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  1. Sort of at the beginning of the computer audiophile curve......
  2. Computers good for hifi in general?
  3. About Audio Advisor
  4. Not digital related, question about a tube from a tube newbie
  5. Pono Looking for More Cash
  6. Why Apple?
  7. California Audio Show this weekend (Aug 15-17), SF Bay Area take note
  8. Elijah Audio Cables
  9. Sun, 6:50 am. I can hear my subwoofer. This puts a weed up my arse.
  10. Upsampling to DSD on JRiver versus PCM upsampling on Audirvana - Back to the drawing Board
  11. From the NYT: The Brazilian Bus Magnate Who’s Buying Up All the World’s Vinyl Records
  12. Five Lessons the Faltering Music Industry Could Learn From TV
  13. Some science about speaker cables and amplifier damping factor
  14. Looking for help on a new purchase
  15. Soundcards?
  16. I'm listening on the built-in speakers on an old iMac right now ...
  17. Questions for Auralic Video Interview
  18. Should I get these to drive my Ohm Acoustics 5000?
  19. Head-Fi Los Angeles Meet-up
  20. Silent and acurate CD-ROM Drive?
  21. Interesting article
  22. Where did the Audirvana website go?
  23. New Source acquisition - SACD Player or Turntable?
  24. Robert Harley's mother passed away yesterday (August 2, 2014)
  25. An appeal to Mitchco and.or Archimago to look at Waldrep's 96k/24 songs
  26. Removing Carpet . . . adding wood floors . . . sound?
  27. Monoblocks - Left & Right
  28. Subjective evaluation of different Audio CODECS at varying Bit Rates.
  29. Hooking Up System - Order & Signal Path
  30. DSD low-pass filtering for dummies
  31. Bith Depth of DSD – Why I might think you think it sounds better
  32. Serious audio needs a seriously good source route
  33. Stillpoint's ERS cloth - EMI absorbing polymer
  34. M2Tech HiFace EVO vs iFi iLink
  35. Another great hifi retailer closes it's doors.
  36. How to connect iPhone to McIntosh C2300 preamp?
  37. Volume control in the middle of the chain.
  38. Am I being stupid to think this would work (help please!)?
  39. Pono seems totally irrelevant
  40. A proposition for a new Subcategory on CA.
  41. Does BitPerfect stay "local"?
  42. Laptop quality.
  43. The Mystique of Valves - myths or facts?
  44. Bose sues Beats
  45. audiotrack MAYA or Asus Xonar ?
  46. Highest Resolution DAC available
  47. 20v 3amp linear on a budget?
  48. What Makes Good Filtering?
  49. Consumer Alert: Quad ESL Refurbishing Services
  50. Tokyo Music Store Locations
  51. Wire management. What do you do?
  52. Free voice-morphing software
  53. basic beginner question
  54. D54250WYK with Akasa newton H problem
  55. Help ripping a favorite DVD
  56. Why do ALAC and AIFF files have different bit rates? Aren't they both lossless formats?
  57. Downsample from DSD or use redbook file?
  58. Computer freeze
  59. Advantage in replacing old Mac Pro w/ new Mac Mini?
  60. Broken HDMI Socket On Laptop
  61. Help me set up my new stereo system
  62. Are we just kidding ourselves?
  63. Shall I connect to the ground the PC chassis ?
  64. FM Antenna
  65. Cutting AAC file without re-encoding
  66. DSD dacs
  67. Wake up call.....again.
  68. USB-Toslink converter? (battery or USB powered)
  69. Boombox for bad recordings... :)
  70. Amarra 3,0 $99 sale
  71. Capital AudioFest 2014
  72. Use Toslink with my noisy computer?
  73. Do capacitors have a sound of their own?
  75. XLR to RCA
  76. Anyone gone from Tubes to Class D amplifier?
  77. New Raspberry Pi Model B+
  78. Issues experienced with Wireless router
  79. Red wine audio
  80. iMac
  81. Pop up Adds...a Basic Question
  82. Playing high-res downloads on my good stereo/speakers?
  83. JRiver & Mac
  84. Mac OS audio output, USB or Optical?
  85. Portable Computer Audio
  86. Ian's "Asynchronous I2S FIFO project" on diyaudio.com
  87. "The Distortion of Sound" documentary
  88. Help me spend my money!
  89. My Dac is not DSD Compatible - Does it really matter?
  90. No new albums on these HD Music sites - WHY?
  91. Asus MB and realtek integrated audio "all I need"??
  92. Interaction Between Vision and Hearing Isn't Just One Way
  93. CAPS v4 Design Has Begun In Earnest
  94. Is the USB vs SPDIF debate still raging?
  95. Volumio
  96. Need help w/ feedback noise
  97. Upsampling
  98. USB cable with VBUS connection for 5V power supply?
  99. Gain into a Dac
  100. General Observations On The Ripping Of Various Types Of CDs
  101. Let's say I want to try DSD? What are the minimum requirements?
  102. Which would sound better?
  103. How to be sure you get accurate rip against DB, with remastered discs that don't show up in the DB
  104. I hate features
  105. looking for new pc
  106. Audiophile Inventory\ConverteR
  107. New to audiophile world. Some noob questions
  108. amarra v 3.0 and sQ app
  109. This is why our brains have such a tough time with audio quality and why we can't just all agree.
  110. Which best represents your opinion of 96kHz high res recordings vs. redbook?
  111. Hi-Res Audio experience for all, by Voxtok
  112. Bass, how low can you go?....
  113. Hanson on Amplifier Negative Feedback
  114. 24-Bit vs. 16-Bit Audio Test - Part II: RESULTS & CONCLUSIONS
  115. Mac Mini & USB DAC Issues
  116. Music Storage Requriements
  117. Windows 7 & Screen Adjustment
  118. OS X Syntax For...
  119. Outputting Two HQ Headphones
  120. What may be behind belief in the "90Ω specification" for USB
  121. First Music Download - Aerosmith's "Head First" Back In 1994
  122. Should anonymous posting be disallowed?
  123. Can you hear the difference between 16bit and 24bit audio files?
  124. internal card or external USB for my new desktop box
  125. How safe are YOUR USB chargers ?
  126. A different take on ABT testing
  127. Vacuum Transistors - tubes on a chip?
  128. Vcr & hd tv
  129. disc repair systems anyone?
  130. RAMdisk a good move?
  131. Marvelous new upgrade for those using USB-powered DACs such as the DragonFly!
  132. Twisted wires and interconnects: Which sounds better?
  133. If you had to choose...
  134. Purchasing Equipment for Demo Purpose -- and Returning. Bad Manners?
  135. Asio Drivers
  136. Any reason to use (or not use a Mac Server on a Mini?
  137. Lost, so very lost (absolute beginner)
  138. Exchanging noisy SMPS supplies for 'quiet' SMPS supplies
  139. Back to 16 Bit...
  140. Power cables - do they make a difference?
  141. xld/itunes
  142. Streaming music and US Congress
  143. Cool Devialet Video
  144. Touchscreen for Mac Mini
  145. HQ Player
  146. Advice For My New System
  147. CNN: 10 Inventions To Change The World - #3 Pono
  148. Should objective-oriented CA-members stop asking for DBT test-results on CA?
  149. Alac files
  150. beatsmusic lack of pc/mac web app
  151. Mac book pro usb ports
  152. $189 DSD Dac and headphone amp?
  153. Apple
  154. Software to convert to 768kHz PCM & DSD512?
  155. HP's newest audio pc...well you know we'll make it into one!
  156. I Don't need a receiver!
  157. Gordon Rankin Says I'm Wrong About USB Cable Sound!
  158. Comparison
  159. Newbie question
  160. Mac Pro
  161. Devialet and Support - Outstanding
  162. Outrageous Bullying on a Sonos thread..
  163. If you're good, when you die . . .
  164. DSD vs. Everything Else
  165. PS3 SACD rips vs. DSD downloads?
  166. "Formal definition for High Resolution Audio"
  167. New Video format from Pegasys.- TMPGEnc PGMX™ CREATOR
  168. Your dream-system
  169. Amazon Prime music streaming service
  170. Mac Book Pro
  171. Usb yes, again
  172. sampling rate per channel?
  173. Okay, There IS A Limit!
  174. Alarm bells ring after SMART TV hack.
  175. DVD and Blu-ray Audio Ripping on Mac for dummies...
  176. WOO Audio
  177. Support request - Mac OS X - sound output devices keeps changing on its' own
  178. Not Sure Where To Go From Here
  179. What subwoofer cable would you recommend?
  180. Cutting Cable/Satellite Ties - What do you do?
  181. Beats anyone?
  182. Nothing Than Unexpected... perhaps
  183. Is this the future of speaker design?
  184. New Schiit: Lyr 2
  185. Is It Possible To Run JRiver Software On An Intel i5 Based Tablet?
  186. Google: Evil Empire?
  187. Advice on new DAP...
  188. Miles Ahead on Indiegogo
  189. USB & MIDI audio interface for TC Electronics + iMac/GarageBand..
  190. Apple
  191. The weakest link in the chain?
  192. The Concert You Wish You'd Gone to But Didn't Because...
  193. The Sound of Silence (CA Style)
  194. The Newport Beach Audio Show
  195. Mac Mini or PC on similar budget - comparisons?
  196. Advice for audio setup
  197. Pre-amps.Is it worth upgrading?
  198. Mizik: new Audio concept seen at Munich
  199. Searching on this site
  200. Bang & Olufsen WTF?
  201. Speaker cable Experiment - Do you know the difference in Copper Cable Material Quality in Coax cable vs run of the mill House Wiring?
  202. It is oficial.. Apple is buying Beats
  203. How to play back an analog record on a tablet?
  204. CA forums suggestion to be ported to Tapatalk
  205. Receiver with rear jacks for amplified speakers
  206. Mac Mini: internal vs external storage
  207. Urgently advice needed for integrating Mac mini as media
  208. Room measurements and Audio Interface equipment
  209. Latest iTunes Hi Res Rumor
  210. Steve Perry Returns!
  211. CD reads fine (in some devices), cannot be ripped!
  212. My Oppo wont 'boot up' ....
  213. Please don't respond if you don't see/hear benefit of higher bitrate/resolution
  214. Cambridge MagicDac XS
  215. Help With Audio Set Up For Movie through iTunes
  216. Receiver
  217. Thinking of using a Matricom GBOX for Flac Playback....
  218. Help a clueless and desperate old man synchronize hard-wired and 'networked' (?) audio!
  219. Audio Stand vs. Floor
  220. stereo receivers
  221. Tuesday's SF Music Tech Summit
  222. Anyone going to THE Show in Newport?
  223. Hi-Res and battery drain
  224. External HD's
  225. Gig Harbor Audio Grand Reopening this Wednesday
  226. Anyone out there beside me admit to need help with Computer Audio?
  227. REL Gibraltar vs JL Audio
  228. Wireless Speakers dilema, advice needed.
  229. Integrated amp recommendation
  230. Can two audio files with the same checksum, played from the same devices, sound different?
  231. Attachments hassle
  232. How low can you go?
  233. First impressions of Munich High End 2014
  234. Can someone recommend an audio podcast?
  235. Five Things to Make A System Sound Good
  236. Computer Audio ticking noise
  237. "The Hum" phenomenon - Anyone affected by it?
  238. Got to try a Zoom H6. Quite impressed!
  239. The Library of Congress Wants to Destroy Your Old CDs (For Science)
  240. Poll: Have you ripped all of your CDs?
  241. More Apple HD Audio reports coming out
  242. Logitech discount code - 30%-Today only!
  243. What recordings/instruments can benefit from high resolution?
  244. How to shutdown a headless Mac mini?
  245. Recommended External CD Drive For Ripping?
  246. Beatles Love - 24/88 version - Where can I find it?
  247. Comparison of Streaming Services: MOG, Beats, Spotify
  248. Video in a Two-Channel World
  249. Are You Ripped Out?
  250. Totaldac D1 usb/filter review (revised for spacing)