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  1. Audio MYTHS
  2. How to Rip DVD and Convert Video on Mac OS X?
  3. Laptop spdif vs usb converter
  4. Used Mac Mini
  5. This sound ok?
  6. Warming up the sound of my computer source?
  7. Any old sound card?
  8. I-Tune Versions
  9. Mac Mini Power Cable schematic
  10. CPU cooling
  11. signal cable
  12. Re-building an itune library
  13. Phase changes with jRiver Media Center and ASIO4ALL
  14. Newer Member
  15. New AV Forum Site
  16. Mac Pro audio playback performance issues...
  17. suggestions please
  18. best storage/delivery search
  19. 3D sound
  20. settings
  21. The Missing Link: for the non-geeky Audiophile
  22. Help me decide upon a DAC?
  23. new laptop needs help from you all
  24. Can the lack of a good Audio Card be finessed with outboard equipment?
  25. 2000 for a DAC?
  26. Mac Mini as server questions from newbie
  28. Assistance required in "speccing" a bed room system
  29. mini or macbook?
  30. Mac - PC - Linux - Shootout
  31. MPoD fix
  32. Note to the Moderator
  33. 5M SPDIF cable
  34. PC/MAC with Alpha Dac or Spectral preamp with top level CD player???
  35. Losing connection from Win VNC client to Mac (VNC Remote Management)
  36. Which imput on preamp for DAC
  37. USB Cables: The argument continues
  38. Off the grid...or nearly so
  39. PCIe Bus Extension Technology
  40. Looking for a PCIe sound card that is great for stereo, and has a microphone in jack...
  41. Apple iPad
  42. Shall I Get A Mac Mini?
  43. Shall I Get A Mac Mini?
  44. Adoption of higher resolution audio by the masses
  45. USB Cables with separate power wires
  46. New Member
  47. Power: A Survey of Gear
  48. Amarra Mini and the volume "problem"
  49. Asus HDP-R1 Media Player
  50. How to Rip DVD/Copy DVD/Burn DVD (Windows/Mac)
  51. My story
  52. Reporting Spam
  53. Wireworld Starlight USB Cable
  54. Rogue Cronus and Peachtree Nova
  55. Oh oh
  56. Meta data for classical
  57. Ripping black cd-r's
  58. PC-less Music Server?
  59. Is Firewire Connection bypassing Core Audio?
  60. Mininum Programs Needed To Use PC Laptop As Music Server
  61. Website mechanics...
  62. Help a newbie
  63. ripping, music server. playback, logistics - good reference sources
  64. p.c. to dac recomendations for next step please :)
  65. One Person's Journey: The Listening Experience
  66. One Person's Journey: The Beginning
  67. What is my missing piece(s)?
  68. My 13" MacBook Pro headphone out sounds AMAZING!
  69. Mac Mini and Amarra questions
  70. Weiss Int202 vs HiFace contest.
  71. OMG - It Works! - Berkeley / Antelope DA / etc
  72. move to uncompressed audio files
  73. What's the best compromise?
  74. Starting 2010 with a Clean Slate
  75. Difference between intel/amd, g5 quad or dual, mac pro?
  76. Any news on Twilight?
  77. Weiss 202 series products @ CES 2010
  78. Grungy Fuzz! Help!
  79. cables, sound quality and listening tests
  80. 2006 G5 Mac bit perfect
  81. 2006 G5 Mac bit perfect
  82. Converting ALAC music files to WAV.
  83. funny noise when .wav rip with dbpoweramp
  84. To hi-res or not to hi-res, that is the question
  85. My rant on cables (especially power)
  86. New at CES: Wadia 171i
  87. New at CES: Turtle Beach Micro II & Klipsch Lightspeaker
  88. Comments on iTunes, Amarra, Apple, active speakers, etc
  89. Help: new setup w Berkeley/Lynx/Media Monkey not working
  90. windows7/XXhighend
  91. Ground loop hum question.
  92. TAS does it again...
  93. New member: Introduction to my water cooled, audiophile car computer...
  94. 4.3" Touch LCD
  95. Has anybody tried
  96. Ripping on a Macbook Pro
  97. will a sound card make any diff over on board sound
  98. WAV vs. AIFF
  99. using M2Tech HiFace without ASIO or WASAPI - Unmapping the device instead?
  100. I chanced upon this forum, here to stay, could use some help, my first post
  101. A great source for Mac info (choosing, purchasing, configuring)...
  102. Beware USB Flash Drives for File Copying
  103. Be Careful with Hi Def Tape Transfers downloads
  104. How to make your own iPhone Ringtone and transfer it?
  105. Don't send special keys in 10.6's Screen Sharing
  106. How to Transfer SMS/Contacts for Windows Mobile Phone
  107. Airport Express + X-DAC V3 = unbearable stuttering (will a macbook be different?)
  108. Progress in 2009 on my (& hopefully your) computer audio playback
  109. Show us your equipment / kit !
  110. Getting AIFF files onto Ipod in compressed format
  111. Foobar2000 for OSX
  112. Could a 'Computer-Grade' UPS be the poor man's eqivalent to Audiophile Power Regenerators?
  113. pimp my pro
  114. pimp my pro
  115. Absolute...
  116. Apple TV the way to go? Also, DAC suggestions needed!
  117. Bootable PCI-Express Drives from OCZ
  118. PC/laptop or Mac?
  119. Too many volume controls now!!
  120. Lots of questions
  121. Plugging the DAC into the power amp
  122. Digital domain balance control
  123. Merry Christmas everyone
  124. Less Loss Audio DEVICES (Black Body)
  125. Highest useful bit depth and sample rate for audio files
  126. Mac mini setup/Itunes 9
  127. Mac midi settings
  128. USB output to dac, bit perfect?
  129. Very, very basic questions...
  130. New kid on the block
  131. high end v low end sound cards, are they worth it
  132. can you recommend dac? and i have question
  133. Cable Lending Library
  134. Samsung 64GB SATA II SSD In G5?
  135. Product Of The Year
  136. Stereophile dCS Puccini review
  137. EMU 0404 problems
  138. Problems Accessing Site?
  139. Linux audio
  140. Audio is left channel dominant
  141. Sennheiser Orpheus HE90 Headphones for Computer Playback - Opinions?
  142. General information for potential iMac / Mac Mini buyer
  143. Best way to control my netbook wirelessly.
  144. Newbie needs help. Time Capsule extreme+Lacie 1TB via usb+PS3 via wireless n+optical digital to lexicon DC-1
  145. MonkeyTunes
  146. Analog interconnects
  147. What is the difference between Asynchronous USB and using a SPDIF DAC with wordclock out etc.?
  148. My journey to great sound...
  149. Good IEM's for around $200?
  150. Pass Labs Amp
  151. iomega media player
  152. iomega media player
  153. Playing around with high end gears...with some surprsing results.
  154. Dropouts - from external harddrive
  155. Is my 2 channel music + TV set-up OK?
  156. USB Cables: The High End
  157. Looking for a 54mm Firewire express card
  158. Best wired solution for multiple zones
  159. Set-Up Assistance for Newbie
  160. Is there a PCI USB controller that can take an external 48 mhz clock input?
  161. what are CA's doing for better AC? PIOs? Regenerators?
  162. Earphone problem
  163. Extracting audio from DVDs on a Mac
  164. AudioEngine W1 experiences?
  165. Lynx cards
  166. Bugs !
  167. Linn Majik DS-I, Neats & Mac
  168. CA Wiki In Beta
  169. Set up help for newbie
  170. A Vinyl Question, Help Please :~)
  171. Pace Car Killer Mods
  172. vnc remote scrolling poor - complex hardware solution?
  173. music organization (itunes)
  174. Analysis and Critique of my gear... Input needed
  175. Happy Thanksgiving
  176. Headless mac mini problem
  177. questions from a newbie (5.1 system for computer+xb360)
  178. Bits ain't bits.
  179. To anybody that enjoys a good Audiophile joke
  180. B&W's definitive guide to 24-bit FLAC
  181. Private Messaging Now Available
  182. Independent Airport for a subwoofer
  183. Independent Airport for a subwoofer
  184. WAV files with id3v2 tags
  185. Some basic questions about the AVI ADM 9.1 Speakers!
  186. DCM Time Windows/Peachtree Nova?
  187. High pitched signal from tweeter when USB cable is connected to laptop
  188. Almost Christmas - come on manufacturers, where is all the new gear??
  189. Tutorial Suggestions - Primers on Vinyl to Harddrive and Deleting/Overriding the Dreaded K Mixer in XP
  190. All out assault on Windows OS music set-up
  191. How to get more Hi-Rez files beyond available downloads--ripping vinyl?
  192. The written word
  193. Ok so how many of you are getting better sound out of your computer than your cd player?
  194. metric halo recording as audio test device
  195. Problem with itunes artwork
  196. Happy B-Day Chris!!!!
  197. No more Linn cd players
  198. More Firewire cable advice - please
  199. Couple Question
  200. What music do you listen to?
  201. Listen to iPod through MacBook . . .
  202. Many Thanks!
  203. The merit of sending 48 kHz sampling frequency to usb dacs (???)
  204. Is there anyone with high quality firewire dac and adaptive usb dac that can run an experiment?
  205. Sounds good to me
  206. A/D converter
  207. 12V lithium battery that can recharge via USB?
  208. iPod Touch Remote Problem
  209. Vinnie's new Battery Power - Black Lightning
  210. My new AVI system!
  211. Interesting comments from a Naim dealer - must read!
  212. Broke RCA Input on Audiophile 2496
  213. Modify Computer's Clock to Low Jitter?
  214. USB Hubs
  215. For those interested in (field) recording...
  216. Is greater than 24/96 worth buying in to from a future proof point of view?
  217. Site Upgrade
  218. Is there a good way to split audio signal? Maybe via the DAC?
  219. Behringer DEQ2496
  220. Flippble Shnaps
  221. Lynx L22
  222. Quality
  223. Dell's new Zino HD -- Mac Mini still the best?
  224. Standard DVD SQ
  225. Interesting isolation box product
  226. Itunes Ethernet>USB bridge: Why isn't modding the Airport Express popular? (plus story of unreleased Hovland player)
  227. File format
  228. Can I share my iTunes library on an external hard drive between a Mac and a PC?
  229. It's all connected!
  230. Sound Egg - New Twist On Old Chair
  231. External Optical Drive
  232. Headphone amps
  233. Need some advice on speaker wire...
  234. interconnects
  235. Chris, is this the Gotham Cable you use?
  236. Advice for multi-channel Amplifier with integrated DAC?
  237. 24-bit Beatles Remasters
  238. Long Firewire run?
  239. The Magic Words - Power Mac G5 versus Mac Mini
  240. Thanks to all; now assembling system
  241. Gallery - pics of your rig
  242. How do you control your music server?
  243. PS Audio DLIII, Windows 7 USB Audio Codec, J River Media Center 14 Any Answers?
  244. Weiss Dac 2 -use without Pre amp???
  245. Advice/opinion on my setup
  246. What's the best way to duplicate a CD?
  247. What's the best way to duplicate a CD?
  248. We want HD tracks, studios listen!
  249. How easily one can deceive oneself!
  250. CD source for Peachtree Nova