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  1. New "B" getting ready for hi-res
  2. Computer Desktop Audio Input: Asus Xonar Card versus Meridian Explorer
  3. dCS Debussy with DSD/DoP
  4. Sources ??? -- 75 Ohm Digital Cables, w/BNC Connectors
  5. HiFace experiencing Latency Video Problem, is there a fix or a different Mac driver?
  6. marantz NA-11S1?
  7. Vortexbox - Hiface2- Rega Dac (Dac lock input noise)
  8. Benchmark DAC2 vs. exaSound e20
  9. The Schiit Modi
  10. Modding USB cable to power DAC with external PSU
  11. Marantz launches another DAC, this one with DSD over USB capability
  12. CIAUDIO Transient MKII - Any Experience?
  13. Metric Halo Lio vs Antelope Zodiac Gold with Volticus
  14. Frequency response
  15. DAC and headphone AMP recommendation request
  16. Replacing my Vinyl System: A Comparative Review (AMR, Audio Horizons, Acoustic Arts...)
  17. Ayre wants $1.5K for DSD'ed QB-9
  18. M2Tech EVO USB-SPDIF convertor random reset
  19. Totally Subjective DAC Testing... no measurements. :)
  20. DSD DAC question (preamp question
  21. TC BMC-2 or RME Babyface
  22. Can the Impact Twin be used as Preamp in a home stereo system?
  23. Airport Express DAC for room audio
  24. Premium Brands MIA?
  25. ADC What about going the other way?
  26. Oppo now plays DSD Files
  27. OPPO 103/105 Does Stereo/Multi-Channel DSD!
  28. Choice of DSD DACs
  29. HRT MicroStreamer Headphone Amp/DAC
  30. Wadia 121 vs Burson 160D vs Burson DA-160 & Soloist
  31. Meridian Explorer modified
  32. Simaudio 350P with digital board not selecting digital input
  33. Meridian Explorer as DAC on par with Ayre QB9???!!
  34. Dragonfly vs. DACport LX
  35. USB 1 vs USB 2- any sonic difference?
  36. HRT Music Streamer HD
  37. Getting USB to work with my MSB DAC
  38. Just for fun - Transcendence Eight DAC by Frank Van Alstine
  39. Budget DAC advice please guys
  40. Everything about Bricasti M1 USB
  41. New to Hi-Fi - choosing DAC and connection advice - and more questions
  42. Desperate for Server/DAC connection advice
  43. Metrum Octave MKII
  44. MacBook Pro to EAR Dacute problems
  45. OPPO BD-105 as DSD DAC stereo and mch
  46. iMac to replace my cdp?
  47. Calyx Femto dac
  48. Oppo BDP-105 vs. Arcam rDAC
  49. no sound above 96 kHz
  50. Interesting USB converter with battery and DSD capability + DSD DAC
  51. M2Tech EVO and Young DAC - might need a nudge to go Integer from you guys??
  52. V-Moda VAMP Verza
  53. Are DACs even necessary for good sound?
  54. Help for setting up a computer based new system
  55. hiFace DAC
  56. Meridian Explorer vs. REGA DAC
  57. Getting a second life for my dCS Elgar Plus
  58. Bryston BDA-1 vs Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6
  59. Burning in period for USB/SPDIf convertors - is there one???
  60. Upgrade AP2 with PurePower or Metrum Octave with power cord?
  61. Bel Canto REFlink in the house
  62. DragonFly DAC and J River configuration
  63. DAC advice
  64. M2Tech EVo with Audirvana+ What the hell with Integer mode???
  65. Reluctant to buy a Rega DAC
  66. Opinions Wanted: What is the most Analog Sounding DAC?
  67. Bricasti M1 Filter Settings
  68. Newbie. Lots of questions.
  69. Newbie. Lots of questions.
  70. Integer Mode with Yellowtec PUC2?
  71. 15 USB/SPDIF converters shootout
  72. Invicta Users - What's Your Invicta Configuration and How Does It Sound?
  73. Which high-end USB cable would you choose?
  74. Benchmark HGC DAC2
  75. m2tech young driver with hiface evo on ML
  76. DVC or AVC?
  77. Window 8 driver for the ARC DAC 8
  78. Question about NJones SACD LBH..
  79. Problems with noise (pops, stutter) with Meridian Explorer on a Windows PC - on any USB entry
  80. mydac, peachtreee dacit, or parasound zdac?
  81. MacBook pro, tubemagic d1 plus, audirvana : any advice ?
  82. MacBook Pro > M2Tech Young - HELP!
  83. exaSound e20 DSD256 Update
  84. Audirvana Wyred Dac I Problem
  85. New Chord USB cable looks set to take on AQ Diamond and WW Platinum
  86. Benchmark DAC2 HGC Reviews
  87. dCS Delius & Purcell computer audio with/-out system master clock?
  88. State-of-the-art CD transports vs USB/SPDIF converter shootout
  89. Naim DAC alternatives
  90. Audioquest Coffee USB versus Mapleshade
  91. Idea of isolation of usb dac from computer via using usb bulk mode and then disconnecting in a per song manner
  92. intriguing idea but is the implementation good enough?
  93. Mcintosh D 100 usb DAC
  94. Buying a new DAC/Need help to pick which one. $2,000-3,000 Budget
  95. EMM Labs DAC2x not recognized by Zuma by USB
  96. Upgrading Wavelenght Cosecant
  97. SACD Player For Reading/downloading DSD
  98. Fiio E07K + Shure 215 - Constant hissing
  99. DAC's as Preamps ... number of bits and volume control?
  100. Chord QuteHD DAC
  101. Explorer bests Dragonfly in my entry-level DAC evaluation (iDAC and Modi also ran)
  102. Peachtree Audio X1 vs NuForce 192S USB 2 S/PDIF Convertors
  103. USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 -- different buss?
  104. Easy upgrades to digital system (currently MMini, Nuforce DDA-100 and PMC 23s)
  105. Still DAC-Less and searching. What is the resolution truth?
  106. Horrific distortion when using DAC, Yamaha Receiver, & iMac
  107. Upsampling question
  108. Audio Interface as a DAC / ADC
  109. ALO International portable DAC/Amp with IPod digital out?
  110. Peachtree DAC-IT or just buy the whole preamp
  111. Change OP Amps in Xonar Essence One
  112. Looking for feedback on DAC upgrade
  113. M2Tech Young DAC
  114. Power Supply for Hiface Evo (diy or not)
  115. Mountain Lion crash with M2Tech Young DAC and Audirvana
  116. Is getting the off-ramp 5 worth it in this situation?
  117. Help me find a decent DAC <100 pounds(euros,$)
  118. USB cable for Playback Designs DAC
  119. upgrade a DAC
  120. New to the Forum / Need some advice
  121. Audio Research Reference DAC Digital Media Bridge
  122. Upgrade from the HotAudio DAC WOW?
  123. Home built tubed DAC (none oversampling)!
  124. Seeking Budget DAC Advice
  125. First multi-channel DSD playback solution with Mytek!
  126. DAC for MOG only
  127. USB and XLR Cable questions for Perfect Wave DAC MKII
  128. Ayre QB9 vs Chord QuteHD
  129. HD800 advice...
  130. DSD coming to Antelope Zodiac Gold
  131. Thoughts on new DSD capable DACs?
  132. MF V-Link 192 - External Power Supply Needed?
  133. Volume level to low on USB DAC headphone amp
  134. Schiit Modi v Bifrost: my impressions
  135. Should I NOS-DAC ?
  136. VDAC + Pioneer A30-k + Nubert nuline 34
  137. Audio-GD DACs
  138. Converter :toslink to spdif or aes.
  139. DAC - Do I need one?
  140. Computer set up for Fostex TH900
  141. Transporter to... next?
  142. Stand alone DAC or receiver built-in
  143. What next after Metric Halo LIO-8 (help)?
  144. Information on the Theta DS Pro Gen II please
  145. meitner/emm labs difference
  146. Matching DACs?
  147. best DAC /transport
  148. Problem with Dragonfly
  149. Can you use a Thunderbolt to Firewire connector with Weiss DAC202?
  150. USB cable burn in?
  151. Usefulness Of High-Resolution DAC's
  152. New to computer based music - what DAC?
  153. Strangest Cable Issue Ever
  154. Halide Dac + Audio Engine a5+s++:Advice appreciated
  155. DAC with RS232
  156. DAC for Rega Brio-R & Wharfedale Diamond 10.2
  157. Any Rega DAC users here?
  158. Human Hearing More Sensitive Than Most Advanced Measuring Devices?
  159. Opinions on Pure Music by Channel D
  160. Optical to 1/4 Stereo
  161. My Review: The Ultra Fi Abisque USB Filter and the Audio Optimization Guide for Mountain Lion
  162. Does Mytek 192 DSD Dac work with Amarra ?
  163. One step computer HiFi - digital amplifier NuForce DDA-100 and QLS QA100
  164. PCI Soundcard vs M2Tech Hiface 2 for digital output?
  165. Any USB-SPDIF converters have a Spdif input as well for reclocking a transport?
  166. Looking for a DAC
  167. Replace Everything w/ A Peachtree Grand Integrated?
  168. USB cables , what are you guys using?
  169. DAC with digital bypass
  170. Anything wrong with this setup?
  171. Charles Hansen Interview
  172. USB - the only future of computer audio?
  173. iFi iDac w/ iUsb Power vs. Micromega MyDac
  174. Naim DAC-V1 reviews search
  175. Something is fishy with DAC
  176. magni/modi no sound
  177. Getting from DAC to stereo: 25 foot RCA or USB?
  178. Replace DAC, Pre, Can Amp, USB-S/PDIF w/ Weiss 202?
  179. Nuforce HDP and iMac 2011 - Optical or USB?
  180. How much SHOULD I spend on a DAC relative to other components I have?
  181. A technical question about USB to SPDIF converters
  182. First Post: Looking for DAC recommendation/advice $300-$500
  183. New Product: M1 SDAC
  184. Strange AQ Dragonfly DAC/amp Problems
  185. Sony PHA-1 HP DAC
  186. quality of benchmark DAC1 USB cable
  187. Nuforce UDH - 100 ?
  188. Noisy Schiit Modi - Help needed from other Modi users
  189. USB Dac
  190. New MYTEK and TWO Problems
  191. What difference does a "bit" make?
  192. Leema Acoustics Dac
  193. @ CES 2013 DragonTail
  194. New Ones Vs Old Ones (DACs)
  195. Emotiva, Schiit, or something else....
  196. V-Link vs Nova vs Dragonfly
  197. Playback Designs MPD-5 vs EMM DAC2X vs MSB Platinum DAC IV Plus
  198. Need integrated amp for pair of Wharfedale Diamond 10.2
  199. New Naim DAC w/ Async USB???
  200. I need to complete my system with a computer transport
  201. To Those Who Own Mytek Stereo 192 DSD DAC....
  202. "budget,entry level" dac
  203. Ayre QB-9 getting DSD in March 2013
  204. Best DAC under $2000
  205. USB 1.0 versus USB 2.0
  206. Fostex HP-A8C... What a pity!!!
  207. I want to audition DACs with DSD
  208. NAD M51 DAC & Apple USB 2.0 Driver
  209. Around $2000 DAC Selection Help
  210. USB or Toslink to connect my computer to my receiver ...
  211. Help, please, with getting a Linux based NAS (Synology) to work with a USB 2.0 Audio Dac (Emotiva)
  212. Mark Levinson No.560 DAC
  213. Dragonfly DAC will not change colors in Mac air
  214. From Apogee Duet to Dragonfly.. which cables?
  215. Question for BADA owners..
  216. USB cable comparisons
  217. Metric halo vs mytek for dsd
  218. replacement for M2 HiFace
  219. Dim Volume stopped working on Mytek 192
  220. Controlling Mytek DAC via software instead of remote?
  221. Mytek 192: ByPass versus 0db analog volume control mode: Any audible difference?
  222. How dated is the Benchmark DAC 1 usb?
  223. MyDac vs. Dragonfly
  224. Any testing of the ATV3 jitter levels?
  225. Ratoc Audio Lab
  226. REVIEW: Schiit MODI DAC $99
  227. List of Direct Digital amps
  228. Reccommended Firewire - USB plus 75 ohm coaxial digital cable
  229. USB Dac 2500 Budget
  230. help upgrading AVP/DAC
  231. USB to SPDIF converter for NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC
  232. Question Regarding USB Transfer Mode
  233. TEAC UD-501: Dual Mono DAC with DSD Streaming
  234. Fiio D03K "Taishan" - Problems with setup
  235. dragonfly dac
  236. Experiences with the Resonessence Invicta DAC
  237. HA INFO USB DAC - works in Windows, not in Linux
  238. iFi iDAC Has anyone purchased one?
  239. First step to modernize - MacPro to DAC with Halide Design DAC HD
  240. Some crazy Schiit! MODI: New $99 DAC
  241. Berkeley Alpha DAC owners or DAC/Pre gurus in general - I am in need of help amp matching.
  242. Wavelength Crimson vs EMM labs DAC2X vs Audioresearch Reference DAC
  243. isolation for Meitner MA-1
  244. ..a few SOtM Questions
  245. Has anyone directly compared Berkeley 2 dac/alpha USB vs ps perfect wave dac 2?
  246. Help setting-up a Mytek 192 DAC to play DSD
  247. Looking for hints: new laptop + amplifier!
  248. Optimizing input to Audiolab 8200CDQ?
  249. Mac Mini 2012 via Decible to NAD M51 - High pitch noise!
  250. HDtracks / AudioQuest Give Away