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  1. Ca Dacmagic - harsh treble?
  2. NOS (non-oversampling) DACs - Dan Lavry comments
  3. Interface between Compaq 8510w laptop and Burmester 061 cd player / DAC
  4. Zotac Ion Mobo
  5. Creative Sound Cards
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  7. Aiport Express & Pandora
  8. Quality DAC for under $200?
  9. EMU 0404 vs Echo Audiofire 2
  10. anyone have a clue on the m-audio 24/192 pci?
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  12. HRT Music Streamer + or Peachtree Nova?
  13. USB-DAC interface problem
  14. DAC/Pre w/ Volume and Balance Control (Remote)
  15. Behringer FCA202 - amazing
  16. Musiland Monitor 01 24/192 DACs
  17. Is there any sound card with BNC output?
  18. 24/192 hookup: Powerbook to DAC
  19. Apogee One - anybody tried one
  20. Is a DAC upgrade noticeable
  21. System Setup
  22. AirPort to build-in DAC
  23. DacMagic not Processing 48kHz signal.
  24. Excellent new item found
  25. Weiss DAC2 vs. Weiss Minerva
  26. New Article On USB Audio
  27. ARX Audiobox USB DI VC - My Thoughts
  28. 24/192 native DACs below USD 1200
  29. One Computer -- multiple USB DACs?
  30. Digital Filtering
  31. New Valab NOS DAC 'Luxury' version
  32. Music server distortion with Airport Express-bad DAC?
  33. What to expect Konnekt 8
  34. Best NOS DAC for less than $500?
  35. Best Quality Sound and "Inexpensive" ($100-400) DAC with highest resolution (192/24=96/24)
  36. M-Audio Transit
  37. Pushmi-pullyu
  38. Interesting measurements on USB vs S/PDIF. S/PDIF better?
  39. Using PCMCIA based Firewire card with Weiss DAC
  40. Firewire cable length
  41. DACing advice needed - MacBookPro -->iTunes-->Airport Express (Bit Perfect)-->?Which DAC?-->Genelec 8050
  42. best USB cable I have used so far
  43. Apple TV and USB DACs
  44. Ayre dac vs Wavelength Brick-has anyone directly compared these units
  45. The relation between amplitude and sample rate
  46. Passive Volume Controll for BADA?
  47. DAC for Airport Express?
  48. More Affordable firewire DACs
  49. CA DACMagic incoming Sampling light
  50. Interface woes
  51. Any fanless motherboards with Toslink in/out?
  52. I just wanted to share this with you
  53. Multi Bit DACs vs. Delta Sigma DACs
  54. dCS USB for Review - Question for Chris
  55. Firewire-to- S/PDIF converter
  56. The State of USB Audio by Alan Taffel
  57. Bel Canto USB Link Question?
  58. Headroom deasktop ultra dac.
  59. Best Low Jitter feed for external DAC
  60. Wavelength Cosecant v3 USB in Stereophile
  61. M Audio ProFire 610
  62. Which has the better output stage? Weiss DAC2 or Bryston bda-1
  63. DVI-D to VGA Converter for High Video Quality
  64. The Proton Review is Up
  65. USB 3 and next Generation of Firewire
  66. Interface Mac with Teac Esoteric SA-50
  67. NAIM DAC
  69. CA DACMagic digital bypass performance
  70. Weiss DAC 2 v Bryston BDA-1
  71. Prototype Flash Players?
  72. Apogee Duet like DAC? Valab!
  73. Oh My Gosh! DAC with Apple TV!
  74. DCS Delius problem
  75. Proper DAC Break-In?
  76. iBasso D10 DAC
  77. New VALAB DAC with two re-clocking TCXO
  78. Looking for an ethernet DAC...
  79. Airport Express Converts to ALAC?
  80. Can't connect to 96khz with Itunes
  81. Bryston sort your act out!
  82. Apogee Duet owners - Free 800/400 Firewire cable
  83. 1. how to use CD player as DAC? 2. How to use CD player to output data to computer?
  84. Looking for comparison: Ayre QB-9 to Weiss Dac2
  85. Optical or USB
  86. Have iMac, need help re outputting to HiFi
  87. Can I utilize the SPDIF BNC input on my CDP?
  88. Best sub-$400 DAC for Mac
  89. Review-Ultra Fi Musicstream USB DAC
  90. BluRay Optical Out to Coax In DAC
  91. Advice integrating DAC into Mac Pro / iTunes listening setup
  92. Stereophile test of the Cambridge Audio DacMagic
  93. Adding a DAC to a surround system
  94. Beginner needs a shove in the right DAC direction...
  95. 24 or 16bit to older DAC
  96. Sampling rates for OS
  97. HiFi Choice Ultimate Group Test: DACs 130 - 1,200
  98. Please advise !!! Connect via USB or Coax
  99. optical or coax?
  100. USB ADC recommendations? (asynchronous??)
  101. Wavelength Crimson/Cosecant Volume Control
  102. DAC versus Chip Set cross reference
  103. Computer with PS Audio DAC III
  104. Weiss DAC2 Volume control - how good is it?
  105. Empirical Audio DAC
  106. DAC that will read high resolution blu ray discs?
  107. motherboard or sound card to external DAC
  108. Conversion from FLAC to WAV
  109. PS Audio - PWD - Perfect Wave DAC
  110. Sample rate question: Lynx AES16, Berkeley Alpha DAC, Foobar, and 176.4
  111. Alpha or DAC 2
  112. I have a Cambridge DacMagic
  113. New Weiss DAC2, sounds great, but probelm with HRx files
  114. Weiss DAC2
  115. New to CA: DAC Question
  116. Quick question on Berkeley and HDCD encoding
  117. First Post! DACMagic to Imac (via Airport Express) sounds terrible, especially on the high end...
  118. new member - inexpensive DAC
  119. Cheap DAC for jittery digital source (Apple TV,...)
  120. PS Audio Perfectwave DAC as preamp to Krell FPB-400cx
  121. Why External DAC?
  122. Some Questions re Weiss DAC2
  123. High Resolution Technologies Musicstreamer+
  124. USB to SPDIF "converters"......WTF?
  125. Just Ordered my new Weiss DAC2 today.
  126. DAC ? Why not just use your CD player?
  127. Another DAC comparison Lavry DA10 to Apogee mini-dac (firewire) to PS audio DLIII (unmodded)
  128. New Weiss Medea?
  129. Zardoz..I love it !
  130. Help want to use I2S from pc to Perpetual Tech P-1A
  131. Audio Research DAC7 USB 16/48 limitation
  132. Pass Labs D1
  133. Amarra experience?
  134. New Black Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC
  135. USB to AES/EBU or SPDIF box
  136. New Benchmark DAC1 HDR
  137. Benchmark, maker of the DAC1, is announcing...
  138. Weiss DAC2 FW400 connection and MacMini FW800
  139. Help with DAC's, please?
  140. DAC help-comparison
  141. Lavry DA-11
  142. Comparisation between Benchmark DAC 1 usb and Weiss Minerva
  143. Is there an inexpensive SA-CD player that will allow me to bypass the on board DAC and use Benchmark DAC?
  144. Is there a way to rip SA-CDs?
  145. pro-ject for imac? Quality of the mac CD player vs. mimik
  146. Help me decide which USB to Digital converter, please...
  147. Disappointed with the Cambridge Audio Dac Magic?
  148. Toslink to Coaxial converter, any good?
  149. ipod linked to computer versus ipod linked to Wadia
  150. My AIFF files on my iPhone sound terrible when I play them in my car through the ipod jack
  151. M-Audio ProFire 610 a 24/192 DAC?
  152. Should the Square Wave Test be Mandatory?
  153. ASIO Drivers and Plugins for RME Card and Media Monkey
  155. My only Weiss is Hifi
  156. DAC with remote output level control ?
  157. DAC1 Pre Questions (optical out, Mac connections, and headphone jack)
  158. Getting SPDIF (toslink) Into Apogee Duet
  159. Rega apollo dedicated Cd player Vs these DACs
  160. DXD DACs on the horizon?
  161. Looking for a PC Sound Card Rec
  162. Disk Partitioning on a Mac Mini (new)
  163. Cant get weiss dac 2 to work with 96khz on optical input
  164. Devilsound Cable DAC
  165. Optical v. USB Revisited
  166. First Post! Cheapish DAC
  167. Would love some help on finding an inexpensive DAC solution (Spitfire, Keces, Devilsound, Fubar, etc.)
  168. Should I buy a weiss dac 2
  169. Jitter overhyped?
  170. help!!! DCS delius firmware update
  171. Future of Dacs: Jitter being addressed, how about power and volume!
  172. Apogee Duet briefly compared to Lavry Black
  173. Ayre QB-9
  174. Ps audio dac III (cullen mod 3 ) compared to Berkely Alpha Dac or weiss dac2
  175. Apogee Duet and Audio Midi Settings??
  176. Digital Audio Denmark DAC
  177. Good DAC w/ Volume for under 3k used?
  178. HDMI-equipped computers and DACs
  179. Mcintosh DACs????
  180. slim devices transporter vs Lynx AES16?
  181. Benchmark Pre and Amplifier
  182. Extremely Happy Weiss Minerva DAC Owner
  183. PS Audio DL-III DAC
  184. I am really frustrated!!!
  185. New products: Cyrus stereo amps with integrated DACs
  186. Help on choosing DAC
  187. DacMagic vs Behringer FCA202
  188. lookin 4 an inexpensive DAC w/ var. output
  189. Review of the Dac1 Pre?
  190. USB Question - Pro-Ject USB DAC
  191. Audio Research DAC7
  192. You Have Proton
  193. Dynaudio MB5A
  194. The Wavelength Audio Proton Has Arrived
  195. Apogee Duet tweak
  197. 16/44.1 vs Oversampling
  198. USB SPDIF converter vs. optical out of Mac
  199. PS Audio PerfectWave Transport and DAC
  200. DA11, Lavry DA with >PIC
  201. E MU 0404usb and 24/176
  202. Benchmark and FM Tuner
  203. Power supply?
  204. DAC won't play with Airport Express
  205. Benchmark DAC 1 USB versus Cambridge DeMagic
  206. Benchmark Dac 1 and Powerbook G4
  207. Presonus 1394 Inspire DAC
  208. The DAC in my NAD C740 or my moodlab concepts DAC?
  209. Add sound card to an external DAC
  210. jitter sensitivity of DAC on digital input signal
  211. Problem with Weiss Medea?
  212. Apple PowerBook G4 non-intel version
  213. What DACs should I check out?
  214. Mac to Benchmark
  215. Fireface, or other 'digital interface' - why?
  216. Low output from Trends Audio UD-10
  217. Alpha DAC / Minerva
  218. New Low Cost DAC
  219. High resolution recording
  220. USB 24/96 and higher.
  221. 24/192 via USB 2.0 on a beer budget--EMU 0404 mini-review!!
  222. External DACs versus Receiver/Preamp
  223. Bel Canto USB Link 24/96 is shipping
  224. Jitter paths
  225. Devilsound with NADC372 and B&W 684's? vs keces da151
  226. opinion on Prism sound orpheus - studio progear
  227. Linn Sneaky DS reviewed by PC Pro
  228. USB-Comparative/Critical Reviews
  229. Aqvox DAC from Pure Music Group.
  230. devilsounds, thingee etc.
  231. Apogee Duet
  232. AES 16 to Berkeley Studio DAC Interface
  233. Low cost DAC preferrably FW 800 suggestions
  234. DA and AD
  235. Best DAC that has a balance control
  236. Do I really need a DAC for my computer?
  237. HRX playback using DAD AX24
  238. Where to download 24/176.4 sample file?
  239. My Initial Review of my New DAC with USB.
  240. Limits of Mac Mini Digital Output and Audioengine 2 Speakers
  241. Which is the better DAC? PS Audio DL III or Bel Canto DAC3?
  242. Weiss Minerva software update
  243. Thinking of buying this Sound Card
  244. Driverless USB DACs
  245. Weiss Minerva da converter measured and weighted!
  246. DAC improvement and quality versus cost?
  247. Solved - - - Weiss Minerva and 64-bit Vista?
  248. Need input on a specific USB DAC.
  249. Amp with integrated DAC
  250. USB or Firewire DAC?