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  1. Sexual preference in audio
  2. Dolby to PCM Converter?
  3. internet radio through main system
  4. How many places do you play music?
  5. Mac>dac>t-amp>speakers.. Help!
  6. How is your main system setup?
  7. hqplayer resampling filter setup guide for ordinary person
  8. What is your favorite SACD?
  9. Trust my ears? I think not.
  10. DacIt & Dac Magic 100 Can't Decode Dolby Digital
  11. How do you amplify?
  12. How do you amplify
  13. Fuses...
  14. MPaD Help With Album Art
  15. Does this make sense
  16. Do you own the music you buy from a download site?
  17. HDTracks.com Malware Detected
  18. Is This Your Wife
  19. Music in our world
  20. What are you willing to give up for your audio system?
  21. 300b integrated amp
  22. USB to Spdif Conversion or stick with Toslink
  23. Squeezebox products dying?
  24. What are your favorites audio links?
  25. Which of your components would you recommend?
  26. Switching hardware on and off
  27. HiFace vs HiFace v2
  28. Meta Poll
  29. Short Power Cable source
  30. M2Tech HiFace EVO
  31. Is there a 'best' Internet browser for audio?
  32. which part of the PC that more budget should go besides sound card?
  33. For Windows PCs Disable Java NOW!
  34. Gaucho UltraDisc vs. Gaucho HDTracks
  35. Minimum PC Requirements for Digital Audio Playback
  36. Am I doing this right?
  37. High Quality Power Cable for cheap...
  38. Background Hiss
  39. Opinion about Dynaudio Focus 110 with Densen B100 amp or Primare i21
  40. Doing it wrong - my new setup
  41. Puported myths
  42. Software available to check digital audio 'quality'?
  43. How Many Use SPL Meter to Check Listening Volumes
  44. Why I never got that perfect null in difference testing
  45. Interesting Studies - Early Life Music Training, Hearing, and Brain Function
  46. 67 yrs. old...computer audio
  47. Videos for lovers of Classical music
  48. New Dedicated AC Power Lines . . . Problem
  49. Missed this ..
  50. Cost of components and R&D as percentage of sales price?
  51. tubes to solid state
  52. Any upsampler or upsampling process that matches native DSD quality?
  53. Any CA's from Kentucky or nearby??
  54. Audiophile Scrapyard Treasures
  55. Recordings Indistinguishable From Real Thing
  56. Help With A Non-audio Issue on Mac and Safari
  57. HDTV Recommendations for an audiophile?
  58. AIFF or Apple Lossless
  59. Source needed for slimline CD jewel cases without front holes
  60. HRT Linestreamer
  61. AC Wall Outlet Polarity Question
  62. Neil Young’s plan to make digital music sound 20 times better
  63. How important is my sound card quality if doing bit perfect in J-River MCE?
  64. starter system suggestions -> change from Sonos to Mac mini
  65. New audio room . . . . need help with dedicated power outlet(s)
  66. Asus Soundcard Problems
  67. A little humor
  68. Are 16 bits the new high rez?
  69. Power strip/line conditioner?
  70. How Can You Rip SACD Files ?
  71. Best Way To Connect System
  72. Post your favorite Youtube performances...
  73. Additional information will bias one to believe claims made
  74. Need help with Itunes/AppleTV based system
  75. New Book on Computer Playback
  76. Need some advice about listening music from pc
  77. Apple new format? CD and FLAC to AIFF ? help
  78. Desktop Audio Advice Wanted
  79. How old are you?
  80. Audio standard for today and tomorrow
  81. How was the CA audio show?
  82. An interesting read on subjectivists/objectivists...
  83. The need for a external sound card/DAC for Imac 27"
  84. Custom made media center?
  85. The Double-Blind Control Experiment and Scientific Thinking
  86. HiFiGuy528's Room Tour
  87. "It sounds too pretty to be live"
  88. Power!!
  89. choosing power supply
  90. Amazon.com Cloud Player now serving 256kbps
  91. What kind of setup could I use in this awkward room?
  92. California Audio Show
  93. Audiophile Household Income
  94. Does anyone know if there is a DSD over IP protocol being worked on?
  95. Desktop Power Supplies : Effect On Audio Playback?
  96. SOtM tX-USBexp PCI Express Card
  97. Please recommend me an amp
  98. Masking your own bottle-neck
  99. SOtM
  100. Interesting Kickstarter project
  101. Bland modern pop music: Spanish National Research Council Million Song Dataset analysis
  102. Computer audio geeky humor thread
  103. Need help designing a circuit for my carpc.
  104. Great Lap Rest For IPad
  105. Acoustics Emergency
  106. Music DVD ripping bit accurate? Is this possible?
  107. A paypal question...
  108. ML dictation feature works for posting Goooood!
  109. Newbie help with Mac Mini setup
  110. Interesting journey with Musical Fidelity V-Link in two systems.
  111. Looking for Desktop Suggestions
  112. Help for a Noob Setting up Computer 5.1 to a Yamaha AV Receiver
  113. Stop and Listen to the music
  114. Static on Speakers from Apple Time Capsule
  115. What makes a piano such a hard instrument to properly record/playback convincingly?
  116. Oppo BDP-95 issue with Bluray Audio disc
  117. New to this, advice please
  118. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  119. 12 Mhz Clock, Amarra, Sample Rate Switching, and Confusion
  120. Delete Account
  121. Will you a subscriber be? Yay, nay or perhaps, if, er, I'll get back to you.
  122. Just had a funny thought while listening to an old vinyl record...
  123. Finally Success with cross platform control of headless MacMini Lion OS!!
  124. Audio latency on a Macbook running Windows 7
  125. Dropouts using NAD DAC 1, Mac mini
  126. Here are some interesting test files ...
  127. How Happy Are You With Your (Main) System?
  128. Mike Kay
  129. Where to spend to get maximum audio quality on a system at a given price
  130. Audio Philosophy
  131. Apple updates?
  132. Installed SSD on MBP, now my bluetooth components go crazy.
  133. Newcomer with many questions
  134. DAC/Amp matching question
  135. DVD Audio Extractor - a couple of questions
  136. Cheap Tweaks
  137. Top Ted Talks
  138. Come in TedB (with the piano Avatar)
  139. Waltz for Debby
  140. High end audio design principles in cartoon form??
  141. converting my analog tapes to digital (mac mini)
  142. stereo/music stores NYC
  143. Why didn't I think of this before.
  144. I'm not a vinyl guy but . . .
  145. USB DAC periodically stops
  146. Pure Vinyl and RME FireFace
  147. Support your local brick and mortar store
  148. Obituary for an audiophile
  149. Greetings from the hospital!
  150. How do you keep your PC clean?
  151. The 'Official' Hight Rez Hats...sigh..
  152. Using 24/192 dac/usb converter and amarra but only get 24/96 ?
  153. Linn - Ivor Tiefenbrun presentation (May 2012)
  154. Listening training - Poll
  155. Audiophile Likes and Dislikes
  156. Trying to download RR complimentary files
  157. In Praise of Blue Jean Cables
  158. China & Singapore
  159. Help Plese. No sound out of JRMC 17 and Win 7 - Berkely Dac & Alpha USB
  160. Best method for converting vinyl to 24/96 hi-res audio?
  161. What brand of cables do you use, and why?
  162. Procedural suggestion - "Ad Hominem" rule
  163. How monogamous a computer audiophile are you?
  164. Surround Music - Fad or Future.
  165. How digital are you?
  166. Oppo 93 over Analog (Retaining DSD)
  167. More than one driver........no good at all!
  168. Groups - do or die!
  169. Q&A with Ty Roberts of Gracenote
  170. Help Blue Coast Records
  171. Beatles, Pink Floyd Engineer Alan Parsons Rips Audiophiles
  172. Apple Said to Prepare ITunes Changes to Improve Sharing
  173. Drugs
  174. Forum setting for this?
  175. Google's Nexus Q
  176. Why did YOU join CA?
  177. Customer Service
  178. Barry Diament interview in AudioStream
  179. Music Library size.
  180. CA Article Missing?
  181. Computer Audio system vs DVD player
  182. Poll, Cables got your goat? Vote!
  183. iPad and Mac mini problems
  184. Computer Gaming System
  185. How many computers do you have at home?
  186. Test
  187. Beginner desktop set up
  188. Wanna listen to my stereo?
  189. The Great Cable and Interconnect Swindle: An Etiology
  190. Introductory Hello and a question!
  191. Interesting read: Supratek News
  192. Fostex HP-A8C DAC - SD Card File Structure Needed to Play DSF (DSD) Files
  193. Audiophile Ethernet Cables from AQ
  194. Bob Carver's latest amp
  195. Advice for a beginner
  196. PC alternatives toMac Mini
  197. Subwoofer Poll
  198. Car computer audio question
  199. Smashing Pumpkins - Oceania
  200. Subs with Omnis
  201. Super low budget system recommendation
  202. Is Asus Essence STX an Audiophile solution ?
  203. I attended a live concert today...
  204. Vinyl Ripping is it worth the investment in hardware?
  205. Classical lovers you might want to check out a freebee
  206. Aesthetics or Sound?
  207. How do I play 5.1 audio in iTunes?
  208. Breaking-in new, solid-state electronics
  209. Real iTunes Match coming
  210. music lights
  211. Safari advice please...
  212. New Woofer
  213. iWow
  214. The paradox of positive reviews
  215. Tubes or SS?
  216. iTunes 10.6.3 is now available in software update...
  217. I need enlightenment - doesn't s/pdif end up getting processed twice ?
  218. USB to SPDIF converter or USB DAC with current pre\pro
  219. How do you feel about your electrical consumption?
  220. Assistance Sub Woofer Connection
  221. 7 minutes to WWDC keynote, list you're predictions
  222. how do you edit a messed up post?
  223. Anyone know of an EQ for Windows
  224. Video of my new NAD M2 in action!
  225. Mac Mini problem?
  226. OraStream
  227. Advice for system
  228. Reviews I'd like to see...
  229. Audiostream interview with David Chesky of HDTracks
  230. Room Acoustics
  231. Ram...
  232. Level
  233. Audiophiles
  234. Anyone tried these new cables???
  235. Cable Company Shipping Policy
  236. mid bass cables
  237. Anybody got any experience with iTunes cleanup software?
  238. Anybody got any exoerience with iTunes cleanup software?
  239. Mytek, DSD, 24/192 ... My head hurts.
  240. Fine Volume Control Returns to the Mac
  241. Are we spinning our wheels, is 44.1 16 Bit more than enough?
  242. noob mp3 quality question
  243. What is wrong with null testing?
  244. George Marino, Legendary Mastering Engineer, Dies
  245. 5.1 on 2.0 - Why does it sound better?
  246. Fraud and Censorship on Audiogon
  247. How much time do people spend just listening to music vs. thinking or tinkering with gear
  248. High Quality music on a sailboat...
  249. Airport express, wifi or ethernet?
  250. Help for a newcome- DAC + Amarra