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  1. USB 3.Optical
  2. Metrum Hex DAC in "Tux and Tails"
  3. Musical Fidelity V90-DAC loses USB Audio PC connection - suggestions needed
  4. Bel Canto's take on DSD
  5. Musical fidelity V90-HPA setup with ATH-M50X's help
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  7. Fiio X5 vs Herus, which would you prefer?
  8. Multicore Desktop Processors and their desktop boards: Any risk to audio quality?
  9. Published Review of the Overdrive 2 SE, Empirical Audio.
  10. ...newie - questions about moving from CD to ???
  11. In need of a DAC...
  12. Help! Please name all the USB Bus-powered DAC with RCA outputs?
  13. Balanced 6-8 channel sound card options?
  14. Computer Help
  15. Need help recording with E-MU
  16. New to DAC, need advice for my setup please
  17. SOtM dX-USB-HD question
  18. Wavelength Cosecant DAC and Life Changes
  19. Lindemann USB DAC usb connection problem
  20. Lapizator dac from China
  21. Thought on the Geek
  22. Will DSD files play in my equipment
  23. Chord Hugo or AK 240
  24. Problems with pc digital into external dac (via ipad)
  25. New professional review of iFi iDSD nano
  26. Requesting suggestions for a simple, inexpensive DAC.
  27. Question about 24 to 16 bit conversion in audio sample
  28. femto streamer clock negate dac femto?
  29. Weiss DAC 202
  30. ESS Sabre and DSD Volume Control
  31. PC via USB to DAC or LAN Server via USB to DAC
  32. Diy dac
  33. Lampizator questions
  34. Antelope Zodiac Gold Vs. DCS Delius
  35. What about PONO solely as a playback device?
  36. iFi skunkworks....micro iDSD. Crowd-Design - by you, for you
  37. iFi iDSD nano with iUSB, Gemini cable and iPurifier short review
  38. Help setting up Meridian Explorer on Mac
  39. Merging HAPI as ASIO output device
  40. Is Someone Playing Fast & Loose With Measurements?
  41. Is this the placebo effect at work?
  42. Asio or Waspi for Benchmark DAC2
  43. PS Audio's new DirectStream DSD dac... how is it different?
  44. USB to SPDIF converters
  45. Audioengine D3: Objective & Subjective Review
  46. looking for help with DAC/AMP for B&W 683's
  47. Interface I2S with HDMI Audio input on W4S and others
  48. Are all Asynchronous USB chips/implementations created equal??
  49. Lampizator Gen 4 vs AMR DP777 vs Ayon Skylla
  50. Peachtree dac differences does anyone know if the Dacs changed at all between the older
  51. Teac ud-ho1 dac
  52. New stereo setup-usb vs spdif
  53. Compare Peach Tree Audio Dac to Halide Design Dac HD
  54. Grace Design m920 Headphone Amp / Controller / DAC
  55. Apple devices audio test
  56. DAC Shootout - Phasure, Killer, AMR and PDX
  57. NAS suggestions?
  58. A DAC appropriate for my system
  59. dac recommandation
  60. Getting more performance from my PC to DAC setup...
  61. Auralic DAC connections
  62. Convert a spidif or I2S to USB ?
  63. Jitter. We all have it , how does it sound when we make it better ?
  64. USB cable recommendations
  65. Some DAC/preamp comparisons (long)
  66. IFI iDAC/DSD vs Musical Fidelity v90
  67. EMM Labs Vs Killer DAC
  68. Review: Ifi Gemini Usb cable
  69. PS Audio PWD Sale
  70. Non Powered USB Cable
  71. Dsd over pcm
  72. PS Audio PWD2 Volume
  73. Cuinas converter
  74. Marantz joins the DSD player club SA-14s1 SACD
  75. Connecting Solid State Preamp to DAC
  76. DAC Help
  77. DAC vs RCA to 3.5mm Jack
  78. Volume control
  79. PS Audio DirectStream DAC
  80. $2 dac vs $2000 dac = no difference according to tomshardware
  81. Lowest Priced PCM & DSD DAC
  82. 12v power supply for Exasound E20
  83. Sony UDA-1 DAC/Integrated with J River MC MAC DoP question
  84. DAC for streaming services
  85. Who has the TEAC UD-501 DSD DAC?
  86. Stello u3 and mac issues
  87. hum using an active USB extender
  88. Which Driver Takes Precedence
  89. kingrex rega dac media center 16
  90. Excluding hi-res and HD, why use a DAC with processing capabilities greater than 16 / 44.1?
  91. I finally upgraded my Dragonfly...I just bought this DSD DAC....SONY UDA-1/B....your thoughts?
  92. OK, I am SOLD! "maybe" i will upgrade my dragonfly... KORG - and check out their HIREZ AUDIO PLAYER!
  93. Can Jitter be eliminated?
  94. NAD M51 Owner Feedback Sought
  95. MacBook - recognize usb dac
  96. Auralic Vega and Jitter
  97. Upgrade from Wireworld Ultraviolet / Musical Fidelity V-Link combination?
  98. Lampizator DSD at HighEnd 2014 in Munich ? A question for wisnon !
  99. USB DACs and driver obsolence
  100. Wyred W4S mPre
  101. New DENON DSD DAC/Headphone Amp
  102. Meridian Director strange problem
  103. Sony UDA1 - First Thoughts
  104. Problem with Audirvana+ and OPPO BDP 105d with DSD files
  105. Ayre QB-9 DSD + SOtM STX-USBexp + Windows Server
  106. Cheap Dac
  107. Clarification sought : `Native` dsd playback on Windows OS only ? Does it matter ?
  108. Arcam irDAC vs Asus Xonar Essence; sonic difference ?
  109. Favourite Tube DACs
  110. Emotive Stealth DC-1 vs. Schiit Bifrost
  111. Phasure NOS1 DAC Owners Impressions Post Here
  112. Auralic Vega vs Berkeley Alpha Dac + Alpha USB
  113. Dac2 hgc
  114. iMac Internal DAC - suprisingly good
  115. ifi Units Deliver for Me.
  116. Dragonlfy criscrossing Chord QuteHD
  117. Review of the portable USB DACs (Audioquest Dragonfly, Meridian Explorer, Director, iFi iDAC, iDSD, Geek Out, Pulse)
  118. Mytek: is there such a thing as Firewire to USB 2.0 cable?
  119. Does The Mytek 192 DSD DAC Need Power From The Computer's USB Port?
  120. Bifrost Gen2 USB Vs V-Link 192
  121. Connect a DC to a computer via USB power hub ?
  122. Gungnir with powered speakers - volume control question.
  123. Naim DAC
  124. Apple Thunderbolt better for audio, guaranteed.
  125. Wavelength Proton, M2Tech Young, or others -- recommendations thoughts appreciated
  126. Teac A-H01 vs NP-H750 (DAC+Amp) ?
  127. Ayre dac vs the M2Tech Young...?
  128. External DAC with ground lifts?
  129. Mytek DSD-DAC at NAMM2014 , Stevie Wonder
  130. iDSD Nano
  131. Chord Qute EX and Snow Leopard 10.6.8
  132. Split USB cable for battery power source isolation?
  133. Modding PS Audio Digital Link III
  134. ASUS ESSENCE III just ordered...
  135. Volume Control for Schiit Modi to Adam F5s
  136. Yellowtec PUC2 and cd transport question
  137. newbie, Dragonfly DAC isnt changing colors as file quality bit/sample rate changes
  138. Hellp needed to gather info on new DSD offerings
  139. Help with two channel - considering the NAD 390DD
  140. Auralic Vega IR Code
  141. Chord Qute EX reviews
  142. Upgrade Weiss DAC202 or buy INT204
  143. Weiss DAC202 Question
  144. Schiit Bifrost Input -- is one better than the others?
  145. Wadia 121 + mavericks = problem ?
  146. DAC suggestions for upgrading from Antelope Zodiac + (with Teddy Pardo linear psu)
  147. Best dac under 1k for newbie with focal studio monitors?
  148. ADC Vinyl
  149. Audirvana + problem with volume control via USB
  150. Wyred DAC2 I2S Options
  151. Help on Intrepretation of 'dual mono' DAC
  152. Help with Yellowtec PUC
  153. HD800 amp/dac pairing - possibly Luxman p-1u/da-06
  154. What is it about the original Benchmark DAC1 that makes it soooo good?
  155. Aesthetix Romulus/Pandora Signature
  156. Oppo BDP-105(D) finally gets a DSD64 & 128 DAC
  157. From Fatman Itube to ifI ITube (with Audioquest Dragonfly, IUSB and Audioengine A2)
  158. Audio gd Master 7 dac
  159. TOSLINK to SPDIF converter box
  160. Mid level USB DAC / HP Pre-Amp: let's make a list
  161. Glow Audio Dac any good?
  162. please help!!! can't hear a difference with my DAC....tips/suggestions?
  163. Do I REALLY need a preamp???
  164. Ayre QB-9
  165. Rega DAC MkII
  166. Cambridge Audio Dacs, would these or anything around 250 be recommended for starting out?
  167. Matrix Audio X-Sabre. DSD over all inputs?
  168. Light Harmonic announces new $120K DAC
  169. Comparing Luxman DA-06 to Marantz NA-11S1
  170. New TAD DAC Announced Here At CES
  171. Schiit Gungnir vs Schiit Bifrost w/Uber Upgrade
  172. Another DAC vinyl-to-PC thread
  173. Bryston BDA-2
  174. Opinions on integrated dac/headamp with DSD
  175. Newbie question about USB connection (5v power)
  176. Help! No DSD playback via Mac Mini and Audirvana Plus, fine from MacBook Pro
  177. Bryston BUC-1 USB converter
  178. Luxman DA-06 USB receiver chip
  179. New Wadia 321 Decoding Computer
  180. Would adding a DAC improve playback through Apple TV
  181. Auralic Aries DAC: Double DSD Over Wi-Fi
  182. Lampizator L5 DAC, Lampizator USB Transport Quandry
  183. Killer DAC
  184. Random Dragonfly Musings
  185. Lampizator DSD and HQPlayer?
  186. Transport to PC to dac (?)
  187. Dac suggestions for Bryston B100 integrated Amplifier
  188. Metrum Octave Mk II for DSD
  189. What determines which DAC is used?
  190. Devialet 170 with 47 Lab CD player, Line in or S/PDIF?
  191. DEQX HDP-4 New USB Option
  192. Upgrade from M-DAC
  193. New Esoteric D-07 DAC not a D-07X
  194. Geek Linear Power Supply 4 and Audiophile PC?
  195. USB ASIO Audio Dropouts - Windows 7/8
  196. Cary Audio DAC-100t
  197. Bel Canto C5i + Bel Canto mLink + Concero Dac + KEF LS50 = SONIC HEAVEN! :-)
  198. Xlr dac
  199. Asus Xonar Essence STU
  200. Volume Control with W4S DAC2SE DSD
  201. Dcs and usb cables
  202. Choosing DAC for my new Focal Maestro speakers
  203. WTB: iFi - iUSBPower & Ultra Fi - Aubisque USB filter
  204. How does the Mytek DSD DAC fare against the Teac UD-501 DSD DAC
  205. Lowest Cost DAC with Femto Clocks
  206. dCS Debussy software update 2.20
  207. iFi has a new line of "mini" products, Dac, Preamp, monitor
  208. RME Fireface 400 and Mavericks
  209. Lynx L22/TWO and hdplex H1
  210. Can I use the Internal DAC in the Harman HK3490 Amp with my PC?
  211. AMR DP777 vs Auralic Vega vs Exasound E20
  212. M2Tech Evo power options
  213. portable dac for iPhone
  214. really basic question about dac-soundcard relationship
  215. New USB/SPDIF Interface - GoldenWave Pearl 32/192
  216. Xmos driver vs. jriver vs. W8.1 - EMM labs 2x-"device not detected" and other associated issues.--help
  217. DAC suggestions needed for system using Active Crossover in Software
  218. HDCD
  219. The Multibit DSD debate
  220. Weird DAC behavior - looking for explanation
  221. Question on AudioQuest Dragonfly setup on Mac
  222. PS Audio NuWave DAC
  223. Audinst HUD-MX2 vs Epiphany O2D for my needs
  224. Review: The Channel Islands Audio Transient MkII
  225. M2Tech driver for OS X 10.9 BAD NEWS
  226. JRiver settings for Resonessence Invicta DAC
  227. New Berkeley DAC? This article implies as much but ... ?
  228. Synology NAS with Schiit Bifrost DAC?
  229. Arcam irDAC stream 192kHz
  230. MSB Analog doing DSD on a Mac
  231. New portable Chord DAC forthcoming
  232. s/pdf challenge...not sure anybody can solve this one...
  233. Advice Needed...
  234. Native dac playback files by dacs
  235. Help , please -Teac UD-501 owners
  236. Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1e X-fi
  237. Chord USB driver update ..
  238. Antelope Zodiac dacs and dsd?
  239. AudioQuest DragonFly v1.2 $149
  240. B.M.C. Pure Dac
  241. W4S DAC2 DSDse AES Input - Anyone Using It?
  242. Asynch adds jitter?
  243. iFi iDSD nano
  244. W4S DAC2 and Mavericks need help
  245. Choosing DAC for my new Focal Maestro speakers
  246. Does the Res Labs Invicta do DSD Dop via SPDIF?
  247. NEW M2Tech Young DSD/PRE DAC
  248. North Star Design OSX Mavericks Drivers
  249. Weiss Medus DAC - anyone know anything
  250. Wyred4Sound BETA DAC-2 10.9 (Mavericks) Driver Available for download