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  1. Delay in Electric Guitar to Stereo Reciever via S/PDIF
  2. Synergistic Research Powercell SE MkII and Ted Denney: A review and an Experience
  3. The Bolder Cable Company PSU
  4. McIntosh C50 preamp video overview.
  5. iTunes-Windows 7-Digi002-Bit Perfect?
  6. I was offered an in home demo of a Peachtree Grand Pre
  7. Montreal Son et Image 2012
  8. Thank you wgscott
  9. Simple Soundcard question
  10. Integer Mode back in Mountain Lion?
  11. ALAC media + Magneplanar 1.7s + NAD C375BEE + NAD Wireless DAC
  12. Using a laptop as the display from an HDMI source
  13. Good news? Bad news? Rumor?
  14. The better my stereo system . . .
  15. Frustrated! Need some advice with my setup
  16. Dimming LED lights
  17. Mac Mini USB query
  18. Simplicity
  19. Sound Cards
  20. Adding a Sub in a power amp direct DAC configuration.
  21. seriously hip & innovative
  22. Porcine Cosmetology?
  23. CA Upgrade Project 2012
  24. How do I open emailed subscribed threads at relevant post?
  25. Changing iTunes file names to match tags in iTunes window
  26. Adjust gain from mac to airport express without loosing bits?
  27. Audiophiles lack of respect.
  28. Fully balanced DAC recommendations needed
  29. Joining the Computer Audiophile Scene
  30. Are we up for a laugh today?
  31. Posts per page option?
  32. UK 2012 head-fi & comp audio meet.
  33. Magnepan owners, a question...
  34. A path from 2.0 to 5.1
  35. Harmon/Kardon and PSB imagine Mini?
  36. iPod Classic or Touch?
  37. Benchmark + First Watt in / Weiss + RWA out
  38. News flash! This just in! Oh boy oh boy. ;-)
  39. RCA to 1/8" cable?
  40. iPad Cables
  41. FLAC metadata chaos on Mac
  42. Extron switchers: Anyone know the sound quality?
  43. questions about recording cassettes to mp3 with best quality?
  44. Here To Learn
  45. Help! Comcast HD box Tos audio to dac not working
  46. Bryston Ceasing Production of BCD-1 CD Player
  47. clean install killed my audio
  48. Ipad Vs. shuffle Vs. DAC Vs. Crappy Turntable Vs. Hi end Turntable
  49. How much better would a dedicated pre-amp be than using Benchmark DAC1 HDR
  50. Metric Halo LIO-8 with MC phono cartridge
  51. What reasonably-priced, quality, but non-designer cables do you use?
  52. Windows 8
  53. If you could only buy 1 expensive cable, which would it be?
  54. Now may be a not so good time to buy
  55. Newbie help please
  56. Vinyl -> Digital
  57. Starting Over With Computer Audio: Macbook Pro w/ Rega DAC
  58. Micromega's AS 400 Amp/DAC...What were they thinking?
  59. Reposting - Help with Proposed Entry-Level System
  60. Better sound using iPod Classic at our Hockey Rink
  61. 24/192 is a waste of time
  62. Mastered For iTunes
  63. Old Laptop Possible Upgrades for Music Listening
  64. Did anyone catch "Million Dollar Contractors" last night: $2 Million listening room for 18,000 SqFt Apartment?
  65. Lavry Engineering Paper on Hi-Res
  66. Waking A 'Headless' Mac Mini
  67. In a perfect world, where would the D to A conversion occur?
  68. Why not re-release OOP DVDA titles?
  69. SOtM tX-USB Sound Dropouts
  70. Recommendations for bedroom system
  71. USB cables
  72. CAPS v2: Mini-PCIe to Firewire adapter and/or PCI to 2xPCI Adapter
  73. USB cable warning sign
  74. Software Upsampling - If And When
  75. The ultimate invisible, quite and convenient computer based audio setup
  76. Power Cable Question
  77. Pinterest-ing!
  78. n/a
  79. iCloud 24/96?
  80. 192khz into Mac...is it possible?
  81. New Power Cord
  82. Meta Forum? Discuss CA, How tos, problems, likes, ideas etc.
  83. Who wants to meet at the US F1 Grand Prix in Austin?
  84. Apple TV Refresh on the way....
  85. Which connection is best for SQ?
  86. Computer OS Help (Windows)
  87. The "bass problem" -- how do you deal with it?
  88. Odd things people do with sound...
  89. Audiophile Furnace?!
  90. Tube or Solid - Jolida or Rotel?
  91. Interesting japanese Digital amplifier
  92. Apple developing iTunes HD?
  93. Optimising - iTunes - Macbook - optical - Arcam A22 - B&W 685
  94. 24/96 music player for a pc?
  95. Digital Cables - C.A.R.S. LIST
  96. How to test POLARITY/PHASE of your Speakers and Entire Sytem?
  97. double post by accident
  98. how to convert my AIFF files to FLAC
  99. Does Hi-res sound better? How good are your ears/your sound system?
  100. CA Surround - C.A.R.S. LIST
  101. Apple's influence on audio for "the man in the street": good or bad?
  102. Suggestions for a Newbie
  103. Give Chris and CA a hand!
  104. The Long Downward Slide of an Audio Blog
  105. sotm usb card - power or no power?
  106. found an Amp and Speaker guide
  107. The original CAPS version 1.0 and the Origen M10
  108. Macbook and too much gain on TOSLINK output
  109. Boosting Sound quality for Movies/TV, Musics, then Games (in that order)
  110. Mastered for iTunes, Apple's White Paper
  111. is there a way to globally turn off subscriptions to threads (so you don't get an email after you post
  112. Cable problem
  113. How do you maintain the most critical part of your listening system.....
  114. new system - advice much appreciated
  115. Apple's new AAC iTunes+
  116. Best FW 800/800 cable to use between computer and ext drive?
  117. cd player vs. computer
  118. iTunes masters.What's this all about...?
  119. What makes a good preamp?
  120. iPad and 192/24
  121. HDtracks errors
  122. High rez audio and the future....
  123. New System From Scratch
  124. Stop importing Oyaide FW Cables?
  125. Auraliti PK90 and adaptive USB DAC
  126. New Audiophile Question
  127. How to, Linux Ubuntu 10.04 to 11.04 and DeaDBeef.
  128. Looking for Best Setup NAS + DAC + ???
  129. iTunes question
  130. How much more bandwidth would it take...
  131. Maintaining File Structure When Converting With dBpoweramp
  132. Updating the FAQ
  133. Computer Music is for elevators
  134. Remove the Computer?
  135. upside down? DVD & Video playback are all upside down!! Why?
  136. Goes to show analog guys are all wrong about natural sound
  137. Internet Radio Tuners
  138. Removing ground pin on power cord, from source to power strip only
  139. Wanted to say "Hello"
  140. Info directed to audiophiles
  141. Good Reading II - DSD and PCM
  142. Just for fun - Audiophile Jeopardy
  143. Calling all Metric Halo users..
  144. power limiting conditioner?
  145. Naim pre-amp trouble (random volume changes)
  146. download speed relevance?
  147. The Art and Science of Listening
  148. Beatles, Pink Floyd Engineer Alan Parsons Rips Audiophiles?
  149. Your system might be improving if...
  150. Planning on new system - looking for some advice
  151. Favorite Reviewers
  152. New nCore 400 Amplifier
  153. Listen to This
  154. Halp!
  155. Hooking my computer to my Receiver, from a distance
  156. solar power improve sound quality
  157. Saving older DACs
  158. Energy consumption - does it matter?
  159. "Alan Parsons Rips Audiophiles"
  160. Norse 2
  161. Help, Please: Burst of Static
  162. For the more seasoned audiophiles, is downsizing inevitable
  163. BADA USB Review?
  164. Great Reads
  165. Animals
  166. Malware
  167. Running a USB HDD and a USB DAC off the same laptop?
  168. Need to analyze a bitstream from a digital out - compare to pcm .wav file
  169. how to convert MP4 file to an audio file
  170. Mac Mini or Marantz NA7004 for 24/96+ ALAC
  171. Digital is not analog
  172. Adding a sub to Wadia 151
  173. High resolution file playback in Mediamonkey 4
  174. Balanced to Unbalanced
  175. Flash or...
  176. I'm good
  177. Listening Chair
  178. How is this happening?
  179. The next component, your opinions please.
  180. Why USB - how about ethernet?
  181. My audition of ALAC media on high-end gear
  182. Computer vs. Audiophile
  183. Android Music
  184. Soundcheck Mods 3.0 With An External DAC
  185. Playstation 3 - does it have a place in the audio-phile world?
  186. In the final stages of selecting components for brand new system - need experienced advice (Please!!)
  187. USB Limits
  188. Mac mini 2010/2011 ac connector
  189. I guess I am about to get a bit more time to listen to music...
  190. CD-r capacity
  191. Total Newbie needs help with husband's gigantic CD collection
  192. How to Listen
  193. Netbook
  194. Help with Modest PSU upgrade
  195. Inwall speaker cables
  196. Zu Mission interconnect vs Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference vs BJC
  197. Search for the best Computer Audio is over
  198. Next Step
  199. Long-term break-in
  200. This person needs an avatar makeover....
  201. Anyone found problems batch converting on Mac?
  202. Apple presses pause on high-def music
  203. Burn in
  204. Native DSD files, HQPlayer & Mytek Stereo192-DSD
  205. iTune bit perfect on PC
  206. Need help downloading Hi-Rez files
  207. Simplifying signal path and hopefully improving sound quality
  208. Focal Bird
  209. Lost in lossless
  210. Bit perfect and lossless - really?
  211. embedding artwork & metadata
  212. Stupid Audio Stories
  213. iTunes Pulse
  214. help for a newbie
  215. On average, How many hours a week do you listen to music
  216. Any computer audio philes in the DFW (dallas Fort Worth) area
  217. The Elegant & Simple Solution In A Few Years - What Are Your Thoughts?
  218. Where do I go from here?
  219. Hi Res FLAC files into ARCAM AVR600
  220. The Loudness War
  221. newbie question : mp3 or wma
  222. FLAC 1 Vs. Uncompressed FLAC File Size
  223. CAPS lite anyone?
  224. Occupy Music
  225. Devialet D-Premier
  226. Interesting Article on Audio Specs vs the Human Ear
  227. USB Cable from External Hard Drive to Mac Mini
  228. Digital Music Report
  229. FLAC 24/96 playing at 3072 kbps
  230. "Computer audio causes the OCD audiophile community to freak out ...."
  231. Monitors/Bookshelves that work well near walls
  232. Solar storm and music SQ
  233. Leaving your system on?
  234. Very interesting totally subjective test signals
  235. Microsoft Re-Designs the iPod Packaging :~)
  236. How to listen to music
  237. Active Topics List - More
  238. Soloist Lukas Kmit hits right note on phone intrusion
  239. Format Wars. Help !!!
  240. Suggestions for playing high quality music files on existing system
  241. Weird Problem: One Channel Through Both Speakers
  242. How much is lost in each D/A and A/D conversion?
  243. my play back in Pure Music is in slow motion
  244. Shootout: 24 bit vs. redbook vs. SACD vs. vinyl
  245. Researching for STOA SACD/Hi-Rez file play back solution
  246. Over-pronounced treble - how to fix
  247. OS X MIDI settings
  248. Silly Question
  249. You might be an old guy if...
  250. Help me setup my desktop rig