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  1. Motherboards that allow external clock sources?
  2. Everything Matters
  3. Defining High Resolution Audio
  4. Dell Laptop + SDHC Card + AQ Dragonfly red = well prepared for DJ-ing?
  5. Question regarding sound cards, microphones and software.
  6. SOtM sMS-200
  7. A Desert Island Video Concert.
  8. New audio system: Onkyo A-9010 + Wharfedale Diamond 220, setup for newbie
  9. Advise on Balanced XLR Cables
  10. Computer running software program VS Audio Player
  11. Google Video: Lost In Translation, Audio Quality In Streaming Media
  12. Still rockin' it after 40 years
  13. 'Traditional Hi-Fi' owner looking for advice....
  14. Woop Woop, or the end of music as we know it
  15. DARKO: MQA: a non-hostile takeover?
  16. Turn it up Loud!
  17. The end of loudspeakers.?
  18. help with new imac and usb to spdif converter.
  19. Posting new threads???
  20. Preamp Recommendation, new or used..
  21. Mono vs. Stereo: The Forty-Five Year Con
  22. problems with XLD on Mac
  23. Uncle Art Amiga & PC retro games music album now out
  24. Separated at Birth?
  25. Vinyl v Digital: The Thirty-Five Year Con
  26. Is there any windows DSD player that...
  27. Laptop for music production?
  28. Do I need an amplifier for a dac with only RCA Output?
  29. USB Cable Rec's for Sonore MicroRendu
  30. Why does Chromecast Audio send 24/44.1 files?
  31. Can MIDI information be transferred between different DAW's and different sets of plug-ins?
  32. Good (SATA) cable versus no cable?
  33. Cleaning Up your art work or changing it
  34. I need a Drive to Rip CD's on a Mac Mini
  35. The end of digital audio.?
  36. Pono Player -- comments and reviews requested
  37. Computer Audio Novice
  38. How can I force rescan Lib in A+
  39. Trolls
  40. Head Unit potential ....
  41. Which gear does your teenage offspring use for listening to his/her music?
  42. Anyone else having problems with iOS 9.3.4 upgrade not supporting certain hardware?
  43. Megaprocessor (excellent video explanation)
  44. JRiver - If Direct Sound Selected Does it Still use the DAC's Drivers?
  45. Oppo 103 ethernet vs usb hard drive
  46. Clean source of power (put up your own power pole)
  47. Anyone has information of 16/44.075 or 18/44.075 format
  48. 24bit Hi Res audio... why do I prefer it?
  49. Clean power should have it's own subforum
  50. HQPlayer REW filters
  51. Radiohead Daydreaming video interpretation - mindblowing
  52. When You Just Miss Out On Buying A Piece Of Audio Equipment You've Always Wanted On An Online Marketplace
  53. The First Transducer.
  54. RIP Bobby Hutcherson
  55. DR Meter question
  56. What I badly need: A personal electrical utility pole
  57. The next big improvement to our electrical systems...
  58. Auto off for HT receiver
  59. Is this a well designed power supply?
  60. Who reads audiophile magazines
  61. Old Man Hi-Fi
  62. Are SPDIF converters still needed?
  63. Auralic 14th August 2016
  64. News from the Flash Media Summit
  65. Trying To Catch Up
  66. Finally Got My Pono, but it's still charging...
  67. Are "audiophile grade" wall outlets worth $50 or more?
  68. PlayClassics TRT v2.0 master file giveaway for CA members
  69. Low profile CD Player or media server
  70. One Cranky Rocker Takes On The Entire Streaming Music Business
  71. Ordered Pono 8.9.16 - Suggestions
  72. Got my first pair of Beats!
  73. High Resolution Gets Some Respect
  74. Aes/ebu and bnc why so rare?
  75. Finally set up my Chromecast Audio
  76. $500 Amp Recommendations, KEF LS50
  77. Power Dynamics, Cables and Constant Current Sourced Amplifiers
  78. Bad Audio Equipment Design Aesthetics
  79. Do artists care about " Hi-Res"
  80. Tremendous article on High-End Audio Industry
  81. Please help with streaming pauses
  82. Repairing scratched CD
  83. You're Crazy
  84. Audirvana and NAS sycing
  85. Waiting/Wanting to rip SACDs?
  86. No balance or channel EQ in iTunes, where next?
  87. Do not upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition
  88. Jplay / JCAT weighs in with a USB isolation device
  89. How about an "Expert" designation in the user profiles?
  90. Adjusting volume with Thesycon TUSB Control Panel vs. Foobar2000 volume control
  91. Good Science Is Really Effing Hard
  92. Music for free...from a dealer?
  93. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Free Plugins Question
  94. How Music Got Free (book) by Stephen Witt
  95. Stunning improvement
  96. What's the point of ripping cds?
  97. Adding Amazon Echo Dot to my 2 Channel HiFi: how to connect?
  98. Burson Timekeeper Virtuoso review (paired with CV2+)
  99. music reproduction and ability to hear
  100. Shocking improvement
  101. Novice : please help me choose an audio set up for Laptop for listening to music and playing guitar
  102. test for damaged drivers / crossover
  103. Stupid %&*#! misstakes in this hobby!
  104. Subscription music download services for non-internet MP3 players around any more?
  105. Was Journey, Foreigner, etc Bad?
  106. Sim audio or Blue circle please advise
  107. Locked gain on a PC, or gain info in metadata?
  108. Audio on a budget: the $9 CHIP computer
  109. Best Volume Control Options
  110. Laptop power supplies
  111. Posts of member missing, or ?
  112. DAC chip latency
  113. The oldest written composition we know!
  114. USB Ground Lift
  115. UAMP portable amp shipping woes
  116. Is this *practically* possible?
  117. 86 metres of cheap cable. What could possibly go wrong?
  118. AudioQuest USB A Connector
  119. I wonder why we don't have a lot of women in this hobby
  120. New Cary Audio Integrated Amp + DAC with networking and Bluetooth
  121. Plex Now Integrated With Sonos
  122. User Tagging & Notification Is Now Enabled On CA
  123. A question for microRendu and/or Regen users
  124. AudioDoctors dead simple audio tricks...
  125. You got the Beats but, what has the Beats got inside?
  126. Laptop/Netbook Recommendations
  127. Power amplifier question
  128. Just In Case You Didn't Know
  129. The Importance of Power Supplies Generally
  130. Audio MIDI problem
  131. Sex, drugs & rock'n'roll.. (and kids)
  132. Cable burn-in
  133. Another gratuitous audiophile bikes and golden retrievers thread
  134. To anyone with Pono Player: from a newbie
  135. Digital Recording...
  136. Are Slippers, Lightbulbs and Underwear Audio Enhancements?
  137. Has anyone else seen this phenomenon before?
  138. A most horrid USB cable
  139. Best setup regarding connections between devices?
  140. Schitt audio secondary market
  141. How to use RoomModes Calculator the right way
  142. To upgrade to Windows 10 or not on a Mac
  143. Recommend me a an All-in-one Amp: For Tidal/Spotify - driving Kef LS50 - up to $5000
  144. Advice on update path
  145. Beryllium Headwear...
  146. How do we know if the sound quality of anything is good?
  147. Nura Headphones
  148. A (relative) newbie's quandary
  149. BeagleBone Green w/Wireless <$40 at MassDrop
  150. Auralic Aries (femto) and Berkeley USB and Berkeley DAC
  151. MQA Now Available On NAD
  152. American Made Audio
  153. Help with Windows based audio set up - Weiss Dac2 - m2Tech
  154. Multiple devices on one plug socket
  155. Donner und Blitz
  156. Sony MAP-S1 - Any experience with one?
  157. Check out this crazy thing...
  158. Seeking Opinions On Changing Library From AIFF To ALAC
  159. Pantone for audio
  160. Tidal + Apple
  161. LP to Digital File
  162. Dedicated Electrical Spurr
  163. The Rationale of Listening
  164. Starting from scratch help
  165. How can I send audio from one DAC to multiple audio sytems in different rooms?
  166. AES: High Resolution Audio Is Now Audible?
  167. New Sonus Faber Sf16 Unveiled in Sardinia, Italy
  168. What Audio Testing Gear Do You Use?
  169. Build sub inside laptop?
  170. Devialet Petition
  171. next upgrade
  172. Oppo BDP-105 ("D" or not) as a pre-amp - what is your experience/take?
  173. We shouldn't be able to do this with sighted subjective listening, but we did...
  174. Tidal customer service
  175. Getting a more involving, analogue CA system: It starts on the command-line
  176. British Pound is Pounded
  177. Why do objectivists get so upset?
  178. iPod help!
  179. Bi-wire sense or nonsense?
  180. Another one of my STUPID POLLs
  181. "My activity" in the user profile
  182. The problem of oscillations of sound quality
  183. Massdrop Juiced Powerbank Offer
  184. Mark Waldrep and More Silliness...
  185. Hot days inside and outside
  186. Digital Audio Player
  187. Best way to connect Mac to USB DAC
  188. How to bold a thread title?
  189. When the Beatles Rocked Toronto...
  190. What would be the advantage of running HQPlayer on my Auraliti Pk100 rather than just using the Pk100 as is.?
  191. Direct Stream Digital and the Power of Imagination
  192. Do you eQ or DRCorrect?
  193. Apple Music - Billboard Interview with Iovine, Reznor, Cue, and Kondrk
  194. Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE Stage 1 & Stage 2 Preamp Upgrades: Reviews Anyone?
  195. Jitter reduction
  196. New Audio Product Names
  197. Tidal Veteran's Discount
  198. Apple is moving away from HFS+ to APFS...
  199. Need help with some recommendation of speakers for Desktop use
  200. wi-fi + airplay speaker, with color display?
  201. I did something stupid today.
  202. Configering USB ports
  203. Turn on Nad Receiver with Apple TV 4?
  204. Odd tweak?
  205. Der Vorverstarker
  206. ipad to dac
  207. HDplex H5 case- fanless HTPC
  208. Guiding Hands.
  209. T.H.E Show Newport
  210. Opinion about OS X Audio Midi output; confused.
  211. ReplayGain
  212. Which software players can stream Tidal in bit perfect?
  213. Attention Verizon Email Users
  214. Auralic Vega/Roon Issue
  215. Does the Intona HiSpeed Isolator work well with the Chord Hugo?
  216. What does "lower noise floor" actually mean
  217. Marantz CD/SACD player advice
  218. Which of these two mics sounds better for voice?
  219. High Quality High-End Audio Rig with a Computer/DAC and Vinyl Front-End
  220. Recording streaming audio from Youtube, Spotify, etc....
  221. Modern Tannoy sound
  222. CA Server Upgrade Completed
  223. New free windows dsd player
  224. New Smartphone section??
  225. Winston Ma Passing
  226. Looking for a treatise on jitter relationship to stereo imaging
  227. Power Conditioning for Newbies
  228. HELP - Newby issue with streaming Aries
  229. Spectrogram of original vs playback
  230. Time for a serious upgrade
  231. Poll: Do design aesthetics matter to you for audio?
  232. CA use question setting up a Poll
  233. Unsolicited Advice for Nordost - An Alternative to A/B
  234. Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter & USB DACs
  235. High Res Audio: Horses for courses
  236. For Newport Audio show attendees
  237. Noob Needs Help
  238. Portable Music Player
  239. MQA on Billboard
  240. Why does tape exist?
  241. AudioQuest DragonFly and Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter
  242. Testing a bulletproof USB cable
  243. Does anybody know what happened to Halide Design?
  244. Audio optimizer core mode processes
  245. Equipment hierarchy - what's the best upgrade path?
  246. Car audio?
  247. Apple Confirms music deletion glitch
  248. Who needs the warmth and glow of tubes when we have LEDs?
  249. Remote switched optical/coax/USB input to coax output
  250. Needed PCM for DoP564