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  1. Beginner questions setting up high(ish) end system
  2. choosing speakers to replace Devialet Phantom - need your advice
  3. Sound Sampling
  4. Emotiva DC-1 + Crown XLS1500 (x2) + Bi-Amp'd B&W 685 S2 ???
  5. Must-Read Article on Modern Popular Music
  6. Need a new Dac
  7. I try to steer clear of this in audiophile circles.
  8. Computer Audiophile Build Advice
  9. Best bang for the buck to improve CA side of my system?
  10. Interesting article and video on vinyl from the NYT
  11. plauged by stuttering and poping audio
  12. Best deal to test sound quality
  13. Beginning (1st) audiophile system - what do you think?
  14. Looking for advice on what older Mac Mini to buy for Hifi.
  15. What's a good route to hi-rez playback?
  16. Amarra to Amarra SQ+
  17. MacBook Pro to Chord Hugo.
  18. best cable for home made sata
  19. Love my "new" IPhone6
  20. Is there a software tool to help me select presided position for each speaker.
  21. 24/192 via HDMI with a 2012 (Late) Mac Mini
  22. Pioneer launches MQA compatible portable player.
  23. Splashtop or Screen Sharing
  24. Digital losing ground against vinyl
  25. IEC male plugs
  26. DSD vs PCM, Which sounds the best to your ears of these free same source files?
  27. Balanced ICs = better sq?
  28. VPN services for forum accounts.
  29. I Had a Dream
  30. Forum problems on UK Sky Broadband.
  31. The Ear - DSD under Fire
  32. Box set artwork
  33. Searching the forum
  34. Who would you invite to dinner?
  35. Music is coming out of my speakers. Can I declare victory?
  36. need help with subwoofer setup. crossover related
  37. iPad desktop players for travel?
  38. KEF LS50 Speakers.... Amp???
  39. Regen/USB VS I2S direct
  40. Does Regen Make Linear PS for Mac Mini Superfluous?
  41. Moving iTunes Library to another Mac
  42. Hi Res really does not evaluate to high quality sound
  43. Armed and Dangerous
  44. Give FAT CHANCE A Chance!
  45. Music Library Sofware Help
  46. Any experience with JCAT or Clarus Crimson USB cables?
  47. Article on Bowers and Wilkins owner.
  48. Audio versus Video - How do you spend your time?
  49. DSD upsampling too much for CAPS v 3 Topanga?
  50. Windows 10 unable to mount shared folder from MacOS 10.10.5?
  51. Amazon Cloud Drive for Music Library Backup: One Person's Experience
  52. Need a link for a USB cable
  53. 71% of top music executives think Jay Z's streaming service Tidal will die within a year
  54. Unsubscribing issue
  55. Any experience with cheap china LPS?
  56. Signature File
  57. What if... A question / discussion on DRM wrt to High Res audio
  58. recording method vs sound reproduction
  59. How can I play my powered loudspeakers (Focal Solo 6BE) through Linux?
  60. Trouble shooting
  61. DSD encoder torture material
  62. How to securely backup entire music library
  63. Any better deals than Audioquest Diamond USB
  64. Interference from computer to amp
  65. New Sponsored Forum Section On CA
  66. Neil Young admits "lack of resources" affecting Pono music plans
  67. Windows 10 Audio Optimization
  68. ISO to DSF
  69. SACD capable devices and software
  70. toslink cable does not like 192kHz?
  71. Useful PSU PCBs for the DIY members.
  72. "The Complete Guide to High-End Audio" of Robert Harley a must read?
  73. Does XLO/Argentum still exist
  74. SDHC As Boot Drive - questions ???
  75. audioquest Diamond USB vs audioquest Coffee usb
  76. New ELAC B5 Speakers at California Audio Show
  77. Info Re Windows 10 - Beyond Breathtaking.
  78. ST Fiber Cable
  79. An interesting discussion about DSD - SDM, gives insight on how HQ Player works its magic doing PCM to DSD
  80. Today's California Audioshow (Miillbrae) experience in a nutshell
  81. You Too Can Design DAC Filters!
  82. Do We ALL Position Our Best Audio Gear Where It Gets Used The LEAST?
  83. Really stumped - USB Keystone jacks will not work
  84. USB-2 and USB-3
  85. Sydney Audio Club Double Blind Testing Digital Audio Software & Formats
  86. contentedness antithetical to audiophiliac mind?
  87. Please explain LPS for a noob
  88. Need a little advice. An opinion might do.
  89. Columbia House Files Chapter 11
  90. Youtube high quality music
  91. How I resurrected a Corning usb cable
  92. Rethinking the music purchase paradigm
  93. Mac Pro Battery Noise
  94. devialet and phantom
  95. Help
  96. Legalize Computer Audio!
  97. multi room wired speakers controlled by an app
  98. Just how much noise/system degradation do "connections" introduce?
  99. Question About Playback Delay
  100. DSD-wide (8-bit) test files
  101. USB hub and SQ
  102. Usb hub
  103. How to improve Wifi control isolation
  104. Phono Pre-Amp Question
  105. K2hd? Xrcd? Hdcd? Mqa?
  106. Computer audio interface
  107. Ripping Vinyl: Using Pure Vinyl's Software RIAA Correction vs using an Analog Phono Stage
  108. Question about Coputer Audio system
  109. Anyone planning to attend this year's Capital Audio Fest (CAF)?
  110. David Byrne editorial in NYT on music streaming
  111. Sonore and Little Green Computer
  112. Presence, In Through the Out Door & Code in 24-96 - Any Good?
  113. Power board required Australia
  114. How do I add and Use Equalizer to my Dell Computer
  115. MacMini Late 2012 model i7 - JRiver 20.0.126 - ifi Micro Dsd - audio dropouts randomly
  116. In desperate need of help! Dual monitors audio nightmare!
  117. Kickstarter for NEW AMIGA A1200 CASES!
  118. Trends vs True Advances
  119. What really matters?
  120. very good article in The Atlantic on Classical music and the mess digital tagging has done to it.
  121. Dare to try something new?
  122. USB Oscilloscope suggestions recommendations - discussion
  123. Does Your Stereo Help You Manage Stress and/or Anxiety?
  124. Beautifully made, high-quality prepared speaker cables at an incredibly reasonable price
  125. Ground Loops explained
  126. Phono pre amp to amp issues
  127. Humbly a simple question: Do I hear distorted or honest music?
  128. Beyond Bit-perfect: EMC - EMI/RFI and the hidden gray areas of analogue in our digital audio.
  129. TTW Technics 1200 Record Clamp (for removing warps and distortion from vinyl records)
  130. Advice for a rookie
  131. measurements
  132. Music Writer Needs Help
  133. Do I hear 6Hz sound?
  134. iTunes, naming and iPod to X3ii woes
  135. Headphones that can facilitate a lot of loud.............
  136. OH NO, another what piece of sound hardware should I get ??
  137. Why Acoustics Are So Important (Great Video)
  138. Mini Monitor for Mac Mini
  139. Recommended article: Hidden Hearing Loss from Everyday Noise
  140. Best program to eliminate duplicate music files?
  141. What is your age?
  142. Best bang for the buck upgrades
  143. Audiophile Phone
  144. Wow, cd ripping illegal again in the UK
  145. Book Recommendation: How Music Got Free by Stephen Witt
  146. Regardless of who has the superior algorithm, heavy lifting tasks can be performed much more efficiently and with much higher precision on chips and FPGAs. This is a well known fact....
  147. The walking dead and "blind listening"
  148. Schiit Bifrost driver and Windows 10
  149. Power Regenerators
  150. Just set-up my first dedicated 2 channel system. Now questions.
  151. Ars prepares to put “audiophile” Ethernet cables to the test in Las Vegas
  152. Acoustic Fun
  153. Too Funny - Portlandia Custom Installer Video
  154. Re Terminate USB
  155. Happy now... want to be even happier
  156. Offline rendering of DSD to PCM
  157. Why is ripping vinyl so hard?
  158. Does "which" PC matter?
  159. Screen Saver won't turn off.
  160. Ifi Micro iDAC2 vs ???
  161. Help/Advice needed
  162. Poll: Which is more important to high-resolution audio, sampling frequency or bit depth
  163. Auralic Taurus Pre voltage conversion
  164. why the static
  165. Upgrading from a Peachtree Nova 80w (first generation)
  166. Spotify vs Apple Music vs Tidal
  167. Thanks
  168. mp3 CD
  169. Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound
  170. The Room Treatment A/B Type Testing
  171. Brainus Crampus Chapter 3: The FUBAR Chronicles
  172. CA website issues
  173. Mac says I HAVE to upgrade to iTunes 12.2. I don't wanna. Solutions?
  174. Brainus Crampus: Part Deux
  175. Amarra + TIDAL
  176. Got a Mac Mini question.
  177. Newbie Brainus Crampus
  178. Vibration isolating rollerballs
  179. Any Opinions About Ayre Acoustics K-5xeMP preamp?
  180. iOS 8.4 Music app
  181. How much longer will the MacBook Pro w/ onboard disc drive be around?
  182. Help an Old Guy Out
  183. Need Some Software Help: Searching for a Mac FLAC converter that handles albums, not just single files
  184. How well can you really hear audio quality? Try this test.
  185. Roller type Vibration Isolation Devices info
  186. Phantom center chan
  187. Stuttering audio has developed out of nowhere, source unknown
  188. blindtest competition(mostly for fun)
  189. Can anyone advise on how to connect these components?
  190. Need opinions on improving system
  191. Fidelizer with W10 ?
  192. Where is the best place to look for music from artists made in audiophile quality?
  193. Signal path - from disk to speakers
  194. Digital Reins Nano - high-def audio-compliant?
  195. Need advice on Dac/Headphone combo
  196. Linear PSUs
  197. "Budget" Devialet alternative coming soon...
  198. Tesla Powerwall for Audio? Battery power for all devices?
  199. AC Filtering, Grounding Boxes, Linear PSU and Balanced Power.
  200. 2 in and 2 out wiring
  201. Updated to Yosemite, no sound or playback via DAC
  202. Simply curiosities
  203. File Sync Program
  204. One for the Subjectivists
  205. Retro videogames music - Uncle Art Elite II/Starglider Orchestral Music Kickstarter with CD & Vinyl
  206. Metrum Acoustics Pavane
  207. Best Power supply for audio PC (not linear)
  208. Can't get 96Khz audio out of Blu-Ray player over optical Toslink connection?
  209. Need help with an issue
  210. Playing headless using a mac mini this way
  211. What's your take on Pure Audio Blu-ray Discs?
  212. 5M USB too long? (noob)
  213. How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality?
  214. The New Testament: Computer Audio Commandments
  215. Need advice with setting up laptop
  216. How to Change Order of Library Views List in JRMC 19
  217. Best Way To Set Up iMac Thru A Two Channel System
  218. Build a Music Entertainment System. How? Inputs and suggestiones needed
  219. Mark Waldrep/Sound Liaison/DSD vs PCM part 2,(Mark answers computer audiophile.)
  220. Need Advice, Best Value/Performance In A USB-S/PDIF Converter?
  221. Inexpensive Vinyl ripping - help?
  222. Trashing original music files after they're in iTunes?
  223. Is this a SACD or CD??
  224. Equipment isolation and vibration damping.
  225. Musicians honoured
  226. Four Columbia House insiders explain the shady math behind “8 CDs for a penny”
  227. Request Help Identify Lynx AES16 Parts
  228. Monitor Connection-Any Implications For Sound Quality?
  229. Daily Audiophile Down
  230. How to get the best SQ from CD?
  231. Linear power supply for Moon Mind 180?
  232. Classical Music and streaming (Article link)
  233. the DEAD'S anniversary box set
  234. Sound Quality Improvement with new Audio Rack
  235. Apple Music / WWDC 2015 Event
  236. Just got my Leo Vintage Amp
  237. How to play 24 bit 96 kHz files on windows 8 - any advice please?
  238. Any Books for Beginners on Computer Audio?
  239. The other end
  240. QUESTION: hooking up a phono preamp to an amplifier
  241. ripping vinyl (2015 remix)
  242. USB Power isolation
  243. Help Needed: Constant Buzzing/Humming from Directstream DAC Right Channel
  244. What do you turn on first, DAC or computer?
  245. Third World Problems
  246. The Science of Discrimination
  247. Vinyl - a challenge to forum members.
  248. Can you tell the difference between mp3 and wav?
  249. "Cheap Wine Sucks - A Manifesto" - Argument Seem Familiar?
  250. [Kickstarter] USB powered Headphone Amp