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  11. Devialet 110 Short Review
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  13. Chinese Brand L.K.S. Audio MH-DA002 ESS9018 * 2
  14. DLNA Renderers: Sonore Rendu vs Moon Mind?
  15. Warm Sounding DACs Compatible with DSD Files
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  17. Luxman DA-06 does not convert PCM to DSD
  18. Audio GD Sparrow vs USB Async DACS
  19. Want to address this issue with my system but not sure what to change....
  20. DAC input - USB, SPDIF, TOSLINK
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  23. Asynchronous USB or USB converter to spdif?
  24. Ethernet, USB, Optical or Coax to my DAC??
  25. 32 bit sound
  26. How good is the Luxman DA-06 USB input design?
  27. DAC Chipsets
  28. DAC For Mac Mini, I-Tunes And Home Stereo
  29. Which DACs are Best for Use by a Digital DJ?
  30. Peachtree dacitX or Hrt music streamer HD
  31. Fire Wire cable quality between Mac Mini & disk drive
  32. Linn Klimax DS vs Meitner MA-1
  33. Choice DAC for digital files, wav, flac at different resolutions
  34. iFi iUSBPower + HiFace EvO
  35. A Big thank you to all on this forum...Schiit Magni and Modi just arrived
  36. How to avoid timing and clipping errors when recording Vinyl to high resolution digital
  37. Burson Conductor
  38. Ayre QB9 balanced vs unbalanced
  39. Schiit Loki - DSD-only for 149 USD
  40. NuForce DDA-100
  41. Feb 2014 Emotiva XMC-1 w/Full Multichannel DSD support
  42. Any 32bit 384khz audio file?
  43. LakeWest MDAC2
  44. QLS-HiFi QA860: SD card player/ AD1955 DAC/Headphone Amplifier
  45. Any Devialet Users Here?
  46. DAC obsolescence?
  47. Why my computer’s HDMI sounds better than SimAudio’s D300 DAC?
  48. Question about Ayre QB9 DSD Upgrade for older models
  49. Round or Flat USB cable for USB dac
  50. Is my Metrum Octave really playing 24/192 kHz files?
  51. 24bit/96KHz Analogue To Digital Convertor
  52. Fire Wire, HDMI, why was USB chosen?
  53. Oyaide Continental: Best lenght for performance?
  54. Mired in Doubt / Confusion - HELP!
  55. Advice: DAC for Macbook pro retina
  56. What is the best USB powered DAC?
  57. New dac on a budget! help needed
  58. USB Mini B options
  59. Mutec MC-3+
  60. DAC output levels - Out of control?
  61. Major Schiit Bifrost issues... Please help!
  62. Wyred DAC-2 DSD SE set up issue
  63. DSD update for the dCS Scarlatti DAC
  64. Phasure DAC Listening Session
  65. Minimum length for 75Ω coax cable (Revisited)
  66. How to use IRiver's AK120(or AK100) as an external DAC in Windows 7 and other SPDIF devices
  67. Ayre - Mytek - Benchmark: Please help me decide
  68. DSD64 vs DSD128
  69. Why doesn't the Oppo play above 24/192 stereo as a dac when connected via USB?
  70. Why you hear Clicks and Pops
  71. Chord Chordette QuteHD DAC Power Supply Advice Needed
  72. Schiit Modi vs. JDS Labs ODAC
  73. Audioquest Dragonfly setup
  74. Dip in volume of a (new) track when skipping tracks
  75. Windows Updates
  76. ISO conversion of SACD files to DSD files + Macosx
  77. exaSound e18 - e20 - e28 - Info and Experiences Post All Here
  78. Light Harmonic Geek DAC
  79. EMM Labs, Accustic Arts, or Esoteric DAC (older) for slaving CD/SACD player - Help please!
  80. Could not get Ayre QB9 DSD to enter standby mode with MBP
  81. Need Help with noise on 48/96 but not on 44.1/88.2
  82. New LG G2 smartphone will play 24-192 WAV and FLAC files
  83. Fiber input DAC's the future?
  84. Can an AMP/DAC be used with SONY:Xperia Z TABLET? (Advice appreciated)
  85. Peachtree DAC-ITx
  86. S/PDIF convertor vs DAC upgrade
  87. Should I use FLAC, WAV or WMA format?
  88. M2tech young vs Mytek 192 dsd
  89. Calyx Audio customer support
  90. Audiophilleo : A case of good customer support.
  91. ANOTHER Example of Why I HATE DSD and Why Customers Who Bought Sony's Boloney Are So Annoying
  92. New QB-9 or new DAC-2DSD or new DAC-2DSDse or … another solution?
  93. Wadia Intuition
  94. dac/headphone amp for new desktop system
  95. Power Cord Upgrade for EMM Labs DAC2X
  96. Clicking sound from DAC
  97. How a sound card configured for 16/48 handles the higher bit rate signal?
  98. The Oppo 105 as a sensational music streamer.
  99. Bel Canto ref link with Naim Unitilite
  100. Time to give up Berkekey and go DSD?
  101. choose from three USB To SPDIF Converter
  102. DAC recomendations
  103. New Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC - DSD Issues
  104. Marantz - na7004 network enabled dac
  105. DAGMAGIC 100 no incoming sample rate lights?
  106. 1st time setup drivers etc
  107. please...I need a good usb cable.
  108. The price of ESS9018-containaing DAC is dropping fast!
  109. Resonessence Labs Concero HD
  110. EE MiniMax DAC Plus - won't work on Raspberry Pi running MPD server
  111. Audrivana Volume Control
  112. dedicated USB card for external USB->SPDIF converters?
  113. OPPO 105 and .iso sacd files.
  114. exaSound e20 MK III - MY Experience With
  115. NAD M51 vs Mytek 192 DSD
  116. Yamaha CD-S3000 SACD player and DSD DAC
  117. .iso from sacd to dsd dac by foobar...
  118. is there any dac...
  119. Astell & Kern AK120 plays DSD
  120. Best DAC for SPDIF Coax Input
  121. Onkyo tx-nr709 DAC adequate or add Peachtree Nova for HTPC
  122. MSB Analog DAC
  123. High Quality 12v Cables
  124. What AES/EBU cable are you using, and why?
  125. Ripping at 32 bits fp for further upsampling?
  126. North Star Designs Impulso
  127. Concero HP?
  128. A new kid in town...the dsd dac from B.M.C.
  129. Please help me choose DAC - DSD is a must ?
  130. Has anyone upgraded or compared Metrum Octave mk I to mk II yet?
  131. $3000 or less...which dac would you buy?
  132. Multiple A/D D/A Conversions
  133. Meridian Explorer V1349 update for Win 7
  134. Alternative To Mapleshade USB Cable
  135. World's most accurate DAC? Mola Mola
  136. Perfect Wave DAC MKII or Metrum octave with audiophilleo 2?
  137. Opinions and Comparison on Grace Design M903 Vs Asus Essence one MUSE
  138. Vinyl Rulez
  139. Lynx Hilo - better with external usb spdif (AES) converters?
  140. Interview with Scott Berry about his design for the CAD 1543 DAC
  141. Does this DAC exist?
  142. Good DAC and Amplifier?
  143. Audioengine D1 DAC Worth It?
  144. Review: Benchmark DAC2
  145. Ayre’s $500 QB-9 DSD upgrade: sonic report
  146. EMM Labs DAC2X J River settings
  147. Throw me to the lions...
  148. Auralic Vega: my review
  149. iFi iTube
  150. Meridian Explorer as an first step for better PC audio?
  151. Ayre QB-9 DSD NOW SHIPPING!
  152. 24 bit vs. 32 bit dacs
  153. Auralic Vega: anyone tried it?
  154. ES9018, DSD to PCM or NOT ?
  155. EMM Labs DAC2x. DSD Native playback recommendations
  156. USB to S/PDIF converter for Metrum Octave: AP, Ciunas, or Octave Mk.II?
  157. Exasound E20
  158. Need M2Tech Young DAC help (MacMini)
  159. New Updated DAC Chip From ESS : ES9018-2M Sabre
  160. BNC 75 Ohm to AES/EBU 110 Ohm converter with NAD M51 and Audiophilleo2, worth it?
  161. Audiolab Qdac
  162. USB/SPDIF Converters with PS Audio
  163. BNC Cable for DAC
  164. Human Audio Tabla--Any experience?
  165. DAC with Fixed and Variable output
  166. Desktop DAC w/ variable line out + analog in
  167. I am thinking to buy a DAC and connect it to MX121 processor, Please advise?
  168. What have you done to your space?
  169. DacMagic Plus vs Schiit Bifrost
  170. Thinking about a new DAC...
  171. MacBook Pro to Pioneer Receiver
  172. Follow up Questions? to DAC/AMPs For use with TABLET`s (Any new developments??)
  173. ADuM4160 - powered USB isolator?
  174. Looking for a DSD sound card
  175. TAS Review: Mytek 192, Benchmark DAC2 , Lynx Hilo
  176. Firewire and Thunderbolt sound differences
  177. What DAC should I buy for a very Hi-end Hi-Fi system?
  178. INVICTA MIRUS: reviews and thoughts.
  179. driver update leads to popping sound - help needed
  180. Schiit Reference DAC and AMP: Preliminary info
  181. The Perfect DAC For Me Is...
  182. Meridian Exlporer Firware Update
  183. New DAC from Musical Fidelity
  184. The Next Thing from Resonessence
  185. Choose DAC
  186. Which DAC is using 12V DC input?
  187. DAC Upgrade
  188. confusion: dac/reciever
  189. Unable to set USB rate past 48k - OSX
  190. Drop outs on my DAC-iT
  191. Resonessence Mirus: any reviews out yet?
  192. need suggestions on what to do with components
  193. Peachtree Nova and AudioMidi setup on Mac
  194. Wyred 4 Sound Dac2SE Upgrade Revisited & Findings -- The Best Decision Unequivocally!
  195. Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum
  196. Want new DAC: recommendations?
  197. Newport News: Antelope Audio Unveils Zodiac Platinum
  198. New DAC...
  199. Upgrading your hifi - the negatives
  200. PS Audio Noise harvester/ worth it?
  201. Similar sound signature to Audio Research DAC8?
  202. What DACs would be a significant upgrade from my Xonar Essence sound card?
  203. XLD and sonic performance
  204. Meridian Explorer, Firmware Updates ???
  205. Audirvana - direct mode
  206. An $40 PCI/PCIe power filter.
  207. C390dd
  208. HRT MusicStreamer HD
  209. Luxman DA-06 DAC Review : Question
  210. iFi Gemini Cable Comment Thread
  211. Best USB -> AES/EBU converter
  212. best way to connect iPad to Dac?
  213. Antelope de-announces DSD support for Zodiac Gold
  214. Which USB DAC for $100-$250? Totally confused.
  215. exaSound E20 DAC
  216. Help using Astell & Kern AK100
  217. New! Wyred4Sound µDAC-HD headphones amp/DAC unboxing
  218. Anyone compare the Berkeley Dac 2 to the Exasound e20 or the Resonessence Invicta for PCM files?
  219. Volume Control when used wtih Linux of the AQ Dragonfly and Meridian Explorer
  220. My None Oversampling DAC experiences
  221. Bryston BDA-2 vs PS Audio PerfectWave DAC MKII
  222. Van der Hul Digicoupler 75Ω SPDIF RCA
  223. Empiricle Short Block
  224. To DSD or not to DSD?
  225. Dragonfly or stick with Oppo?
  226. USB Audio Class 2 & DoP on SPDIF
  227. NAD M51 or W4S DAC-2 both with Audiophilleo2 (with PP or not)?
  228. PS3 - Wanted: Modded Per Ted's Instructions
  229. Bel Canto Black Series
  230. Resonessence Labs CONCERO HD: Any news?
  231. M2Tech HiFace Evo vs. Apogee Rosetta
  232. Using USB3.0 bus for USB2.0 DAC
  233. SoTM DX-USB-HD
  234. Meridian Explorer: Best DAC under $1K?
  235. Review: TEAC UD-501 PCM/DSD DAC.
  236. Oppo BDP-105 vs. Mytek 192 DSD
  237. Yulong DA8 DAC/Headphone amp/Preamp 384/32 DSD512
  238. In search for a networked controlled DAC
  239. New DAC
  240. Focusrite Forte USB Interface
  241. DOP over SPDIF and AES
  242. New Benchmark DAC2-D
  243. Help me understand dual-conduit USB cables
  244. DAC with good Optical Input
  245. Weiss to offer DSD update options
  246. Oppo BDP-105 as a USB DAC
  247. Linear PSU and the Chord Qute
  248. DAC for playback of 32-bit files
  249. How can we do a analog signal generator to generate jitter test signal ?
  250. MAC toslink uses