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  1. Mac Mini doesn't recognise Vitus USB DAC
  2. LIO 8 And Audio Midi
  3. Latency of A:D Converter?
  4. Audio Note 4.1 (Kit) vs. Lampizator 5
  5. Newbie Question - Adding Schiit DAC and Volume Control
  6. New Yamaha Integrated Amplifier‏ with DAC with support for DSD
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  8. Low end DAC $150 or less with Klipsch Promedia 2.1
  9. Benchmark DAC2 - Comparing RCA output with XLR
  10. Upgrade to standalone DAC.
  11. NAD M12 - released
  12. Professional USB2 Audio-Interface, linear psu upgrade, help needed sir!
  13. OLD Dacs + USB transport?
  14. HDMI out to DAC
  15. NAD M51 & Pioneer BDP-62fd
  16. Berkeley Vs. Simaudio
  17. M2Tech HiFace EVO Clock hurts musicality/liquidity
  18. Sony launches new hi-res Walkman (and headphones)
  19. Marantz DSD128 DAC and HP Amplifier
  20. DACs with Room Correction, sound signatures
  21. Chord QUTEHD DAC and MAC 10.6.8 Drivers
  22. DACs that can change the volume through USB
  23. iFi Micro iDSD or iDAC?
  24. SRC chip question
  25. DSD DACs that do, and donít
  26. Dragonfly 1 or 1.2?
  27. Denon DM-39s built in DAC
  28. USB DAC ton replace J Kenny Ciunas DAC
  29. Fan or Fanless
  30. Lampizator
  31. Help me choose a new DAC
  32. Who here has a Luxman DA-06 DAC?
  33. Would a dac work?
  34. To DAC or not to DAC
  35. Chordette vs Amarra
  36. NAD M51 HDMI Input
  37. Great DAC under $600?
  38. CAS & Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC RS.
  39. Sony Highlights DSD DAC at CAS 2014
  40. Looking for USB DAC for JBL LSR305 active monitors
  41. Geek Out 450 or Resonessence Herus?
  42. Resonessence Herus
  43. NAD M51 just got demoted - to the NAD C510
  45. Benchmark DAC2 HGC issues, build/finish quality, possible hardware/software changes
  46. MSB Analog DAC/Luxman DA-6 kind of sonic signature for under 3000?
  47. Desktop DAC/preamp/headphone amp suggestions, please? ($2000 or less)
  48. Astell & Kern AK240 As Stand Alone Streamer/DAC
  49. how to spend money on a DAC
  50. What DAC do I need?
  51. Wireless music server setup
  52. Switching USB cables to dac with computer running
  53. Rethinking my system, Budget for DAC vs. Supporting Components?
  54. I need Digital Interface...
  55. Does this DAC exist?
  56. DSD-only with PCM conversion
  57. Looking for cd player and usb dac in one machine!
  58. DAC Auditions
  59. Marantz NA-11s1 usability feedback requested
  60. New Direct Heated Triode Tube DAC by Allnic Audio Labs
  61. Lynx Hilo user thread
  62. Do I need an external DAC?
  63. TEAC UD-501 vs IFI MICRO vs KORG
  64. Is a cheap ifi micro dsd dac better than the most expensive non-dsd dac
  65. CH Precision C1 DAC-Preamp
  66. Zoom TAC-2 Thunderbolt DAC....WOW!!!!
  67. NOS DAC? File player combo...
  68. Help with DAC for old system
  69. DAC on a budget
  70. Please advise between 2 Motherboards & 2 CPUs
  71. W4S DAC2se , is there a better DAC for redbook 16/44.1 playback in the $2500 ballpark
  72. iFi micro iDSD
  73. Optical Out for PC
  74. Does my Oppo downsample DSD to PCM ?
  75. Blue Coast Records branded Double DSD portable DAC
  76. Meitner / EMM Labs Firmware Upgrade 7/2014 = Sonic Bliss
  77. EMM Labs DAC2x Firmware upgrade - WOW!
  78. Competition for the PS Audio PerfectWave Dac II?
  79. old vs new, are new DACS better?
  80. I've dropped my Gustard U-10 on the floor and it doesn't work
  81. digital preamp recommendation
  82. asus integrated audio vs asus audio card
  83. Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC RS - Impressions and Information
  84. DSD - how are you taking advantage of it?
  85. Aesthetix Romulus/Pandora--DSF playback on spdif inputs (via DoP)?
  86. Recommendation on a DAC, PCM-only vs native DSD capable
  87. Hyperfrequency DAC advice
  88. Playing 24 bit 96 Khz Music on a 20 bit 48 Khz DAC
  89. Rega DAC or Arcam irDAC for Sonos/Naim/B&W Setup?
  90. Chord Hugo vs. Qute EX + linear PS or batteries
  91. Phonitor 2 DAC
  92. Light Harmonic, disappointing millionaires.
  93. AudioGate vs iDSD
  94. Linnenberg Vivace
  95. Peachtree DSD SonaDAC
  96. Complete my setup
  97. Elijah Audio Quad Braid mk4 usb cable
  98. Optical Cables
  99. My DAC doesn't have 88/24 but does have 96/24 - what will a 88/24 download play at?
  100. DSP powered DAC
  101. DAC recommendations
  102. 2 ch audio - best sounding DAC between Integra 80.3 and Oppo BDP-95?
  103. Playback Designs USB-X II setup problem
  104. on the DSD debate, and a couple of interesting papers
  105. Devialet 120 vs Chord Hugo with Integrated Amp (i.e. Naim SuperNait 2)...
  106. Amplifier for Dcs Debussy
  107. onkyo SE-90 pci anyone have experience with this card?
  108. Bifrost and Mac mini dilemma - suggestions?
  109. use a 7.1 audio card for 2.0??
  110. Anyone familiar with the Matrix Audio mini-i pro
  111. Two different ASIO-drivers.
  112. PS Audio DS DAC Reviewed in HiFi News - sounds good, measures badly.
  113. Octa rate DSD is here
  114. Multichannel DAC with excellent volume control, under $5k?
  115. Has anyone had a chance to listen to or read much about the Rockna Wavedream DAC?
  116. USB DAC under ~$3K with external power supply?
  117. how to make kingrex uc192 work with jriver media center
  118. W4SDSDSe Driver 3.1 Package Win8.1x64 issue
  119. Effect of omitting brick wall filter
  120. PC + console setup using one DAC and headphones
  121. SOtM mBPS-d2s intelligent battery power supply
  122. Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB - is a successor planned?
  123. I need help, please read
  124. Phasure NOS1a DAC
  125. USB Question
  126. Mytek's Michal Jurewicz Talks About New DAC, ADC & DSD256
  127. Windows able to auto determine Sample Rate?
  128. opinion: Ifi Nano DSD vs Ifi Micro DAC
  129. Should I buy a Chord Hugo?
  130. Chord Hugo Re-Examined
  131. Chord DAC choice - help please if you can
  132. Prism Orpheus connecting to Project Debut Carbon
  133. Using XLD on a Mac to rip CDs.
  134. Wyred 4 Sound Driver Question
  135. Teac ud-501 noise problem
  136. Flac vs Wav
  137. Ressonessence Invicta/Mirrus 6.2.2 Beta Now Available.
  138. PCM and DSD
  139. Quality dacs with volume remote - looking for suggestions
  140. Choice of Tube 24/192 DACs
  141. Meridian Explorer
  142. Apogee Duet 2 vs O2/ODAC
  143. In need of help in choosing a DAC/Amp
  144. Empirical Audio Overdrive vs Invicta Mirus
  145. Cuinas converter - is it possible get dsd to work?
  146. help required getting jrmc-loki working
  147. Does the Oppo 105d really do DSD via USB?
  148. Schiit Loki USB Driver download page down?
  149. Need static sleuthing
  150. Comparing two DAC/amps with inexplicable results
  151. Teralink X2 USB/SPDIF converter
  152. Multi channel USB>i2s options with DSD if it is possible.
  153. DACs and aliasing
  154. Strange request...
  155. Thunderbolt cables?
  156. Is it possible to connect a 7th gen iPod Nano to an external USB DAC?
  157. Any DACs with coax spdif input <$100?
  158. Redundant 5v USB connection-bad or inconsequential?
  159. Chord Hugo - Which Driver
  160. USB cable for Chord Hugo?
  161. Clicks and Pops with Dragonfly 1.2 on Cubox-i Arch Linux server
  162. Fiio X5 portable Hi-Rez player
  163. Peachtree Audio
  164. Is the DAC as important as I think?
  165. E-Mu 1212m spdif input -> Meridian Director USB DAC output???
  166. Wavelength Proton vs. JK Ciunas - who wins this shootout?
  167. PS Audio Direct Stream vs PWD by Karl Sigman of Audiophillia
  168. Totaldac d1 or PPA red or JCAT USB cable?
  169. Clock Replacement
  170. New Manhattan Dac from Mytek
  171. DragonFly v1.2 Settings and Setup Qs
  172. Question to those who use Luxman D-06 player
  173. Playing 24/192 and DSD on iPad
  174. Geek Wave: No Compromise Portable Music Player
  175. Schiit Modi on Chrome OS, Chromium OS
  176. High-priced boutique USB cables: worthwhile, or a waste?
  177. Will my headphones benefit from an external DAC + Amp?
  178. NAS - Squeezebox - dac setup compared to NAS - USB/Spdif - dac setup
  179. USB sound card recommendation
  180. Chord Hugo a Contender!
  181. Young dad dac output voltage
  182. Concero vs Bifrost Uber
  183. Unwanted Noise, Help Please!!
  184. Long Digital Coax Cable = No Good?
  185. External Sound Card for Macbook Pro
  186. Invicta Vs Mirus
  187. Advice - DAC step 2?
  188. Emotiva Stealth DC-1 rave and solved problem
  189. Berkeley Alpha USB vs Bel Canto uLink vs Audiophilleo - Random Musings
  190. Benchmark DAC2 - WASAPI vs ASIO?
  191. Tad da1000
  192. Testing USB cables: Better bandwidth?
  193. Audio Technica DAC
  194. Best USB cable for Mac Mini and Mytek Stereo DSD
  195. USB cables for USB PSU ?
  196. The end of de USB discussion: I2S bridge
  197. New TEAC portable DSD DAC / Headphone Amp
  198. USB Power for RL Concero
  199. Which USB cable between PPA USB card and Audiophilleo?
  200. Any ifi iDSD nano owners here??
  201. Ressonessence Invicta/Mirrus Beta Update
  202. USB to SPDIF converter or something else?
  203. M2tech Young DSD: the successor of the glorious Young - Review
  204. Rotel RDD-1580 new purchase
  205. seeking 5.1 audiophile(as close as poss)on a limited budget
  206. SOtM dX-USB-HD Clock replacement.
  207. My new Benchmark DAC1 USB....well worth the money!
  208. Question about DAC
  209. Does a DAC require a sound card?
  210. Lightspeed USB vs Transparent Performance+Ferrite choke
  211. M2Tech Young MK2 DSD DAC (Blown Away!)
  212. Which DAC to get for my HD650
  213. Usb DAC power
  214. From my PC to a Behringer DEQ2496
  215. Which DAC just for DSD?
  216. Cyrus 6DAC amp upgrade or add external DAC?
  217. USB audio and dacs: does the computer matter?
  218. USB 3.Optical
  219. Metrum Hex DAC in "Tux and Tails"
  220. Musical Fidelity V90-DAC loses USB Audio PC connection - suggestions needed
  221. Bel Canto's take on DSD
  222. Musical fidelity V90-HPA setup with ATH-M50X's help
  223. PCM1792A vs ESS 9010-2M, which one sounds better?
  224. Fiio X5 vs Herus, which would you prefer?
  225. Multicore Desktop Processors and their desktop boards: Any risk to audio quality?
  226. Published Review of the Overdrive 2 SE, Empirical Audio.
  227. ...newie - questions about moving from CD to ???
  228. In need of a DAC...
  229. Help! Please name all the USB Bus-powered DAC with RCA outputs?
  230. Balanced 6-8 channel sound card options?
  231. Computer Help
  232. Need help recording with E-MU
  233. New to DAC, need advice for my setup please
  234. SOtM dX-USB-HD question
  235. Wavelength Cosecant DAC and Life Changes
  236. Lindemann USB DAC usb connection problem
  237. Lapizator dac from China
  238. Thought on the Geek
  239. Will DSD files play in my equipment
  240. Chord Hugo or AK 240
  241. Problems with pc digital into external dac (via ipad)
  242. New professional review of iFi iDSD nano
  243. Requesting suggestions for a simple, inexpensive DAC.
  244. Question about 24 to 16 bit conversion in audio sample
  245. femto streamer clock negate dac femto?
  246. Weiss DAC 202
  247. ESS Sabre and DSD Volume Control
  248. PC via USB to DAC or LAN Server via USB to DAC
  249. Diy dac
  250. Lampizator questions