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  1. Weiss DAC2 vs. DAC202?
  2. HRT streamer best price?
  3. Looking for a 24/96 DAC to get me started with hi-res files...
  4. New Musical Fidelity DAC - M1
  5. "Demystifying Firewire"
  6. I think my brain might explode!
  7. DAC for STAX Headphones
  8. M2Tech HiFace / Benchmark DAC1 USB/Mac Mini
  9. SPDIF to USB Converter
  10. Metric Halo ULN,LIO-8 as MC phono preamp.
  11. Digital source switches
  12. Spdif to dual AES/EBU
  13. Wavelength Wavelink
  14. naim dac zero jitter question
  15. Audiophilleo
  16. Eastern Electric Tube DAC
  17. Neuhaus Lab T- 20
  18. HiFace to ADM 9.1
  19. Options to connect a hiFace
  20. Black Cat Veloce digital cable
  21. DAC with Preamp
  22. Weiss DAC2/Minerva Firmware Available
  23. DAC Burn In
  24. Which should be upgraded first, DAC or amp?
  25. Halide Design Bridge (USB to SPDIF)
  26. Realtek HD Audio versus E-mu 0404 PCI
  27. Are only USB's capable of asynchronous operation?
  28. Any updates/news on the Berkeley Audio Design Async USB to AES convertor?
  29. Help A Beginner? Home Theater AV Receiver and DAC's
  30. What produces the sound - DAC or Pre?
  31. M2Tech HiFace / Mac Mini problems
  32. Ayre QB-9 and recommendations for attenuation with remote volume control
  33. an INT202 question: only 192khz works in the dual wire mode?
  34. Newbie post: is the Wadia 170i the only game in town? Why?
  35. Wyred4Sound DACs now available for pre order
  36. HELP 24/96 Playback
  37. DAC's in Receivers?
  38. Berkeley Alpha DAC as a preamp
  39. Please HELP: Did anyone try to connect a computer directly to the transporter (not through the ethernet port) and does the info
  40. Pocket-sized Battery-powered Optical Cio Mb from MTS audio - review pending
  41. Musical Fidelity V-DAC vs. Valab NOS DAC
  42. Accustic Art MK4 - Have you guys listened to this DAC?
  43. Reclocking DAC immune to transport jitter?
  44. Internal vs external digital converters? (Lynx/RME vs Legato/m2tech)
  45. Benchmark DAC1 giving lower output on analog output with 176.4/24 music
  46. Where can I get a good deal on a used/demo Berkeley Alpha DAC?
  47. Firewire to Coaxial or SPDIF conversion
  48. DR. DAC2 VS Apogee DUET
  49. Which DAC?
  50. Questions and thoughts about Apogee Duet, I just bought
  51. Bel Canto DAC3 vb
  52. Benchmark DAC1 - adjusting XLR output level
  53. Ridge Street Audio : Enopias Digital Interconnect
  55. Mid-range DAC for PCs?
  56. Stereolabs reference digital cable ?
  57. 24bit 96kHz
  58. Audio Gd DAC: FUN
  59. Music from PC/Server via DAC doesn't sound as good as from CD Player
  60. Music from PC/Server via DAC doesn't sound as good as from CD Player
  61. Did clocking a DAC help or hinder?
  62. help to go direct from imac to speakers in 24bit/192khz with no sampling
  63. Mytek firewire dac?
  64. New HiFace Mac Drivers Posted
  65. Mac Mini - M2tech Hiface - Benchmark HDR
  66. Using HiFace bnc what cables?
  67. Arcam USB DAC ... Coming Soon!
  68. Antelope Zodiac Shipping April 20th
  69. LIO-8
  70. Best coaxial cable to use between computer and DAC?
  71. Current Firmware Version of Alpha DAC
  72. Firewire Dacs
  73. Harman Kardon HK 990 DAC+Amp - Experience & Questions
  74. Sub $2k DAC selection help.
  75. USB vs. Sound Card
  76. Confused about use of sound cards vs USB path to D to A conversion
  77. PLEASE HELP! - Budget DAC Recommendations Needed
  78. USB Soundcards - worth the while to look at?
  79. Let my airport express talk to my sad, old "amp"
  80. Simsaudio 300D
  81. Weiss Firewire Medea
  82. Legato Vs. Lynx AES16
  83. USB vs Optical
  84. Why Lynx? Which Lynx? Why reclock? etc.
  85. Lavery, Bryston,Ayre and Naim
  86. Beginner Benchmark DAC 1 question
  87. Laptop to Berkeley
  88. Soundcard choice M-audio 192 or the ESI-Juli@
  89. Amarra/iTunes as pre-amp
  90. Stereo DAC with Ethernet input and a Balance Control?
  91. Help for beginner
  92. DACs vs. Audyssey
  93. Cary Audio exciter DAC
  94. iDecco/Decco2 as a DAC only
  95. M2Tech HiFace
  96. Advice on buying first DAC
  97. best interface between weiss int 202 or similar and dac (Mytek 96 or similar)
  98. HELP!! Newbie question on going digital through a receiver
  99. Weiss Minerva and DAC202: differences?
  100. Why not a data bank in the dac?
  101. Any info on the Antelope DAC's?
  102. Upgrading amp/dac to drive AKG K701.
  103. Asynchronous USB: Musicstreamer Pro vs. Wavelength/Ayre
  104. Personal experience with the NAD C565 as a DAC?
  105. Musiland Monitor O2 US -NuForce uDAC - Musicstreamer II
  106. Does anyone have any info on the Hegel HD10 DAC
  107. how does the Musical Fidelity A1008 DAC compared to others?
  108. Bryston internal DAC
  109. External linear power supplies for Metric Halo ULN8 /Amarra Model 4/5
  110. LIST: DACs w/ word clock input (and AES)
  111. Question about DAC in receivers and ATV/ Airport express
  112. Optical or USB output to use? MacBook Pro
  113. Upsampling DAC's (DacMagic and V-Dac)
  114. Help a newbie with a sound card question!
  115. Device like Grace 902 (exists?)
  116. any plans to review the Esoteric D-07
  117. Devilsound DAC or Asus Xonar Essence
  118. Anyone done extended listening with a Simaudio Moon 750D?
  119. Got new bda 1, but no spdif from mobo, what to do?
  120. DeckLink
  121. TC Impact Twin as firewire to spdif interface
  122. Just received Matrix Mini-i Dac / HeadPhone amp
  123. Berkeley USB-> AES
  124. Dual SPDIF?
  125. D/A Converter IC's
  126. Any Abrahamsen V6 DAC owners?
  127. Chordette Gem - how to setup for 24/96K on Mac??
  128. New DAC from EE - Using Sabre 9018 chips
  129. Looking for a Weiss DAC2 second hand
  130. HiFace Drivers
  131. Best interface between a Mac Mini and Bryston BDA-1 for Stereo or Home Theater
  132. iMac G4 + ?DAC + Quad 303/33...
  133. Is my Auzentech DAC enough?
  134. HRT Streamer II asynch update?
  135. WEISS AFI-1 (connection, operation, and clock advice)
  136. Edirol FA 66 Firewire sound card. Anybody using this baby?
  137. LYNX vs WEISS ?
  138. Wadia 12 DAc, good enough ?
  139. Cakewalk UA-1G
  140. Windows OS and MediaMonkey configuration doucment prepared by Chris for use with a USB DAC; Prepared for HDtracks
  141. Need some quick advice on DAC & Speakers
  142. Using Transporter. Upgrade to Berkeley Alpha or Weiss Minerva?
  143. Anybody heard the VAC Phi Alpha D/A Converter?
  144. EMU 0404 USB in/SPDIF out question
  145. The missing Link
  146. Ayre QB-9 directly on active speakers. Experiences?
  147. Antelope Isochrone + ULN8/Model 4
  148. AES16 advice
  149. Marantz cd5001 plus beresford tc7510 advice
  150. Today's DAC versus those of yesteryear
  151. Tiring listening experience since new DAC
  152. Help choosing a 24 bit DAC for recording from vinyl
  154. Advice on Wavelength Audio Proton
  155. Problem with HiFace stuck in mute under Mac OSX
  156. SPDIF and 24/192
  157. Is anyone using a ULN8 as an active crossover ?
  158. Wireless Dac
  159. Recording whilst using external DAC
  160. Ayre QB-9 Asynchronous USB DAC Review vs E-MU 0404. Opening the discussion to a wider audience.
  161. Music Streamer + Compare Results
  162. Dedicated 16/44 and hi-res DAC
  163. DAC quality - Sumiko Pro-Ject vs Headphone DAC/Amp (pico, rsa predator, etc)
  164. PC / DAC connections
  165. Any G2 on this puppy?
  166. ADC and DAC again
  167. DAC Comparison
  168. Basic questions about Weiss AFI1
  169. Here's a clue...about DAC design
  170. Analog Reseach Technologies (ART) Legato: First impressions
  171. Problems with HiFace and Altmann DAC
  172. listening to music, which saved with 16 bit/44.1KHz, at setting of 24/88.2 or 24/176.4 of DAC.
  173. Anyone use the Esotric D-03?
  174. DAC that auto-recognizes sampling rate
  175. Music Streamer II+ asynchronous???
  176. Metric Halo ULN-2 for $1495 - NOT!!!
  177. CEC DA1N DAC
  178. Naim DAC
  179. Audioengine a5 and sound card
  180. M2Tech Hiface on a MacMini
  181. d
  182. A DAC in another DAC???
  183. Suggestions for AES/EBU cables to link Weiss INT202 to Bryston BDA-1
  184. a DAC for ALL audio output?
  185. One Person's Journey: Choosing the DAC
  186. Gill Audio Elise DAC, Berkeley Audio Alpha and the dreaded PS Audio DLIII "killer DAC"
  187. Running 44/16 USB DAC out of MacBook Pro - iTunes
  188. Not really impressed with Metric Halo ULN2
  189. In the beginning there was BAD
  190. DB Audio Labs
  191. Airport Extreme or Airport Express with M2Tech Hiface USB interface
  192. Turnover of DACs on used market
  193. INT202
  194. USB DAC, Kmixers, etc
  195. USB DAC, Kmixers, etc
  196. Weiss INT202
  197. Will DacMagic help much in these circumstances ?
  198. USB DAC Comparison Ayre-Wavelength-Music Hall
  199. Pro Audio Two-Channel ADC's Shootout
  200. Need advice on buying RME Digi 96/8 PAD PCI
  201. New Bel Canto DACs
  202. Simaudio Moon 300d DAC
  203. M2tech hiface - found the bug :))
  204. DAC advice
  205. CES 2010 dCS debussy
  206. HRT MusicStreamer+ Amateur Review
  207. 24/192 via USB to Stello DAC
  208. PCI Firewire vs onboard Firewire
  209. Windows 7 generic USB DAC driver and bit accuaracy
  210. Need advice on best interfaces to use for a ULN2 and BDA shootout
  211. Weiss Minerva Drivers
  212. Limited options
  213. Pacific Microsonics Model Two
  214. Weiss DAC2 sampling rate switching delay
  215. Just ordered my.....
  216. DTS/AC3 support with m2tech hiFace
  217. Ordered MH UNL2 - Need TRS to XLR cables
  218. SACD Player w/ digital inputs
  219. Ayre QB-9 power cable
  220. Sonicweld Diverter Review
  221. dCS U-Clock as interface
  222. FS: Wavelength Cosecant V3
  223. New Pricing Announced on Amarra Hardware
  224. Help please! USB DAC issues with "white noise"
  225. Ranking of DAC
  226. Ranking of DAC
  227. Headroom Micro DAC not recognized
  228. Why not use HDMI to access the AVR's internal DAC chipset before PRE/PWR amplification?
  229. Moving Away From a Krell KID
  230. Weiss INT202 Firewire Interface: additional information posted on Kent Poon's audio blog
  231. Avantgarde Model 2 DAC
  232. UA4-FX
  233. Interesting DAC Design exchange on that other site!
  234. Analog Input to Digital System
  235. Alpha DAC-Master Clock-Computer
  236. firewire 24/192 DAC - Weiss DAC2 vs SS model 303
  237. Digititis
  238. TC Konnekt 8 - UK service
  239. about Weiss firewire interface
  240. Custom Firewire Cables
  241. Benchmark / Mac Mini / USB - First Thoughts and a Path Forward
  242. Music Streamer Standard Comments?
  243. Using the DAC in the receiver - how do you compare?
  244. optical from pc
  245. Can I just use the DACs in my receiver?
  246. Retail discount on ULN2
  247. lynx aurora 8 fw
  248. Naim N-DAC
  249. CHORD qbd76 or Ayre qb9 ----> which should I buy?
  250. New DAC from AVA