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  1. iTunes music library management Question
  2. AntiCables, Floating Gear, Rugs, and other sonic tweaks.
  3. Using Apple IR Remote for server control
  4. Benefits of Separates
  5. Hackers Invade iTunes Store for Nearly a Year -- Apple Still Unresponsive
  6. Item Audio
  7. Newbie Question On Setup...
  8. Introduction
  9. Using Andriod tablet for remote desktop on Mac Mini
  10. Crackling Sound When Usine M2Tech Young and Pure Music at 384k
  11. Connecting 2 spkrs to 5-channel amp
  12. Newbie
  13. CA C.A.S.H. List question
  14. Amarra v. JRiver JRMC
  15. Better sound with existing system
  16. Digital cables and jitter
  17. Potentially interesting implications - maybe someone can just grab the digital stream
  18. Plextor Premium and Windows 7
  19. Subscriptions?
  20. starting out on comp audio - advice needed
  21. Another headless macmini question
  22. Asynch USB overhyped? NOT AT ALL
  23. Sony's Ohga, credited with developing CD, dies
  24. Older Marantz CDR (DR-700)--SQ Question
  25. Inherited an Ipod and I want to get the tunes off and into my Itunes library
  26. 19th Nervous Breakdown (subtitled: At least the 19th Stupid Question)
  27. Pre-2010 Macs cannot output 88.2
  28. Lancia ... a new HD vinyl and download site?
  29. Possible budget (cheap?) amp/dac/receivers to use with Macbook pro
  30. Easiest way to stream Pandora to outdoor speakers?
  31. New System Setup
  32. External 5.1 DAC like thing. . .
  33. My Eyes Almost Popped Out of My Head
  34. Tagging Mistake
  35. Testing the Waters...
  36. What PS for mac mini 2010?
  37. DAC upgrade - Is it worth it?
  38. Which volume control?
  39. I want to play?
  40. USB-SPDIF dropouts....why?
  41. Any Environmental Potentials EP-2050 users out there?
  42. Mayby Blind Test Not the right approch
  43. Anyone using Logitech Internet over Powerline product?
  44. Discovered HDTracks and now I'm addicted and realized my hardware sucks.
  45. RCA to AES/EBU transformers
  46. "Dolby Advanced Audio" ?
  47. Help from the Computer Audio DAC community of technical experts...
  48. ESI Juli@ superior to a Lynx AES-16?
  49. Fidelia
  50. IMac to Receiver distorion issues for a beginner.
  51. Acoustic Revive USB-1.0SP
  52. Ripping Above 16 Bit
  53. The definitive way to record and archive vinyl ..
  54. MHDT Laboratory USBridge
  55. Problem with playback of Hi Res files......
  56. Does your the setup you are using for music sound better...
  57. Real Time Analyzer - Windows - recommendations
  58. Neophyte question about amps and speakers
  59. Hdmi v. Usb
  60. Can not get higher than 96 KHz in Midi setup on MacBook running Pure Music
  61. Looking for quality glass optical cable
  62. Very Bad Customer Service from Pure Music
  63. Newbie Question:Will an equalizer/processor help improve my sound
  64. MacBookAir USB's
  65. Registry Errors: Unused File Extentions, invalid or empty File Classifications
  66. chord, QED cables - interlink or subwoofer
  67. Trouble with decibel software and external HD on Macbook Air
  68. Do I need a sound card ?
  69. how about some reviews for receivers?
  70. Digital Volume DAC with Integrated
  71. How did you get into Computer Audio?
  72. Airport Express--- improvements?
  73. Starting from scratch
  74. Definition of "needle drop" please
  75. Best Itunes encoding scheme
  76. Short analogue interconnect or speaker cable?
  77. Airport Extreme interference causing fatigue?
  78. Audirvana, Pure Music, etc.
  79. Is good sound quality only a privilege of the wealthy?
  80. Let It Bleed - Rolling Stone HD at HDTracks
  81. April Fools!
  82. Hegel of Norway Thoughts on Jitter
  83. Does it matter when a filter is applied?
  84. Asynchronous USB overhyped solution?
  85. MacMini VS. RipNas or Naim Uniti
  86. Are SACDs my new pension fund?
  87. AAC settings for itunes via DB poweramp
  88. ADC Vinyl to Digital Recording Suggestions
  89. Help. I'm "losing clock"
  90. the cheap Mac thread
  91. Using External Sound Card as a DAC
  92. How can I convert 5 channel to 2 channel audio?
  93. Problems correcting Registry Errors with Internet Explorer 9 Beta
  94. Totally Dead
  95. Am I too old? Recommendations for a sensible setup, please.
  96. List USB Devices Compatible with Linux:
  97. Isolation Transformer or Power Regenerator?
  98. AGC
  99. control 15 vs Mac
  100. Newbie all the way
  101. how mini a mac will do?
  102. Buzz one channel - need all you EE''s out there to help
  103. Newbie question re: HTPCs
  104. Snake Oil or What?
  105. re: mp3's creation
  106. Taking digital all the way!
  107. Benchmark DAC + Pure Music
  108. Ripping CD`s from a CD Transport to computer/other
  109. Reducing jitter on 5.1 surround playback
  110. nuforce demo
  111. WHS music players
  112. Question regarding best audio setup
  113. Laptop for ripping cds
  114. Intel Sandy Bridge H67 early adopter report
  115. Newbie Question about File Editing
  116. High end CD player vs. Computer playback comparison
  117. What ever happened to HDGiants.com... aka MusicGiants.com?
  118. Very Shocked at the Mac Mini!
  119. Adverts
  120. Lesson learned with USB
  121. Off topic // Corporate Citizenship & Apple's Role in Japan during the Tohoku Earthquake
  122. Newbie needs some help
  123. How do I record my vinyl collection onto my PC?
  124. Digital Coax
  125. Checking for bitperfect playback?
  126. Antivirus Software?
  127. So, what if the Apple TV2 is not bit perfect?
  128. RME ADI-2 A/D converter with Audacity help requested
  129. Dune HD Duo
  130. how much $$ to best my Denon 2910
  131. macbook pro mini toslink out to a toslink coax converter then on to dac...
  132. Bang & Olufsen Remote Beo 4 for Remote control iTunes and Front Row
  133. HiFace issue
  134. Recommended external drives?
  135. pc to multiple powered speakers
  136. Getting Quality Audio Output From A PC
  137. Ipad best solution for headless Mac Mini server?
  138. USB 3.0 is asynchronous? Does that mean we can use any DAC now and it will be asych if it has USB 3.0?
  139. Successful Audiophile Equipment companies?
  140. Wyred4Sound DAC2, Mac mini server and Pure Music Software
  141. Continuing problems with HD Tracks download manager
  142. Spaghetti
  143. Ipad and VNC type functionality
  144. High-rez nirvana from laptop? USB or spdif soundcard?
  145. "Reviewer invited to HUD-mx1"
  146. Combine 2-Channel & 5.1 HT System ?
  147. My Niece's Science Experiment
  148. Converting/Ripping to AIFF - iTunes vs Max
  149. iPad 2 Available March 11, 2011
  150. 24/88 'Mutter - Carmen Fastasy' Native or Upsampled
  151. Seeking advice for my eventual HIFI system
  152. Integrated vs Sound Blaster card for PC
  153. Help Building Headless NAS Server
  154. Solid/Stable External Optical Drive
  155. Need Advise for Sound card
  156. Audiophile sound -- a subtle addiction
  157. Analog/Digital Doubt
  158. AVI ADM9 connections to PC
  159. iPad USB audio out no longer works
  160. DAC/Mac Mini vs. CD player/pre-amp/amp
  161. Software - Hardware Comparison
  162. Question about using external DAC with Windows XP
  163. New announcements next week! Apple & HDtracks?
  164. Any Audi owners out there? 24/96 to Audi Music Interface?
  165. Mac Mini instead of Airport Express?
  166. Vortexbox 1.7/1.8
  167. what do you think?
  168. Logical Fallacies in Audiophile Discussions
  169. Dithering
  170. New system help please.
  171. Apple to possibly have 24/96 soon?
  172. Suggestions for the site
  173. pre section in the benchmark hdr?
  174. 20 year old CD's degrading?
  175. Selling my Wavelength Cosecant V3...Thinking of the new McIntosh C48 preamp with ESS Sabre 32/192 built in usb DAC.
  176. I can hear my cover art
  177. Trinnov ST2 Room Optimiser
  178. Advice on putting together the right computer-based music server system
  179. OSX services that should be deleted or turn off for music server?
  180. Noob Question
  181. PS Audio PerfectWave DAC/Bridge J River Demo in Phoenix, AZ. April 27
  182. Frustrated With Memory Change in Mac Mini
  183. Has anyone tried the new McIntosh C48 or 50 preamp
  184. So What Am I Doing Wrong???
  185. Call me crazy, but...
  186. iOS 24/96 Output Possible?
  187. In Digital Era, Music Spotters Feed a Machine
  188. And here comes another Newbie with strange habits.....
  189. Class D amp questions
  190. Realtek 889 upgrade
  191. Ripping PC Recommendations
  192. things that sometime buzz weiss dac 2
  193. Interesting finding... Wasapi to outboard DAC pointless?
  194. Need Help Choosing Apple Music Server
  195. 2 Stereo Zones with Mac Mini & rDac?
  196. P67 compatibility?
  197. Bi-Amping with a Nova?
  198. dvd rip mac
  199. What's the physical difference between "digital" cable and standard audio interconnects?
  200. Locus Design v RSA Enopias USB
  201. Help with USB to AES/EBU converter?
  202. Calyx dac 24/192 - great sound - but not running with 64 bit HP envy???
  203. Moving my DAW to a general listening system
  204. Music Matters 6: Thoughts on Classe, Meridian, Wilson, etc
  205. Pandora One and Using Laptop to Stream to Home Audio???
  206. OpAmp Opinions for Xonar Essence on RCA OUT
  207. A Music Parallel to 'UltraViolet'?
  208. is my set up correct
  209. Apple remote not working well on new Macbook Pro 13"
  210. Wireworld USB Cable Break In?
  211. Whine/Hum Coming From Computer/DAC
  212. Just switched to Vinyl
  213. new 6moons review
  214. Anti-Virus / Malware Software on a Mac. A question.
  215. External DAC vs new receiver
  216. Integrated to pair with B&W DM601's
  217. Piano recording question
  218. Bad ear day?
  219. Internet radio
  220. is this possible?..share surround sound and music playback
  221. mid-high end analog-out soundcard suggestions appreciated
  222. I Love It (Rega)
  223. Audio over cat5e cable in whole-home audio?
  224. Finding bad RIPs
  225. Newbie on a budget.... again :-)
  226. quick question about focal xs 2.1 system and ASIO
  227. Anniversary Gifting
  228. laptop resources for dBpoweramp?
  229. Cable question.. which route would be best?
  230. Recording process
  231. Which should sound the best
  232. Recording: Pure Vinyl alternatives
  233. newbie in the forum
  234. Sony DVP-NS975V SACD output
  235. Digitizing large qty of audio cassettes
  236. Opinion Please: Which Remote Control UI Wins: Mac vs. Win
  237. headless mac mini
  238. Apple Remote App Problems
  239. NAS Bottleneck
  240. upgrades in what order? Newbie alert!
  241. Advice for a digital coaxial cable.
  242. 16/44.1 downloads
  243. iTunes rDAC and Peachtree Nova
  244. System building/matching strategy and approach
  245. nas 8400r
  246. Friendly reminder to Chris...headphone forum
  247. Have the music labels been burnt before on Hi REZ?
  248. Implementing CA's CD Ripping Methodlogy
  249. Another source of DVD-As
  250. Too Much Reboot