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  1. SA-10 DAC / Disc Player, new 'Premium-Series' from Marantz
  2. Next Steps - Chord 2Qute?
  3. Wadia di322 DAC with vortexbox streamer problems
  4. Native DSD versus DOP comparison
  5. Schiit Yggdrasil: Black Finish?
  6. Non Externally Powered USB data/power/noise reclocking, filtration products?
  7. Playing music on a server with a DAC?
  8. Apple TV 4 to Bryston bda2 DAC Sound questions
  9. What to replace my dead $400 iFi Micro USB 3.0 with?
  10. Geek Pulse Xfi + LPS - incredibly poor quality control and customer service
  11. Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty – The Digital Hub
  12. Ethernet input DACS
  13. Breezeaudio DAC
  14. Denon DA-300 best connection?
  15. Anyone using a Regen with Chord Mojo
  16. AURALiC Vega vs D150
  17. Android and Hifi Audio
  18. M2Tech hiFace and Audirvana
  19. Xmos xu208 usb bridge
  20. Wyred DAC-1 LE or Teac NT-503 dac
  21. darTZeel LHC-208 DAC/Network Player/Int Amp
  22. Brinkmann Nyquist dac with DSD, Roon & MQA
  23. Problem with usb connection
  24. Who Here Runs Two or More DACs in the Same System ???
  25. W4S DAC2 DSDse: DSD over I2S?
  26. SPL Professional fidelity - Pro-fi
  27. Cybershaft rubidium clock...low priced option?
  28. Arcam irDac 2
  29. Neutral and balanced USB DAC + AMP
  30. Jon Iverson (Stereophile) Dac differences description
  31. SBooster Vbus Isolator locking up computer?
  32. USB or not?
  33. Encore mDSD USB DAC stick
  34. A Taxonomy of DACs?
  35. Looking fot a DAC..
  36. DAC Shootout......Apogee Duet vs. Audioengion D1 vs. RME Babyface
  37. Auralic Altair DAC/Streamer
  38. $500 DAC recommendations?
  39. Where Are We Going From Here?
  40. Lampise your DSD.
  41. Nativ Wave Headphone Amp/DAC with DSD 256 on Indegogo
  42. Another stupiid question - delta sigma
  43. Trying to use all my speakers for music/etc (Xonar U5)
  44. Mytek Brooklyn vs Schiit Yggy
  45. MQA with Linux MPD
  46. WTB Lampizator Lite 7
  47. speaking of usb hellper tools, jitterbug?
  48. Discrete DSD DAC - Definition
  49. Ratoc Audio Labs KEB-O3 Portable DAC/AMP, Mini-Review & Question
  50. DAC's, AV Receivers & analog/digital transfer between the two
  51. The Schiit lineup comparisons
  52. Do the rich guys like DSD or PCM?
  53. DSD vs SCHIIT
  54. Fiio X7? X5 Second Generation?
  55. Mytek Support Site
  56. DAC Story, iFi, Mac mini and others Uptone ...
  57. I need to learn about up-conversion and digital filters
  58. Questions For DAC engineers
  59. POLL for usb helper devices
  60. Cary Audio DAC 200 ts
  61. Phasure NOS1 Without XXHighEnd (Vs. Vega)
  62. New to Digital
  63. Are USB to SPDIF converters subject to the same limitations as USB?
  64. Audio-gd dacs
  65. Input needed for USB Isolator design
  66. Resonessence Labs Herus+
  67. Afi+USB-Module - USB-Interface, Isolator and Re-Clocker
  68. The ultimate digital input?
  69. Totaldac d1-six tube dac
  70. Simultaneous XLR and RCA output
  71. Chord 2Qute (and other Chord DACs) with silver interconnects?
  72. Considering new DAC/pre for < $2K
  73. Schiit Bifrost Uber vs. Moon 100D Smackdown
  74. Metrum Acoustics Pavane to mac mini USB connecting problem
  75. Can I get a usable USB DAC for $50 or less?
  76. TEAC NT 503 or UD-503: Opinions?
  77. Apples solves (hopefully) usb DACs disconnection
  78. Problem with USB cable/s Audioquest
  79. Windows driver for Audio-gd DI U8
  80. Usb to spdif converter or interface ??
  81. Weird observation with a ripped SACD. Any ideas?
  82. Schiit Gumby + USB Cleaner vs. Yiggy?
  83. (delete, wrong forum)
  84. Metrum Musette
  85. Light Harmonic Vi Infinity Tube DAC
  86. Line Magnetic LM-502CA owner.....USB Drivers?
  87. Gustard X20U with a separate preamp
  88. Uptone Regen Refercence vs. Intona Industrial vs. W4S RUR
  89. Updates- Intona High Speed USB Isolator
  90. DAC's Which Convert PCM to DSD
  91. DAC selection
  92. Audiolab MDac+
  93. T+a dac 8 dsd
  94. Musical Fidelity USB/SPDIF converters
  95. Bifrost USB Input?
  96. Dac upgrade help
  97. DSD/I2S signal integrity
  98. Bottlehead DAC or Yggy?
  99. Is it best to uninstall old DAC's USB driver before adding a new dac??
  100. PCI card or USB to AES converter ??
  101. Multi digital input selector - Where is?
  102. Jitter problem
  103. Audio Alchemy DDP-1 and Ayre Codex Side by Side
  104. FINALLY improvement from a DAC
  105. NEW Konvertible Lite USB Cables from Elijah Audio
  106. Warning-controversial USB talk-WireWorld Platinum Starlight 7
  107. Wadia 12 vs Auralic ARK MC+ (are new DACs better)
  108. Xonar U5 usb problem
  109. Aries mini volume.
  110. Changing set of DAC
  111. DAC Options and Transport Methods (making a decision)
  112. Op amp options, Asus Zonar DGX sound.
  113. Upgrade path
  114. Bryston BHA-1 Headphone Amplifier
  115. Best volume/best SQ using digiatal control vs other volumn sources
  116. Yggy multibit dac or usb converter + usb card?
  117. Multiple reclocking (SOTM, REGEN, BADA, ...) harmful or beneficial ?
  118. Burson Conductor V2
  119. PI Audio & Curious USB cables for Uptone Regen & similar usage
  120. Chord 2qute no change color
  121. Small usb-spdif that can down sample 24/96, 24/192,... to ?/48 or ?/44.1
  122. ES9023 DAC + BeagleBone Black = great sound
  123. Would like to digitize some vinyl using my current dac
  124. Schiit Bifrost MB campared to W4S DAC-1 LE W/Femto Upgrade
  125. Using DragonFly-type DAC instead of a stand-alone?
  126. Schiit Bifrost Multibit Upsampling Experiences?
  127. NAD M32 direct digital integrated amplifier
  128. Mytek Brooklyn DAC remote help
  129. Anyone Compared Totaldac d-1 MK2 Tube vs. Lampizator Big 7?
  130. faceoff Gungnir Multibit vs chord mojo vs ifi micro
  131. USB Extension
  132. Have you EVER upgraded your DAC where you were happy with the upgrade?
  133. Pono, anyone?
  134. what DAC for my nexus 7 car install? my current one is giving awful ground loop noise
  135. Luxman DA-06 and Windows
  136. What sort of DAC to use with HQ Player ...
  137. Thoughts on a New DAC
  138. W4S and other USB fixers (non curated)
  139. Portable DAC recommendation?
  140. Morals of Upsampling
  141. Dave=digital audio veritas extremis
  142. Ubuntu and DAC
  143. PS Audio's DirectStream Junior
  144. Rega DAC-R - what is your opinion?
  145. NAD M12 or Naim DAC V-1?
  146. NAD M12 vs C510
  147. What is the best sotware only volume control to use?
  148. Dragonfly vs inbuilt Conexant SmartAudio HD
  149. see the Darko DAC Index change
  150. Desktop USB DAC recommendation
  151. Schiit Multibit problems with Hi-Rez files????
  152. Simaudio Moon Evolution 780D
  153. ifi nano iDSD and USB HID
  154. Auralic Vega Update soon?
  155. Apple airport express
  156. Auralic Vega PC
  157. iTunes with Audirvana Plus
  158. Nad M51 DAC old fw 1.39 seeking....
  159. Introduction--Looking to Upgrade DAC
  160. What is the best way for my ifi NANO DAC to run
  161. The Comparison Thread for Recovery USB Reclocker, the Regen and similar devices... (Curated Thread)
  162. iFi iUSB 3.0 Revisited
  163. Which input jacks on my receiver should I connect to?
  164. Another new USB regenerator: Lightspeed Revive
  165. Audio-GD NFB-1DAC or Gustard DAC-X12 or ...
  166. Thoughts on how to feed Schiit Yggy?
  167. Prism Sound Callia DAC/Preamp
  168. Transparent Audio Hardwired USB Cable Causing USB Overcurrent
  169. MacBook Pro and PPA cables
  170. USB clean-up: When does the high end catch up?
  171. advice to fit DAC to my system
  172. Hong Audio 32bit 384k USB to Spdif Converter
  173. Auralic Vega USB
  174. Totaldac d1 range of products
  175. My First DAC ($25 Muse Mini USB) Impressions
  176. Newbie to CA advice on USB or Toslink cabling
  177. ifi nano firmware where on a Mac?
  178. Metric Halo ULN-8 vs. newer DACs
  179. Hi Rez File Storage: Best External Drive Setup for Laptop?
  180. Need advice for ISO to DFF (or DSF) -> AIFF – e.g. Optimal Settings for ISO2DSD + DSDMaster
  181. Wifi audio reciver?
  182. Time to replace my DAC
  183. TEAC UD-503 DAC with up sampling DSD capability
  184. crackling with hdmi de-embedder
  185. Curious Cables Configiurations Connections and Conversations (about)...
  186. 24/192 vs DSD??
  187. iMac and Amplifier
  188. USB DAC with combined driver for multichannel?
  189. The hunt for an excellent sounding DAC continues - help please
  190. New Products: Audioquest Dragonfly and Beetle
  191. Do I need a External Powered DAC for Phone to Stereo ?
  192. Rotel RDD-1588 - who own this DAC
  193. How is Oppo 103 built in DAC regarded?
  194. Auralic with iPower supply
  195. This DAC work for phone to Stereo RCA ? plenty of power thru phone ?
  196. Thunderbolt Ext HD and FireWire Dac
  197. DAC/Pre that support USB HID volume control
  198. Nagra Introduces Classic DAC at CES 2016
  199. Will Schitt play well with MQA
  200. new iFi Nano DSD --> Audioengine A2+ question
  201. ESS Sabre Pro DAC chips
  202. Wyred 4 Sound's Recovery USB Reclocker Findings For Audio Performance. (Curated Thread)
  203. Dilemma between this two DACs
  204. Upgrade an Oppo 105 or get a new device/player?
  205. I wonder if this HDMI DAC is any good for Apple TV 4
  206. Devialet D400's
  207. Two “budget” DACs compared (+ a third one...sort of)
  208. PPA Card v2 + Jitterbugs + Dragonfly DAC
  209. Chord Mojo
  210. Why no love for the Schiit Gungnir Multi-bit?
  211. A smooth dac?
  212. Schiit Yggdrasil + Aurender X100
  213. Auralic Vega Audiophile Owners 2016
  214. Next best DAC above ifi NANO
  215. DAC Options to Integrate Music Server into HT System
  216. Need advice: S/PDIF vs AES/EBU digital inputs
  217. What kind of cable do I use for SPDIF?
  218. Static on McIntosh C47 USB input
  219. Dual vs.single Regen ?
  220. Merging + Nadac
  221. Is there really a need for a USB to S/PDIF converter?
  222. Playback Designs Merlot DAC/Headphone Amp with DSD 256
  223. Looking For a Tube DAC That Uses a 12au7 Tube or similar valve
  224. Finally waded into the water..
  225. British Dacs dissapointment
  226. Mytek 192 DSD vs Schiit Gurnir GMB Gumby
  227. Mike Moffat Interview
  228. Wyred 4 Sound recovery USB reclocker
  229. Squeezebox Touch USB or Coaxial Digital outputs
  230. Which DAC
  231. Alternative Sound Cards and Dac combo - RME PCIe + DAC
  232. USB music momentary loss of signal
  233. Best format from which to upsample to DSD
  234. Newbie Question, How do I upsample from computer?
  235. Lumin s1vs Lumin S1+Totaldac dac
  236. In a state of ...Euforia
  237. Windows 2012 R2 Drivers for Ayre QB-9
  238. Bluesound Node2 - To be Used w/ or w/o External DAC?
  239. Which one to buy: UpTone USB REGEN or Intona USB Isolator?
  240. Auralic Vega
  241. Halp!
  242. Why would I buy a DAC?
  243. Lampizator Golden Gate or/vs Nagra HD DAC
  244. Korg ADC/DAC DS-DAC10R
  245. USB Disruptor
  246. Help and advice on potential problems connecting Auralic Vega and Burmester 032
  247. Benchmark DAC2 HGC Mod's
  248. Noob Advice Needed
  249. Engineers' Insights—Marantz Interviews
  250. Hegel HD30 Thoughts?