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  1. The Pono Kickstarter Campaign Is Open
  2. Fidelizer
  3. Crowdfunding audio gear
  4. What Is An Expert?
  5. (Slightly) OT: A interesting link... But please don't start an argument...
  6. Beats Music API issued anyone tranferred their MOG playlists??
  7. New Member says hello and has a couple of questions!
  8. Free beer
  9. Neil young announces the launch of ponomusic
  10. 24/192 spectra... what's wrong here?
  11. Dynamic Range for DSD DSF Files?
  12. Sacd question . . .
  13. Questions for Neil Young and Pono?
  14. Why do my three external USB powered hard drives spin all the time?
  15. Best Digital Sound on a Budget
  16. Audio playback quality and processor activity
  17. Help with component wiring connection
  18. CD Rip Methodolgy- MacWise
  19. Take Your Pick
  21. The Truth About Cable Design and Marketing
  22. What the heck? Cables made a difference for me...
  23. OT: Simple L/R brain test
  24. DSF or DFF. What is the difference?
  25. iTunes Artwork - How to choose Album to Display in Left Sidebar for an artist
  26. need help selecting XLR cable for Dac to Preamp
  27. Indiegogo campaign iPhone horn amplifier
  28. WyWire cables
  29. My Opinion
  30. My first audioPC (+ introduction)
  31. Visit to Paul Pang in Taiwan
  32. Anyone using Wadia 171i transport? Is it still working with iPhone 5 & new iPad that running iOS 7?
  33. Would it be stupid to stick a pair of bookshelves on a glass cabinet?
  34. Dedicated power to audio equipment
  35. What AVR models have an asynchronous usb port and 5.6mhz DSD
  36. Do I need a good source?
  37. HD vs. HR
  38. Linux rocks! I just installed Ubuntu Studio + Banshee.
  39. Dacmagic spdif problem
  40. What will be the NEXT Dragonfly
  41. Any interest in a DIY under-the-desk compact subwoofer?
  42. Tom's Hardware Blind DAC Test
  43. Samsung Galaxy S5 Has 24/192 DAC
  44. 192 khz vs 48 khz poll
  45. Born of Sound (video)
  46. Gapless playing
  47. spotify instead of MOG
  48. Does anyone have this issue when playing music on a Hi-Res Players
  49. Budget Docks and Hi-Fi's - Beginner Help
  50. Practical suggestions for improving Power supply/electrical issues affecting Sound Quality
  51. Observations on the audio opinions of the unwashed masses
  52. Vinyl Conversion
  53. Multichannel from PC (Foobar2000) to Oppo 103 via HDMI
  54. iFi adds the "Even-Order Harmonics that All Music Lovers Crave"
  55. Headphones bigger cash cow than traditional hifi
  56. Where'd the zombie Poll threads come from ??
  57. CD sales buoyant in UK
  58. What's Important To A Great System (from most to least)?
  59. C2 Error Pointers, New External Optical Reader and XLD - Thoughts?
  60. USB Cable
  61. Disc Storage Solution Required
  62. Best Methodology for Tagging Music
  63. Windows Computer
  64. Could I get some Sound Card Advice?
  65. New vs. old
  66. Focal
  67. Stuttering or Jittering on new set-up - help please!
  68. Beginner newbie question
  69. "Save the Stereo!"
  70. Mac Mini - please advise
  71. Does anyone here own a Leben Cs300X(S)
  72. Misheard lyrics - can you give (funny!) examples
  73. Chicago Audio Event
  74. Help with mixing board into Mini
  75. Any other more high choices?
  76. The most basic download Question ever!
  77. Why not.....dlna....
  78. Its all a bunch of poop
  79. Online trolls are 'everyday sadists'
  80. Time Machine just saved my bacon...
  81. *This* Should Set the Cat Amongst the Pigeons
  82. Diet has Significant Impact to Your Hearing for Audio
  83. Consideration Of The Neighbors. How Loud?
  84. move digital pcm front channels to back channels
  85. Bunch of questions regarding the improvement of my audio experience!
  86. I need help determining equipment
  87. Analog to Digital help
  88. I require a new PC audio setup: Headphones and Soundcard.
  89. MUSINGS: Golden Earism (& The Philips Golden Ears Challenge)
  90. Sonos Playbar v. 2 Channel -- for television
  91. The one topic subjectivists and objectivists seem to have a tough time with....
  92. ripping the subjectivist way...?
  93. My First Time ~ My experience with a modest cable upgrade
  94. Custom Odyssey Stratos
  95. First Mac, I need media player suggestions
  96. Memory
  97. "Comparison by Contrast" method for evaluation of the playback chain
  98. A Solution to the Elephant that Keeps Ruining the Furniture in the Listening Room (Humor Has a Degree of Truth in it)
  99. Ken Shindo has passed away
  100. Should "objectivists" be asked to leave?
  101. Furniture
  102. Embeding WiMP and Spotify tracks in blog
  103. Difference between 16 and 24 bit
  104. Which NAD Integrated Amp And DAC To Select?
  105. New Member; New to Computer Audio
  106. From michael fremer analogue planet
  107. CA Music Reviews | User Feedback and Bug Reports
  108. The product of constants is a constant: a bit rate question.
  109. Need for high quality Firewire cable from external drive to MBP?
  110. How does your dog react to your music?
  111. What if the CD format died?
  112. JRivermedia 19
  113. Audio Reviews
  114. Anyone tried a SATA Flash Card, to avoid sata cables?
  115. Did anybody catch The BSO live concert on WCRB/Internet on Saturday, 2/1?
  116. Absolute Beginner (Mac)
  117. Insider Story of the Audio Industry
  118. HiFiMan Ear Buds RE-600
  119. Digital out, what can i conect to it ?
  120. Why we describe vinyl as "warm"sounding
  121. New Synology DS414, a couple snags with JRiver
  122. What is "thesycon"
  123. Hello everyone.
  124. Cheap and effective tweak
  125. Village Baker
  126. Newbie humbly/respectfully requesting research assistance/direction(s)...
  127. Bitcoin or Bowie-coin?
  128. PC motherboard problem... Anyone know a bit about motherboards?
  129. SOtM PCIe USB card not passing bit-perfect data
  130. Fear and loathing not required
  131. MSB DAC 3 Signature Version vs AMR DP777 vs Audio GD M7
  132. Not sure what to do/use
  133. New Member and Remote C.A.P.S. control question
  134. Nice two-part talk on jitter by Ted Smith (PS Audio)
  135. Audiophile help on a mac mini
  136. Audiophile Music
  137. Current setup improvements
  138. Nordost Paper - New Approaches to Audio Measurement
  139. Comment on DAC
  140. High Speed USB Isolator
  141. 2.1 Audio issues from Asus Xonar Essence STX S/PDIF Coaxial and JRiver Media Center
  142. Shopping Online: the process of making choices
  143. Snellen chart for audio
  144. Open Apology to Everyone
  145. Windows Tweak
  146. Neil Young's Grammy Speech
  147. Help Please
  148. Problem: Noisy rips. Cause: Unknown. Desired: solution to overcome the obstacle preventing me from entering audiophile nirvana...
  149. Weakest link
  150. Overused phrases...
  151. Desk & wall treatment
  152. set up help
  153. using a PCI sound card with a laptop
  154. Why is finding Bulk/Raw USB cable "wire" that meets the "Standard" seem as rare as Hen's Teeth for the DIY'er?
  155. The Keystone of Good Fi..... what does it for you?
  156. CAPS DN2800MT: Has anyone succesfully enabled graphics GPU GMA3600 in Windows 8.1?
  157. Vocals sound harsh
  158. B.M.C. The Pure USB I Cable - what is it?
  159. For those than can hear a difference in USB cables: Are BOTL cables better than generic?
  160. JPlay & JRiver
  161. Moving on: Selling my Amarra and Audirvana+ License
  162. Trying to figure out a purpose for this thing...
  163. MOG is dead as of april
  164. HDMI vs USB for audio?
  165. iTunes Questions
  166. Best Setting
  167. Desktop Speaker Stands
  168. audio from computer to radio
  169. Ayre QB-9 and Audio Midi
  170. 'I don't want to hear the word sonic ever again'
  171. What should "Audiophile" gear cost?
  172. output level?
  173. Expensive vs. Moderately Priced.
  174. Toxic Cables
  175. Mac Mini set up
  176. Looking for a software-project related to audio... Any suggestions?
  177. Darn Ringing in my ears ...
  178. The end of the world as we know it
  179. The dreaded iTunes exclamation point of death
  180. Brian Auger & Julie Diriscoll - Open
  181. Mac mini power brick
  182. Buy expensive sata cable or go PCI Express SSD ?
  183. HiFi vs MidFi
  184. BEST 2014 CES Photo Coverage Period!
  185. Bicycles
  186. Exploring DSD
  187. Wireworld Cables: A Warning
  188. Ritualizing a sensory experience
  189. System Set Up, Thanks for Helping a Newbie
  190. Audio Event Wednesday January 15, 2014 In Los Angeles
  191. Just a friendly reminder on the importance of backups
  192. My Brother the Music Lover
  193. Outlet Covers
  194. Is there a "Getting Started" forum?
  195. DO you ever, after listening to an album...
  196. Measured evidence that bit perfect playback software alters the analog output of DAC's?
  197. Online tone deaf test.
  198. Controlling multiple Audio sources with multiple devices
  199. What computer to buy
  200. Where can I purchase a case similar to SOTM?
  201. Perfect Pitch in a Pill
  202. Free online Critical Listening Skills Course from Queen's University Belfast
  203. Help with Distortion
  204. Pono
  205. Naim NAC112 changes volume all by itself - help!
  206. Stereo Setup Downloads
  207. Playback problem with High Definition files
  208. JRemote problem
  209. What is your noise floor?
  210. sound card or usb interface ?????????????
  211. some questions from a noob
  212. OWC has released a Thunderbolt Raid Array
  213. Budget Audio PC's, where are we at these days?
  214. How do I mount a drive in debian wheezy?
  215. Audio Gurus - Need Help and Advice! - Speaker and sound card issues
  216. What is the difference between Compact Flash and SSD?
  217. Your objective / subjective ratio - Where lies your audiophile threshold?
  218. Matt Asland CTO at JRiver
  219. What Does Jitter Sound Like? Let's Test
  220. My System
  221. DSD via HDMI
  222. If a difference is audible, is it measurable?
  223. If it's measurable, is it audible?
  224. Power cords
  225. Budget home guitar studio.
  226. JRiver MC 19 MAC /Mac Mini/Oppo BDP-105 White Noise Problems
  227. Hifi lust
  228. Do all DACs sound more or less the same?
  229. Good battery supply for iPhone5 + Audioquest Dragonfly?
  230. soundcard / dac as preamp ?
  231. 2013 best audio marketing of pseudo-science or fictional science...taking nominations now.
  232. Suggestions to replace CD reader in my PC
  233. How about your visual abilities ?
  234. How good is your aural memory of live music?
  235. HQPlayer with ExaSound DAC
  236. Focal Solo 6 BE & Focal Sub BE & JRivermedia
  237. Dust
  238. Advertising Standards Authority & High End Power Cords
  239. Integrated Sound card
  240. Another opinion on Audiophilia
  241. Music and bicycling
  242. JRiver vs. Jplay
  243. Is there a better sounding SATA cable?
  244. Do fuses make a difference?
  245. Acoustic Levitation
  246. Focal solo 6 BE
  247. Connecting Marantz NR 1402 to laptop
  248. Isolation devices for external hard drives?
  249. Best of 2013 tweaks
  250. Audiophile 2496 card not fully installing under XP (sp3)- ideas welcome?