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  1. Happy New Year! What are you playing or singing to ring in the New Year?
  2. Using MBP Retina as Music Server
  3. Amps with Variable Gain
  4. Your designer USB cable may be spying on you
  5. Power Chords
  6. My first dabble into a decent computer audio setup.
  7. Awakening
  8. Clicks and Pops in audio background
  9. Breaking bad
  10. Airport Express + MISTRAL DT 307a
  11. Computer Speakers
  12. How High Can You Hear?
  13. Stammering Dac
  14. Dumb question on profile pic??
  15. Understanding TAS's "the ABCs of DSD Downloads" by V. Forrester
  16. New source!!!?
  17. Two Amps, one dilemma, HELP.
  18. some threshold questions from a beginner
  19. Noob Problem. Noise issue left channel only with Macbook Pro.
  20. forum comments
  21. Searching for Gapless Surround Solution
  22. I"ve made an account just for this:YTF do these hdmi cables cost 10 grand?And there are loads others for a few grand too.Amazon link....
  23. Im happy I finally signed up
  24. RMAF13;High-End Audio: Production and Playback Methods
  25. Charles Hansen, Chris Connaker, and all other vendors or studio people active on CA.
  26. Beginer to upgrading audio
  27. Ayre K5xe MP Preamp: any experience?
  28. Best digital input to my Parasound P-5
  29. What a Fuster Cluck!
  30. USB Cable
  31. Advice needed with ne Mac Mini
  32. Bit Flipping
  33. Audiophile Music Has Come Quiet Far
  34. When You Listen, How Do You Listen?
  35. Any audiophile runners out there?
  36. Are we ever going to get the perfect DSD and multichannel playback music library experience?
  37. Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas.
  38. Upgrade suggestions
  39. Purist Audio Cable Ultimate
  40. If Only I Listened To Vinyl
  41. streamer burning in
  42. FLAC through iPod Interface in Car
  43. New proprietary technology reviewed
  44. What is the best free audio file converter
  45. USB Cables and Loudness
  46. Amp stand choice
  47. Jitter: The Digital Devil
  48. New Amplifier/Receiver purchase NAD or HK?
  49. The Third Channel - can it make a come back?
  50. Old Audiophile With A" Newbie" To HD MUsic Question Of Where/How To Start Getting Into HD Music
  51. Hi-Res Files Not Synching to iPod Classic
  52. Which Sample Rate To Choose ?
  53. Can it be TOO quiet???
  54. Anyone going to buy a new Mac Pro tomorrow?
  55. Convert And Save At A New Sample Rate - Is It Possible ?
  56. A really basic Apple question...
  57. Any anecdotal evidence or not, that loading the USB bus effects analog output of a DAC?
  58. G-Drive
  59. Ripping - Checksums, Jitter, Ripping drive - does it really matter ?
  60. World’s First Valid Comparison of PCM versus DSD?
  61. Focal Professional Solo6 Be
  62. New Product: Calyx 'M' Portable
  63. The Search Function -- Return Specific Posts?
  64. Any measured evidence that loading the USB bus effects analog output of a DAC?
  65. How many number systems did you learn in school?
  66. Patent Trolls
  67. Company fines couple for negative review
  68. Ripping CD's to FLAC vs. Buying New CD Player
  69. Should you restart Mac before switching between iTunes/Audivrana and JRMC for Mac
  70. New System - need source advice/opinions
  71. What type of electricity sounds better?
  72. New computer purchase advise please
  73. Speaker cables
  74. Setting up my NAD M51
  75. Ads on JRivermedia
  76. A question about mastering...
  77. Help with Headphone Purchase
  78. Some Recent Observations on Sound and My System
  79. Bit identical files sounding different due to PS used in ripping or subsequent file handling.
  80. A Matter of Taste
  81. Streamer or DAC that is controlled by my smartphone?
  82. Complete digital silence
  83. Lynx L22/TWO and hdplex H1
  84. A graph depicting the components of a Computer sound system
  85. Post Your Setup! Photos.
  86. Acronyms
  87. Get Ready For The Streaming-Music Die-Off
  88. How much live, unamplified music do you get to listen to?
  89. Classical music neophyte eager to learn more
  90. Chris C. Interview and Finality...
  91. Has anyone compared the audio quality of an iPod with that of a SanDisk Sansa Clip+?
  92. Chris Connaker Interview
  93. Any chance of adding an Audirvana 2.0 to our Christmas lists?
  94. Are some Computer Audiophiles more equal than others?
  95. iTunes Match downloads don't match original rips
  96. Needle Drop Comparisons
  97. Would this damage an amp or subwoofer?
  98. Paul Pang shout out
  99. Bryston or Wyred?
  100. Mojo audio opinions
  101. Bitcoin
  102. Very new to computer audio, any suggested first steps?
  103. Wilson Sophia CES demo with Apple iPod as the source
  104. New USB spec to be published by middle of next year
  105. What shiny new audio toy will you be getting for Christmas this year?
  106. It looks like MOG is going to become Beats Music...
  107. Does anybody still make a 7.1 2 to 1 Analog switch anymore?
  108. Weird DAC/audio path behavior - looking for explanation
  109. Haiku Audio
  110. High-end Audio in Tokyo
  111. DoP Recording Software Available!
  112. ATTENTION: My new and latest discovery regarding room correction software, blind testing and memory effects
  113. best amp for headphones
  114. Privacy ?
  115. Trying to find solution for listening to 25 bit/96Hz flacs in Car....market wide solution
  116. Linear Power Supply for a MacBookPro
  117. Best way to connect Laptop to Denon 3312
  118. A big thanks to the "gang"
  119. What do YOU want from a desktop speaker?...a collaborative.
  120. Need Some Help. Not Sure What I Am Looking For.
  121. Korg recorder users?
  122. Slightly OT - Amarra Vinyl
  123. DVD audio Extractor question
  124. Nice cable review here - SwissCables
  125. CA product of the year 2013
  126. O.T. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
  127. Best Set Up
  128. Who do you distrust as an expert in the CA Audio Field?
  129. Problem with www.albumartexchange.com and www.blocked.com
  130. OCZ Filing for Bankruptcy, Announces Offer From Toshiba to Purchase Assets
  131. Help with connections on my vinyl ripping set up
  132. DSD Tagging in Foobar2000
  133. Who do you trust as an expert in the CA Audio Field?
  134. Looking for a solution
  135. Recommeded upgrade for a music lovers HT setup?
  136. Bob Lefsetz: "We Don’t Want Your Record"
  137. What could convince you that your sighted listening impressions are wrong?
  138. New Features - User Input Requested
  139. Which Mac Mini?
  140. Dieter Rams Vintage Hi-Fi System - Sold For $100,000
  141. Turning off screen for laptop.
  142. DSD Battle Royale - A/D Converter Comparison with Downloadable Files
  143. MacMini - What's on your bottom?
  144. The Quantum HDMI Squeezer + ULTRA Cable: A look at HDMI cables.
  145. [B]How close is your computer or wireless router to your DAC?[/B]
  146. Amazing guide for tube rolling
  147. Blueshift
  148. Any reason this will not be a good UPS for my music Mini?
  149. How to connect headphone amp
  150. Wireworld USB cable and their whitepaper.
  151. What too use under a Mac Mini for best sound?
  152. O.T. Have you witnessed a U.F.O
  153. MacBook Pro Power Supplies
  154. PC-USB Dropouts
  155. How do you select audio cables for your system?
  156. Super Hi Rez DSD Downloads
  157. What is the best way to do audio in a computer based home theater/audio/gaming room?
  158. USB Cable Lengths SQ Differences
  159. Any Black Friday deals likely for entry level audiophile equipment
  160. Amp gtg
  161. Sandisk Flash Memory On Sale at Costco Nov29-Dec1 Only
  162. W4S STI 500 v. Krell S-300i
  163. Cheap USB DAC + Amp for SanDisk - Sansa Clip Zip + Pioneer SP-BS22-LR speakers?
  164. Eureka! No-show song file problem solved!
  165. Two pc power supplies (OS and Music HDD's) how to wire up?
  166. Newbie advice?
  167. OT Comic relief: Bose speaker analogies
  168. Which DACs are immune to differences in digital cables?
  169. recommendations for cd player as a transport
  170. Poll for folks with digital and vinyl playback
  171. The next great audio tweak is here...
  172. What's your oldest equipment?
  173. Sighted listening and peer pressure...
  174. Flat Earth...
  175. Just Another Subjective Experience With a USB Cable Change
  176. Liv Zen to Audio Research Dac 8
  177. Renewed newbie. Any advice is appreciated.
  178. SACD ripping service.
  179. CD with 86 mins of audio?
  180. is there such a thing as a thunderbolt to usb 3.0 converter?
  181. Would HDMI out bypass ALL internal processing on laptop?
  182. In the ultimate double-blind test, the new USB cable's better!
  183. Decibel & Musical Fidelity V-Link Problem
  184. Where should I put my money?
  185. is 4Gb ram on my MB Air sufficient to play DSD files with JRiver
  186. External HDD - Cable vs. Interface
  187. Pioneer N50, Marantz, et al Help
  188. What works best: USB-stick or HD?
  189. Something that has been niggling at me...
  190. Connections and contact enhancers
  191. USB cable question - length vs benefits of "better" ones
  192. Pre amp recommendations sought
  193. Jumping To Conclusions About System Problems
  194. What USB to SPDIF convertor
  195. Musical Provenance
  196. So, DVD's have moved on to something called Blu Ray...
  197. Any evidence wire is less than fully transparent at audio frequencies?
  198. Justin Boyd: "Sound and Time"
  199. Advice sought: next upgrade?
  200. It took me 3 weeks, but Beaglebone's alive and streaming!
  201. SRC within iTunes
  202. How many of you are audio and visual "philes?"
  203. Some experience from my recent home HiFi equipment upgrade - blog post
  204. Ayre QA-9 DSD Pro.. How do you connect it to a Mac Mini?
  205. Wireworld 5m USB Cable debuts with Male A & Type Mini B
  206. Remote update
  207. More OS Mavericks issues
  208. The Weakest Link In the Computer Audio Chain
  209. Let's see your pet(s)!
  210. Help? Streaming Lossless Audio
  211. NAD C370 + MacMini +DAC ?
  212. Recording from the radio
  213. Newbie; Rip my own DVD-Audio to an ALAC file?
  214. eBay warning
  215. My housekeeper likes Audirvana more than Pure Music and Amarra...
  216. Wyred 4 Sound
  217. Where to download Flac Old Time Music?
  218. my 41 year old Marantz 2230 is sounding achingly beautiful these last two days...
  219. Dumb Skype Question
  220. Sources for Video?
  221. Vinyl to DSD conversion
  222. Utter disaster
  223. Marantz app
  224. What requires "power" (as in, more powerful amps)- upper or lower frequencies?
  225. Audiophile solder
  226. Returning to Audio - Wish to rip all cds to computer
  227. ASIO vs WASAPI.
  228. Where do you find new music?
  229. Can anyone help an AV noob?
  230. The last battle of the loudness war has been won
  231. New Led Zepplin
  232. Does this make sense?
  233. Advice Please: Amp Gain Adjustment
  234. Neil Young to Be Honored By Recording Academy's Producers and Engineers
  235. Is it not about time for a new standardized audio-interface???
  236. Where to set volume
  237. Off-Topic: Mac wont play a particular DVD
  238. Can you convert 5 ch DFF or 4 trk WAV files to 2 channel?
  239. PC vs Mac for audio
  240. A brief poll question about sex
  241. 10 DIY home theater disasters
  242. Benchmark AHB2 - High-resolution amplifier
  243. David Byrne: 'The internet will suck all creative content out of the world'
  244. dynamic range analysis..why?
  245. Do buses and interfaces affect sound quality ?
  246. Power cables - shielded only if needed
  247. Dedicated digital COAX cable vs. stereo RCA
  248. What you listen in your car audio?
  249. Auralic Merak
  250. are remote controls obsolete?