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  1. Original Ayre QB-9 24/96 model and Shared USB Port Mac
  2. Mac Mini won't recognize M2Tech E Young USB Driver need help!
  3. Any reviews yet of Geek Pulse XFI or Infinity?
  4. Mytek 192 Problem: volume randomly increases upon track change
  5. WOW...cool little portable DAC
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  7. Quad DSD DAC Shootout Review: exaSound, iFi and Oppo
  8. UpTone Audio Regen Listening Impressions
  9. DAC/Pre-amplifier with native DSD playback
  10. Adding DSD into the mix...
  11. Nice USB DAC for in car use ?
  12. Noise from USB DAC
  13. Looking for a new dac.. DIY or not? TD1541 maybe?
  14. Better DAC, Better sound quality for Internet Radio?
  15. Pono DAC =$2K experience?
  16. Is USB 3.0 better than 2.0 for asynch USB converters?
  17. Berkeley Alpha vs Chord Hugo
  18. CA Dacmagic Plus LED flickering, filter stopped working
  19. Auralic Vega - DSD Help Needed
  20. upgrade Ifi Micro DSD to Chord Qute Ex--worthwhile sonically?
  21. grace 905 vs. ps audio PWII vs. Metric Halo LIO 8
  22. Upsampling TIDAL & other streaming sources?
  23. simple DACs
  25. OS Yosemite with chord cute ex problems
  26. USB and Toslink
  27. any comparisons with mac d100 and a psaudio pws mkii?
  28. Its been awhile...going to try another new piece of hardware
  29. Mytek Stereo 192DSD - On Sale During Spring Clearance
  30. i2s vs usb
  31. Routing Digital Signals
  32. What would you do? I need to make a quick decision - Sennheiser, Benchmark, etc etc
  33. Looking for $1000 DAC with remote
  34. Sony HAP-Z1ES vs. Luxman DA-06
  35. Best DSD DAC(s) - Recommendations
  36. Confessions of an audiophile - I stream internet radio
  37. DAC / Jriver config questions
  38. Dac ideas
  39. How much memory for a Mac mini?
  40. Berkeley Alpha 2 Still a Good Value?
  41. DOP for DSD and PCM - OPPO HA-1
  42. Northern Fidelity DAC 384?
  43. Lampizator Level & and Big 7 tubes
  44. USB to firewire
  45. Lampizator Introduces the Lite 7 DAC
  46. Lampizator Big 7 has landed
  47. Add DSD 256 to Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 with new Oppo HA-2 !
  48. Options - update, replace, keep?
  49. Upgrading from Benchmark DAC1 any usb dac suggestions?
  50. SACD: what does OPPP 105 output over HDMI?
  51. W4S DSD2 Se HDMI input -user experience
  52. Looking for a DAC which excels as a pre-amp
  53. Weiss DAC2, still relevant?
  54. Looking for a good synchronous/adaptive DAC
  55. Fiio X5 Genre issue
  56. Mytek 192: Does it play DSD 'natively'?
  57. Holy Schiit Audio
  58. DAC Opinions / Case study
  59. Best DAC for a 2014 MacPro
  60. exaSound's new e12 DAC with DSD 256 - Smaller & just over 1 pound in weight
  61. Hegel HD12 vs. Hugo 2Qute
  62. Naim and Line Magnetic
  63. Mytek KS Driver Couldn't Switch Sample Rates
  64. Vertere D-Fi V2 USB cable
  65. Schiit Magni 2 / Modi 2 vs the Uber versions
  66. Problem with Red Wine Audio AK100-S as stand-alone DAC
  67. A shot across the ifi bow from Oppo...
  68. Aune x1 24/192khz via a Mac Mini running Mavericks OS
  69. cable recommendations for auralic vega
  70. Cayin DAC11?
  71. Does any one use Playback Designs DAC for CAS?
  72. McIntosh D150 DSD DAC
  73. Enjoy The Music CES 2015 interview with Bruno Putzeys describing his new DAC
  74. NuPrime IDA-16 Integrated Amplifier-DAC
  75. Integrated Amp Choice: Bel Canto C7R... or Rotel RA-1570 (and $1300 in cold hard cash)
  76. Best Price AURALIC VEGA
  77. USB Isolator advice needed
  78. Have you ever tried battery power
  79. T+a pdp 3000 hv
  80. Corning Optical USB cable experiences
  81. DSD: Explain it to me because I'm not getting it
  82. A banner week for firmware upgrades and other good news
  83. DAC recommendation
  84. Best DAP sub-$1000
  85. Ultimate DAC for 16/44?
  86. usb/spdif converter for nad m51
  87. Teac UD-501 DAC rebate $$$
  88. NAC d1050 doesn't switch sampling rates when connected to pc
  89. Anticipated PS Audio Directstream DAC firmware upgrade
  90. Anybody willing to rip 1 album (vinyl)?
  91. USB Flow - does it?
  92. iFi micro for a newbie?
  93. want Bel Canto uLink USB-S/PDIF Converter
  94. DAC totally distorted or no sound - Aktimate Blues built-in Wolfson DAC
  95. dSp / i-dSp phon DAC from HRT - Anyone interested in Europe?
  96. Using CD player as DAC?
  97. Lampi with room correction
  98. Line Magnetic 502ca
  99. Opinion's on a good digital coax cable $500 or less?
  100. Lampizator Logo
  101. Entreq's 10000% profit margin usb cable
  102. Newbie with analog digital conversion question
  103. I don't hear a difference between different DACs????
  104. Confirming Power USB situation with SOTM and DAC that doesn't require USB Power
  105. Better Sound from My Desktop: I'm so lost.
  106. It's "Choose a DAC time"
  107. 32 bit *only* USB DACs and Mac OS
  108. What the heck is up with Records -> ADC -> 24/96 or DSD!!!! It is soooooo good.
  109. JRiver-Windows 8- Dragonfluy 1.2 questions about settings/experience..
  110. Usb daco or usb to spdif converters for Android 4.4
  111. 5.1 DSD playback with Anthem 710. Possibilities?
  112. Which device would you prefer?
  113. I'm missing something basic..
  114. DAC - Not USB DAC
  115. Ideal Cable Length
  116. S/PDIF (optical) from laptop to DAC, is it better than asynchronous USB?
  117. DAC comparison
  118. Dac to use with my Dexa opamps
  119. Auralic Vega Music Drop Outs. potential solutions needed?
  120. Specific Needs for Balanced DAC/pree, suggestions?
  121. DACMagic with Foobar and Windows 8
  122. Anyone else still waiting on the Ayre QB-9 upgrade?
  123. Need new DAC
  124. Anybody Familiar with Antelope Zodiac Platinum + Voltikus + 10M Atomic Clock? vs PS Audio Directstream?
  125. Mi Note Cell Phone - DSD Playback
  126. Berkeley RS DAC - with or without preamp?
  127. OMG. Am I a Dac collector...?
  128. USB Input for Cord 2Qute
  129. PS Audio DirectSream versus Aurlalic Vega
  130. DAC line levels
  131. Using a Dragonfly 1.2 DAC on a Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Phone
  132. W4S DAC2-DSDse 384KHz sample rate
  133. Schiit Modi to Schiit Bifrost Uber upgrade?
  134. Has newer technology surpassed the Naim DAC in sound quality?
  135. TEAC A-H01 humming
  136. Astell & Kern 100 vs. 120
  137. Basic Jriver setup with Geek Pulse DAC
  138. Gustard X-12
  139. New DSD DAC/Headphone amp with advanced DSP on the market now, thoughts?
  140. EmmLabs DA2? Any details?
  141. Schiit Modi 2 Uber, Anyone?
  142. Chord DAC64 vs Hugo on RB and 24/96
  143. The best DAC you never heard is now a production reality
  144. Pono to Play DSD "Sooner Than You Think"
  145. Audioquest DragonFly vs. Muse X5
  146. USB cable or interconnect for USB Dac--which s/b the longer, which s/b the shorter
  147. What do CA users prefer for USB 2.0 cable?
  148. REGA DAC-R vs. W4S DAC1-LE?
  149. Oppo Dealer
  150. Should I buy this used Mytek 192 DSD
  151. Building a Buffalo IIIse/Sonore USB/Tube Output DAC
  152. New DAC from Merging Technologies for Home Audio Market
  153. Wadia di122
  154. before you buy a hugo… read this.
  155. Why CD sounds better than DAC Magic 100 airplay?
  156. USB DAC or external
  157. Help choosing equipment
  158. Hires PCM to DSD Conversions
  159. Home music studio vs. audiophile listening - 2 independent systems?
  160. Jussi DAC/NAA
  161. Oppo BDP-103 vs PC as transport to DAC
  162. Conductor Virtuoso
  163. Schiit USB GEN 2 Module Impressions
  164. Benchmark Dac2 HGC Problems
  165. Meitner MA-1 DSD download options question - will it support 2.8MHz??
  166. Ayre QB-9 DSD USB driver issue
  167. M2tech Young vs arcam irdac!
  168. Problem with mayflower O2+ ODAC
  169. Best USB Port
  170. Musical alternative to Antelope
  171. What are your JRiver settings for Mytek 192 DSD ?
  172. Is it worth
  173. Pro-Ject DAC Box RS
  174. The minimum DSD DAC
  175. Pioneer Headphone amp & DAC XPA-700
  176. Dac/Amp New DIY Housing
  177. USB DAC on 9 meters USB 3 cable!
  178. 2 or more USB DAC's off the one Mac.
  179. SACDs & HDMI vs Optical or Coax digital
  180. PPA Red Dual USB or TotalDac D1 USB cable into PPA card?
  181. Paul Pang USB and JCAT USB
  182. Any Schiit Gungnir (USB Gen2) Owners Here?
  183. What DACs decode DSD through S/PDIF input?
  184. Any Teddy Pardo DAC owners here?
  185. Recommendation < $1000 DAC
  186. Anyone here tried this Accuphase DAC?
  187. Totaldac usb filter/cable--how to purchase?
  188. Rid me of this confusion, dacs audio interfaces and recievers
  189. Oppo SACD/DSD output to DAC over HDMI?
  190. Petition Benchmark For Firmware Update on DAC2
  191. iFi Nano and Onkyo HF Player: File transfer problems
  192. $99 USB/Coax/Optical DAC integrated amp
  193. Anyone know a external drive that sounds better than the Oyen Digital Pro Mini?
  194. DAC Shopping & the DSD Database
  195. Chord Electronics Warranty Claims
  196. new $79 Schiit "Fulla" USB dongle DAC
  197. DAC-ing Hugo with Suitable Cables
  198. Meitner MA-1 Best Aurender source X100L vs S-10
  199. IFI DAC clarification please
  200. USB to SPDIF converter reference grade DAC
  201. CarDAC / preamp with display, volume knob and DC power options: Geek, Essence, M2Tech, more?
  202. DAC suggestions
  203. Is a DAC a necessity?
  204. SACD's for newbies
  205. DAC upgrade?
  206. Gustard U12
  207. DAC suggestions with Sonos
  208. dcs Puccini , is it worth it ?
  209. Any sightings of Geek Pulse yet?
  210. My DAC shopping is finally done...
  211. Benchmark DAC2 HGC DSD Questions w/HQPlayer
  212. Devialet 250 x 2
  213. iFi Micro - determining optimum settings
  214. Emotiva Xda-2
  215. Can some one with technical background explain this to me please?
  216. How to best integrate new amp into setup
  217. How to get DAC to register on Macbook Air
  218. What are the new asynch USB converter contenders for 2014?
  219. PC NOISE, Truth or just advertising
  220. Noob question: need DAC or other device to play usb sticks
  221. Preamp Suggestions Request...yes I know this is the DAC Section
  222. Exciting NEW Tube DAC coming from UK : VAD-12 DSD
  223. Resonessence Concero HP
  224. Haaaalp guys!
  225. Asynchronous USB vs optical SPDIF, integer mode, recommended DACs
  226. USB Cables for Schiit Bifrost
  227. Audio-GD Master 7 with HDMI I2S input (for Offramp)
  229. Marantz HD-DAC1
  230. LH Labs Geek Out DAC - any listening tests yet?
  231. Young Dac and New imac 5 K problems...
  232. Cheap DACS, HDMI here we go again
  233. So, Gordon Rankin...
  234. Phasure NOS1a DAC - Review or Experience?
  235. HiFiBerry DAC+ on Raspberry Pi B+ Arch Linux
  236. Pops, clicks and dropouts from the DAC - need explanation and help
  237. DAC Assistance
  238. Musical Fidelity M1 S DAC
  239. Ifi Owners with USB 3.0: is it really ready for audio?
  240. Bryston Announces BDA-3 DAC with DSD 256
  241. New DAC from Audio Research: DAC 9 ?
  243. What is your digital player for your Hugo
  244. xperia z2 and Z3 smartphones/tablets and DSD
  245. Gustard U-12 Digtial Interface
  246. Esoteric K-03 and OS X Yosemite 10.10 garbled playback
  247. iFixit Macmini Teardown
  248. DAC with PHONO input
  249. What's the definitive story on Toslink 24/192?
  250. looking for just a DAC, but a reaaaally good one