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  1. Schiit Bifrost driver and Windows 10
  2. Power Regenerators
  3. Just set-up my first dedicated 2 channel system. Now questions.
  4. Ars prepares to put “audiophile” Ethernet cables to the test in Las Vegas
  5. Acoustic Fun
  6. Too Funny - Portlandia Custom Installer Video
  7. Re Terminate USB
  8. Happy now... want to be even happier
  9. Offline rendering of DSD to PCM
  10. Why is ripping vinyl so hard?
  11. Does "which" PC matter?
  12. Screen Saver won't turn off.
  13. Ifi Micro iDAC2 vs ???
  14. Help/Advice needed
  15. Poll: Which is more important to high-resolution audio, sampling frequency or bit depth
  16. Auralic Taurus Pre voltage conversion
  17. why the static
  18. Upgrading from a Peachtree Nova 80w (first generation)
  19. Spotify vs Apple Music vs Tidal
  20. Thanks
  21. mp3 CD
  22. Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound
  23. The Room Treatment A/B Type Testing
  24. Brainus Crampus Chapter 3: The FUBAR Chronicles
  25. CA website issues
  26. Mac says I HAVE to upgrade to iTunes 12.2. I don't wanna. Solutions?
  27. Brainus Crampus: Part Deux
  28. Amarra + TIDAL
  29. Got a Mac Mini question.
  30. Newbie Brainus Crampus
  31. Vibration isolating rollerballs
  32. Any Opinions About Ayre Acoustics K-5xeMP preamp?
  33. iOS 8.4 Music app
  34. How much longer will the MacBook Pro w/ onboard disc drive be around?
  35. Help an Old Guy Out
  36. Need Some Software Help: Searching for a Mac FLAC converter that handles albums, not just single files
  37. How well can you really hear audio quality? Try this test.
  38. Roller type Vibration Isolation Devices info
  39. Phantom center chan
  40. Stuttering audio has developed out of nowhere, source unknown
  41. blindtest competition(mostly for fun)
  42. Can anyone advise on how to connect these components?
  43. Need opinions on improving system
  44. Fidelizer with W10 ?
  45. Where is the best place to look for music from artists made in audiophile quality?
  46. Signal path - from disk to speakers
  47. Digital Reins Nano - high-def audio-compliant?
  48. Need advice on Dac/Headphone combo
  49. Linear PSUs
  50. "Budget" Devialet alternative coming soon...
  51. Tesla Powerwall for Audio? Battery power for all devices?
  52. AC Filtering, Grounding Boxes, Linear PSU and Balanced Power.
  53. 2 in and 2 out wiring
  54. Updated to Yosemite, no sound or playback via DAC
  55. Simply curiosities
  56. File Sync Program
  57. One for the Subjectivists
  58. Retro videogames music - Uncle Art Elite II/Starglider Orchestral Music Kickstarter with CD & Vinyl
  59. Metrum Acoustics Pavane
  60. Best Power supply for audio PC (not linear)
  61. Can't get 96Khz audio out of Blu-Ray player over optical Toslink connection?
  62. Need help with an issue
  63. Playing headless using a mac mini this way
  64. What's your take on Pure Audio Blu-ray Discs?
  65. 5M USB too long? (noob)
  66. How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality?
  67. The New Testament: Computer Audio Commandments
  68. Need advice with setting up laptop
  69. How to Change Order of Library Views List in JRMC 19
  70. Best Way To Set Up iMac Thru A Two Channel System
  71. Build a Music Entertainment System. How? Inputs and suggestiones needed
  72. Mark Waldrep/Sound Liaison/DSD vs PCM part 2,(Mark answers computer audiophile.)
  73. Need Advice, Best Value/Performance In A USB-S/PDIF Converter?
  74. Inexpensive Vinyl ripping - help?
  75. Trashing original music files after they're in iTunes?
  76. Is this a SACD or CD??
  77. Equipment isolation and vibration damping.
  78. Musicians honoured
  79. Four Columbia House insiders explain the shady math behind “8 CDs for a penny”
  80. Request Help Identify Lynx AES16 Parts
  81. Monitor Connection-Any Implications For Sound Quality?
  82. Daily Audiophile Down
  83. How to get the best SQ from CD?
  84. Linear power supply for Moon Mind 180?
  85. Classical Music and streaming (Article link)
  86. the DEAD'S anniversary box set
  87. Sound Quality Improvement with new Audio Rack
  88. Apple Music / WWDC 2015 Event
  89. Just got my Leo Vintage Amp
  90. How to play 24 bit 96 kHz files on windows 8 - any advice please?
  91. Any Books for Beginners on Computer Audio?
  92. The other end
  93. QUESTION: hooking up a phono preamp to an amplifier
  94. ripping vinyl (2015 remix)
  95. USB Power isolation
  96. Help Needed: Constant Buzzing/Humming from Directstream DAC Right Channel
  97. What do you turn on first, DAC or computer?
  98. Third World Problems
  99. The Science of Discrimination
  100. Vinyl - a challenge to forum members.
  101. Can you tell the difference between mp3 and wav?
  102. "Cheap Wine Sucks - A Manifesto" - Argument Seem Familiar?
  103. [Kickstarter] USB powered Headphone Amp
  104. CA Readers Are, "clueless, equally bitter and uninformed"
  105. Help me go "headless"
  106. What is the most digital-sounding turntable?
  107. Purchasing HiRes files from abroad
  108. Question for SACD Experts
  109. Balanced speaker cable recommendations
  110. Intermittent static developed in computer based system
  111. Equipment Racks
  112. Show your latest new TOY !!
  113. There's a buzzing sound coming from my right speaker
  114. These amps look like a bargain
  115. Do you ever listen to music?
  116. Vinyl Collectors
  117. A playlist I put together. Check it out!
  118. Who here is just... Happy with their setup?
  119. Where do I go from here with my new hobby?
  120. A couple of "general" questions I'd like CA's advice on
  121. Equipment order on rack
  122. EAC crashes on a specific disc. What gives?!
  123. CD transport that converts to DSD?
  124. Audio gear as an investment?
  125. How good or bad is this DAC
  126. Suggestion for equipment setup using j. river based player
  127. Entry/Mid level digital audiophile system - gear recommendations from one newbie to others ...
  128. Can I leave my integrated amp ON all the time?
  129. clearing offline content from TIDAL,Qobuz,Spotify
  130. Today I am a man...
  131. Francis Rumsey Lecture on Spatial Audio Reconstruction
  132. Beaglebone, JRemote, and the demise of good user instructions
  133. DSD To Wav Conversion, Any loss in audio quality
  134. Computer in the listening room
  135. What do I need to equal a cd transport plus dac ?
  136. On the argument that cables don't make a difference and all DACs sound identical
  137. Things (about computer audio) I should know, but dont
  138. What drew me to vinyl.
  139. Multi Channel Demo in Santa Monica on Tuesday May 26th
  140. PDF Liner Notes
  141. Special Multi Channel Event
  142. C.A.S.H. List Update
  143. Macbook Air with Amarra HiFi to Peachtree Asynchronous USB
  144. Paging Mr. souptin ..
  145. USB Cables with 5v bit taken out?
  146. Desktop.. Anyone use a Sonic Maximizer?
  147. AfterMaster
  148. Tinnitus relief?
  149. Uptone REGEN Colors?
  150. 6Moons and Chrome
  151. MQA & Provenance
  152. Anyone believe this?
  153. High quality AES/EBU to usb a/d INPUT portable stand alone adapter???
  154. Do cables affect sound, and if so, why? (Stereoplay Examination)
  155. Now, for a completely different kind of cable question
  156. USB stick problem or DAC issue ?? has this happened to you.
  157. Resources for learning Linux
  158. SACD Discontinued by Sony??
  159. Gratitude to CA Forum Members
  160. Mac Mini as a front end, trying to get into the 21st century, need help BIG TIME.
  161. Apple/ Flac
  162. From the makers of the dragonfly, comes the BEETLE
  163. How do dvd audio's line up against other mediums?
  164. Please help me with my "dream" audio setup!
  165. Contributions to Sound Quality of Different Components of Computer Audio architecture?
  166. How do you play an SACD?
  167. THE Show Newport
  168. Pono on sale at Frys
  169. Intoxication and Audio
  170. Do you need a mac to rip vinyl the best?
  171. B.B. King
  172. Will the regular posters PLEASE read this request for advice
  173. DSD with the new Diavalet OS (v8)
  174. FLAC converter that will pass 192khz
  175. Chasing the Ghost of Soviet Russia's Most Dedicated Vinyl Bootlegger
  176. DH Labs Silver Sonic USB Cable
  177. What choices for ripping software Mac
  178. Hip hip hooray Devialet 8.0
  179. Mark Waldrep is claiming that PCM 24/96 is superior to DSD
  180. dBpoweramp Reference R15 Mac
  181. The Vamp - Speakers Everywhere
  182. Good Friend Needs Audio Advice In An Area I'm Not Entirely Well Versed In - Your Thoughts?
  183. Weird Mac Mini issue
  184. Does anyone have an oppo sacd player and a newer marantz reciever
  185. Pono Player Firmware Update
  186. Ear "Treatments" and Soundstage?
  187. High End Munich 2015 Thread
  188. Poll, stereo, multi-chan stereo, dts, dolby
  189. Upload Digital - Press Vinyl
  190. What are the results of an inaccurate CD rip?
  191. Munich High End 2015 Blog and comments
  192. ethernet cabling - cat.5-e or cat.6?
  193. Give Me Distortion or Give Me Death: Why Some Musicians Love Distortion and Most Audiophiles Don't, or Do They?
  194. Contemplating a +/- $4000 HIFI setup. Suggestions?
  195. New Analogue/Digital System for a Newbie
  196. Speaker Recommendations!!
  197. Solution to hearing loss
  198. Insane Deals: Brag About Your All Time Best
  199. Cable question - Cat5e for AES3?
  200. Second system / small and budget friendly
  201. Cable advice.
  202. So there's noise on my main listening system...
  203. Back to basics
  204. LP playback within $1000
  205. Double Blind Testing: Touchy Topic?
  206. Antipodes
  207. Audio Critic resurfaces
  208. Another Basic Ripping Question
  209. Are there any computer hardware nerds here among the audiophiles?
  210. To Compress or Not?
  211. Audio Sins: What's Your Guilty Pleasure?
  212. Of Interest: IBM Powers-UP Decibel Music Database Service MusicGeek with Watson
  213. Leo Laporte Interviews Neil Young May 4, 2015 (Video)
  214. Just For Fun: June 11, 1978.
  215. got another new toy today....hype or deservant of all the 5 super reviews?!
  216. Laptop to Receiver Connections
  217. an audio-pleb's not-so-spectacular sonic journey
  218. Interesting product for the patio
  219. TuneCore
  220. Investigations into digital filters
  221. Is burn-in permanent or do we need to "re-burn"?
  222. B.B. King in Hospice care...
  223. Tesla Batteries and line noise...
  224. Audiophile Bookshelf Speakers: Looking for Ebay Gems
  225. Looking for a service like Spotify that will let me play back tracks in Foobar, etc.
  226. MQA? What exactly does "authenticated" mean?
  227. Newbie with very basic questions
  228. AllMusic genre tagging
  229. Used PreAmps for under $300.00
  230. New Comparing 24/96 wav vs 24/96 flac vs 16/44.1 wav vs 320 mp3 (working link )
  231. Music thru headphone amp; other sound through PC's speakers
  232. auditory perception test signals
  233. Some past weekend Axpona photos
  234. Is this Computer Audio 101?
  235. Spike protection, isolation, DC offset protection, and power filtering - ISOL-8 Minisub Axis
  236. Blindtest between sample rates
  237. 192/24 versus 45 rpm vinyl
  238. Replacement for Squeezebox?
  239. Need iPhone Powered USB Advice
  240. I have 600 GB of ISO files from my SACDs - how do I play them?
  241. Audio Rack Assembly
  242. Music for testing Audio Equipment
  243. Upgrade, where to go from here?
  244. DFF>DSF Conversion Why? How?Bit perfect? Stereo *and* Multichannel?
  245. Need Advice on Bi-amplification
  246. Connect USB drive directly to PC or to Router for best sound?
  247. Sharing USB drive on network with Server 2012 R2
  248. Marantz SA-11S3 USB Dac Issues - Mac OSx Yosemite
  249. Attaching a Windows PC to a Receiver!!
  250. Magico Project M Speakers