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  1. Oppo Introduces HA-2SE - Updated DSD 256 Stereo Headphone Amp + DAC for Smartphones
  2. Metric Halo LIO 8 Long Term feedback
  3. Ethernet vs USB
  4. Nad c 388
  5. Buffalo 3 se dac - audirvana and jlsounds i2soverusb usb card - 384 upsampling question
  6. Apple lightning 3.5mm adapter - Can it do 24/96 with appropriate app?
  7. PS Audio Lanrover USB transport discussion
  8. Audio MIDI Setup Question
  9. Snap Crackle Pops with Decibel / Lio8 / Macbook PRO?
  10. What Multi Channel DAC?
  11. M2Tech HiFace macOS Sierra Compatibility
  12. Fulla
  13. DAC analogue output lowpass filtering
  14. DAC/AMP combos ~$4k
  15. Are there DAC's with multiple USB inputs?
  16. XO rolling
  17. Newcomer help
  18. Audio Alchemy DDP-1
  19. DAC not seen by computer
  20. Gustard A20H DAC with dual AK4497EQ
  21. iPhone 7 DAC - best options?
  22. Lo-Fi USB DAC?
  23. Oppo Sonica DAC coming Fall 2016
  24. Questions on a new old Bel Canto DAC2 ??
  25. LessLoss USB Firewall Key
  26. Chord DAVE
  27. Audiophile DAC in a phone??
  28. Looking for a PCIe audio card to transfer digital to digital
  29. ES9018 and op amps - help needed
  30. Jotunheim/fulla
  31. Ayon Audio - Sigma DAC - Any impressions?
  32. Thunderbolt to Firewire 6-pin cable
  33. Looking for some basic explanations- Cambridge DAC
  34. USB cable over 5m?
  35. Converting optical digital output from TV to analog for input to audio preamp
  36. Pono Player -- so far
  37. Help my choose a DAC
  38. Question on Sony UDA-1
  39. Schiit Multibits vs Chord Mojo
  40. Airplay through Apple TV attached to receiver or airplay to receiver for best sound?
  41. Need help Fiio DAC to Amp
  42. Pucinni U-Clock - Ultimate USB to SPDIF converter?
  43. Transport + dac VS Computer + Dac
  44. good external WAV player? any such thing?
  45. iFi DAC
  46. New DAC?
  47. DAC Volume Control vs. Software Volume Control
  48. Regen USB amber. Original box.
  49. Yggdrasil install issue
  50. Chord Mojo on Sale - Massdrop
  51. PS Audio Direct Stream DAC with Torreys Upgrade
  52. Why is AES / EBU not a standard feature ?
  53. Considering Schiit Bifrost Multibit Upgrade
  54. DAC with XLR output + volume control
  55. 'plugable'
  56. iFi iLink problems on MacBook Pro
  57. Dragonfly v 1.2 on a Ubuntu Linux system-- goes to sleep
  58. Anyone compared the Ayre Codex to Schiit Yggdrasil?
  59. HQ Player vs DSD512 capable DACs
  60. New Aqua Formula DAC (Multibit R2R)
  61. Do I need DSD?
  62. Clocks
  63. Is it worth it for me to buy a Peachtree Nova or Decco?
  64. HOLO Audio Spring DAC - R2R DSD512
  65. Schiit Gungnir vs stock Mac inboard sound chip
  66. My Setup Macbook Pro
  67. 8 channel DAC for CarAudiophilePC competition vehicle
  68. Announcing Schiit Audio Modi Multibit DAC $249
  69. Mutec 3+ owners- anyone using a USB cleaner type device with it?
  70. How many will be at Audio Connections on the 30th to meet Alex from Ayre
  71. Which DAC under $1k used?
  72. On sale Empirical Audio SE USB DAC/Pre
  73. Hugo TT ASIO and Windows
  74. Yggy usb squeezebox touch edo problem.......
  75. USB to S/PDIF
  76. USB to S/PDIF
  77. PC Soundcard
  78. Do DACs have inputs for 2.1 Speakers?
  79. Purchasing a YGGY DAC question
  80. DSD on a budget.
  81. inability to play music files - new stereo setup
  82. What's preventing NUC to DAC I2S connection?
  83. Error message when going to DSD over PCM Standard 1:1
  84. Linear power supply
  85. new mac or USB/spdif converter
  86. Can I a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 as a DAC?
  87. DAC as a pre-amp?
  88. Suggest a Dac to a newbie please :)
  89. So, it's time for upgrade DAC... or not?
  90. Will the BP devaluation due to brexit....
  91. Devialet petition
  92. Best $300 Value DAC? Peachtree DACiTx?
  93. Schiit Bifrost Multibit
  94. JLSoundsi2soverusb USB to SPDIF adapter board and galvanic isolation
  95. Regen/Wyred first or better cable first
  96. SPDIF cables made no difference today 😕
  97. iPhone 5S or 6 Plus as a source?
  98. Auralic Aries with Northstar Impulso
  99. FiiO E10k AMP/DAC problem
  100. Dragonfly Black USB 3.0 issue
  101. Using Gungnir multibit with a USB decrapifier?
  102. New DAC coming...LH Pulse Infinity...some recommendations needed...
  103. HiFace Mini DAC vs AudioQuest DragonFly
  104. Berkeley Alpha USB cable length recommendation?
  105. My pc (win2012R2) can't see Brooklyn
  106. How to contact "Archimago's Blogspot" OR...
  107. Interesting SPDIF vs. USB interface FIndings
  108. M-Audio Profire 610 Modifications?
  109. yggdrasil low volume vs mytek
  110. World's best ethernet connector? Signal integrity
  111. TEAC UD-501 and Windows 10
  112. Pono Player Basics
  113. MY Audio Pc didn't see my DAC(NAD M51) after connected Intona (industrail) in between. What happened?
  114. New Meridian Ultra DAC
  115. What is an A range of LPSU match to the Brooklyn? What exactly is? I'm so confused.
  116. MQA - A dissenting voice
  117. Oppo BDP-105 DAC vs Hegel H160 DAC
  118. PS Audio Talks MQA
  119. Announcing the Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference Series 2
  120. Pricy, portable, good DAC
  121. Explorer2/MQA review
  122. Linear Power Supply for Brooklyn. Which one you've ever tried?
  123. RME Pci soundcards
  124. Ayre QB-9 DSD question
  125. Brooklyn vs T+A DAC8 DSD What should be the best choice. (Final decision before ordering)
  126. Schiit Audio Talks MQA
  127. MQA reviewed at Audiostream
  128. Trying to decide -- Brooklyn or separate DAC/headphone amp
  129. $3,000-4,000 DAC, what should i choose?
  130. Help getting a Chord Qute HD working.
  131. Will I benifit from using a W4S Recovery Usb with a Sotm card in my server?
  132. Sony STR-DN1070 AV Receiver with 5.1 Multichannel Native DSD 5.6 MHz
  133. Weiss new product: DAC501
  134. Feedback welcome on new purchase
  135. Advice on a new 256 or 512 DSD DAC
  136. Sonore microRendu Listening Impressions
  137. Schiit Yggdrasil
  138. Need DAC Advice $2K
  139. Tascam UH-7000 power supply noise
  140. Apogee Groove on sale $210 after rebate
  141. Schiit Bifrost suggestions
  142. Anyone compare 2Qute to Mytek Brooklyn sonically for both DSD and Redbook CD?
  143. inexpensive DAC for emotiva Airmotive 6?
  144. SA-10 DAC / Disc Player, new 'Premium-Series' from Marantz
  145. Next Steps - Chord 2Qute?
  146. Wadia di322 DAC with vortexbox streamer problems
  147. Native DSD versus DOP comparison
  148. Schiit Yggdrasil: Black Finish?
  149. Non Externally Powered USB data/power/noise reclocking, filtration products?
  150. Playing music on a server with a DAC?
  151. Apple TV 4 to Bryston bda2 DAC Sound questions
  152. What to replace my dead $400 iFi Micro USB 3.0 with?
  153. Geek Pulse Xfi + LPS - incredibly poor quality control and customer service
  154. Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty The Digital Hub
  155. Ethernet input DACS
  156. Breezeaudio DAC
  157. Denon DA-300 best connection?
  158. Anyone using a Regen with Chord Mojo
  159. AURALiC Vega vs D150
  160. Android and Hifi Audio
  161. M2Tech hiFace and Audirvana
  162. Xmos xu208 usb bridge
  163. Wyred DAC-1 LE or Teac NT-503 dac
  164. darTZeel LHC-208 DAC/Network Player/Int Amp
  165. Brinkmann Nyquist dac with DSD, Roon & MQA
  166. Problem with usb connection
  167. Who Here Runs Two or More DACs in the Same System ???
  168. W4S DAC2 DSDse: DSD over I2S?
  169. SPL Professional fidelity - Pro-fi
  170. Cybershaft rubidium clock...low priced option?
  171. Arcam irDac 2
  172. Neutral and balanced USB DAC + AMP
  173. Jon Iverson (Stereophile) Dac differences description
  174. SBooster Vbus Isolator locking up computer?
  175. USB or not?
  176. Encore mDSD USB DAC stick
  177. A Taxonomy of DACs?
  178. Looking fot a DAC..
  179. DAC Shootout......Apogee Duet vs. Audioengion D1 vs. RME Babyface
  180. Auralic Altair DAC/Streamer
  181. $500 DAC recommendations?
  182. Where Are We Going From Here?
  183. Lampise your DSD.
  184. Nativ Wave Headphone Amp/DAC with DSD 256 on Indegogo
  185. Another stupiid question - delta sigma
  186. Trying to use all my speakers for music/etc (Xonar U5)
  187. Mytek Brooklyn vs Schiit Yggy
  188. MQA with Linux MPD
  189. WTB Lampizator Lite 7
  190. speaking of usb hellper tools, jitterbug?
  191. Discrete DSD DAC - Definition
  192. Ratoc Audio Labs KEB-O3 Portable DAC/AMP, Mini-Review & Question
  193. DAC's, AV Receivers & analog/digital transfer between the two
  194. The Schiit lineup comparisons
  195. Do the rich guys like DSD or PCM?
  196. DSD vs SCHIIT
  197. Fiio X7? X5 Second Generation?
  198. Mytek Support Site
  199. DAC Story, iFi, Mac mini and others Uptone ...
  200. I need to learn about up-conversion and digital filters
  201. Questions For DAC engineers
  202. POLL for usb helper devices
  203. Cary Audio DAC 200 ts
  204. Phasure NOS1 Without XXHighEnd (Vs. Vega)
  205. New to Digital
  206. Are USB to SPDIF converters subject to the same limitations as USB?
  207. Audio-gd dacs
  208. Input needed for USB Isolator design
  209. Resonessence Labs Herus+
  210. Afi+USB-Module - USB-Interface, Isolator and Re-Clocker
  211. The ultimate digital input?
  212. Totaldac d1-six tube dac
  213. Simultaneous XLR and RCA output
  214. Chord 2Qute (and other Chord DACs) with silver interconnects?
  215. Considering new DAC/pre for < $2K
  216. Schiit Bifrost Uber vs. Moon 100D Smackdown
  217. Metrum Acoustics Pavane to mac mini USB connecting problem
  218. Can I get a usable USB DAC for $50 or less?
  219. TEAC NT 503 or UD-503: Opinions?
  220. Apples solves (hopefully) usb DACs disconnection
  221. Problem with USB cable/s Audioquest
  222. Windows driver for Audio-gd DI U8
  223. Usb to spdif converter or interface ??
  224. Weird observation with a ripped SACD. Any ideas?
  225. Schiit Gumby + USB Cleaner vs. Yiggy?
  226. (delete, wrong forum)
  227. Metrum Musette
  228. Light Harmonic Vi Infinity Tube DAC
  229. Line Magnetic LM-502CA owner.....USB Drivers?
  230. Gustard X20U with a separate preamp
  231. Uptone Regen Refercence vs. Intona Industrial vs. W4S RUR
  232. Updates- Intona High Speed USB Isolator
  233. DAC's Which Convert PCM to DSD
  234. DAC selection
  235. Audiolab MDac+
  236. T+a dac 8 dsd
  237. Musical Fidelity USB/SPDIF converters
  238. Bifrost USB Input?
  239. Dac upgrade help
  240. DSD/I2S signal integrity
  241. Bottlehead DAC or Yggy?
  242. Is it best to uninstall old DAC's USB driver before adding a new dac??
  243. PCI card or USB to AES converter ??
  244. Multi digital input selector - Where is?
  245. Jitter problem
  246. Audio Alchemy DDP-1 and Ayre Codex Side by Side
  247. FINALLY improvement from a DAC
  248. NEW Konvertible Lite USB Cables from Elijah Audio
  249. Warning-controversial USB talk-WireWorld Platinum Starlight 7
  250. Wadia 12 vs Auralic ARK MC+ (are new DACs better)