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  1. Taking the digital step - and now?
  2. Record companies bias towards computer
  3. My wife just left me!
  4. Rooftop solar and and audiophile sound
  5. How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb?
  6. Help me integrate my Roku / Blu Ray player into my CA setup
  7. Integrated ALC888S HD codec 7.1,
  8. Lion Audio Midi Question
  9. Mac Mini sound reproduction - bass
  10. Is Time Capsule fast enough?
  11. Turn up your stereo
  12. iTunes
  13. Mac Mini / SACD Player with USB Input not working
  14. USB port question--Toshiba Laptop
  15. Cool Mbl Video Just Released
  16. Understanding the Difference
  17. Mac Mini 2010 model still available new for sale?
  18. Cubase versus Amarra
  19. decisions, decisions and more complicated decisions....ill explain
  20. Ripping SACD to Music Server via PS3 method, legal or not?
  21. Can someone give my set up a quick review?
  22. iTunes 10.5 and hi rez tracks
  23. The most interesting Thunderbolt accessory yet...
  24. From SACD player to DSD recorder?
  25. Computer soundcard question from newbie
  26. New to Computer Audiophilia - Advice for basic setup
  27. NY Times Article
  28. Help me get music across the room to my stereo!
  29. Order of effect
  30. Distortion from speakers & headphones when playing SACDs, not compatible?
  31. Connections: thunderbolt? preamp?
  32. ASIO Drivers for Mac
  33. First Post: Beginner System Set-up
  34. Icon Audio valve amp
  35. Big Decisions
  36. Minimalist digital design
  37. My observations on creating a computer-based system
  38. CA to replace Cd player but keep the CDs
  39. Do Today's Audiophile LP's Have Problems?
  40. Disappearing Tricks
  41. Are all decibels equal?
  42. Playback via Airport Express and USB DAC
  43. Good quality DAC then sent wireless to high end Hi Fi system
  44. Amps for digital gear
  45. Apple TV
  46. What to do with my system?
  47. Pioneer BDP 140 and Atlona DeEmbedder for ripping SACDs to music server
  48. A typical day in an audio forum...
  49. If Only I Could Digitize One Vinyl Album...
  50. Hi-res music on DVD
  51. My New Audio System
  52. Control of a headless mac mini with a bluetooth connection?
  53. Hp Touchpad for remote control I tunes?
  54. Thanks From Noob - Prior Problem with Classe SSP-600 XLR Connection
  55. Pricing of RAM to plunge, analyst says
  56. Buy, Sell, Trade, a Question for Chris C.
  57. Noob Needs Help
  58. Mozilla Firefox Instead of Apple Safari?
  59. Has this ever happened to you? Sounds GREAT and then.... not so much.
  60. Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians in Fear
  61. Toslink Booster/Amplifier/Repeater
  62. Pure Music website down?
  63. Windows 7 USB Audio Connection
  64. Minimum computing power to stream itunes to USB
  65. Oppo BDP-95 Direct to Amplifier
  66. Vinyl Rips
  67. Feeding a Receiver with a DAC
  68. What In The World Do You Place Under That MacBook Pro ...
  69. Nas storage
  70. USB Cable - data only?
  71. Sonics of Devialet Amplifier
  72. Praying for everyone up North!
  73. Where, O where, is the Berkeley ALPHA USB?
  74. Help-S/PDIF to HDMI-No Sound!
  75. Need Help Finding Oyaide Firewire Cable to Purchase in US
  76. Cantata--basic CD question
  77. Noobie 1st Post: Questions on Imac Wiring & Setup (toslink vs. coax)
  78. where to upsample?
  79. V-Link with Windows XP - Do I need ASIO??
  80. DVD Audio Extractor Problem
  81. Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO
  82. Peachtree Audio is sharing details of their Grand Pre on Facebook
  83. Mac Music - TDA1541A DAC
  84. An analogy for MP3 vs higher bitrate file types
  85. Accessing a NAS with itunes from several different machines
  86. AIFF Files Lose Artwork When Copying
  87. Ceiling Mounted Speakers and hidden Apple Express with Amplifier in Ceiling
  88. Have I found the best "media cabinet" made?
  89. Your dream DIY computer audio system
  90. To Mac Mini or Not to Mac Mini... That is the question...
  91. Earthquake!
  92. Sound Card Clicks DRIVING ME MAD
  93. A new competitor to Amarra and Pure Music?
  94. Questions on the use of differnt file formats for artwork in iTunes (.png and .jpg)
  95. Focal and Naim will merge
  96. Help me...understand some of this stuff!!!
  97. All the talk about asynchronous usb, but optical sounds more analog.
  98. The Evolution Of Our Computer Audio Systems
  99. Empirical Ban
  100. Emotiva Product Refresh and Blowout
  101. Warner Music Group CEO Shuffle
  102. First Posting - Need desperate help and guidance. Reward offered.
  103. AIFF and JRMC
  104. Naim & Focal Merging
  105. Audio in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and other literature and media.
  106. A Study On Power Cables: Music From The Wall!
  107. More control than the "Remote" app offers
  108. HP to spin off PC business, shutter webOS device division
  109. Corruption and scandal in the high-end press?
  110. DPC Latency
  111. Apple Store Down (17Aug2011)
  112. Mac Mini
  113. Blu-Ray on OsX
  114. HP Touchsmart + Offramp or Bryston BDP-1 + Tablet
  115. BBC high quality radio streams in iTunes radio
  116. What if big name musicians controlled their own music
  117. Google's $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings
  118. An Expensive Apple
  119. Good news in the music industry may bode well for computer audio
  120. Posting items for sale on CA
  121. Measurements on SQ?
  122. Is this a good external cd ripping drive?
  123. Made in USA!
  124. I really need to stay off Audiogon... :D
  125. Next (basic) steps to improve sound quality from PC
  126. The Incredible, Inevitable Shrinking Album Cover
  127. E.A.R. Acute III
  128. Help! cant get sound out of usb - GOT IT !
  129. Better sound quality from gadgets?
  130. Cable dB difference? (DAC to amp)
  131. Hybrid SACD or DVD Audio?
  132. CES 2012 free registration deadline moved to Aug 31.....FYI
  133. High-Res Rookie
  134. Preamps with two sets of line outputs
  135. Peachtree Audio | The Showdown
  136. Saw this product and wondered if anyone had heard one?
  137. How to convert 24/96 to 24/48 and 24/88.2 to 24/44.1 in iTunes
  138. Can anyone help? Win 7 realtek hd -can't get optical out working
  139. CA User's Choice "Awards" (Unofficial)
  140. Audiophile making strange sounds through speakers!
  141. USB to RCA or 3.5mm?
  142. Audio Delay on iMac USB vs. Digital Outputs?
  143. Safe to put computer by / above amplifier?
  144. Make your predictions about the new iPods coming in September 2011
  145. Using Foobar to play FLAC and my AVR as the DAC
  146. golden era?
  147. Fourier, Nyquist, and all that
  148. Help me decide: internal or external music storage ???
  149. 2011 Hong Kong High End AV Show
  150. Idiots Guide, Starting A Computer HI Fi From Scratch ?
  151. New Computer Audio Guy
  152. Budget C.A.S.H
  153. Audioquest Firewire Cables
  154. Optical to RCA Converter
  155. Do you like where Computer Audio is heading?
  156. Help Me Rip My Vinyl
  157. SPDIF question
  158. Using oversampling and dithered volume with Pure Music and Berkeley DAC
  159. Notions of Quality: Audio Expectations of Consumers
  160. How audible is your OS?
  161. Multitasking While Downloading
  162. DTS-HD and LPCM
  163. UK Government poised to finally make ripping music legal
  164. "New" Forum "Active Topics"
  165. Use One Library For Two Computers
  166. HiFace or Halide Bridge or V-Link
  167. Hardwire Windows laptop to headless Mac Mini with VNC or other
  168. The Holy Grail, Define it!
  169. Getting Started
  170. iMac based headphone rig
  171. As long as iPods don't go beyond 24/48.....
  172. Two alternative forced choice testing
  173. DVD video on a computer
  174. 24/96 vs 96/24
  175. Something compact between AE and speakers
  176. In Defense of Digital Integrity
  177. Fashion Watches ???
  178. file type - noob question
  179. Interesting dual conduit USB cable design
  180. Stop the Loudness Wars!
  181. Sound Quality of HD Tracks High Resolution Downloads (DVD-Audio vs SACD sources)
  182. Apple TV question
  183. Can't believe how good the sound is without my V-Link and/or Pure Music
  184. Do you like an album because the girl on the cover is attractive?
  185. New Steve Earle has 24/96 on DVD. How to extract?
  186. what reference?
  187. Help setting up my 5.1 surround sound?
  188. Cheap and Cheerful computer audio: What can you get for $250?
  189. Any Vinyl LP-to-Mac Digitizers Out There?
  190. Question on Bus Powered USB Drives
  191. Let's build an inexpensive analog set-up
  192. 2011 Mac Mini with Lion compared to 2009 running Snow Leopard
  193. How big of a Macbook Pro should I buy?
  194. Mac mini vs. Macbook/Macbook Pro
  195. About to order first audio-based computer ... need comments and advice
  196. Windows 7/ASUS Audio Center/ASUS Xonar ASIO settings
  197. HD Tracks Now Selling Monster Brand Products
  198. Choices Choices
  199. Macbook Pro Versus Mac Mini ... best sound quality?
  200. Weiss Firewire Drivers Not Working With Lion
  201. How old is your system?
  202. Bus powering DAC and external hard drive simultaneously?
  203. MediaMonkey Question
  204. Apple releases Lion - can we use it with Pure Music and Amarra
  205. New Mac Mini's are out!!
  206. Soundcard including 88.2kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz coaxial digital out (S/PDIF)
  207. Summer NAMM this week, 500 series new products.
  208. Commodity USB3 Cable vs The High Priced Spread
  209. How to find the weakest link?
  210. 7 Digital
  211. 7 Digital
  212. AIFF Vs. WAV
  213. How does OPPO do it?
  214. Getting started, need help
  215. auditioning equipment
  216. Forum Runner for CA?
  217. Forum Runner for CA?
  218. Blu Ray audio rip
  219. Looking for Recommendations
  220. Burning FLAC
  221. Gauging Interest: Live Q&A Show
  222. Why is "3D" audio so expensive compared to video
  223. Moved iTune library, now how do I delete original?
  224. Do all "made for ipod" front panel USB sockets work the same way?
  225. Mac Mini, Music Hall Dac25.3, Audio Engine 5 Configuration questions
  226. What is the most money you've ever spent on a product based only on a review?
  227. California Audio Show July 15-17
  228. POLL: What USB cable are you using?
  229. Hiss with Pure Music
  230. Creek 4330 died - help
  231. Entry level computer audio for a friend
  232. Extreme Volume Compression - can we do anything about it?
  233. The Naim Label web site
  234. Comparing operating systems for audio
  235. Aluminum or steel for case?
  236. Noisy digital connection from Airport Express to DAC
  237. Can anyone recommend good sounding piano solo recordings.....
  238. Can anyone recommend good sounding solo acoustic guitar recordings....
  239. What AC power cables and/or power conditioning do you use? (Survey)
  240. Who know how to take 16bit out from ESI Julia?
  241. Best USB Port to Use When Connecting DAC to 2011 MacBook Pro 13 Inch
  242. Mid-Priced "value" Setup. Thoughts?
  243. Ripping: Is computer noise an issue?
  244. Ripping dbpoweramp will any computer work?
  245. Ripping dbpoweramp will any computer work?
  246. Hi-Rez Bit Rates / Is bigger always better?
  247. Upgrading my music server - USB & case specs?
  248. Tinnitus
  249. Would a high end DAC matter? Maggie users response particularly interesting
  250. How many hours in a 24-hr day do you listen to music?