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  1. Sample Rates, Basic Questions.
  2. Sim audio 280D or Teac ud 503
  3. Acoustic Revive USB Terminator - does it attack the Jitterbug ?
  4. oppo 105 as computer DAC?
  5. idsd dac question
  6. 11.2 MHz DSD&384 kHz 32 bit PCM (¥140,000) HD-AMP1
  7. Digital audio bridge for Genelec 8351's and remote volume control.
  8. DacMagic Plus Bites the Dust, I think
  9. Linear power supply for Arcam irdac
  10. W4S DAC-2 USB driver incompatible with El Capitan - Advice?
  11. Sony UDA-1
  12. Lampi B7 - Amanero Combo 384 - Windows 10
  13. Sabre Distorion(Design Flaw?)
  14. Need a new Dac/Pre
  15. Need a little help figuring out how to best adjust volume in my setup
  16. JKenny Ciunas SPDIF Converter
  17. Chord DAVE and mojo
  18. Yggdrasil -- which power cord?
  19. Marantz DAC / Disc Player 'Special Edition' SA-14S1 SE (SRP £1799)
  20. Peachtree/ Mac
  21. Stand alone DAC vs internal
  22. New Sennheiser Orpheus with DSD 128 Tube Amp
  23. Modwright Elyse vs Berkeley Alpha 2/ USB
  24. Yellowtec PUC2 a good DAC or just a good converter?
  25. Direct Stream Lip Sync
  26. Lumin S1 vs MSB Analog + Aurender
  27. Uptone Regen + HiFace
  28. Advice: buy a USB DAC or a USB - SPDIF Converter?
  29. Ayre Codex
  30. Needing a cost effective I2S DAC board.
  31. Yggy with Windows 2012 Server
  32. Help with new DAC
  33. Help with a DAC ...Gustard U12
  34. Windows laptop to dac and HDMI help
  35. Grace Design x Massdrop m9XX DAC/Amp
  36. iMac to USB to Amp/DAC HELP
  37. External HD 2.0 or 3.0
  38. Cost not a concern: Schiit BMB vs. GMB vs. 2Qute?
  39. Teddy Pardo USB to S/PDIF (inbuilt linear PSU)
  40. Korg's New DSD/PCM ADC + DAC for $500
  41. Is there a Halide-like DAC device that can play 24/192?
  42. The Audio Alchemy DDP-1 and PS-5 Have Arrived
  43. Yggy vs Vega?
  44. Burl B2 Bomber ADC
  45. Good dacs with balanced outputs
  46. TOSLINK Questions
  47. Hiro's Schiit / Mola Mola Conversation
  48. Are USB regenerators/filters useful for reducing noise on ADC audio interfaces?
  49. 7.1 analog to hdmi Lpcm output
  50. Cambridge dacmagic
  51. Thinking of going different route from the current 2.1 PC speakers
  52. Chord Mojo
  53. Upgradizator DAC
  54. Why are USB inputs so crappy on DACs...
  55. Lampizator Golden Gate
  56. hiface 2..
  57. Grace Design M920 vs Schiit Gungnir (with multibit + usb upgrades)
  58. How to choose? Advice for dac upgrade plz
  59. Chord Electronics Mojo: portable audio’s new talisman?
  60. V link q92 Musical Fidelity with Mac Mini
  61. Amare Musica Tube DAC DSD – without D/A Converter. Magic? – NO, this is true
  62. DSD1024 from EMM Labs
  63. Woo-Audio WA7 Fireflies issues
  64. Gryphon Diablo 300 - what is the real value of the incorporated DAC (optional)
  65. Please recommend me a DAC.
  66. very new to computer audio
  67. USB or HDMI to S/PDIF or Balanced AES
  68. LH Infinity in 2.0 chassis is shipping
  69. Why might it be a good idea to use an external clock and what difference might I hear?
  70. Mytek new dac Brooklyn.
  71. An analysis of the AQ Jitterbug and Uptone Regen USB conditioners.
  72. iFi iUSB 3.0 usb regenerator (with xxx pictures)
  73. Does El Capitan drop FireWire driver support?
  74. Bifrost Multibit?
  75. Oppo 105 as player, transport & DAC
  76. PS Audio NuWave DSD verus Schiit Gungnir Multibit ??
  77. What DAC suits my system?
  78. Grace m920 Massdrop PSA
  79. DAC Linear PSUs?
  80. Sony car receiver plays DSD RSXGS9
  81. Aqua DACs gaining steam - reviews and thoughts
  82. Quad Announces Artera Play CD Player, Preamp, DSD 256 DAC
  83. Any one Recolocked their Amanero USB module?
  84. Shanling D3.2 DAC
  85. Need advice for external DSD/PCM DAC for PC (Win 7)
  86. Best dac around 100 for audioengine a5+
  87. Lumin S1 or Aesthetix Pandora Eclipse?
  88. Power cord surprise
  89. Dynamic Range help
  90. Does the Yggdrasil require a preamp when used for computer based audio?
  91. Lampiaztor 7
  92. Tweaks for Micro iDSD
  93. DSD decoding - fully passive?
  94. John Swenson's PS design
  95. DTS and DD support - which way to choose?
  96. Benchmark DAC2 on Linux
  97. Dac
  98. Using motherboard's optical out vs. USB
  99. How to output audio from the new 4th gen Apple TV?
  100. Beresford TC-7534 Caiman MKII vs Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2 and others, any ideas?
  101. Volume Controls Question with Pure Music
  102. DAC/Preamp with Balanced Outputs - Advice Please?
  103. Tried coaxial with my dac.
  104. Chinese 9V linear PS w/REGEN
  105. best USB cable for Ayre QB9
  106. 4 x Redbook question
  107. A question for Peachtree Dac-it or itx users
  108. Audiostream: LampizatOr Lite 7 DSD DAC
  109. Bugs, Regens, Words...Hilarity!
  110. Teac ud503
  111. Delightful DAC Week :~)
  112. Audio-GD DI-2014 vs. Gustard U12
  113. Audio-GD Reference 5.32 or NOS-1704
  114. Basics: USB or Optical
  115. The best usb Spdif converter that outputs toslink?
  116. Where to buy?
  117. Help please with Mac and MyDac
  118. Chord Qute EX with JRiver
  119. EC Design
  120. Hegel HD12 pre-amping a Power-Amp - Will it work?
  121. I'm regretting my purchase of a W4S DAC2 DSD. Help!
  122. DAC not showing in Audio MIDI setup
  123. Audio Myth - "DSD Provides a direct stream from A/D to D/A."
  124. L.K.S. Audio MH-DA003 DAC
  125. Soon I'll be able to compare I2S to Regen + Supra + PPA V2
  126. Lampizator Announces DSD Euforia DAC for $1,980
  127. USB Regen - UK power
  128. Choosing a new DAC. Your thoughts on DSD today, late 2015. (POLL)
  129. Chord 2Qute - no sound on Chrome??
  130. Chord 2Qute DSD streaming question
  131. External DAC through NAD D 3020 analog input
  132. Player/Render devices that works with Mytek Manhattan USB2 inout?
  133. Bricasti M1
  134. The new crop of sub $2k DACs - Ayre and Simaudio
  135. Intona High Speed USB Isolator
  136. Cambridge Audio Azur Dac Magic 100 question...
  137. What kind of DAC is in an Denon AVR X-4100W or in a Pioneer VSX-529 ?
  138. Chord hugo digital volume control
  139. wyred4sound dac2 dsd setup and issues jrmc 19 and 20
  140. Audioable ROI Preamp Dac vs Oppo 105
  141. Audioquest Firefly
  142. ifi Micro iDSD firmware upgrade (recent)
  143. I2s vs USB
  144. New Schiit Audio Gungnir Multi-bit DAC
  145. Powering down ifi nano?
  146. Best budget 6 or 8-channel USB DAC below $300
  147. Audioquest Jitterbug
  148. any one have a photo of REGEN connection
  149. DACS with vol control- amplifier best practice?
  150. How to connect REGEN
  151. REGEN or Better DAC
  152. Dac via usb on mac (No Sound)
  153. Poll on Audiophile Ethernet Cables
  154. Problem with Chord 2Cute
  155. $1000 budget, needs XLR outputs and volume control
  156. Audirvana filter setting question
  157. New DAC or wait?
  158. I think I made a bad purchase ifi nano
  159. DSD vs PCM resolution
  160. Pure Music distotion
  161. Bryston BDA3 DAC & SACd over HDMI
  162. Your recipe for state of the art RBCD playback?
  163. PS Audio Brings Ethernet to DSD 64 with Bridge II
  164. Oppo Japan BDP-105DJPL Adds DSD 256
  165. Re-thinking about the SOtM tX-PCIexp card in light of Uptone Regen
  166. New VAD DAC
  167. P.I. Audio and other USB cables
  168. Connection question
  169. AMR DP-777 Advice
  170. DSD upsampling over original format
  171. Dcs vivaldi or rossini dac
  172. exasound e12 DAC + audiophile optimizer core mode + JRMC
  173. Raspberry DAC's performance
  174. Peachtree INova DAC with LFD amplifier??
  175. Regen power supplies-El Cheapo and other bits
  176. Professional review of the Light Harmonic Pulse Xfi...
  177. Popping sounds via headphones through external dac
  178. Simaudio Moon Neo 230HAD DAC/Headphone Amp/Preamp with DSD 256
  179. how does a pc sound card convert dsd??
  180. DiDiT DAC212
  181. DSD256 Playback - Do we really need it?
  182. Aqua La Scala II review
  183. Sonore exD Driver?
  184. Expert advice required!
  185. Auralic Vega into a Django passive preamp ?
  186. Need help in setting up my desktop audio
  187. AES DAC input
  188. Altmann Attraction DAC
  189. Up Tone Regen not reconizing my dac
  190. Emotiva XMC-1 as DAC
  191. Mytek, Jrivermc20, DoP, Kernel Streaming - Always going to 352.800KHz?!?
  192. Help: USB DAC work differently for different tablet that support OTG
  193. DAC/Preamp combos
  194. DAC disappeared from windows playback devices??
  195. SMSL ASIO issues
  196. SST / Wyred4Sound
  197. Computer Audio Design OSX Optimization Scripts V1
  198. Noise!
  199. My Brand New Rega DAC-R Remote
  200. Optimal DragonFly 1.2 & Audirvana Plus 2 settings?
  201. Supra 5 meter USB cable won't work. Windows say's driver not recognized
  202. NOS DAC sound more natural
  203. iFi Announces the Micro iDAC2
  204. Merging NADAC clocking
  205. Which out of these 3?
  206. Yellowtec PUC2
  207. Shoot-out Between Marantz NA6005 and Schiit Bifrost DAC with surprising outcome!...
  208. Redundant Conversion
  209. Odd problem with Gustard U12 and Audioquest Eagle Eye
  210. Wadia 121 with Teradak Specialized linear PSU
  211. PS Audio NuWave DSD DAC
  212. Newbie question about I2S
  213. Very Brief Review: LH Labs Geek Pulse Xfi DAC + LPS
  214. Question about Coaxial and Toslink outputs from PC to external DAC
  215. Thunderbolt to firewire
  216. Considering combined DAC/headphone amp
  217. Geek Out 1000 (GO1000) DAC for Android smartphones
  218. Volume Controls Question with Pure Music
  219. Upgrading Mytek to Chord DAC
  220. What are the most talked about ( meaning awesome !!! ) DACs at the 1200 USD range
  221. in your experience flac files always bettered mp3 files
  222. Chord 2Qute
  223. Best dac with volume control/headphone amp to buy in 2015 (good value) is it the Audio gd-nfb15
  224. Mac mini ONLY 192k streaming???
  225. Dac is not recognized at start PC
  226. Merging NADAC Listening Test
  227. What is Redundant in these two app's
  228. Do I need a Reclocker or a usb to s/pdif converter for my audio system?
  229. MF M1 DAC with Asus Essence ST or usb converter?
  230. I need help selecting my 1st DAC
  231. I need some tips on using dBpoweramp
  232. Can I improve a converted flac file that now aiff
  233. How to connect Mac Mini to DAC
  234. Testing Pure Music 2.0
  235. Regen, will it make a difference?
  236. Auralic Vega DSD256 Firmware Update
  237. Dcs vivaldi dac
  238. Making use of Thunderbolt and ifi nano
  239. W4S DSDse: DSD over AES? (Noob)
  240. Use USB cables or use USB Adapters/connectors.
  241. Geek Out 1000 + Samsung Galaxy S5 Troubles
  242. Wyred 4 sound Dac - Foobar configurations
  243. Mutec MC-1.2
  244. Aurelic Vega Arrives!
  245. AMR DP-777 Special Edition.
  246. Which TDA dac should i buy?
  247. Upsampling / transcoding - a question
  248. HQ Reference dac
  250. dimishing returns