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  1. Are we running short on interesting new CA topics?
  2. 'the missing octave' - restoring bass below ~100Hz on your fave cds ...
  3. iTunes Can Play Two Sources Simultaneously?
  4. Interesting Article about High Rez Audio in the Saturday WSJ
  5. POLL: Is ESLDUDE a troll in your opinion?
  6. UAMP Thin Personal Amplifier on Kickstarter
  7. Can Computer Audiophile be about music, computers, and our enjoyment thereof ?
  8. Come on, people now...
  9. Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase, why is it 44100 hz 16 bit?
  10. When 3- and 4-year olds come...
  11. DIY USB cable possibilities
  12. God and Man at Computer Audiophile
  13. Who would like wgscott & audiophile neuroscience back?
  14. cat6 cable and usb cable similarities
  15. Review of 30 years old CD player - - are the antique CD-players still best?
  16. San Francisco get together
  17. Article Comments
  18. Do we need "Arguments" and "Helpful Advice" Sub-Forums?
  19. Elvis has left the building
  20. McIntosh MHA100, anyone here using one?
  21. Turntable Break-in?
  22. Interesting article with Steven Wilson
  23. Would you like a "like" button on CA?
  24. Could this possibly apply in high end audio?
  25. Interesting article on Audioholics re: The Sound of Audio Amplifiers, Can You Hear A Difference Between Amps
  26. Is some music better than other music?
  27. iTunes and Amarra won't play
  28. Can a Linear PS be too clean ?
  29. Digital music and autism
  30. Looking for clarification
  31. Warm vs cold computer.
  32. “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears…”
  33. Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?
  34. noob looking for advice, suggestions, for low budget set-up
  35. vibration control
  36. Old ... but still kind of funny
  37. God and the Audiophiles: a companion poll
  38. This hobby needs a better reference point
  39. Hires download sales vs. LP sales
  40. God and the Audiophiles
  41. How do I refresh Pandora stations with Marantz Remote App?
  42. Budget 1k$. Problem: Poor sound on Asus G75 + La cie ext HD + audioquest Coffee USB + rega Dac + Conrad Johnson
  43. Controlling volume using buttons on iOS device
  44. Sir Paul McCartney ... on music production
  45. All the ghostly sounds that are lost when you compress to mp3
  46. Home center set up with Android TV box
  47. Two french articles on Subjective Listening
  48. SACD Player to replace Oppo105?
  49. Building a LPS to power a Gigabyte motherboard
  50. Fred Kaplan tells audiophile haters that...
  51. Your brain is primed to reach false conclusions
  52. Best room layout?
  53. Basic 5.0 system requirements help
  54. Soundcard & 2.1 speaker setup upgrade options?
  55. I measured the db level at 1 meter from my speakers...
  56. audio conversion?
  57. MSB USB Power DAC - No Dice With Mac
  58. Does your system sound consistent?
  59. OT. Global WHAT?
  60. SLAPP suits
  61. Premium Sound Memory Card
  62. Big Head Todd Live on Pay Per View
  63. Volume control on amp
  64. How good does a system have to be to qualify as an audiophile system?
  65. Locking FireWire 800 cables
  66. Good bye jewel cases!
  67. Too slow computer?
  68. Jason Stoddard of Schiit Audio on How to Grow the Audiophile Market
  69. Psychoacoustics – a way to understand Obj & Subj viewpoints
  70. What does your system (hopefully) sound like?
  71. Interview with Keith Johnson from Reference Recordings @ Stereophile
  72. The Day the Music died
  73. Classical music and digital vs analogue
  74. Auralic Factory Visit - Beijing
  75. The Night Train
  76. How does the quality of the DAC in the iPhone 6 compare with the 5?
  77. Help understanding the relationship of source to DAC/amp...
  78. Is Pono now a DSD DAC for the home?
  79. Music Scope
  80. BBC radio 3 stream shadow of former self
  81. In the Beginning…
  82. What's a Good SACD-Ripping Gear Setup?
  83. What's you're favorite genre of music?
  84. Benefits of high resolution audio.
  85. What matters poll?
  86. Why don't more people post about music vs. on one of the eternal never ending ob...
  87. Korg MR2000s for recording vinyl and tapes
  88. Would you guys buy one of this cable
  89. Anybody make any reel to reel tape digital rips?
  90. Sources for high quality music files
  91. AQVOX still in business?
  92. What is an audiophile?
  93. 1 or 2 partitions?
  94. The Truth of "Computer Audiophile"
  95. speaker/integrated amp synergy
  96. AVR help
  97. Worst grammies ever
  98. $10,000 Ethernet cable promises BONKERS MP3 audio experience
  99. Audio Critic
  100. WiFi capabilities.
  101. Need To Replace My Newly Deceased CD Recorder - Best Current Option, New Or Used?
  102. Are there real audio differences and, if so, how do I find them?
  103. How should I hook computer to sound system
  104. Specials on the Internet (Shared)
  105. Why are we so confident of long term listening evaluations?
  106. Gene Therapy That May Reverse Hearing Loss
  107. Best Portable Music Player Under $500.00?
  108. Should sarcasm be banned on CA?
  109. I have a question about modern pop music
  110. We all want to believe.....type 1 errors
  111. Here's a Little Test You Can All Join In
  112. The (Secret) Rules of 'Audio Reviewing'
  113. What's your listening room?
  114. DBT vs. Anecdotes (More Important than Audio)
  115. What Type SD Card Do I want?
  116. Playing 24/96 etc FLAC files
  117. Raspberry Pi2 released!
  118. Best HDMI cable
  119. High End Audio For The Passionates at Facebook: Ultimate stereo rigs
  120. Multichannel Over USB via Audiophilleo on 2009 MacBook Pro
  121. A big BONJOUR/Bonsoir to the community at CA
  122. Add Ars Technica to the list of pono-naysayers
  123. Should blind testing discussion be banned on CA? POLL
  124. umm, what happened to the dbt thread?
  125. Can TAS still be relevant today?
  126. Axpona 2015
  127. System Enhancer discs
  128. Ear Popping
  129. Jay Z Buying Tidal
  130. The Prot
  131. any thoughts on Marantz SR5009 vs SR7008 for music
  132. need help understand some audio codecs
  133. Off topic: Home PC question for computer geeks
  134. If you could go back in time..............????
  135. Mobile website broken in safari?
  136. Pushing back against the Pono critics
  137. Any Computer Audiophiles in NYC?
  138. Teresa
  139. Is hearing differences OS dependent?
  140. Curation Versus Algorithms
  141. Any chance of enabling jsMath ?
  142. IKEA bamboo cutting board and Herbie's Audio Lab Tenderfeet
  143. Bits Is/Ain't Bits: A Modest Proposal
  144. Best Spotify Setup
  145. Hi-Res question
  146. Halide Bridge Dead on arrival (pretty much)
  147. Mac Observer says 44/16 is all you need
  148. Use Of Older Internal Drive On Mac Mini Or New Apple SuperDrive
  149. Album Art Exchange Needs Help
  150. Integrated amp-DAC-HT bypass?
  151. Bit Perfect and Exclusive Mode in Windows 8 Pro 32 bit
  152. Why do High Def audio Files Play at a Lower Volume than CD quality files?
  153. Occam's razor in audio
  154. Just bought a pair of Martin Logan CLS II, what kind of amplifier should i buy
  155. iMac to Hi Fi via 10m Toselink
  156. Temporal Confusion
  157. Putting "Objectivist" or "Subjectivist" Leanings to Practical Use
  158. A Hi Res Bargain, courtesy of Pono.... or a glitch?
  159. Geek Pulse Offer
  160. What is going on with dynamics?
  161. Ideas for Intermediary between MacBook Pro and NAS
  162. What would you add to this list?
  163. Ripping Laserdisc
  164. Why audiophiles still use CDs?
  165. Some tips on better sound from Owsley Stanly
  166. 3000 CD's To Rip - Why Not Just Record Them All To DSD With This Instead?
  167. connecting mac to rec.
  168. If You Won A Lottery, What Would Your New Audio System Be Composed Of?
  169. Who is in for the very first C. A. field trip next summer?
  170. A little cable humor anyone?
  171. This I doubt -
  172. The difference between dreams and reality poll
  173. Benchmarks
  174. Advice for a newbie
  175. "Interesting" article on CNET about what determines quality in music
  176. Downloading from PONO Store
  177. Ca tv?
  178. Audio Moments Your Family Thinks Craziest
  179. Help!
  180. This I believe -
  181. SPOTIFY sound quality
  182. Sony BluRay Home theater for Music
  183. Meridian Prime
  184. Interesting ..
  185. Education plus ideology exaggerates rejection of reality
  186. Suggested Upgrade Path
  187. Amazing traveling computer system.
  188. Displaying video art in a high end audio room
  189. Crackling Noise
  190. Does "one drop" pf PCM ruin DSD recordings?
  191. Stuck again
  192. Digital interconnect: RCA, BNC and adaptors?
  193. Reference System
  194. Simple or Complex Systems... My Simple! stereo set up has 7 on switches :-O
  195. Wild Synergistic Research "Atmosphere" room acoustic enhancement device (canceling Schumann Resonance?)
  196. Are my CA expectations in need of adjustment?
  197. Anyone transferring Vinyl to DSD?
  198. Cables
  199. where to find new record blanks
  200. Hi from New Zealand
  201. Has anyone used VAC and Xitel Inport to transfer micro cassettes into digital wav files?
  202. All of a sudden Pure Music is downgrading to 44khz!
  203. New Sony Walkman
  204. Acute Ipaditis - is it bad?
  205. Cleaning cardboard vinyl records
  206. Hello from Germany!
  207. Hi! I'm Patrick from the UK.
  208. Is there anyone else here...
  209. Computer Audiophile website (not app) not working on Android
  210. CAPS 4: USB vs. S/PDIF
  211. DSD playback on a PC
  212. 2015_best ripping option for CD_XRCD on PC?
  213. Official Pono Owners Thread - Share Device Experiences Here
  214. Why is SACD so restricted?
  215. How to get best sound with my situation?
  216. Power Inspired AC Regenerator
  217. Best portable Audio Player
  218. Tablet recommendation
  219. indiegogo -> HiFi-Skyn: iPhone case for Audiophiles
  220. Do I need shielded speakers for desktop setup
  221. Batch Conversion OUT of iTunes
  222. Favorite FLAC player for iDevices
  223. How do you "Pono"?
  224. CheapEST budget system
  225. Changed laptop and quality went up.
  226. Evolution of my Computer Audio
  227. On the fly upsampling/transcoding: can someone explain the benefits?
  228. My Step from HiFi into Computer Hifi - want to do it right the first time. Any advice appreciated
  229. Wikipedia.
  230. Please eliminate direct marketing threads and posts!
  231. Best format for digital music?
  232. Computer Recommendation
  233. Basic question: CD player via DAC or direct through amp?
  234. If high resolution format is a value for consumers
  235. Well FLAC me!
  236. Melody Preamp
  237. Digital Rights
  238. Is there an accudio equivalent for speakers?
  239. I think I got audiophile disease !
  240. Encoding & decoding a CD
  241. Sony PCMD-100 to archive vinyl to DSD?
  242. FYI: Burson Soloist on sale
  243. High End Audio in NYC?
  244. What's wrong with this picture
  245. Consumer electronic show (ces) 2015
  246. hello! i am Oli
  247. Need help with optimal set up for Rega DAC
  248. DDR3 Flipping bits in software without accessing them "Memory Known Failure Mechanism called 'Row Hammer'"
  249. What do you do about all those LEDs?
  250. Anyone know anything about Alex (sandyk)?