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  1. Anyone using USB HDD attached to router?
  2. USB Flash or SSD?
  3. Brand New CD - Every Song Rips as Inaccurate - What To Do?
  4. Which brands of CD-rs? MAM_A &&&???? Sound quality
  5. My first NAS, going deep! QNAP TVS471 for Roon Server. Got a question or three!
  6. Forget storage comparison. Even the same storage can sound different with different file copying methods
  7. Newbie question -- 801.11N gigabit router with NAS?
  8. USB drive not detected
  9. Raid 0 or or store in hard disc
  10. My 2 week ordeal to just expand my RAID
  11. This should be enough to hold your music library
  12. "Essence of Music" CD treatment
  13. wd passport ultra
  14. Some Best SSD's, Please
  15. Synology Box RAID configuration
  16. Synology 1513+ and Roon => issues with hi-rez files
  17. Is Ethernet NAS isolated?
  18. Why do WAV and FLAC files Sound Different
  19. NAS drive question
  20. Best way to generate FLAC copy of medium size AIFF library?
  21. Need help with ripping large collection of CDs
  22. Apple's future filesystem: APFS
  23. Best backup software for Mac external drives (not NAS)?
  24. Have you done a backup recently?
  25. NAS Users (QNAP specifically) -- Your Share/Folder Structure/Permissions & Security?
  26. If you have a NAS, beware OS X 10.11.5
  27. NAS consolidation upgrade / local storage help
  28. Ripping and the Jitterbug
  29. On ripping CDs
  30. Ubuntu 16.04 released with ZFS
  31. Backing up NAS to cloud?
  32. Windows media player for ripping?
  33. Synology DS216+ setting up Apple Time Machine?
  34. Help deciding NAS expansion
  35. Folder of files not showing up in Library
  36. Duplicate songs
  37. Processor speed / Ram question
  38. 128gb microSD in a 64gb device?
  39. Synology set up for Mac
  40. Wireless vs USB HD
  41. dedicated music network NAS via cable or share whole home NAS via wireless?
  42. 4 Bay Synology NAS-Which RAID configurationÉ
  43. 255 character limit on file names
  44. Drobo 5N speed adequate?
  45. 15.36TB SSD Coming Soon
  46. Looking for a Recommendation on a 2TB External Hard Drive
  47. NAS versus standard desktop drives
  48. Upgrade Buffalo LS421DE versus new NAS or external USB
  49. Anyone using a wifi-USB stick for iOS expansion and music playback?
  50. Entire CD Ripping Inaccurately = Bad Disc? Please Say It Ain't So!
  51. New to Computer Audio
  52. Synology v FreeNAS
  53. NAS vs External HD
  54. DVD Audio Extractor, Blu Rays and Iso images
  55. Ripping CD at 24 bit?
  56. Where is a good place to put your offsite storage data?
  57. Tagging Software Advice
  58. NAS or Computer for Best Sound?
  59. Totally lost.
  60. paranoid about NAS music file integrity
  61. Need More Space
  62. Failure rate calculations for various types of RAID
  63. Renaming Recovered FLAC Files In A Large Batch From Hard Disk Crash On Mac OS
  64. PSU Recommendations for Synology DS214+
  65. Library Expansion due to Batch Conversion
  66. Hi Rez File Storage: Best External Drive Setup for Laptop?
  67. Plan needed for home storage solution
  68. Advice with Synology ds216 models
  69. Move Music collection from HFS+ HDD to a exfat HDD
  70. possible bitrot
  71. Qnap HS-251+ fanless nas
  72. Best Cloud Storage
  73. Qnap: Ts251
  74. SSD recommendations
  75. Proper backup of NAS
  76. M2 SSD, how does it impact our music?
  77. Windows 10 Question
  78. Need help finding a solution for my husbands DVD collection
  79. Server, software for about 2500 CDs
  80. Setting-up a QNAP NAS on a MAC
  81. Ssd
  82. MAC OS X: Best Blu ray external drive?
  83. FYI - New NAS coming with extraordinary capabilities.
  84. SSD NAS - How noisy are Synology NAS's? Or QNAP?
  85. NAS vs. External HD
  86. MD5 zip/flac/wav challenge $1000 bounty
  87. Synology Web Assistant Problem - Wierd
  88. I finished my Versioned Backup quest.
  89. Melco N1A - any users here willing to share their feedback ?
  90. Storing LPs to a PC in DSD format.
  91. Output sampling rate
  92. Does a zip or a tar/gzip archive compression damage audio files?
  93. Music Backup Device
  94. Best external drive option for early 2009 iMac?
  95. Moving iTunes songs.
  96. Opinions: iX Systems FreeNAS mini
  97. Music file corruption without a change in checksum
  98. HFS+ needs to HTFU
  99. Lima
  100. Audiophile NAS's?
  101. Raspberry PI as NAS
  102. new NAS, replce disks or?
  103. Roon fun...
  104. Netgear ReadyNAS?
  105. How Does everyone store the Music on Big Storage drives
  106. Library Management in prep to NAS
  107. Seagate 8 TB HDD for NAS
  108. Flowing Water, White Noise, Hissing
  109. WAV tagging?
  110. Best External Hard Drive for music storage.
  111. Tripp Lite IS250 Isolation Transformer 250W Surge 120V 2 Outlet 6 feet Cord TAA GSA
  112. Peanuts to Storage Space cost?
  113. A+ Library Rerangement
  114. Another method for attaching storage
  115. Can You Format An External HDD To Work With Both Mac and Windows?
  116. External hard drive format with Synology
  117. Synology & Buffalo NAS + WD USB Drives... Help please!
  118. A+ won't see all files in one folder
  119. A+ syncing
  120. My NAS build
  121. Needing to upgrade my NAS...
  122. Samsung reveal 16TB SSD hard drive!
  123. QNAP TS231 or Synology DS215J?
  124. A+ Duplicating files
  125. Optical drive
  126. What would be a better choice HD
  127. I've Seen The Error In My Ways And I'm Going To Set Up A Raid
  128. How to get started
  129. Best optical drive 4 ripping?
  130. QNAP TS-251 with HDMI, will it pass multichannel DSD?
  131. Internal SSD vs NAS
  132. NAS Just for Data Fles, or also for Audio Files?
  133. 2TB Samsung SSD - $800 on Amazaon
  134. To NAS or not to NAS, this is the question!
  135. Meta Data and NAS CD Ripping
  136. Samsung 850 EVO and Pro 2TB SATA SSD Reviewed
  137. Mac OS 10.10.4 and SSD Trim
  138. Hires Audio Library and Cloud Storage
  139. Surge Protector affect ing quality
  140. Esp hdd
  141. External Portable SSD vs HDD Comparison
  142. Basic Question I Can't Seem To Get Answered
  143. iTunes AIFF Encoder
  144. How should I set iTunes Pref's
  145. Elgato Thunderbolt+ 512GB
  146. Synology DS415+ file renaming error on Copy to External Drive
  147. Thundrbolt Use
  148. flac files with tape "white noice)?
  149. Minimserver .83 needs java 7, but Synology x86 only goes to java 6
  150. Two 3TB drives or one 6TB drive?
  151. Mac Mini variants
  152. Please help. Cannot get a straight answer
  153. I need help in the San Francisco Area (consultant wanted)
  154. Help please.
  155. Looking for silent desktop RAID or JBOD, Thunderbolt-2, accepting 2.5" drives.
  156. Synology DS Audio, Pioneer N50-a and gapless playback
  157. Power free firewire
  158. best way to archive cds to blu ray?
  159. Help! Pogoplug B01 file server
  160. External USB HDD Recommendations?
  161. Slow USB HD?
  162. Help for choice of 2.5 sata HD?
  163. Synology NAS/Oppo 105 USB feeding Oppo 105 on network.... best practice
  164. New ASUS can't connect to DiskStation ?
  165. iOmega iX-2 issues
  166. Portable player: SD Cards management
  167. Digital storage help
  168. What is the best way to sync two macs with music on NAS
  169. Advice needed (laptop/external sound card/cabling).
  170. StarTech.com USB 3.0 eSATA Hard Drive Enclosure w/ UASP
  171. Synology NAS/Oppo 105 USB
  172. Samsung SSDs any good?
  173. Recommend a HD please
  174. SSD vs Hard Disk in NAS
  175. Multiple or Single Hard Drives?
  176. Organizing music
  177. Questions On Running Both DAC And External HDD Units On USB
  178. Best Place to House the Music?
  179. Can't Access My HDD Over Network?
  180. First post, I have 120gig of music on a HDD. Now what?
  181. New NAS from Western Digital
  182. Rip Robots - are they worth it?
  183. Fanless NAS from Synology -
  184. In defense of Sony's Premium Sound micro SD card
  185. Mini PCI-e output for "external" SSD/HD ?
  186. Sony to Offer ‘Premium Sound’ Memory Card
  187. Newbie needs external music storage medium
  188. Library Location For JRiver for use by 2 PCs
  189. Synology and external drive support - Drive Format
  190. Large CD Ripping Project
  191. Better sounding external drives?
  192. Any way to cut out the pc
  193. itunes file corruption
  194. Hard disc reliability, part II
  195. Music Storage
  196. ASUSTOR AS-302T any opinions?
  197. Music storage for about 1000 CDs mixed music
  198. QNAP HS-251 (fanless) vs. Synology DS214 Play
  199. Anyone tried LPS with their Synology NAS?
  200. CarbonCopyCloner 3.0.1
  201. Best server software for Synology NAS?
  202. How much processing power for NAS?
  203. drobo 5n performance (vs. 5d)?
  204. Thunderbolt drive with bootcamped Mac running WS2012 (with AO)?
  205. Any performance difference in the WD Red line?
  206. Linear Power Supply for an external HDD?
  207. Can you backup to multiple drives with Time Machine?
  208. Moving files into subdirs on OSX
  209. SSD for music files internal or external
  210. What happens if a drive is larger than it's controller can handle?
  211. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB
  212. Best CD drive to rip?
  213. Samsung 840 Pro vs. Crucial M550 for music files?
  214. How does one run an internal drive externally with a linear power supply?
  215. Newbie looking to go NAS (or should I)?
  216. Samsung 850 Pro
  217. some backup and adding external/internal harddrive to my system
  218. USB to thunderbolt
  219. Has anyone tried WD 6TB drives in a Thunderbolt Duo ?
  220. For those who use an external HDD for their music instead of NAS: Which drive?
  221. What is the difference between NAS and just a PC with a load of hard drives?
  222. Two-bay or four-bay Synology NAS
  223. Has anyone tried to bridge two ethernet ports in a dual port NAS?
  224. Any hands on experience ?
  225. upgraded psu for Synology?
  226. Back up problem on Synology Server
  227. too simple?
  228. Which sounds better FireWire or ThunderBolt to external, anyone.?
  229. so how much processing power does a NAS CPU need to have anyway?
  230. Re: Thunderbolt cables...do they count?
  231. New OWC HDD won't spin down/sleep
  232. Free Unlimited Cloud Storage for Microsoft Office 365 Subscribers
  233. NAS upgrade > LPSU or SSD : which one is more efficient ?
  234. I'm joining the 21st century (but I have a question or two)
  235. Does storage medium matter in 24/96 playback
  236. Samsung 840 EVO Firmware
  237. STAPLES 20% off everything sale - Back up your files now!
  238. extracting files
  239. iTunes help
  240. Loss of SQ with Restore via Time Machine?
  241. NAS quality = sound quality?
  242. Cloud backup and local playback
  243. It keeps getting better.
  244. External HDD for Music Files
  245. Best Blu Ray Drive Internal
  246. Please help, how can I better store my music?
  247. Experience with WD My Cloud EX2 8 TB NAS?
  248. Do I really need two copies of every ripped CD - an archival and a working one?
  249. Power supply upgrade for a Synology DS214play NAS?
  250. G Tech Raid - way too noisy