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  1. The Vamp - Speakers Everywhere
  2. Good Friend Needs Audio Advice In An Area I'm Not Entirely Well Versed In - Your Thoughts?
  3. Weird Mac Mini issue
  4. Does anyone have an oppo sacd player and a newer marantz reciever
  5. Pono Player Firmware Update
  6. Ear "Treatments" and Soundstage?
  7. High End Munich 2015 Thread
  8. Poll, stereo, multi-chan stereo, dts, dolby
  9. Upload Digital - Press Vinyl
  10. What are the results of an inaccurate CD rip?
  11. Munich High End 2015 Blog and comments
  12. ethernet cabling - cat.5-e or cat.6?
  13. Give Me Distortion or Give Me Death: Why Some Musicians Love Distortion and Most Audiophiles Don't, or Do They?
  14. Contemplating a +/- $4000 HIFI setup. Suggestions?
  15. New Analogue/Digital System for a Newbie
  16. Speaker Recommendations!!
  17. Solution to hearing loss
  18. Insane Deals: Brag About Your All Time Best
  19. Cable question - Cat5e for AES3?
  20. Second system / small and budget friendly
  21. Cable advice.
  22. So there's noise on my main listening system...
  23. Back to basics
  24. LP playback within $1000
  25. Double Blind Testing: Touchy Topic?
  26. Antipodes
  27. Audio Critic resurfaces
  28. Another Basic Ripping Question
  29. Are there any computer hardware nerds here among the audiophiles?
  30. To Compress or Not?
  31. Audio Sins: What's Your Guilty Pleasure?
  32. Of Interest: IBM Powers-UP Decibel Music Database Service MusicGeek with Watson
  33. Leo Laporte Interviews Neil Young May 4, 2015 (Video)
  34. Just For Fun: June 11, 1978.
  35. got another new toy today....hype or deservant of all the 5 super reviews?!
  36. Laptop to Receiver Connections
  37. an audio-pleb's not-so-spectacular sonic journey
  38. Interesting product for the patio
  39. TuneCore
  40. Investigations into digital filters
  41. Is burn-in permanent or do we need to "re-burn"?
  42. B.B. King in Hospice care...
  43. Tesla Batteries and line noise...
  44. Audiophile Bookshelf Speakers: Looking for Ebay Gems
  45. Looking for a service like Spotify that will let me play back tracks in Foobar, etc.
  46. MQA? What exactly does "authenticated" mean?
  47. Newbie with very basic questions
  48. AllMusic genre tagging
  49. Used PreAmps for under $300.00
  50. New Comparing 24/96 wav vs 24/96 flac vs 16/44.1 wav vs 320 mp3 (working link )
  51. Music thru headphone amp; other sound through PC's speakers
  52. auditory perception test signals
  53. Some past weekend Axpona photos
  54. Is this Computer Audio 101?
  55. Spike protection, isolation, DC offset protection, and power filtering - ISOL-8 Minisub Axis
  56. Blindtest between sample rates
  57. 192/24 versus 45 rpm vinyl
  58. Replacement for Squeezebox?
  59. Need iPhone Powered USB Advice
  60. I have 600 GB of ISO files from my SACDs - how do I play them?
  61. Audio Rack Assembly
  62. Music for testing Audio Equipment
  63. Upgrade, where to go from here?
  64. DFF>DSF Conversion Why? How?Bit perfect? Stereo *and* Multichannel?
  65. Need Advice on Bi-amplification
  66. Connect USB drive directly to PC or to Router for best sound?
  67. Sharing USB drive on network with Server 2012 R2
  68. Marantz SA-11S3 USB Dac Issues - Mac OSx Yosemite
  69. Attaching a Windows PC to a Receiver!!
  70. Magico Project M Speakers
  71. The ultimate home power supply?
  72. iDAC nano extra cables?
  73. My system won't go loud anymore - help I think something is wrong on my computer?
  74. Finally! Remote app from Apple fixed!
  75. WHEN OR IF you reached a 3D sound where you can "see" the music
  76. Audible Illusions And Hearing Differently
  77. how to install computer in place of CD player
  78. TONE Audio Kickstarter
  79. Auralic's Next BIG Thing
  80. Newbie Intro
  81. My new Wadia 151
  82. Looking for enty level end game system.
  83. USB CD drive for replay- recommendations.
  84. Alternative to Media Center Software
  85. Can two brands of Optical cable (S/PDIF) deliver different volumes at the speakers (same DAC and amp)?
  86. How do you CA members see the future in audio.....
  87. Question, is dac needed in this configuration?
  88. Asperger's CA needs your help...
  89. I Have A Theory About Why I Like Linear Phase Filters
  90. DSD comparison downloads
  91. Buying a new MBP
  92. Notes from Meridian's MQA Kickoff Event at Audio High this evening
  93. Computer Audiophile and LastPass Login Issue
  94. Finally got my retirement speakers
  95. Wanted
  96. When is a Good Time to Visit Australia? Bluesfest
  97. Current set up and a question about next step
  98. Tidal and Lossless Streaming
  99. What's Going On Here (technically)?
  100. Kickstarters for Jarre-style C64 synth music and games music remake orchestra (Elite II/Starglider etc)
  101. Digital vs. analogue volume control for digital monitors
  102. Sonic Studio (Amarra) "Process" VS. NCH "Switch" anyone tried these? Feedback plz
  103. Esoteric "entry level" SACD players - thoughts?
  104. Qualia physic power suplys
  105. Best connection from PC to AVR for Stereo
  106. Terrific Advertisement
  107. One for Jud and Allan ?
  108. Converting WAV to FLac
  109. Awesome Audio Device (video) :~)
  110. How much profit is there is Hi-Res?
  111. Tracks "disappearing" from IPhone?
  112. Ripping audio from DVD-Audio and audio on DVDs on a Mac
  113. Harpsichord
  114. Sobering cable comparison - we still have some way to go
  115. Is audiophile sound, natural sound?
  116. The Ignorant Broke Caveman Audiophile: Needs Up to Date Audio Information
  117. McIntosh upgrade
  118. Electrical inference heard thru power amps that are *not* connected to RCA...
  119. Shall I stay? Or move on??...Please Help
  120. Battery powering your house?
  121. What's your "I could live with that" system?
  122. computer sound not playing through amplifier
  123. Magnepan - A bold move
  124. interesting document about "Mastered for iTunes"
  125. What does this mean?
  126. Interesting tablet as core playback device?
  127. Sony NW-ZX2 - What are people's views?
  128. Neutrino effect on sound quality
  129. Just for fun, how many audio items do you own?
  130. Amazon Cloud Drive (Almost) Too Good to Be True
  131. Bit perfect? WAV? FLAC? Hi res? How do these fit? Or do they?
  132. Noob looking for 3.5mm to phono cable advice
  133. Who plays an instrument... (for interest / being nosy)
  134. Who plays an instrument... (for interest / being nosy)
  135. Digital sound chip performace data
  136. Somebody has been listening
  137. Do You Care About ...
  138. Mac Mini, iTunes, Synology - music "drop outs" ???
  139. All change...
  140. Mic Placement Jazz Drums
  141. Tidal vs. CD
  142. Just spent the day with a Pono, a pair of Stax SR-7's and matching amp/powersupply- WOW!
  143. Magnetic fields control sound and heat...
  144. HDTracks/PonoMusic customer service issues
  145. Mapleshade new Toslink optical cable
  146. Want to help me improve my setup? Please.
  147. Why no sound cards added to C.A.S.H in past 4 years?
  148. Can't get PS Audio DAC to show up in sound preferences??
  149. EAC log file question
  150. Munich High End - Forum members get together in Munich Friday May 15 or Saturday May 16 ?
  151. Sound pops after installing a new fanless power supply
  152. Choosing between paths for best SQ re: Laptop > USB > dac > 2 ch rig versus Laptop > HDMI > TV > TV optical out >dac > 2 ch rig
  153. Cable Management Ideas
  154. CanJam SoCal 2015, March 28-29, 2015
  155. Digital sound chip recently released specs
  156. Jriver
  157. Looking to Convert APE to FLAC
  158. Min. post required for allowing the post an item for sale?
  159. SXSW - Best of...
  160. USB (or Ethernet) to AES/EBU converter?
  161. Basic updated intro to Auralic Aries, please?
  162. Do we all hear the same
  163. Should the behaviour of members of the trade be more strictly regulated than regular members?
  164. Mac mini, yosemite and Cambridge Audio Dac Magic (original version)
  165. Back to the Basics Questions About Computer Audio & Sound
  166. Opinions about differences poll
  167. Denver and Chicago audio events this weekend
  168. Ripping Vinyl - will it ever be easy?
  169. Does High Resolution Audio sound better
  170. Is Computer Audio bad news for appreciating Classical Music?
  171. Advice for buying speakers
  172. DAC to Integrated Amp Interconnects
  173. Is 192/24 for real?
  174. Speaker cable upgrade
  175. Advice from those with a fireplace in their listening room
  176. Mola Mola Kalunga
  177. New Macbook 12" USB Type C connector
  178. Are we running short on interesting new CA topics?
  179. 'the missing octave' - restoring bass below ~100Hz on your fave cds ...
  180. iTunes Can Play Two Sources Simultaneously?
  181. Interesting Article about High Rez Audio in the Saturday WSJ
  182. POLL: Is ESLDUDE a troll in your opinion?
  183. UAMP Thin Personal Amplifier on Kickstarter
  184. Can Computer Audiophile be about music, computers, and our enjoyment thereof ?
  185. Come on, people now...
  186. Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase, why is it 44100 hz 16 bit?
  187. When 3- and 4-year olds come...
  188. DIY USB cable possibilities
  189. God and Man at Computer Audiophile
  190. Who would like wgscott & audiophile neuroscience back?
  191. cat6 cable and usb cable similarities
  192. Review of 30 years old CD player - - are the antique CD-players still best?
  193. San Francisco get together
  194. Article Comments
  195. Do we need "Arguments" and "Helpful Advice" Sub-Forums?
  196. Elvis has left the building
  197. McIntosh MHA100, anyone here using one?
  198. Turntable Break-in?
  199. Interesting article with Steven Wilson
  200. Would you like a "like" button on CA?
  201. Could this possibly apply in high end audio?
  202. Interesting article on Audioholics re: The Sound of Audio Amplifiers, Can You Hear A Difference Between Amps
  203. Is some music better than other music?
  204. iTunes and Amarra won't play
  205. Can a Linear PS be too clean ?
  206. Digital music and autism
  207. Looking for clarification
  208. Warm vs cold computer.
  209. “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears…”
  210. Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?
  211. noob looking for advice, suggestions, for low budget set-up
  212. vibration control
  213. Old ... but still kind of funny
  214. God and the Audiophiles: a companion poll
  215. This hobby needs a better reference point
  216. Hires download sales vs. LP sales
  217. God and the Audiophiles
  218. How do I refresh Pandora stations with Marantz Remote App?
  219. Budget 1k$. Problem: Poor sound on Asus G75 + La cie ext HD + audioquest Coffee USB + rega Dac + Conrad Johnson
  220. Controlling volume using buttons on iOS device
  221. Sir Paul McCartney ... on music production
  222. All the ghostly sounds that are lost when you compress to mp3
  223. Home center set up with Android TV box
  224. Two french articles on Subjective Listening
  225. SACD Player to replace Oppo105?
  226. Building a LPS to power a Gigabyte motherboard
  227. Fred Kaplan tells audiophile haters that...
  228. Your brain is primed to reach false conclusions
  229. Best room layout?
  230. Basic 5.0 system requirements help
  231. Soundcard & 2.1 speaker setup upgrade options?
  232. I measured the db level at 1 meter from my speakers...
  233. audio conversion?
  234. MSB USB Power DAC - No Dice With Mac
  235. Does your system sound consistent?
  236. OT. Global WHAT?
  237. SLAPP suits
  238. Premium Sound Memory Card
  239. Big Head Todd Live on Pay Per View
  240. Volume control on amp
  241. How good does a system have to be to qualify as an audiophile system?
  242. Locking FireWire 800 cables
  243. Good bye jewel cases!
  244. Too slow computer?
  245. Jason Stoddard of Schiit Audio on How to Grow the Audiophile Market
  246. Psychoacoustics – a way to understand Obj & Subj viewpoints
  247. What does your system (hopefully) sound like?
  248. Interview with Keith Johnson from Reference Recordings @ Stereophile
  249. The Day the Music died
  250. Classical music and digital vs analogue