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  1. You got the Beats but, what has the Beats got inside?
  2. Laptop/Netbook Recommendations
  3. Power amplifier question
  4. Just In Case You Didn't Know
  5. The Importance of Power Supplies Generally
  6. Audio MIDI problem
  7. Sex, drugs & rock'n'roll.. (and kids)
  8. Cable burn-in
  9. Another gratuitous audiophile bikes and golden retrievers thread
  10. To anyone with Pono Player: from a newbie
  11. Digital Recording...
  12. Are Slippers, Lightbulbs and Underwear Audio Enhancements?
  13. Has anyone else seen this phenomenon before?
  14. A most horrid USB cable
  15. Best setup regarding connections between devices?
  16. Schitt audio secondary market
  17. How to use RoomModes Calculator the right way
  18. To upgrade to Windows 10 or not on a Mac
  19. Recommend me a an All-in-one Amp: For Tidal/Spotify - driving Kef LS50 - up to $5000
  20. Advice on update path
  21. Beryllium Headwear...
  22. How do we know if the sound quality of anything is good?
  23. Nura Headphones
  24. A (relative) newbie's quandary
  25. BeagleBone Green w/Wireless <$40 at MassDrop
  26. Auralic Aries (femto) and Berkeley USB and Berkeley DAC
  27. MQA Now Available On NAD
  28. American Made Audio
  29. Help with Windows based audio set up - Weiss Dac2 - m2Tech
  30. Multiple devices on one plug socket
  31. Donner und Blitz
  32. Sony MAP-S1 - Any experience with one?
  33. Check out this crazy thing...
  34. Seeking Opinions On Changing Library From AIFF To ALAC
  35. Pantone for audio
  36. Tidal + Apple
  37. LP to Digital File
  38. Dedicated Electrical Spurr
  39. The Rationale of Listening
  40. Starting from scratch help
  41. How can I send audio from one DAC to multiple audio sytems in different rooms?
  42. AES: High Resolution Audio Is Now Audible?
  43. New Sonus Faber Sf16 Unveiled in Sardinia, Italy
  44. What Audio Testing Gear Do You Use?
  45. Build sub inside laptop?
  46. Devialet Petition
  47. next upgrade
  48. Oppo BDP-105 ("D" or not) as a pre-amp - what is your experience/take?
  49. We shouldn't be able to do this with sighted subjective listening, but we did...
  50. Tidal customer service
  51. Getting a more involving, analogue CA system: It starts on the command-line
  52. British Pound is Pounded
  53. Why do objectivists get so upset?
  54. iPod help!
  55. Bi-wire sense or nonsense?
  56. Another one of my STUPID POLLs
  57. "My activity" in the user profile
  58. The problem of oscillations of sound quality
  59. Massdrop Juiced Powerbank Offer
  60. Mark Waldrep and More Silliness...
  61. Hot days inside and outside
  62. Digital Audio Player
  63. Best way to connect Mac to USB DAC
  64. How to bold a thread title?
  65. When the Beatles Rocked Toronto...
  66. What would be the advantage of running HQPlayer on my Auraliti Pk100 rather than just using the Pk100 as is.?
  67. Direct Stream Digital and the Power of Imagination
  68. Do you eQ or DRCorrect?
  69. Apple Music - Billboard Interview with Iovine, Reznor, Cue, and Kondrk
  70. Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE Stage 1 & Stage 2 Preamp Upgrades: Reviews Anyone?
  71. Jitter reduction
  72. New Audio Product Names
  73. Tidal Veteran's Discount
  74. Apple is moving away from HFS+ to APFS...
  75. Need help with some recommendation of speakers for Desktop use
  76. wi-fi + airplay speaker, with color display?
  77. I did something stupid today.
  78. Configering USB ports
  79. The HEOS (HS2) *ingredient*
  80. Turn on Nad Receiver with Apple TV 4?
  81. Odd tweak?
  82. Der Vorverstarker
  83. ipad to dac
  84. HDplex H5 case- fanless HTPC
  85. Guiding Hands.
  86. T.H.E Show Newport
  87. Opinion about OS X Audio Midi output; confused.
  88. ReplayGain
  89. Which software players can stream Tidal in bit perfect?
  90. Attention Verizon Email Users
  91. Auralic Vega/Roon Issue
  92. Does the Intona HiSpeed Isolator work well with the Chord Hugo?
  93. What does "lower noise floor" actually mean
  94. Marantz CD/SACD player advice
  95. Which of these two mics sounds better for voice?
  96. High Quality High-End Audio Rig with a Computer/DAC and Vinyl Front-End
  97. Recording streaming audio from Youtube, Spotify, etc....
  98. Modern Tannoy sound
  99. CA Server Upgrade Completed
  100. New free windows dsd player
  101. New Smartphone section??
  102. Winston Ma Passing
  103. Looking for a treatise on jitter relationship to stereo imaging
  104. Power Conditioning for Newbies
  105. HELP - Newby issue with streaming Aries
  106. Spectrogram of original vs playback
  107. Time for a serious upgrade
  108. Poll: Do design aesthetics matter to you for audio?
  109. CA use question setting up a Poll
  110. Unsolicited Advice for Nordost - An Alternative to A/B
  111. Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter & USB DACs
  112. High Res Audio: Horses for courses
  113. For Newport Audio show attendees
  114. Noob Needs Help
  115. Portable Music Player
  116. MQA on Billboard
  117. Why does tape exist?
  118. AudioQuest DragonFly and Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter
  119. Testing a bulletproof USB cable
  120. Does anybody know what happened to Halide Design?
  121. Audio optimizer core mode processes
  122. Equipment hierarchy - what's the best upgrade path?
  123. Car audio?
  124. Apple Confirms music deletion glitch
  125. Who needs the warmth and glow of tubes when we have LEDs?
  126. Remote switched optical/coax/USB input to coax output
  127. Needed PCM for DoP564
  128. My own USB cable experiment .. not so good..
  129. Need help with bookshelf speakers connected to computer.
  130. Sync Software Recommendations, Please
  131. CD player vs computer sourced music: which has better sound quality?
  132. Lampizator Big 7 - USB or SPDIF for PCM and BluRay?
  133. Painting the edge of a CD green
  134. Does software need a break-in period?
  135. Starting over
  136. PC audio hardware recommendations please!
  137. The end all tweak/improvement for usb audio
  138. Does chopping samples alter sound quality of an entire track?
  139. Wonder If The Owner Of Today's Derby Favorite Is A Digital Audiophile?
  140. MQA and USB DAC
  141. MQA enters into long-term license with Warner Music
  142. WARNING! - Apple Stole My Music.
  143. Need to upgrade
  144. What is wrong with usb connection ?
  145. Should I be considering alternatives to this set up?
  146. tinny metallic buzzing noise
  147. Better sound with Macbook Pro and Beoplay H6 headphones.
  148. CA Site Upgrades Coming Soon
  149. Roon to Unveil Multichannel DSD 256 on NADAC at High End Munich This Weekend
  150. Rewiring House - Audiophile Advice?
  151. Smart bulbs (wifi, bluetooth, etc) any solution for dimming hum/buzz?
  152. WHOA, HIGH END, out of my league... PICTURES
  153. Intona Industrial not handshaking with W4S Recovey?
  154. Maybe spending stupid amounts of money on power cords isn't entirely harmless
  155. Lexus, Mark Levinson & Android Phone
  156. Whose birthday is it today? (Digital Audio Pioneers)
  157. Namiki Direction Finder DF-100
  158. Can you hear 16 times the jitter?
  159. Can you hear the smartphone recording?
  160. Sonos Playlists and Podcasts
  161. New laptop required.
  162. USB 3 audio spec
  163. Most Internet Forums and Comment Sections, In A Nutshell
  164. PS Audio LANRover
  165. I finally found an analogue medium that is unambiguously superior even to DSD!
  166. 2016, best accurate CD rip app for Mac?
  167. Where do get music from?
  168. MQA Impressions with a non-MQA DAC
  169. $50 +/- USB Cable Recomendation
  170. Generational fidelity loss in DAC/ADC loops
  171. Roon + Dirac problems - NOISE
  172. Are Audiophiles Music-Lovers?
  173. Which DAC do you prefer?
  174. Gratuitous and Pointless Post Whoring - Red Herrings, and Vaguely Amusing Anecdotes
  175. Baffling PC/DAC Audio problem
  176. The OCD Audiophile
  177. Axpona 2016
  178. What kind of output device? PC to Digital out.
  179. Suggestions for inexpensive solutions to connect pc to home stereo via wifi
  180. Stephen, Thanks for the M&K transfers...
  181. hard drive playback vs internet streaming
  182. Audio MIDI setup question
  183. What Type of Analogue Interconnects Do You Use?
  184. Ancient gear: Sony D-50 CD player measurements
  185. Facebook Invitation
  186. Date notation driving me nuts
  187. Is Wi-fi okay to streaming music?
  188. iMac or PC
  189. DSD 512 May Fest in Munich
  190. What bored Engineers do.
  191. my favourite YouTube 'live performances'
  192. Any takes of bookshelf speakers?
  193. Which Has More...
  194. Appropriate Perspective
  195. Static noise
  196. Might shock you : Downed power line.
  197. Not another POLL SACD vs CD
  198. Apple Music Hi-Res??
  199. Audio from TV to Computer sounds like in a Fish tank?
  200. Apology to Schiit team and everyone here
  201. Budget stereo system with miniDSP
  202. Which option of music
  203. Don't Let The Bits Get In The Way
  204. HDCD ripping and replay
  205. Nativ: High-Res Music System & Touchscreen Control
  206. The future of music storage?
  207. Power Regenerators - Experiences and opinions sought
  208. Cable Suggestions: RCA to BNC digital coax
  209. Onkyo DP-X1 Digital Audio Player Thread
  210. Need help with room and speaker setup, big dip from 250-80hz
  211. A few non-accurate rips from a CD
  212. Missing art work
  213. Why do I need to reboot?
  214. Floyd Toole - Sound reproduction art and science/opinions and facts
  215. iTunes setting with Audirvana Plus
  216. Do poor people prefer Ogg Vorbis or mp3?
  217. Dsd vs pcm
  218. Does a remastered cd normally have audible/modernized differences compared to the original release?
  219. Streaming Recorder for the Mac
  220. Has anyone tried the newer FOOBAR DSD ASIO drivers?
  221. Newbie with some questions.
  222. Apple iPhone or iPad or MacBook Pro as music server to Genelec 8040B rig configuration help
  223. Cable Companies Are On Notice
  224. long USB cable run?
  225. The Walk of Life Project
  226. Measuring matters - speaker distance accuracy
  227. You ears aren't the only thing your eyes can fool...
  228. Settling Fights Here on CA
  229. Change to my System
  230. Is MQA worth waiting for?
  231. HQ Player settings with Roon
  232. Recommendations on "High End" Analog to Digital Converter
  233. Audiophile grade fuses
  234. Should I reconfigure my amp?
  235. Linear Power Supplies - Where's the compliance?
  236. Ncore nc400 amplifier amp
  237. Excellent sounding inexpensive Power Conditioner for PC
  238. Blu Ray Pure Audio Ripping
  239. What Can I Gain in Sound Quality, and How?
  240. DIY cable question 75 ohm
  241. Anybody use isoacoustics speaker stands?
  242. Hypex performance paper
  243. SSD/Aries upgrade
  244. USB gain
  245. XLR or RCA
  246. Something I've never encountered or heard of before.... Just a head's up!
  247. Tapatalk update
  248. Changing from RCA to XLR, which cables should i buy?
  249. Changing from RCA to XLR, which cables should i buy?
  250. CarPlay for the digiophobic