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  1. MQA and Respect for Intellectual Property
  2. Amr am-777 se.
  3. Sprint buys 33% of TIDAL...
  4. MQA Software / Hardware Decode Etc... Questions
  5. Network Audio Player Advice
  6. Sprint Acquires 33 Percent of TIDAL
  7. Is Tidal going to raise the monthly subscription anytime soon?
  8. CanJam NYC February 2017
  9. Best Speakers from $2,500 to $6,000 ??
  10. Meridian explorer 2 vs AQ DF Red
  11. How can I open .iso on a Mac
  12. Warner records and mqa
  13. What happened to Audioquest Beetle?
  14. Which CrossOver to use?
  15. Concert Hall Architecture
  16. ROON- my initial impressions
  17. Tidal Subscriber Numbers Inflated?
  18. Sound quality of Bryston bdp vs various CAPS servers
  19. Question about USB power for a DAC
  20. Cones
  21. Vinyl rip process
  22. I even hate to ask this
  23. Memorable Threads List
  24. Computer audio in tubes
  25. MQA technical analysis
  26. Ak Jr or XDP-100R or any other DAC for around the same price (First DAC)
  27. Who Owns What?
  28. Powered KEF LS50's Anyone?
  29. 2014 NEC and arc-fault breakers
  30. Question about SOtM sMS-200 usb audio out?
  31. Has anyone experienced the Elbphilharmonie hall yet?
  32. Anyone using Hypex Class D with Mytek + KEF LS50?
  33. What is my upgrade path?
  34. ELAC Element App vs. NAD D 7050 vs. Paradigm PW Amp Shootout
  35. Sierra, with Screen Sharing. Keyboard ALT key not working like before
  36. Watch series offline via laptop
  37. Good Little Inexpensive Computer System
  38. Ahaaa moments....
  39. Interesting Observations about MQA and Tidal's software
  40. Metallica's James Hetfield talks Napster, Vinyl, Streaming ...
  41. MQA and Cables
  42. Advice on Build Needed
  43. AudioQuest adds MQA Support to Dragonflies via firmware
  44. solid state relay
  45. Lumin U1
  46. Grado SR100 with HP-1000 drivers
  47. Auralic Aries Mini Question
  48. Most analogue-sounding keyboard for computer audio
  49. Do you care about our glorious closed/proprietary digital musical future?
  50. Component to Component distances and its effects on PRAT
  51. Is MQA a Threat to American Democracy?
  52. DSD vs MQA
  53. How will upsampling function in an MQA environment?
  54. MQA spectrum plots
  55. Too Many MQA Threads On Here
  56. What Audio Related Gear Did You Buy Yourself For Christmas?
  57. Is MQA a Friend of the Devil? A sonic evaluation...
  58. My (hopefully) Last Audio Purchase
  59. I've Never Seen Such a Bunch of Anal Retentive Snobs
  60. Search feature not working
  61. Litz wire
  62. Concerted effort to market MQA
  63. Nordost Release Valhalla 2 USB 2.0 Cable
  64. Good Sources For Affordable Room Treatment Products?
  65. New computer setup
  66. Tidal, MQA, and the future of our digital/musical ecosystems...
  67. Big MQA News (Really - Tidal and Software Decoding, etc...)
  68. Why aren't the Balanced Outputs on my Preamp Working?
  69. Damaged my Turntable or my reciver ?
  70. 2TB Flash drive!
  71. NAD BluOS RoonReady
  72. Players supporting NAS drives
  73. Chances Are Our Hearing Didn't Evolve "To Do" Anything
  74. Moving from Europe to the US and the power nightmare.
  75. MQA is Vaporware
  76. Roon 1.3 and Upsampling
  77. Understanding the Tube Obsession
  78. well, where to begin
  79. Ergonomics & Euphonics
  80. Happy New Year Everybody!!!
  81. Anyone Here From Manhasset N.Y, Or Nearby? Might Need Eyes On Assistance For Potential Audio Purchase
  82. Benchmark ahb2 power amplifier
  83. TNT Podcast question
  84. Understanding the Analog Obsession
  85. CD-R quality, Big difference, thank you!
  86. DAC > amp > speakers
  87. Egg cartons vs soundproofing foam
  88. How to tell if an amp is balanced?
  89. Get ready for Ultra-High Quality audio
  90. ARC Line Stage pre-amps
  91. FURUTECH AC-1501 IEC FILTER...that is the question
  92. Newvelle Records
  93. Foam
  94. Best route to digitising vinyl
  95. Want to upgrade my CAS system (Win 7 PC>jitterbug>Halide Design DAC HD)
  96. very strange PM
  97. the fastest way to burn in a usb cable...
  98. Sometimes its not so obvious what impacts sound...
  99. Just purchased Yamaha HS7 monitors, now what?
  100. What did $5 a watt of amplification buy someone- OMG!
  101. Lyrics I Wanna Be
  102. Recommendation for pre-amp
  103. USB cable from HD to PC...any difference?
  104. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!
  105. A'Philes: Post Your Best BB'Q Recipes/Secrets!
  106. From analogue- Home Cinema System to >>computer based AV representation?
  107. Books to help Audiophiles Understand Components and the Sound they produce
  108. New Pono Desktop Software
  109. What Are the Best Sounding Speakers OVER $600,000 that You've Ever Heard.?
  110. Help for Newbie on total system
  111. usb to TOS optical interface?
  112. Help me find a bright sounding CD Player
  113. Why .audio domain isn't popular for audiophiles?
  114. First system - will it work?
  115. Format Shootout
  116. Ride-share based on music preferences
  117. NuPrime STA 9 Power Amps
  118. What's the deal with SET? (Single-end Triodes)
  119. Psychoacoustics
  120. CDs
  121. Attention Cary Audio: Enough With the Emails Already.
  122. Need help finding Steve Silberman RMAF criticism
  123. well recorded Trumpet music?
  124. $10,000/ft Cable burn-in ! Wasted $500 a watt on an amp! Why the war?
  125. Using volume control in Roon
  126. Elbphilharmonie Sneak Preview
  127. Breaking time Parasound P5 HALO Preamp
  128. Computer Audiophile - Time Travel? Posts have Time Stamps 5 Hours In the Future?
  129. Recommend an Integrated Amp for My Setup
  130. Fiio X5 library Issues
  131. Can we talk Fidel?
  132. Can we talk Syria?
  133. TRIPP LITE Isobar Ultra Diagnostic Surge Supply
  134. USB Neotech UP OCC Silver...do you know it?
  135. Music and Fractals
  136. Wall Outlets - any difference in SQ??
  137. What did $500 per Watt Amplification buy someone? Apparently not a lot
  138. Dot Blockchain Music (Warning: Very Technical / Geeky, But Really Cool)
  139. Neil Young to offer high rez streaming?
  140. "The Effects of MP3 Compression on Emotional Characteristics"
  141. ARC LS-17SE Pre-Amp
  142. Mac Mini PSU upgrade - Uptone Audio vs Teradac
  143. The WHO recommends listening at no more than 85 dbA
  144. Changing external hard drive on computer using Audirvana plus
  145. NAS advice - looking for the best one and Roon server capable
  146. Advice needed, thanks! (CD ripper, DAC, USB...etc)
  147. Will a Thunderbolt 3 (USB C) port provide adiquette power to AudioTechnica M50x?
  148. Introduction for a new member from London
  149. The Most Expensive Vinyl Records in the World..
  150. Looking Into Putting Together A Wireless Music System For MY Home....Newbie questions....
  151. New Magneplanars 2.5/R. Cats and Planar Speakers.
  152. Is this any good to power an FMC, Intona or other low draw devices?
  153. The Inner Ear & Crystal Glass
  154. Big Devialet Funding Round (Series C)
  155. Marantz' new disc player & DAC converts PCM to DSD256
  156. Do you experience skin orgasms?
  157. What To Do When New Information Changes Your Existing Systems Requirements?
  159. The Truth About Audio
  160. My New Hobby
  161. RoomTune Acoustic Treatments
  162. Troubled times = better music
  163. Software Burn-in
  164. BBC radio3 sound quality
  165. ​Cable Burn In?
  166. Isotek-
  167. AKG 612/712 PRO, but what else?
  168. Chromebook Audio
  169. Equipmentless (almost) listening room
  170. Is There a Music Player Out There for a Wav Library?
  171. SONY PCM-D100 Digital Recorder
  172. Big discount on DC-8.5 Audio Restoration software-till Jan 1
  173. Speakers with a broad sweet spot
  174. Parasound P5 HALO Vs Parasound 2100 Classic with ifi NANO
  175. What audio gear is lying around in the attic, basement, closets, drawers not in use?
  176. Onkyo Receiver Issues
  177. Tidal or Qobuz on my next Altair?
  178. What Are the Best Sounding Speakers UNDER $2,500 that You've Ever Heard.?
  179. Oscilloscope Music
  180. Interaction of Sensory Systems
  181. How many bits, how fast, just how much resolution is enough?
  182. File Transfer Failure w Sierra
  183. Vinyl vs. CD - fixed tones through an oscilloscope
  184. Big data is watching
  185. HELP - FOURTH tweeter Blown??? Trouble-shooting?
  186. Of special note
  187. What.cd gone
  188. Sony HAP-S1 CD ripping function
  189. Got a Schiit Modi2 Multibit DAC while waiting for my Yggdrasil
  190. Hi Everybody!
  191. When was America great? Jon Stewart at the IOP
  192. Airfoil 5.5: Now Playing on Chromecast
  193. How audible is noise in your system?
  194. PC Audio Survey
  195. MrWicked and Ted_B: An Update Please...
  196. Three Blind Beethoven's 5th - The T-shirt On Amazon
  197. An Audiophile DNA Modification!
  198. Raspberry PI w/NAA HQ Player/ Roon and Tidal
  199. Outlet plate for Cable Feeds
  201. wireless keyboard - bluetooth or RF interference?
  202. Wifi vs cable
  203. A1R tv
  204. Samsung Electronics to Acquire Harman
  205. Powerful 7.8 magnitude quake rattles New Zealand
  206. Bruce Springsteen rescued from roadside by New Jersey bikers
  207. RIP Leon Russell
  208. Galaxy Note 3 won't show song metadata?
  209. creative s250 / s master sony hifi
  210. ‘I pray I never eat here again’ – restaurant review
  211. Miles Davis Kind of Blue - How many more years you need?
  212. Digitizing my vinyl collection
  213. Big Announcements Coming From Chord Electronics
  214. Introduce myself
  215. Leonard Cohen
  216. Aurender Looking To Hire Someone
  217. Scholar or technical articles about DSD ? Specially looking for DSD 128 and above specifically
  218. Midi Audio Setup Reset + Dynaudio Xeo
  219. good electronicsnews
  220. Building a Vinyl ripping PC - Advice requested
  221. DSD Download rates
  222. The End of America?
  223. They’re going to play racquet ball with your liver.
  224. CA CMS (Content Management System) Feedback
  225. As i always said...here is truth from the horses mouth - CD is the best digital source
  226. Bluesound Valut 2? Esoteric N-05?
  227. Let's change some of those irritating lyrics ...
  228. Class D Amplifiers
  229. Has Tidal's acquisition of new titles slowed?
  230. Your advice please: LPS for wifi routers
  231. Amanero combo384 USB module on linux
  232. In Pursuit of Silence
  233. Digital player won't recognise iTunes
  234. Using rack mounted power boards for general hi-fi
  235. Neil backs down.
  236. Waste half year and around usd10k+
  237. KR Audio Tubes
  238. Date settings
  239. Easy method to convert DTS file
  240. Problem with backspace/delete while composing posts
  241. 2 songs simultaneously ?
  242. 75 years of Capitol Records
  243. A VERY noob question: How to fit a shock mount?
  244. POTUS Has A Turntable
  245. Experiment to Compare Music Server USB and SPDIF Output
  246. Myself and my setup
  247. MQA, DRM & Streaming, Should I care?
  248. Ignore this accidental post
  249. London Listening Clubs
  250. Mp3 player for running?