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  1. New article about HD downloads
  2. best inexpesive setup for 2009 mac mini
  3. music before Noah's flood was perfect
  4. Another Crazy Example of Bad Business or Fraud (?)
  5. Poll: Describe Your Listening Habits
  6. Advice greatly appreciated
  7. Noob help needed
  8. Reseller Arrogance or Good Business Practice?
  9. In need of assistance
  10. Subscription Services - Music Quality?
  11. Your speaker setup?
  12. DAC Has Balanced Outs but Receiver Does Not Have Balanced Inputs
  13. New Mac Mini
  14. Help! I'm a computer audiophile ignoramus!
  15. Directions for Beginner information
  16. Something about Fourier and hearing on Arse...
  17. Korg AudioGate + Audirvana Plus = ?
  18. Xipmont video
  19. Why does my system sound better in another room?
  20. How are Bass Notes affected by MP3 Psycho-Acoustic Compression Algorithms?
  21. Windows Remote Desktop vs. JRMC...
  22. Excited about my first audiophile setup - recommendations for what's next?
  23. Are Some CD drives Better Then Others?
  24. Help choosing Synology NAS and internal disks
  25. Music player question...
  26. Definition of Sound System "Accuracy"
  27. Best way to setup this PC Speakers
  28. hi everybody
  29. Mac Pro Power Cord/Can I get an aftermarket one?
  30. Oppo and aiff
  31. Power Cable Does Make Difference
  32. My first attempts at understanding computer audio.
  33. Sound City....a review
  34. Amplifier Question -Peachtree??
  35. Your first arousal by music without lyrics
  36. Burson Soloist SL amp - Got one!
  37. Analysis of What Goes Missing When You Make MP3 Files
  38. Digital Output's NOT turning off! How work with Auto Switching DAC's?
  39. Audio Revelation
  40. Audiophile beliefs: the politics of cable beliefs
  41. Does an analog turntable stand a chance against Audirvana+ and Mytek DSD combo?
  42. Mapleshade Clearlink USB cables
  43. What was Srajan smoking when he wrote this?
  44. 24 bit useless? 192kHz harmful?
  45. What is your "reference" system?
  46. Nordost White Lightning or Chord Chameleon VEE 3
  47. A big "thank you" to these people for helping design this affordable ca system!!
  48. Web Instrument Count Experiment
  49. 24/192 and beyond VALID! CAN Mr. JOE AVERAGE (me) AFFORD IT?????
  50. Your car vs. music system cost ratio. Really?
  51. Tellurium Q Black speaker cable.
  52. Reauthour sacd/dff to a new sacd iso advice please
  53. How much does the person doing a review influence your opinion of that review?
  54. praise for a remote app for Foobar and Alex Skalozub
  55. What's Causing Spikes In Latency?
  56. Acoustics treatments.
  57. setting up my first pc media center
  58. Emotiva?
  59. What's more important: Sampling Rate or Word Length
  60. Human hearing beats the Fourier uncertainty principle
  61. Small Mac-based desktop amp recommendations
  62. Noob's Proposal For New System - A Request For Assesment & Wisdom
  63. Rega/cables/streaming advice?
  64. How can I make bad recordings of favorite music listenable?
  65. Sub Integration
  66. new mac mini
  67. new mac mini
  68. Question about AudioCircle
  69. Naim owner looking for help
  70. Pass + Tannoy = Joy?
  71. Transport: I need one, advice
  72. Ripping CD collection/hardware recommendations sought
  73. AC Power Quality for Audio Systems
  74. A Question of Distortion?
  75. Peachtree new dac?
  76. How low can you go?
  77. High Resolution from the Masters (Video)
  78. Voltage to sotm usb card?
  79. Sound outage when recording on MacBook Air 2012
  80. Recommendations for a Los Angeles based computer audio specialist?
  81. Vinyl to digital conversion
  82. Splitting An Audio Signal
  83. What is the best glass toslink cable under $100
  84. Self-Service Equipment
  85. Honest view on Cyrus stuff
  86. Working with maximum bitrates
  87. Best near-field speakers for computer desk under $1000
  88. Poll: The Weakest Link in the Audio Chain
  89. Power Filtering/Conditioning/Regeneration
  90. What are these files and how can I get rid of them?
  91. What brand is this cabinet?
  92. mac mini/windows 8 headless setup help.
  93. A totally mains isolated DSD solution for under 2K...This is going to be hard to beat
  94. Checking file integrity
  95. Do we really need DSD128 in a DAC? Isn't 64 enough?
  96. Ditching my PeachTree Nova Pre . . . . need new DAC . . .
  97. Poll 2012 CA Product of the Year Readers Choice
  98. A Rather Interesting Objective Study
  99. Avi 9.1T's vs. Rega R5's plus Brio-R?
  100. Outdoor Theater (Off Topic But Interesting Design)
  101. Apple!
  102. change termination on a power cord
  103. RIP Stephan Kudelski
  104. The Absolute Sound liked the Peachtree Grand Pre X-1
  105. Lagoon build question
  106. BACCH filter by Dr. Choueiri
  107. Hypothetical
  108. A Blind Listening Test
  109. Sound City Documentary
  110. Surge/battery back up protection for new Mac Mini Nusic Server
  111. Converting analogue to digital...?
  112. Noise from Wireless Network?
  113. cable help
  114. Is HDMI audio the future?
  115. Virus Utility For Mac
  116. SACD was enlightening ...
  117. A question regarding soundstage...
  118. Windows on Mac
  119. 24/192 debate.....round two hundred!
  120. Blu-ray (audio + video) backups
  121. How far do you sit from your speakers?
  122. Monitor Audio RX8 vs. Rega R5?
  123. How good is your hearing?
  124. Lifehacker picked their 5 best speaker sets...
  125. New addition . . . . Krell KMA's
  126. How can I e-mail Chris Connaker?
  127. 5.6MHz DSD Download available
  128. Ripping CDs without MAX, XLD, etc.
  129. Do you make your Rig ROAR?
  130. New gear, Room issues with bass
  131. Show us your great photos!
  132. Red Dragon Audio M500 MKII Review
  133. Interesting iTunes/Audirvana experiment
  134. Equalisation curves for headphones
  135. Horrible Interferance and white noise from computer
  136. NuForce DDA-100 for computer audio
  137. ted_b quoted in 6 Moons "Preview" of SOtM gear
  138. Nice Windows 8 audio/vintage theme
  139. Wyred4sound MPre
  140. All on one computers
  141. Upgrade advice on 2.1 system
  142. Digital Distribution Dilema - DSD
  143. signal attenuation without an analogue pre-amp
  144. Does the C.A.P.S. v3 wifi ready?
  145. Advice on my next audio system upgrade.
  146. eSATA/USB port vs eSATA port?
  147. Can our pets tell us anything?
  148. Lossless Question
  149. Pre-amp Right Channel is Dead
  150. DSD Hardware/Software Database
  151. US Govt issues additional warnings as java security concerns escalate
  152. 5 hour energy causing deafness
  153. Getting Started part deux
  154. Fanless Macmini (in a Streacom Zuma case)???
  155. Loading Windows 8 onto Lagoon
  156. How to choose an equipment based on 5 star ratings when less expensive item has a better rating?
  157. pc media server
  158. windows 8 dac
  159. Question for the Electrical Engineers (and power supply experts)
  160. RR HRx files - how to link cover art in iTunes
  161. New Product: Arcam airDAC and irDAC
  162. Time to say goodbye...
  163. Amazon AutoRip
  164. Advice
  165. Balancing audiohile zone with whole-house integration???
  166. Whose at CES and T.H.E. Show?
  167. USB Audo
  168. Trying to figure out audio signal path from JRiver via USB to Dac?
  169. Pondering the universe while sipping whiskey and listening to music, I had an epiphany...
  170. Mac mini alternatives and a few questions
  171. Does Synology nas work with mac?
  172. Managing ITunes and my Ipod . . .
  173. Idea for a new forum?
  174. Bit Depth, Sample Rate and Bit Rate
  175. The *best* soundcard for Zuma?
  176. Advise ?
  177. Best Way To Connect System
  178. Creative Sound Blaster X-fi external sound card for the "Budget-not-quite-audiophile's among us"
  179. Anyone hear these yet?
  180. Need a solution for playing audio files through my MIC port
  181. Breaking News: Propellors Heads giving people flack about waves!
  182. REMINDER: MP3 vs. CD Test - closing at end of January 2013!
  183. Try This, Seriously!
  184. Gloating
  185. Help Me With A Power Supply - DIY?
  186. New guy here/advice please
  187. Is audio equipment a rip off?
  188. Howdy, you are in for it now
  189. Computer Audio in Your/My car
  190. High End Audio Merging with High Design - Oswaldsmill Audio
  191. what should i look for
  192. Wharfedale Denton 2xp repairs ? worth it ?
  193. Off Topic: 7 Year Old Needs Kidney and Donations
  194. Best way for iTunes and Apple TV to output high resolution music files?
  195. How much would you spend on the cables in a system?
  196. 2012 CA Unofficial Readers Choice DSD Awards
  197. Help with Ripping problems (Hardware?)
  198. Another year goes bye...
  199. Mac mini upgrade for novice
  200. Tics With Windows 8 Pro and J River MC 18
  201. Ripping cd's with ide/firewire or usb, please help!
  202. Hi I'm Gayle Hassan
  203. T.H.E Show - Las Vegas 2013
  204. Any good music for Christmas presents ?
  205. 2012 CA Product of the Year (Readers Choice)
  206. Sacd iso -> dff
  207. Is there any way to display HDMI video ouptut from a DVD/BR player onto a PC or an I-type device?
  208. 88.2 vs 96.
  209. Relative value of components in an audio chain
  210. Help with playing DSD files using Pure Music and the Benchmark DAC2
  211. Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium card...any users?
  212. 128 DSD->24/192 Conversion
  213. Pet jewelry sweet pet necklace Glass beads
  214. Configuring dbpoweramp properly
  215. Landfill Harmonic (a must watch video)
  216. Help with my new pseduo computer audio system
  217. Music with EXPLICIT lyrics
  218. Objective vs. Subjective- "Do Measurements Really Matter?"
  219. Relatively new to this computer to home stereo technology.
  220. I Am/Am Not An Audiophile!
  221. Forum Problems?
  222. Noisy Power Detector
  223. So, wadja git?
  224. Oppo BDP-105- Any Users?
  225. Poor audio quality with ALAC on Apple Mini/Time Capsule/iPad setup
  226. I was told I am delusional...
  227. Download in HDCD in FLAC convert to ??? for play back??
  228. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
  229. Equipment Sound: Cost vs. Quality
  230. Audio stutter: foobar, PC, DAC?
  231. 10 years later, RIP Joe Strummer
  232. Bybee Music Rail Question
  233. My Holiday Project Has Arrived (Raspberry Pi)
  234. Turn-Table Talk . . . .
  235. Audio interface output level
  236. Quietest apple laptop?
  237. Power Cord to Pair with PS Audio Digital Link III (DLIII)
  238. Great in-wall / ceiling / small on-wall speakers?
  239. Low amperage amps w/hard-to-drive speakers . . . bad idea?
  240. New setup: Network DAC or Mac Mini from computer to DAC
  241. PS Audio Dectet
  242. In Praise of the Oppo Model of Collaborative Development
  243. getting started
  244. * High Bitrate MP3 Test Invite *
  245. Let's start with the basics...
  246. Just bought a Schiit Modi...
  247. Question...Does anyone make a phone with a real digital out in High Rez
  248. greetings all, your advice and comments please
  249. 24 bit from CD?
  250. Newby question - High end audio from MacPro and iTunes (lossless format) ?