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  1. A Sort Of Christmas Season Story - Just When You Think You Have Your System Finished.......A Sudden Visit To The Bank, and A 10 Hour Road Trip
  2. Audiophile sites to visit Seoul, Korea
  3. "price no object" component (ex/spkrs)
  4. Improving Ripped Vinyl Quality on a Budget
  5. jremote not working
  6. ATX power, breakout board.
  7. Help please?
  8. High Value NCore Amps - built
  9. Why is J river better than media Monkey?
  10. Rdio blues
  11. hearing aids for audiophiles
  12. Merry Xmas from Australia
  13. .asoundrc for (L)ubuntu 15.10?
  14. Apple working on high-res streaming?
  15. Physics and Philosophy
  16. Pete Seeger's 1800 page FBI files released
  17. testing 'sound audio facts'...
  18. Newbie looking for Guidance
  19. Adding a Headphone Amp to Current EcoSystem
  20. How our brains hear
  21. Can You Really Experience Anything Objectively?
  22. Another thought exercise
  23. New Years Resolutions for Engineers.
  24. iOS App Update
  25. What does sound look like?
  26. What are Bryston talking about - differential amplifier balancing?
  27. Copy Lossless files from one Extenal Drive to another External Drive. Please advise.
  28. Recording Methods and Fidelity
  29. How do you get your computer outputting SPDIF or AES?
  30. A Press Release on a Completely Non-Controversial Topic (wink)
  31. The best digital volume controls possible/in existence
  32. A Christmas (computer audiophile) Story
  33. ESI Juli@ XTe vs Asus Xonar Essence STX II.
  34. Hospital Grade Electrical Outlets
  35. NOS DACs
  36. For Fans of Oscar Peterson
  37. What's the story on Phantom?
  38. Audioengine steps up
  39. Uptone's MMK vs. Core Audio's Mini Voltage Reg.
  40. I'm not a Audiophile pe se but I like my music.
  41. Pioneer XDP-100R $700 HiRes FLAC/DSD/MQA Player
  42. Pono Player wins Stereophile Magazine's Product Of The Year award
  43. HD not recognized
  44. The $3K all in exercize.
  45. Hybrid SACDs
  46. Supreme Sound Audio Opamp upgrade for Soundcard, Motherboard, DAC, Head amps
  47. In regards to Audiophile Digital kit: How important is the price of a device to you?
  48. Curious USB Cables
  49. I now get Roon..
  50. Charity is important during the Holiday Season. JRiver needs our help!!!
  51. Do computers leave behind a digital fingerprint on files?
  52. Shunyata Research Medical Uses
  53. Why not toslink?
  54. CA iPhone App Notifications
  55. Multidimensional Audio
  56. Help connecting my Simaudio gear please
  57. Devialet 400 monos.
  58. Whoa! JRemote Display On iPad Pro
  59. Barriers to Computer Audio
  60. Need some forum help
  61. new and need help with making a hdtrack system
  62. meitner parts needed
  63. Some days I wonder.........
  64. Waiting Patiently For 1 Gbps (up/down) Internet Service :~)
  65. Testing the Roland Sound Canvas for iOS on DOS games
  66. Melba recordings special
  67. PlayClassics test files to compare file formats
  68. Kalliope asio driver not play in JRiver
  69. Audiophile amplifier repair/upgrade in Orange County Calif?
  70. Ethernet Over Powerline vs Wireless. Is one or the other better for noise?
  71. CA iOS App Issues
  72. Roon over USB to Mytek 192 DSD DAC issue
  73. Converting in dBpoweramp settings
  74. Will Apple abandon the standard headphone jack?
  75. Roon is just good ol fashion Meridian Sooloos breaking out with "sauce" right?
  76. Changed macs now have pops/snaps under usb audio - I don't understand the problem...
  77. PPA red SATA cable
  78. Luxman P-700U Headphone Amp
  79. Problem With Backing Up iPhone iOS 9.1 to iCloud
  80. Chord BLU Transport and DAVE.
  81. Happy Thanksgiving!
  82. Eagles Of Death Metal Interview (Video)
  83. Grace and Janis
  84. Mac to Dac versus Marantz CD-6005
  85. iPhone 4S is better than Ayre QB-9 DSD and exaSound e20 and Bel Canto 3.7 DAC
  86. needing mains power solutions and advice.
  87. PC specs for hi-res music
  88. Is this AutoTune in action?
  89. PC sound card purchase please
  90. What's Your Approach to Upsampling/Oversampling Red Book Material?
  91. Free Foo Fighters EP in 24/192
  92. Adele's Raw Mic Feed From SNL Is Fantastic!
  93. Using a CD Transport to Rip CDs?
  94. FLAC compression level in file explorer
  95. FYI: The Velvet Underground- The Complete Matrix Tapes Box Set
  96. We don't need no stinking hi-rez
  97. DAC 8 vs Yaggi
  98. FYI - New Documentary- I hope You Dance: The Power and Spirit of Song
  99. More Holiday Cheer: Pictures of Lily
  100. Holiday Cheer
  101. convert DSDIFF(DSD)255 to DSF(DSD)256
  102. Rdio in bankruptcy protection
  103. Peachtree Sona DAC and Amp
  104. "Audiophile capacitors in Power Supply - A real advantage or not?
  105. Jitter vs no-Jitter Part III
  106. Jitter vs no-Jitter Part II
  107. "Burning in" equipment - just audio mythology?
  108. Sorting issues in iTunes
  109. Sample rate and Bit Rate display peripheral
  110. Speaker Cables for Crites Cornscala D
  111. hearing aids
  112. My first trip to an audio dealer today (spoiler: NAD did not do so well)
  113. Eagles of Death Metal Issue Statement on Paris Attack
  114. X-Ray Audio
  115. Connect 2010 iMac to Meridian DSP5000 speakers
  116. MQA and Tidal
  117. CAPS vs. Bryston
  118. Sonos stretching out
  119. I Need a single no fuss all in one for my headphones
  120. Acoustic treatment and DSP - some questions
  121. Ringo's #0000001 White Album being put up for auction
  122. Live music streaming service (including Pearl Jam, Black Crowes, etc.)
  123. Artist Name Tagging Question
  124. Comparing Vinyl to FLAC: Miles Davis, Kind Of Blue
  125. My Amplifier "died" tonight...
  126. Audio-gd's products in general: Quality Issue
  127. I really like being able to download an album while sitting on my butt at home.
  128. PlayClassics master file giveaway for CA members
  129. Ear cleaning
  130. With purchase of my Aurender, my Mac Mini had been put to general use, connected to my TV...
  131. New Luxman DSD DAC launched!
  132. Seiun HiRes Players - HiRes Audio Players with 4K Video
  133. My new Crazybaby Mars levitating Bluetooth speakers just arrived!
  134. The 7th Guest is getting a mini TV series!
  135. Moby, Play: the B Sides
  136. PS audio phono converter
  137. Alternatives to using USB to connect your DAC to your computer
  138. Computer Audiophile is a good read but a challenging one....
  139. A+ crashing
  140. Naim Superuniti Questions
  141. Jitter vs no-Jitter
  142. Synergistic Research Grounding box+Mini
  143. Watch Sir David Attenborough narrate Adele's 'Hello' music video
  144. Finally !! All setup with Audirvana plus - Mac mini - Mytek digital stereo 192 Dac
  145. Track Icons won't show my changes
  146. This pocket size PC has a lot of audiophile potential...(Ithink)
  147. Twist LED Light Bulb/Speaker Combo
  148. Kinda new to computer audio question
  149. Warsaw Audio Video Show 2015
  150. CD still far largest music selection
  151. for ears to open, eyes must be 'shut'?
  152. New line up
  153. Specialized main board for PC-Fi
  154. Multi Media solution for Media Streamer
  155. Kii Audio - the next stage in Ncore (Bruno's) ascendancy
  156. What is the added value of "the music industry"
  157. New Poll: Do ripped discs sound better than the physical discs?
  158. I just pre-ordered the Apple TV 4
  159. Acoustics matter...
  160. AES vs USB
  161. hi-fi in your head
  162. CD drive recommendations?
  163. Another Aspect of Being an Audiophile
  164. Streaming 2 local and some remote players audio issue
  165. Who still uses McinTosh
  166. Could you recommend to me an integrated amplifier that's a popular choice up to $1000
  167. Power filters/conditioners
  168. Ripping CDs, then Playing Music
  169. Mac Mini 2014 and forward
  170. How convert DSF to DFF file?
  171. Pre Amp with balanced analogue inputs
  172. What is a single connector AES input designed to do?
  173. Digital vs Analogue Volume Control
  174. Merging iTunes and Tidal
  175. help for a preamp
  176. The Auralic Aries Mini Has Arrived!
  177. Acoustic treatment for behind seating position
  178. When are serious quality Audio manufacturers going to embed Spotify Connect?
  179. Conditioner with long enough lead
  180. How Blind and Arrogant are we audiophiles?
  181. Getting audio out of a laptop using displayport
  182. Digital scope? What should I look for?
  183. Audio De-evolution
  184. Playing DSD128 on 2008 Mac Pro without clicks & ticks
  185. The Subliminal Impact of Sound - Adreas Koch
  186. Question
  187. An Engineer's Tale. - Humour
  188. USB hub and sound quality
  189. The Next Quantum Leap in Sound Quality
  190. Commodore Amiga Keys for your PC Cherry MX keyboard Kickstarter campaign!
  191. Where to go from here.
  192. No Showcase forum on CA?
  193. How to connect a DAC to PreAmp and Headphone Amp?
  194. Thought on my first system?
  195. Please explain Monster Music DVD - Lossy DTS with 24x96?
  196. Miles movie coming soon....
  197. Why do so many rooms at audio shows have palm plants everywhere?
  198. The New Apple TV And iTunes?
  199. Completely up to date Mac, OS X El Capitan, iTunes, etc... is doing something odd...
  200. i KNOW one of you know the answer to this...
  201. Off Forum! Vinyl setup?
  202. "Music and Audio: A User Guide to Better Sound" Kickstarter Campaign by Mark Waldrep
  203. Burning out a new DAC
  204. The evolution of sonic priorities
  205. Dynamic Range Compression (A Different Question)
  206. A Bit Off Topic: OS X El Capitan Message - MTAL_KEXT: LastTICCounter = 9141xxxx ui64TICCounter = 9141xxxx
  207. Issue with HDtracks Downloader
  208. Bit depth and Dithering
  209. Bits, ghosts, and metaphysics...
  210. Has anyone had problems returning items to Music Direct (musicdirect.com) or Audio Advisor (audioadvisor.com)?
  211. Has anybody tried an AudioQuest Jitterbug?
  212. Regular (circa 20s) dropouts with HiFace2 / Mac Mini
  213. ELAC Surprise At RMAF
  214. How to mix software sound into mic output?
  215. Regen Amber linear power supply recommendations?
  216. Any recommendation on upgrading the power cord for an iMac?
  217. Do streamers (music servers ) sound really different from each other?
  218. More starter Q's: home theater bypass with AVR and stereo integrated amp
  219. My Computer Audio Prediction (From 2011)
  220. REGEN and Audioquest Jitterbug, it's about perfect timing!
  221. How do I connect a USB or HD to my AV receiver to play MP3's?
  222. audiophile dogs
  223. PS Audio Perfect Wave Memory Player and Direct Stream DAC.
  224. Chromecast Audio (Analog and Digital Outputs) $35
  225. Upsampling: in computer or in DAC ???
  226. Anyone understand this cartoon from Qobuz?
  227. Mac Mini version for audio
  228. Radical Subjectivism and Fidelity...
  229. Are You Coming to RMAF, and What Are You Interested in Checking Out?
  230. Burning in new DAC?
  231. Need recommendation for computer audio.
  232. Fun With Browsing
  233. HQPlayer & ladder DAC
  234. Suggestions for budget external amp
  235. New guy looking to learn more about digital as I move into DSD files.
  236. Dynamic range and measuremets - how to interpret them - kinda pro topic
  237. What to purchase for an entire new digital music system based on a laptop
  238. Power amp power cord?
  239. how to remove a whole album at once from a playlist in TIDAL
  240. What's your (liquid) poison?
  241. The first mile: What power stations are best for audio?
  242. Kickstarter "Music and Audio" by Mark Waldrep
  243. Audio Forum vs. Cycling Forum - behavior and attitudes
  244. Why does high-end equipment come to us crippled with conventional power cords?
  245. Soundcard vs GPU audio for home theater
  246. Sonos Soundbar
  247. Everything sounds better in the Morning
  248. SOtM tx-USB hub external
  249. need help with Beats Music(BM) and Apple Music(AM)
  250. Should you allow the battery on a MacBook to discharge occasionally and then recharge it?