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  1. Win XP Sound and Audio has no devices...
  2. room mode and SPL mapping
  3. anyone prefer DSD (not DSD128) over 24/192?
  4. record at 2/192 vs 384/DSD128 and down-converting
  5. Comparison of Hi rez files from different sources
  6. Nothing Wrong With Compression!
  7. Do Audio Cables Require A Break-In Period?
  8. Getting House Rewired, Any Tips?
  9. dbpoweramp and sacds
  10. Using a Logitech touchpad.
  11. Can I split the audio input to my amplifier to feed a headphone amp?
  12. Musical Fidelity V-Link 192 Problem
  13. This one's new to me - my PC is injecting hum into my system.
  14. Beginner trying to get a hold on Audio Monitors and the whole 2.1 setup.
  15. Helpful Noise Floor Lowering Tools
  16. The Death of the Home Stereo System
  17. Thanks To Chris and The Computer Audiophile Community (and my opinion on the issue of bullying)
  18. Ear pollution, from MP3's and overbearing music, according to Linda Rondstadt.
  19. Differences between bit-identical files: a theoretical solution.
  20. confused newbie
  21. Amarra Symphony and Sonic Studios Process
  22. Hey Mac people.....
  23. accurate file transfer conformation ? - PC to Mac
  24. Music and Audio Trivia
  25. Copyright and music in the workplace
  26. What connection to use ?
  27. "Audiophile" DC cable?
  28. Lifting Ground on all audio?
  29. Keces DC-116 Linear PSU Quick Review
  30. Cedia 2013?
  31. Can someone help with the power jungle?
  32. Blu-Ray Audio
  33. .dsf files and itunes + Amarra
  34. Mac Mini, Denon 1713 AVR, Samsung HDTV, AppleTV
  35. Bad idea cboosing Wav-files?
  36. Amanero combo384 USB module
  37. ItunesRadio vs MOG
  38. Eminem's "Recovery" - Comparison CD vs Vinyl 24/96
  39. Noob needing advice
  40. Step down transformer bad idea?
  41. Siltech Cable "Light Drive" - Fact of fiction?
  42. Atomic Audio Labs Mac Mini Platform
  43. I am back...
  44. DSD Downloads
  45. Metronomes!
  46. String theory music
  47. Quality of modem
  48. Mac (myaudiocables) power cable vs shunyata venom3 vs transparent high performance powerlink
  49. The Vamp Amp: turns your conventional speaker into a Bluetooth speaker!
  50. Does a Linear PSU make a difference?
  51. heip with audacity and adl esprit
  52. Brazil may opt out of Internet. A new separate South American Network ?
  53. Hi from Aussie newbie
  54. Building HTPC - Advice Sought Regarding Stereo/Surround Playback
  55. Laptop Charger noise feeds into system
  56. Help me introduce computer to my fancy, rebuilt vintage KEF towers
  57. Safe audio?
  58. Channel D presents the Seta Buffer
  59. The Digital Answer to "Vinyl Superiority"?
  60. Advice for new DAC owner??
  61. Audiophile Manufacturers Ignore The Youth Market
  62. Preamplifier/Amplifier matching
  63. JRiver 19 > Firewire vs. USB > Mytek 192
  64. Ray Dolby RIP
  65. JRemote - Missing Icons
  66. J River MC18 Bit Depth
  67. J River won't play on ASIO output with Luxman Windows driver
  68. Help - connecting laptop to NAS by making the laptop a router
  69. What Does A Song That Costs $5 Sound Like?
  70. I like you. Do you like me?
  71. SOTM USB vs Lynx aes 16 best Audio Quality
  72. The Science of Snobbery / Some Parallels With Audio?
  73. Why OLED display?
  74. WASAPI-Event Style...dont have this option
  75. Ridge Street Audio Alethias not communicating
  76. Sony and some HiRes partners begin a new world for audio
  77. iUSB>iGemini>USB Converter?
  78. MPaD Issue -- Alphabetizing Folders in the Browse Function
  79. Put OS on external music drive ???
  80. Hdmi forum releases version 2.0 of the hdmi specification
  81. Tascam DA-3000 DSD Master recorder and ADDA
  82. What can I do to make my system more resolving?
  83. Why no reviews /articles on MSB Tech products?
  84. Just picked up a Stello U3, need a short USB and long Coax to connect to my DAC
  85. Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion for computer usage?
  86. Can you hear any difference?
  87. Help on Building Nearfield Desktop System
  88. Playing SACD ISOs on HT computer
  89. HD tracks download failure
  90. Point/Counterpoint
  91. Headless Mac Mini and iPad
  92. Genre Tagging Your Music Library with Poll
  93. What mastering involves
  94. Network Server vs Network DAC
  95. For those in the Philly area Sept 6th
  96. Tellurium Q Black Diamond USB
  97. Is there a 'better' usb port
  98. Why the massive issue with SPAM?
  99. JRiver 19 vs Oppo Bd-103 Sound Quality
  100. sleep or standby mode with high end PC audio
  101. What is musicality
  102. Newbie saying Hi
  103. An Unofficial Guide to Mac Mini Media Servers (Revised)
  104. There's JRiver, then that darn JPlay...
  105. Help my bluray won't read my movies after playing 2 movies but laptop still does
  106. Back Up And Reformat Question . . .
  107. YBA 300 Passion
  108. Clicks from MacBook Pro
  109. Media Player for Windows that works well with FLAC, ALAC, and DFF (DSD)
  110. SOtM Mini Server - sMS-100 ... a query
  111. Q&A with John Swenson. Part 1: What is Digital? at Audiostream
  112. Astell & Kern AK120 as digital source?
  113. Need 2.1 Computer Audio System Advice! $2500 Budget.
  114. If you started from scratch now - how would you spend your budget?
  115. Rakuten Global Market?
  116. Article: Sighted vs Unsighted Judgements
  117. Your favorite Daft Punk video mash up
  118. How do you stop upgradeitus?
  119. 24/192 & 24/176.4 playback with a 2008 MBP (4.1) 2.4 GHz?
  120. SOtM Mini Server - sMS-100 Announced
  121. System Setup Advice Needed
  122. Re-Wiring old house, any Coulda, Woulda Shouldas?
  123. The Most Under Priced Vintage Turntables?
  124. Squeezebox Radio
  125. Need New Integrated Amp - Suggestions, Please
  126. Just what is the real story behind why companies can't/aren't doing Gapless UPnP DSD streaming?
  127. The Audiophile's Wife Turns off the Amp!
  128. A question about ethernet cables, routers and NAS drives
  129. Sound card/device to record live mixing to laptop
  130. How about photos of your 2 channel system & computer system
  131. Connecting Toshiba Satellite to Emotiva UMC-200
  132. 6k worth of speakers and a AMP, not getting the most out of them.
  133. A little something to lighten the mood ..
  134. New JRiver 19 out, sounds great.
  135. Solar Power issues?
  136. Analog Volume Control for PC
  137. Cable Lifters?
  138. Finished building my first audio pc and it's a bit of a disappointment
  139. Do you hear a difference...?
  140. Computer Jitter
  141. JRiver, NAS - advice needed re system setup
  142. PS Audio Nuwave Phono
  143. VOCO & Murfie
  144. Genuine audiophile litmus test
  145. For the Chinese-Jewish-Audiophiles among us
  146. AES/EBU cable for RME HDSPE AIO
  147. What is the point in SPDIF/USB Converters
  148. Silflex Toslink Cable
  149. Worse than an audiophile...
  150. How to test for differences...
  151. Moore's Law and DAC's
  152. Anyone use ASUS Xonar Essence STX for SPDIF out?
  153. Apple to fill in high frequency void in AAC digital music files
  154. Apple Audio Hyperlinking
  155. CNN doesn't understand us
  156. Another Stupid "Which Receiver Should I Keep" Question
  157. DSD with Ayre QB9
  158. For Those of a Scientific Bent
  159. Just bought bookshelf speakers
  160. Question re blu ray audio
  161. Sherbourn PA 7-350 7-Channel Amplifier On Sale
  162. DAC to improve current system
  163. USB PCI-E card
  164. Spam-o-rama!
  165. Anyone here in the Boston area?
  166. Tiny Telephone
  167. Easy conversion multichannel DSD->multichannel FLAC
  168. California Audio Show 2013
  169. How to arrange power for computer & audio?
  170. Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE Stage 1 & Stage 2 Preamp Upgrades Debut
  171. Which audio card is better?
  172. apple external super drive
  173. Recommended to read - trend with music recordings nowdays
  174. This should get locked soon
  175. Hello!
  176. Introduction and a request for initial guidance..
  177. The 10 Commandments of smartphone use during concerts
  178. howdy folks I could use some advice.
  179. Crackling from MacBook Pro
  180. External Bluray Drive to rip blurays??
  181. New project, need help!
  182. AIFF metadata issue
  183. Future Chord Class-D Amp
  184. New adventures in Hi Fi, my exploration of computer audio
  185. Am I an Audiophobe or Not?
  186. The Next-generation Optical Discs from Sony/Panasonic
  187. Google Nexus 7 2 connections
  188. Upgrade ?
  189. Can Ipad be screen for Mac Mini?
  190. How To Make Homemade Braided Speaker Cables And Silver Interconnects
  191. Finally up and running
  192. Am I an Audiophile or Not?
  193. Tubes, Samsung, and Best Buy
  194. JJ Cale, Musician and 'After Midnight' Writer, Dies at 74
  195. Computer sound advice
  196. Pictures pictures pictures
  197. Audioquest Carbon firewire cables
  198. me audio no work. you help?
  199. New York Times - all I can say is wow!
  200. Testing Audio Equipment
  201. Google Chromecast
  202. Hello Small Green Computer?
  203. Job 225
  204. AIFF to ALAC with iTunes - How to file separately
  205. Any experience comparing Monitor Audio PL300 vs. DynAudio C2 Signatures.
  206. Hi, I am a new member here.
  207. Sound System For Computer
  208. HP amp/dac split mono?
  209. Wav v Flac measuring the difference
  210. "Audiophile" motherboard for PC
  211. Ayre USB query
  212. SPDIF to Analog through PC?
  213. Auction Gone Wrong? (warning: this is a bit long)
  214. Recommended External CD/DVD
  215. Is Spotify What WE Need?
  216. Good Laptop Sound Quality
  217. Best headphone DAC
  218. Late Night Low Volume CDs
  219. DJ-ing equipment
  220. Can only hear 2.1 out of my 5.1 speakers...
  221. Moving to Larger External: Help Needed
  222. DSD64 vs DSD128
  223. Ncore amp
  224. Dual PC audio solution motherboard question
  225. relocate every 3 years - what audio (speaker-dac-transport) setup?
  226. USB vs SPDIF vs others
  227. Best USB DACs Under $1k
  228. Wilson Audio to release high res new recordings
  229. Conspiracy or something else?
  230. iPad, Apple TV2 & streaming issues
  231. oldtimer vs newcomer
  232. Auralic Product Support Update
  233. Dr. Amar Bose dead at 83
  234. crackling coming from tweeters during certain tracks
  235. Poll on additional sub-forum.
  236. W4S uDAC and new Signal Cable Speaker Cable to go with Special 25s
  237. Component color
  238. Two You Tube Questions
  239. Need a cable recommendation
  240. Eyes Open
  241. DST stereo or SACD ISO questions
  242. Missing pre-emphasis flags due to XLD or Weiss FireWire driver?
  243. Oppo 105 used as dsd dac...please help!
  244. FLAC on IPOD?
  245. New Auralic Vega best way to incorporate into system
  246. An audio system re-evaluation input requested!
  247. Anybody using a Xonar D2X and a receiver?
  248. Lynx AES16e - audio quality, convenience/user friendliness
  249. For those using pre/processors and surround sound
  250. Cheapest computer build