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  1. Combined dac/preamp/headphone amp or separates
  2. DVD Audio disc - how to identify files associated with 2 channel mix
  3. Lightening to USB Camera Adapter Tweak
  4. Ceiling panels installed...what have I been waiting for?!
  5. youtube as a download source
  6. Who knows their jazz?
  7. Here Active Listening
  8. Audioquest coming out with 3 new portable DAC/amps....
  9. Audio Alchemy DDP-1 and whether to choose a unit like this or separates
  10. AMP vs DAC ...further exploration
  11. Modern Recording - one perspective
  12. Shonky USB cables
  13. POLL besides speakers and source what makes the biggest differnece in fidelity
  14. Playback Designs' OpBox (modification kit for Oppo)
  15. Stereo channel issues?
  16. Vinyl record sales are going to pot
  17. How to get HD audio
  18. Hiface Two - sounding terrible on Ubuntu and Mac Mini
  19. Is this how to get new subscribers Tidal?
  20. help USB hum
  21. Recommended CD/SACD Players
  22. Forum: How to put a thread on ignore like an individual?
  23. Any noticable download differences in internet delivery sources?
  24. Bits, bandwidth and information theory, was...
  25. Deciphering Listener Impressions
  26. If you love music and have US$100K to spend on it ...
  27. Digital or Vinyl?
  28. Auralic 2 channel Amp
  29. Site Maintenance Tonight (Thursday February 11, 2016) At 11:30 Eastern US Time
  30. Audiophiles and the discovery of new physics
  31. USB: Can someone explain the "goodness" in series/combinations
  32. Basic equalizer Data Base (DB) a song
  33. Devialet and Apple (odd couple?)
  34. Where to get replacement tube 6N7 for Neuhaus T-2 tube amp
  35. Auralic Merak monoblocs
  36. Happy New Year
  37. South korea hirez
  38. When streaming YouTube videos.... what happens?
  39. How to post a screen capture?
  40. Breaking in a cable?
  41. HQP vs. Vinyl Reassessment
  42. This cable changed my life
  43. Best listening software?
  44. I think I am going to re-arrange my ClassDaudio.com amp: what should I do?
  45. I have seen the future and it is 4000 watts
  46. Mobile fidelity launches Turntables, Phono stages and Cartridges
  47. What MQA might be...
  48. APC Power Conditioner?
  49. MQA Listening Impressions
  50. Chris Connaker's reminder of « your ignore lists »
  51. Meridian Explorer2 Firmware Uploader Available
  52. Seiun $40 HiRes Clarity DACs
  53. dbpoweramp or?
  54. New member wants advice
  55. New audio company for the 1% club
  56. Volume increase which App?
  57. My Seiun Player arrived today!
  58. Build an HQPlayer Specific DAC?
  59. new Digital Believer :-)
  60. How reliable is your electronics?
  61. Newbie questions re: creating system for digitizing vinyl
  62. Why the heck is it...
  63. Newbie with new stuff but no music
  64. Tidal streaming problem
  65. The role of RAM & published SPECS
  66. Your Chance To Ask Bob Stuart Anything About MQA
  67. TIDAL getting desperate?
  68. Fun With Tags!
  69. New Member: Be able to make radio-style podcast where I can play several audio files in lossless format
  70. Music and flat-earthers
  71. Noob Needs Help With Questions About SMSL Q5 Pro.
  72. got windows 10?
  73. How Do I Connect Speakers To PC
  74. Challenges to golden ears.
  75. Help me with my setup :)
  76. <$200 External USB -> S/PDIF (Coax) vs. USB Isolation
  77. Those who own Audioquest cable...what do you think?
  78. nad d 7050 listening impressions
  79. New member want to say hi and ask some advice
  80. iTunes Sounds Best
  81. Question on Ubuntu + DAC + Spotify Bit Perfect Audio
  82. Did We Overhype USB Audio And Overlook Possible Pitfalls?
  83. Forget $3k. Forget the "entry level" concept. Very fine sound is now incredibly cheap!
  84. Grateful Dead listening event Jan 30, SF Bay Area
  85. USB Cables
  86. What source and amplification would you use to drive KEF LS50 speakers?
  87. No 5.1 0r 7.1 over HDMI from GPU
  88. Peaceful Easy Feeling - Stereophile Obit - Glenn Frey - Lacking Class?
  89. Unfortunately, JRemote has stopped
  90. Apple OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 released
  91. How much cpu power is required to convert PCM to DSD on the fly?
  92. Anyone else experience this posting issue with CA?
  93. Mac 10.9.5 (mavericks) suddenly not seeing my DAC
  94. HDtracks survey: Are they considering a streaming service?
  95. VLC for AppleTV, Hi-Res output via HDMI?
  96. Computer definition and proximity to audio gear
  97. Beginner Education
  98. Volume level seems high
  99. Great filtering: Does it matter and what does it sound like?
  100. Audiophile underwear
  101. Technologies behind USB tweaks explained
  102. power advice
  103. Thank You, from the bottom of my dark soul
  104. Advice into upgrading thanks to ROON
  105. Stuttering audio after upgrading to windows 10.
  106. What exactly is the point of 24/44 music files?
  107. Pictures of your first system
  108. Advice for a newbie migrating to digital
  109. Curious Cables - shipping to U.S.
  110. Streaming to existing wired speakers
  111. WOW SHM-CD better than HD files
  112. Separate components vs. integrated?
  113. Just getting started
  114. Kirk McElhearn: Everything you need to know about digital audio files. (MacWorld)
  115. RIP David Bowie
  116. Upgrade, Server or DAC ?
  117. How often do you upgrade?
  118. noob needs player advice...
  119. Suggestions for Pre-Amp, USB input ?
  120. The Guardian: Sonic boom –*why clubs are cranking up the quality instead of the volume
  121. New Year: My Best Advice In Regards To Audio is...
  122. Remote App for Sharescreen
  123. Compression vs Art (Radio Programme)
  124. No listening room tweaks required
  125. Devialet with high efficiency horn speakers
  126. Audio / Speaker Research Study
  127. Worst of ; when better becomes perfectly good's enemy
  128. Vinyl to High Res ... new options
  129. So, is MQA about DRM or is it not?
  130. An (almost) Comprehensive NuPrime IDA-8 Amplifier Review
  131. Organizing music colleciton
  132. MQA at CES
  133. Network Audio, help with budget!
  134. RMAF 2015 Videos
  135. Pono Player $299 today only at Fry's Electronics
  136. OT: Can you recommend a good amateur photography forum?
  137. Audiophilia: WhatsApp Group for Audiophiles
  138. PCI Express - The future of audio connections?
  139. NYT: Laurie Anderson Puts on a Concert for Dogs in Times Square
  140. Return of the Jedi listening test
  141. 2016 Dead pool
  142. furniture weight for audio components... GUIDANCE NEEDED
  143. PC setup and active speakers - DAC query
  144. 1-Bit Wav to simulate DSD "no DAC"
  145. What's necessary to play files and stream music: Drowning in new technology
  146. Guitar Player seeks help with crackling/fizzy audio
  147. HTPC setup for music & movies
  148. Amplifier power
  149. Headless Mac Mini Small Font
  150. Happy New Years
  151. La danse macabre avec God—
  152. Happy New Year
  153. Power strips
  154. Does this setup work?
  155. A Sort Of Christmas Season Story - Just When You Think You Have Your System Finished.......A Sudden Visit To The Bank, and A 10 Hour Road Trip
  156. Audiophile sites to visit Seoul, Korea
  157. "price no object" component (ex/spkrs)
  158. Improving Ripped Vinyl Quality on a Budget
  159. jremote not working
  160. ATX power, breakout board.
  161. Help please?
  162. High Value NCore Amps - built
  163. Why is J river better than media Monkey?
  164. Rdio blues
  165. hearing aids for audiophiles
  166. Merry Xmas from Australia
  167. .asoundrc for (L)ubuntu 15.10?
  168. Apple working on high-res streaming?
  169. Physics and Philosophy
  170. Pete Seeger's 1800 page FBI files released
  171. testing 'sound audio facts'...
  172. Newbie looking for Guidance
  173. Adding a Headphone Amp to Current EcoSystem
  174. How our brains hear
  175. Can You Really Experience Anything Objectively?
  176. Another thought exercise
  177. New Years Resolutions for Engineers.
  178. iOS App Update
  179. What does sound look like?
  180. What are Bryston talking about - differential amplifier balancing?
  181. Copy Lossless files from one Extenal Drive to another External Drive. Please advise.
  182. Who are 'we' to name names ?
  183. Recording Methods and Fidelity
  184. How do you get your computer outputting SPDIF or AES?
  185. A Press Release on a Completely Non-Controversial Topic (wink)
  186. The best digital volume controls possible/in existence
  187. A Christmas (computer audiophile) Story
  188. ESI Juli@ XTe vs Asus Xonar Essence STX II.
  189. Hospital Grade Electrical Outlets
  190. NOS DACs
  191. For Fans of Oscar Peterson
  192. What's the story on Phantom?
  193. Audioengine steps up
  194. Uptone's MMK vs. Core Audio's Mini Voltage Reg.
  195. I'm not a Audiophile pe se but I like my music.
  196. Pioneer XDP-100R $700 HiRes FLAC/DSD/MQA Player
  197. Pono Player wins Stereophile Magazine's Product Of The Year award
  198. HD not recognized
  199. The $3K all in exercize.
  200. Hybrid SACDs
  201. Supreme Sound Audio Opamp upgrade for Soundcard, Motherboard, DAC, Head amps
  202. In regards to Audiophile Digital kit: How important is the price of a device to you?
  203. Curious USB Cables
  204. I now get Roon..
  205. Comparing « Free Downloads »
  206. Charity is important during the Holiday Season. JRiver needs our help!!!
  207. Do computers leave behind a digital fingerprint on files?
  208. Shunyata Research Medical Uses
  209. Why not toslink?
  210. CA iPhone App Notifications
  211. Multidimensional Audio
  212. Help connecting my Simaudio gear please
  213. Devialet 400 monos.
  214. Whoa! JRemote Display On iPad Pro
  215. Barriers to Computer Audio
  216. Need some forum help
  217. new and need help with making a hdtrack system
  218. meitner parts needed
  219. Some days I wonder.........
  220. Waiting Patiently For 1 Gbps (up/down) Internet Service :~)
  221. Testing the Roland Sound Canvas for iOS on DOS games
  222. Melba recordings special
  223. PlayClassics test files to compare file formats
  224. Kalliope asio driver not play in JRiver
  225. Audiophile amplifier repair/upgrade in Orange County Calif?
  226. Ethernet Over Powerline vs Wireless. Is one or the other better for noise?
  227. CA iOS App Issues
  228. Roon over USB to Mytek 192 DSD DAC issue
  229. Converting in dBpoweramp settings
  230. Will Apple abandon the standard headphone jack?
  231. Roon is just good ol fashion Meridian Sooloos breaking out with "sauce" right?
  232. Changed macs now have pops/snaps under usb audio - I don't understand the problem...
  233. PPA red SATA cable
  234. Luxman P-700U Headphone Amp
  235. Problem With Backing Up iPhone iOS 9.1 to iCloud
  236. Chord BLU Transport and DAVE.
  237. Happy Thanksgiving!
  238. Eagles Of Death Metal Interview (Video)
  239. Grace and Janis
  240. Mac to Dac versus Marantz CD-6005
  241. iPhone 4S is better than Ayre QB-9 DSD and exaSound e20 and Bel Canto 3.7 DAC
  242. needing mains power solutions and advice.
  243. PC specs for hi-res music
  244. Is this AutoTune in action?
  245. PC sound card purchase please
  246. What's Your Approach to Upsampling/Oversampling Red Book Material?
  247. Free Foo Fighters EP in 24/192
  248. Adele's Raw Mic Feed From SNL Is Fantastic!
  249. Using a CD Transport to Rip CDs?
  250. FLAC compression level in file explorer