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  1. DAC losing SPDIF signal when I spark my gas stove!!!! Please help
  2. Weiss Minerva and Best Windows Driver
  3. new Weiss DAC?
  4. Red Wine Audio Isabella
  5. ComputerAudio at the highest level possible
  6. USB cables length?
  7. Sonic Studios 302 (Metric Halo ULN-2) and Amarra 4 ( Metric Halo ULN-8) comparison
  8. DAC under 500
  9. How does re-clocking/re-sampling work?
  10. Liquid Music in high resolution throught wi-fi
  11. Mac Mini and Ayre QB-9--Amarra noticeably improving the sound?
  12. I'm trying to put together a 2 channel system with a DAC and could use some advice
  13. Has anyone compared the Berkeley Alpha to high grade pro-audio DACs like the Prism Orpheus or MH ULN 8?
  14. Software Parametric Equalizer Affect on Bit Perfect Transfer Question.
  15. Headroom micro DAC
  16. Wadia with isochronous Wadiastream USB input. Any experience/thoughts?
  17. AES/EBU....
  18. Laptop USB to DacMagic 2 MKii via optical - advice needed please
  19. Help With Audio Midi Setting for iBook G4 with USB GF Tube DAC-09
  20. tc electronic Konnekt24D or Konnekt8 customer service.
  21. Potential upgrade - Weiss DAC2 vs. Benchmark DAC1 USB?
  22. Async USB everywhere!
  23. Sonic Studio Amarra 4 versus Metric Halo ULN-8
  24. Amarra 4 (based on ULN-8), Ayre & Bryston
  25. Promising New Dac from Nuforce - Icon HDP
  26. Now 32 bit Chip. What advantages?
  27. dac+preamp $2000 second hand what are my options?
  28. Reclocker question
  29. Windows 7 and DAC 2 using Firewire
  30. Analog Output of PCI Cards
  31. Bel Canto integrated S300iu with 24/96 USB DAC
  32. weiss dac2 not to my taste
  33. Stripped down ULN8 to be released?
  34. Bryston BDA/Perfect Wave Dac or PS Audio Digital Link III DAC
  35. Role of soundcard when using USB DAC such as Ayre QB-9
  36. MPD-5 - Playback Designs DAC
  37. Ayre QB-9 Problem
  38. Wavelength Proton: can it directly drive power amps?
  39. Prism Orpheus -- 10Audio Review now online
  40. WEISS DAC2 FireWire Question on Volume Control
  41. PS Audio Digital Link III versus PS Audio Ultralink Digital Audio Processor (DAC).
  42. Digital interface device from PC to DAC
  43. Suitability of Minerva(vs BDA-1) for Windows OS Machine
  44. Firewire bus sharing - DAC and Hard drive
  45. Wavelength Proton?
  46. A new DAC being released
  47. Questions about the ULN-2
  48. Weiss DAC 2 vs Minerva
  49. Benchmark DAC1 USB runs very warm on U.K.Australia etc. mains voltages
  50. 24 bit playback on Altmann Attraction DAC???
  51. Firewire Question
  52. Beginner DAC
  53. Devilsound v2.1 vs v2.0 ... is there a big difference between the two?
  54. Quality of the digital outputs of the Transporter compared to the best transports
  55. Legato USB-SPDIF Asynchronous Converter
  56. High Resolution Technologies Music Streamer Anyone heard it?
  57. Pro DACs?
  58. Using an HT receiver as a DAC
  59. Slightly premium DAC slugfest
  60. Anyone have any experience with the Chordette Gem yet?
  61. Users' impressions on Beresford TC-7520 + Grant Fidelity DAC-09
  62. Transporter Word Clock Out to Weiss DAC2
  63. Naim DAC Inputs
  64. Linn DS, PS Audio PWD, any others?
  65. Bel Canto Dac 3 Reviews
  66. newbie question about comparing a DAC and computer to a "good" cdp
  67. Guidance for a newbie in search of a DAC
  68. Weiss DAC2 - I can't get the DAC2 to tune up to 192 resolution when I play the HRx Sampler disc/file.
  69. Simaudio Dac
  70. Bi-wiring of speakers, balanced/unbalanced interconnect
  71. Got a Linn Akurate DS and I LOVE it. Not nearly as hard to set up and use as is reputed
  72. Metric Halo review
  73. ayre vs wavelength dac decision
  74. USB external soud card that support dual wire?
  75. Normal or Inverted Phase?
  76. Windows 7 room EQ: compatible gear
  77. Volume control problem w V-dac
  78. Neuhaus Laboratories T-2 Tube Amp/DAC
  79. Blue Collar High Resolution
  80. Ayre's new DVD player with USB input
  81. Newbie question: Where to from here with my Berkeley Audio DAC?
  82. Firewire >> AES device
  83. USB DAC not recognized when Mac Mini 2009 wakes from sleep?
  84. Please help! Adding a USB DAC to my home system, on a budget
  85. Peachtree nova setup help
  86. 24/192 DAC to use with M2tech hiFace
  87. Problem Audio MIDI Setup and Esoteric SA-50 DAC
  88. DAC with Balance Control - Suggestions?
  89. Auraliti Music Player (and DAC)
  90. Bel Canto DAC 3, Mod it, upgrade SC, or move on?
  91. Mac G5 output limited to 16/48?
  92. How to use my macbook pro with my Rega system
  93. Experience with Audiomeca Enkianthus.X
  94. EMU 0404 USB Windows 7 compatibility?
  95. Mini-i dac
  96. naim Audio does DXD!
  97. Empirical Audio Overdrive DAC
  98. Chris:Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Review
  99. Kanex Mac Mini digital audio hdmi adapter
  100. Ayre QB-9 Review
  101. Empirical Audio Overdrive dac
  102. Help with Weiss DAC2 and iTunes changing sampling rate
  103. Need recommendation for a AES/EBU cable to connect a Firewire/AES-EBU interface to a Bryston BDA-1
  104. Windows 7 Compatibility of any devices?
  105. Wavelength Brick V3?
  106. Esoteric launching new D-07 USB DAC
  107. Any information leaking out about the new Weiss INT202 Firewire Interface?
  108. Looking for a good DAC to compliment by Audioengine A2s
  109. Metric Halo ULN-2
  110. Moon 300D DAC
  111. How To Connect! The Absolute Best Way!
  112. PS Audio PerfectWave I2S interface
  113. Proton USB DAC and rock music
  114. Weiss DAC 2 - Problem with Firewire Output
  115. High end system but Mac Mini analog outs..... what next?
  116. Light Peak Interface Coming
  117. 88.2 KHz file playback via USB in VISTA
  118. Antelope Zodiac Coming Soon
  119. Impressions of my new DAC: Grant Fidelity DAC 09
  120. Getting Music from MacBook Pro to my AVR
  121. Any experiences with the DAD ADDA 2402?
  122. A strange and frustrating problem with the Bryston BDA-1 DAC
  123. dCS Upsampler ... For reference mostly
  124. Weiss DAC-2 Digital Out and Multi-Channel Bitstreams
  125. MacBook Pro to Sony Table radio - best cable?
  126. Focusrite Saffire using Firewire
  127. Firewire cable specification to connect Weiss DAC2 to Macbook Pro
  128. Midi and Hi Rez Problems
  129. PS Audio help
  130. Questions about ripping LPs
  131. USB DAC article
  132. Weiss Minerva - connection problem to FW interface / driver / cable
  133. Connection (wake up) problem with Weiss DAC2 & Mac Mini
  134. Problem with Dacmagic and 48khz files
  135. Best digital connection between a computer and an external DAC?
  136. If you have a high end preAmp...do you still need a DAC?
  137. Info from CEDIA
  138. Problem with Airport Express + DacMagic
  139. Wavelength Audio Proton USB DAC
  140. I2S cables, 5-pin DIN
  141. Toslink question on Apple MacBook Pro to Berkeley DAC
  142. A/B Testing of DACs ... Suggestions Please
  143. Lindemann USB to S/PDIF interface
  144. Another newbie with a MacBook Pro who is fascinated with this web site
  146. Comparing the Bryston BDA-1 to the Ayre this weekend
  147. Is a 'buffer' a universal panacea
  148. New Apple MacBook Pro laptop setup question
  149. newbie - imac g5 audio out
  150. Sound Blaster LIVE 24 bit External DAC with Mac?
  151. ULN-8 shootouts: Next!
  152. M-Audio Firewire broken : need a DAC (ugent...)
  153. Seeking recomendations for internal or external soundcard/DAC solution
  154. Lavry and Sampling Theory
  155. Ca Dacmagic - harsh treble?
  156. NOS (non-oversampling) DACs - Dan Lavry comments
  157. Interface between Compaq 8510w laptop and Burmester 061 cd player / DAC
  158. Zotac Ion Mobo
  159. Creative Sound Cards
  160. Best DAC with Volume control for under $100
  161. Aiport Express & Pandora
  162. Quality DAC for under $200?
  163. EMU 0404 vs Echo Audiofire 2
  164. anyone have a clue on the m-audio 24/192 pci?
  165. How to connect CD player to new DAC
  166. HRT Music Streamer + or Peachtree Nova?
  167. USB-DAC interface problem
  168. DAC/Pre w/ Volume and Balance Control (Remote)
  169. Behringer FCA202 - amazing
  170. Musiland Monitor 01 24/192 DACs
  171. Is there any sound card with BNC output?
  172. 24/192 hookup: Powerbook to DAC
  173. Apogee One - anybody tried one
  174. Is a DAC upgrade noticeable
  175. System Setup
  176. AirPort to build-in DAC
  177. DacMagic not Processing 48kHz signal.
  178. Excellent new item found
  179. Weiss DAC2 vs. Weiss Minerva
  180. New Article On USB Audio
  181. ARX Audiobox USB DI VC - My Thoughts
  182. 24/192 native DACs below USD 1200
  183. One Computer -- multiple USB DACs?
  184. Digital Filtering
  185. New Valab NOS DAC 'Luxury' version
  186. Music server distortion with Airport Express-bad DAC?
  187. What to expect Konnekt 8
  188. Best NOS DAC for less than $500?
  189. Best Quality Sound and "Inexpensive" ($100-400) DAC with highest resolution (192/24=96/24)
  190. M-Audio Transit
  191. Pushmi-pullyu
  192. Interesting measurements on USB vs S/PDIF. S/PDIF better?
  193. Using PCMCIA based Firewire card with Weiss DAC
  194. Firewire cable length
  195. DACing advice needed - MacBookPro -->iTunes-->Airport Express (Bit Perfect)-->?Which DAC?-->Genelec 8050
  196. best USB cable I have used so far
  197. Apple TV and USB DACs
  198. Ayre dac vs Wavelength Brick-has anyone directly compared these units
  199. The relation between amplitude and sample rate
  200. Passive Volume Controll for BADA?
  201. DAC for Airport Express?
  202. More Affordable firewire DACs
  203. CA DACMagic incoming Sampling light
  204. Interface woes
  205. Any fanless motherboards with Toslink in/out?
  206. I just wanted to share this with you
  207. Multi Bit DACs vs. Delta Sigma DACs
  208. dCS USB for Review - Question for Chris
  209. Firewire-to- S/PDIF converter
  210. The State of USB Audio by Alan Taffel
  211. Bel Canto USB Link Question?
  212. Headroom deasktop ultra dac.
  213. Best Low Jitter feed for external DAC
  214. Wavelength Cosecant v3 USB in Stereophile
  215. M Audio ProFire 610
  216. Which has the better output stage? Weiss DAC2 or Bryston bda-1
  217. DVI-D to VGA Converter for High Video Quality
  218. The Proton Review is Up
  219. USB 3 and next Generation of Firewire
  220. Interface Mac with Teac Esoteric SA-50
  221. NAIM DAC
  222. ARX USB DAC
  223. CA DACMagic digital bypass performance
  224. Weiss DAC 2 v Bryston BDA-1
  225. Prototype Flash Players?
  226. Apogee Duet like DAC? Valab!
  227. Oh My Gosh! DAC with Apple TV!
  228. DCS Delius problem
  229. Proper DAC Break-In?
  230. iBasso D10 DAC
  231. New VALAB DAC with two re-clocking TCXO
  232. Looking for an ethernet DAC...
  233. Airport Express Converts to ALAC?
  234. Can't connect to 96khz with Itunes
  235. Bryston sort your act out!
  236. Apogee Duet owners - Free 800/400 Firewire cable
  237. 1. how to use CD player as DAC? 2. How to use CD player to output data to computer?
  238. Looking for comparison: Ayre QB-9 to Weiss Dac2
  239. Optical or USB
  240. Have iMac, need help re outputting to HiFi
  241. Can I utilize the SPDIF BNC input on my CDP?
  242. Best sub-$400 DAC for Mac
  243. Review-Ultra Fi Musicstream USB DAC
  244. BluRay Optical Out to Coax In DAC
  245. Advice integrating DAC into Mac Pro / iTunes listening setup
  246. Stereophile test of the Cambridge Audio DacMagic
  247. Adding a DAC to a surround system
  248. Beginner needs a shove in the right DAC direction...
  249. 24 or 16bit to older DAC
  250. Sampling rates for OS