Minneapolis Audiophile Meetup
  231. How much of your music do you actually listen to?
  232. GTG - Nov. 12th - Princeton NJ - Start Time - 1 PM
  233. P2P renting of hi-fi and hi-end audio - what do you think?
  234. William Lowe of Audioquest places both feet in his mouth
  235. Heavy Static In System
  236. The End of Speaker Cables.?
  237. Tascam DA-3000
  238. Question about clipping
  239. Problems with Teac UD-301 and JRiver
  240. Help with a strange problem
  241. Will you buy a new iPhone despite no headphone socket?
  242. Help with Roon....
  243. Apple W1 Chip
  244. My Dac is somewhat frozen !
  245. My Audiophile Friends Think I am Crazy because...
  246. Adding A Tube Amp To a DAC/Itegrated Amp/MAC Mini System
  247. Is there any way to stream with any reliabilty
  248. Lumin App / Tidal problem
  249. A good subwoofer cable recommendation needed
  250. (Single) audio PC: Graphic card question