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  1. Thoughts on backup...
  2. RAID for music storage
  3. Options for getting music library off of iMac internal HD
  4. ipad doesn't show correct for media library
  5. Best practise NAS / JRMC set-up?
  6. C.A.P.S. 2.0 Troubleshooting
  7. What is the best and fastest 11TB Music server player combo?
  8. Using an internal blu ray player externally
  9. Best method of storing/Saving music files whilst on the move?
  10. Pacific Pro Audio Oxford Series Fire Wire Drives - 2TB -> FRIQin amazing drive for a Mac mini?
  11. Helium-filled WD drives promise huge boost in capacity
  12. Hard drive warranty
  13. ADVICE; Synology Raid 5....Need 6 TB free
  14. "backseeking doesn't seem to work for flushing cache" -Is this bad?
  15. How do I rip an SACD?
  16. Seeking Advice On New Music Storage device
  17. Change to SS Hard Drive
  18. Chain drives or buy a bigger drive
  19. Newer Technology Mini Stack 2012
  20. Conceptual and procedural suggestions for backup and sync... (Mac)
  21. Losing address of the NAS drive in iTUNES
  22. USB vs. Firewire storage, and memory play
  23. Recommend a Blu-ray reader drive for Windows 7 PC
  24. Some Artwork Goes Missing.
  25. New Product: LaCie eSATA / Thunderbolt adaptor
  26. Apple TV optimization question
  27. 2 HD's died this month, need BU plan
  28. New MacBookPro set up, need advice!
  29. Advice on storage and back-up
  30. Problem With Lacie Quadra 2 External HDD self ejecting
  31. External Cd Drive
  32. Help needed - basically starting from scratch
  33. Synology DiskStation
  34. New FW drive for storage
  35. Carbon Copy Cloner
  36. Quiet Direct Attached Storage
  37. Copying music files over iTunes Home Sharing question? Bit Perfect copy?
  38. heat of nas drives (Synology in ds411j vs ds411 slim were the two I was initially looking at)
  39. Advantages of Pure Music
  40. Amazon deal of the day: Really inexpensive SSDs
  41. External Hard Drive or not?
  42. My MacBookPro will soon be full
  43. Simple recommendation for an HDD brand
  44. Any benefit on using a premium Firewire cable from RAID to computer
  45. Poll: Can an SSD do more harm than good?
  46. What this country needs is a good, 5-cent Wifi to DAC adapter
  47. Drobo embraces Thunderbolt, releases Drobo Mini
  48. When HD's Reach Capacity
  49. SACD-rom drive?
  50. Solution for archiving / playing CD collection
  51. Belkin and Matrox set to bring USB 3.0 to the Mac via Thunderbolt
  52. Toshiba touts industry's densest SSDs with faster performance
  53. My flac files are dropping out periodically when played off of an external hard-drive
  54. A Cheap Guy's NAS Experiment/Alternatives
  55. Seagate to acquire storage company LaCie
  56. Report: 60TB disk drives could be a reality in 2016
  57. Thunderbolt cable options open up
  58. Anyone using the new OCZ Octane or Petrol models?
  59. Synology CloudStation - tried it?
  60. back up for RIAD 1
  61. NAS, USB Storage and sound quality
  62. NAS and JRiver setup Questions...
  63. Please help
  64. Thunderbolt Update April 2012
  65. NAS Configuration Help Needed
  66. IPad as remote
  67. LaCIe 6TB 2big Thunderbolt Series RAID - any experiences?
  68. Upgrading to a better NAS Drive or Home Server.........What to buy?
  69. SSD versus HDD for music storage
  70. carbon copy cloner for backup HD ?
  71. 192k aiff & NAS
  72. HDD Headroom
  73. Help please, for a Mac optical drive!
  74. Formatting Glyph GPT50?
  75. Hitachi releases first enterprise-class 4TB hard drive
  76. Drobo & itunes
  77. Which SSD and RAM to choose
  78. G Tech external - Firewire connection not working
  79. NAS # of bays?
  80. Auraliti PK90 from (Synology) NAS
  81. Wi-Drive provides external storage for your iPad, iPhone
  82. Best way to connect NAS to PC?
  83. Advice on connecting a NAS and Mac
  84. Does it bother you that hard drives need replacing every 3 to 5 years?
  85. Seagate reaches 1Tb per square inch
  86. solid state external drive
  87. Intel: Optical cables for Thunderbolt coming this year
  88. Need advice on NAS or external array for CD archive
  89. 16 bit 24000 Hz
  90. What are you doing with your ripped CD discs?
  91. NAS and ITunes
  92. help with imac
  93. Is music on a local drive better than NAS?
  94. Disk Storage - C.A.R.S. LIST
  95. Ethernet vs. Esata connection
  96. Power down NAS remotely with iPad
  97. NAS vs multiple USB drives
  98. WHS or something else?
  99. NAS Vs Direct External Hard Drive Connection
  100. Convert ALAC stored on HDD to Aiff
  101. synology ds411...does it support SSD ? any experience anyone?
  102. External ssd array solutions?
  103. M-DISC DVDs with 1000 Year lifetime
  104. Cloning versus Back Up
  105. Thunderbolt: One year later
  106. WD Caviar Green
  107. WD Caviar Green
  108. iTunes keeps switching Media Folder
  109. What to do with my ripped CDs ......
  110. Transfer iTunes Library from MBP to MacMini
  111. Time Capsule as NAS?
  112. Power Supply for External HDD
  113. bit rate general question
  114. Advantage to adding RAM to a 2010 Mac Mini?
  115. Feb 2012 article in Absolute Sound says FLAC sounds worse than WAV....
  116. Ipods and 24 bit files
  117. Storage/Backup - A Primer
  118. Recommendations On External HDD
  119. what to do with ripping error reports?
  120. Backup HDD Selection (AC- or Bus-powered?)
  121. Long cable runs
  122. iTunes / Cloud Storage Question
  123. What do you use to copy/back-up your library?
  124. Choosing a NAS Drive for Sound Quality
  125. Netgear ReadyNAS with XRAID2
  126. The next generation solution?
  127. Using a Macbook Pro
  128. NAS for system backup + Music Server?
  129. Transfer of music from one HDD to another
  130. Newbie with NAS
  131. Backing up FAT32 drives for Mac users
  132. re-scan files in iTunes library
  133. Seagate, Western Digital slash hard drive warranty periods
  134. Amarra / iTunes hickup unless iTunes library on internal drive
  135. Poor reviews of every storage product
  136. Mac>Storage>USB DAC configuration question
  137. a faq that was not found (iTunes library on a nas)
  138. WD hd full of live shows
  139. Thunderbolt: How devices affect each other on a daisy chain
  140. Vibrations negatively impact hard drives?
  141. Ripping settings for MAX on Mac
  142. Oyen Digital MiniPro 2.5" FireWire 800 replacement
  143. recommended NAS & hard drives
  144. USB, Firewire or Optical
  145. Thunderbolt drives conspicuously absent
  146. Help Please, files disappeared from hard drive
  147. FireWire 800 Hub?
  148. Drive controller errors in system log with SOtM SATA filter installed
  149. How to connect to Thunderbolt
  150. Ok to use internal HDD on 2011 Mac Mini?
  151. Help needed: Extreme slowness browsing WD Live drive from Mac
  152. Seagate kills 5900 rpm desktop drives, all Barracudas now 7200 rpm
  153. New NAS/DAC system setup - questions?
  154. Any plans/advice for setting up a CD Ripping station
  155. External hd with USB or Firewire, quality rip?
  156. Music files lost in an instant
  157. Used Mac Mini
  158. This may be just the thing for archival back ups of our precious music files...
  159. OWC's Mercury Pro Elite 1TB 800/400/USB2:Is It Quiet?
  160. Anyhere using a Macbook Air as Transport ?
  161. The Drobo FS Has Arrived
  162. iTunes - an iMac, a Mac Mini - how to organise it all?
  163. Move half of library from one drive to another?
  164. I want to use OWC Mercury Pro Elite....
  165. Music file organization tips wanted . . .
  166. USB cable quality from Ext. HD to Macbook?
  167. Imperial March played on two drives [youtube video link]
  168. G-Drive (Hitachi) 2 TB External Drive - Any Owners Out There?
  169. Adding music to Drobo FS is super slow
  170. NAS to server (e.g. CAPS)
  171. Synology DS1511+ with OS X Lion?
  172. Size matters - help (!)
  173. CD Rip Drive Replacement
  174. Restoring iTunes Library
  175. Western Digital My Studio II not mounting with Lion
  176. Are Drobos magic?
  177. Playing from a SSD vs HDD?
  178. OWC Mercury Elite PRO
  179. Does anyone order external hard drives online?
  180. OWC Mercury Elite Pro mini: Noisy
  181. Solution for more hard drive space...
  182. Seagate to offer 4TB external drive for $250
  183. Thunderbolt and Promise drives
  184. files won't play on iPod
  185. Copy HD to HD
  186. Sonic advantages of feeding music player from eSATA serial connection? (vs USB port)
  187. Synology and eSata port
  188. hard drive size recomendations?
  189. back up instruction needed
  190. Best storage option for size, sound quality and speed
  191. Help with SSD
  192. Why You Should Never Buy a USB/FireWire Drive.
  193. Is it better to use exFAT than NTFS for a music/video library?
  194. Copying Files over Files on Ex HD....
  195. Which Way To Go - G-Tech or OWC? Looking For A Push One Way or The Other... Help
  196. Does It Compromise The Playback If...
  197. advice for new external hard drive?
  198. Trouble with iTunes Library
  199. Storage + Backup advice
  200. Help! Can't find files
  201. Airport extreme usb implementation
  202. 5400 RPM or 7200 RPM hard drives?
  203. Imac and airport vs mini mac when playing to a DAC
  204. itunes/pure music on NAS
  205. Why Forrest may be right about wav
  206. AudioSafe - Cloud Music Storage
  207. FLAC Encoder Setting In dbpoweramp
  208. NAS Files Missing
  209. Need Assistance - Is There An Advantage...
  210. Help - Which One To Choose...
  211. External Storage Options
  212. How quiet is the new 2TB Time Capsule?
  213. FW/USB Bus Powered 2.5" Enclosure from OWC
  214. Who loves their Iomegas?
  215. Please help a newbie
  216. HDCD Ripping with dBpoweramp-new feature with 14.1??
  217. Expanding Music Library
  218. Vortex Box Users/Owners....
  219. Looking for my first external hard drives
  220. Storage Solution Help
  221. Trash bin
  222. WD Mybook Studio dual use by USB and Firewire
  223. How to determine how much storage is required?
  224. Panasonic SW-5584: Reviews??
  225. Can Nas be itunes server
  226. Backup of External
  227. ZFS for data (i.e., music) storage?
  228. CD ripping advice
  229. Mini-Review: Glyph PortaGig 62 Hard Drive and Granite Digital FW 800 Cable
  230. iTunes on a NAS?
  231. NAS for network player and Mac
  232. Making iTunes Library more Finder-friendly (OS X)
  233. News update: Apple and the major music labels licencing negotiations
  234. I apologize for a stupid question, but can some one tell me the path of the music from external hard drive
  235. Which External cd/dvd read / writer for macbook ?
  236. 2TB Bus Powered FW Disk
  237. How to Format External Hardisk ?
  238. News On Apple's Move Towards Cloud Music System
  239. Impact of wifi?
  240. How do you get the best ripping results?
  241. External drive bitch-fest (and question)
  242. HD Noise Reduction
  243. What happens when MiniPro is out of space
  244. Is it worth buying high end FireWire cables?
  245. Silent Enclosure for External Hard Drives
  246. does it matter: Macbook ripping or Mac Mini 2010 ripping
  247. How to format external Samsung Story 2tb hardrive for windows and Mac
  248. Onnto RS-M4QO & Sabio Storage DM4 - Same Products?
  249. Need a near silent 3TB USB 3 or USB2 external hard drive.
  250. Samsung to sell HDD unit to Seagate in $1.4B deal