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  1. Merging Technologies Mykerinos
  2. Erwin's Weiss DAC2 first impression
  3. ANTELOPE ZODIAC DACs : who has listened them ?
  4. Asus Essence STX new driver decoding 88,2 ,etc
  5. The DAC difference?
  6. Toslink Digital Audio vs. USB
  7. Poor sound from Macbook Pro and Total Bithead (Headroom) via USB out to hifi or headphones
  8. Audiophile level 75 Ohm BNC male to male adapter- do they exist?
  9. Berkeley Audio Alpha DAC on sale
  10. Audio Research DAC 8
  11. Cambridge Audio DAC Magic connection
  12. Opinions requested about Tascam us-100
  13. Devilsound 2.1 vs HRT Music Streamer II
  14. Portable dac/headphone amp for iPad
  15. Computer upsampled source lowers jitter?
  16. Help for the lobatomy slow
  17. Quality of motherboard TOSLINK output to NAD BEE565EE CD Player
  18. Firewire interface or M2tech Hiface on Macmini?
  19. USB-S/pdif converters
  20. Emotiva XDA-1 photos and specs
  21. streamer 2
  22. Weiss DAC2 vs Prism Orpheus
  23. Newbie - Should I upgrade to a USB DAC?
  24. iMac/ HRT II+ problems
  25. DAC around 200$ and a few questions
  26. Do I have the cart infront of the horse?
  27. Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center
  28. Audiophilleo
  29. DAC advice for a newbie on a budget - HRT MSII related
  30. DAC/Amp Synergy
  31. Mac Compatibility
  32. FIXED Tangled up with dac/pc/active speaker monitors/possible pre-amp
  33. sound card vs dacmagic. help me choose
  34. Wavelength Wavelink HS
  35. Power supply for Emu 0404
  36. Berkeley. Why is it so dark ?
  37. HRT Music Streamer II+ issue
  38. MACBOOK PRO does not recognize DAC, please help
  39. Recording Engineers : You molest our recordings !
  40. MAC vs PC -> DAC (Digital to Analog Conversion)
  41. Marantz NA7004
  42. Arcam rDac
  43. Nyquist confusion
  44. Musiland new MD11 USB DAC
  45. Break-in questions
  46. Wavelength Proton
  47. MH DAC25.2 only showing up as 16-bit?
  48. Divorcing my DacMagic. Suggestions?
  49. USB input or AirPort Express via optical cable to DAC?
  50. M2Tech vs. Stello U2
  51. Ayre QB-9 w/ USB Audio v2.0 is here w/ Linux. Update: It WORKS!
  52. Question on Weiss DAC202 Bit Transparency check
  53. Help: Need a DAC - USB or PCI Express card?
  54. the smoothest dac around
  55. Anyone using J. River Library Server (WASAPI issues)
  56. BNC rules over RCA for coaxial connections!
  57. HRT Music Streamer Pro
  58. Firewire?
  59. ayre qb-9 and usb cables
  60. 24/96 & Above
  61. Peachtree Nova basic stupid questions
  62. Asynchronous USB/Linux/PS3 query....
  63. Computer volume at 100% connected to preamp = too loud ?!
  64. Sound Card Sample Rate Question
  65. Mac Mini / iTunes / Pure Music USB ----> Offramp Turbo 2 ----> EMM DCC2 ----> Preamp
  66. Just upgraded: Hiface EVO!
  67. DAC / Pre for Magnepan 1.7s
  68. Help for hummmmm requested
  69. trouble using HiFace+Foobar+Windows7
  70. 24/176 Playback With Windows 7 and Weiss Minerva
  71. Arcam rDac released
  72. Musical Fidelity M1 Dac
  73. Phase reverse on Weiss Dac
  74. Using the Presonus Firebox as a DAC connecting my computer to my amp
  75. DACs around $1k
  76. Which audio interface?
  77. New Generation DACs' with ASIO
  78. Using a Vintage DAC for Computer Audio
  79. Firewire 400 or 800
  80. FW/USB -> 24/192 Interface
  81. The King is dead long live the King Amarra Model 5 versus Weiss DAC202
  82. Cantatis Overture 192 - anybody?
  83. Int202 test with surprising results.
  84. bought new ps audio pwd. now need attenuation solution
  85. All about master clocks!
  86. Audio MIDI settings-- basic question
  87. Anyone tried using the clock output of Weiss DAC202 into a Lynx AES16e?
  88. Weiss DAC202 arrived today ... and ready to be checked out
  89. New DAC (MHDT Havana vs. Ayre QB-9)
  90. Weiss DAC2/Minerva vs. Weiss DAC202
  91. Difference between Anthem D1 and D2 for audio only????
  92. Waiting for Weiss DAC202 Review
  93. iPad, uDac and Ortofon EQ7
  94. USB async or Firewire Dac for my Mac?
  95. New M2 Tech 'EVO'
  96. Cheap Thrills - Nuforce Icon uDAC
  97. Computer settings
  98. HIFACE clicking/white noise on > 96khz on snow leopard
  99. Is the Berk DAC
  100. Halide Design Bridge
  101. Are you waiting for a Linux driver for the m2tech hiface device?
  102. Asio4all Installation
  103. Volume On DAC's
  104. How inferior is an internal computer DAC really?
  105. Berkeley DAC / The higher the output level the better the sound ?
  106. MP3 player ->USB DAC--> Amp via RCA: An impossible pathway?
  107. In search of the most Vinyl sounding DAC
  108. M2Tech + Need setup help for MacBookPro
  109. Achieving the The Absolute Sound, on a reasonable budget...
  110. Can my Berkeley be bettered? / DAC future
  111. PS Audio Digital Link III vs LynxTwo?
  112. Audio Research Dac8
  113. 2 hours of Esoteric D-05 vs Weiss DAC202
  114. Arcam rDAC With Async USB
  115. Portable DAC for iPhone
  116. Antelope Zodiac + Arrived
  117. Cable quality - USB vs RCA
  118. Anyone using TC interfaces on Windows 7?
  119. Problem in Setting up Weiss DAC2 under VMware
  120. Choosing a DAC after having read so many threads is hard to do
  121. Float the grond pin and noise is gone
  122. Dacmagic vs sound card, am I doing something wrong
  123. Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 Firewire Audio Interface, (SAFFIRE PRO 24)
  124. Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 Firewire Audio Interface, (SAFFIRE PRO 24)
  125. M2Tech Evo and DAC details and photo
  126. Benchmark Berkeley 'Alpha' Weiss 202 Shootout
  127. USB the limiting factor?
  128. Hard time choosing USB interface!
  129. USB DAC PCB
  130. DACport
  131. Bit Perfect Playback.
  132. Would like some clarifcation/help
  133. How to Uninstall Hiface on Mac?
  134. DAC1-Pre Mods
  135. Benchmark Dac1 Pre/USB or Peachtree Nova?
  136. Confused, Green Newbie needing Clarification
  137. Zodiac delayed again
  138. A.R.T. Legato SPDIF Converter: Preliminary Review
  139. Weiss DAC2 vs. DAC202?
  140. HRT streamer best price?
  141. Looking for a 24/96 DAC to get me started with hi-res files...
  142. New Musical Fidelity DAC - M1
  143. "Demystifying Firewire"
  144. I think my brain might explode!
  145. DAC for STAX Headphones
  146. M2Tech HiFace / Benchmark DAC1 USB/Mac Mini
  147. SPDIF to USB Converter
  148. Metric Halo ULN,LIO-8 as MC phono preamp.
  149. Digital source switches
  150. Spdif to dual AES/EBU
  151. Wavelength Wavelink
  152. naim dac zero jitter question
  153. Audiophilleo
  154. Eastern Electric Tube DAC
  155. Neuhaus Lab T- 20
  156. HiFace to ADM 9.1
  157. Options to connect a hiFace
  158. Black Cat Veloce digital cable
  159. DAC with Preamp
  160. Weiss DAC2/Minerva Firmware Available
  161. DAC Burn In
  162. Which should be upgraded first, DAC or amp?
  163. Halide Design Bridge (USB to SPDIF)
  164. Realtek HD Audio versus E-mu 0404 PCI
  165. Are only USB's capable of asynchronous operation?
  166. Any updates/news on the Berkeley Audio Design Async USB to AES convertor?
  167. Help A Beginner? Home Theater AV Receiver and DAC's
  168. What produces the sound - DAC or Pre?
  169. M2Tech HiFace / Mac Mini problems
  170. Ayre QB-9 and recommendations for attenuation with remote volume control
  171. an INT202 question: only 192khz works in the dual wire mode?
  172. Newbie post: is the Wadia 170i the only game in town? Why?
  173. Wyred4Sound DACs now available for pre order
  174. HELP 24/96 Playback
  175. DAC's in Receivers?
  176. Berkeley Alpha DAC as a preamp
  177. Please HELP: Did anyone try to connect a computer directly to the transporter (not through the ethernet port) and does the info
  178. Pocket-sized Battery-powered Optical Cio Mb from MTS audio - review pending
  179. Musical Fidelity V-DAC vs. Valab NOS DAC
  180. Accustic Art MK4 - Have you guys listened to this DAC?
  181. Reclocking DAC immune to transport jitter?
  182. Internal vs external digital converters? (Lynx/RME vs Legato/m2tech)
  183. Benchmark DAC1 giving lower output on analog output with 176.4/24 music
  184. Where can I get a good deal on a used/demo Berkeley Alpha DAC?
  185. Firewire to Coaxial or SPDIF conversion
  186. DR. DAC2 VS Apogee DUET
  187. Which DAC?
  188. Questions and thoughts about Apogee Duet, I just bought
  189. Bel Canto DAC3 vb
  190. Benchmark DAC1 - adjusting XLR output level
  191. Ridge Street Audio : Enopias Digital Interconnect
  193. Mid-range DAC for PCs?
  194. Stereolabs reference digital cable ?
  195. 24bit 96kHz
  196. Audio Gd DAC: FUN
  197. Music from PC/Server via DAC doesn't sound as good as from CD Player
  198. Music from PC/Server via DAC doesn't sound as good as from CD Player
  199. Did clocking a DAC help or hinder?
  200. help to go direct from imac to speakers in 24bit/192khz with no sampling
  201. Mytek firewire dac?
  202. New HiFace Mac Drivers Posted
  203. Mac Mini - M2tech Hiface - Benchmark HDR
  204. Using HiFace bnc what cables?
  205. Arcam USB DAC ... Coming Soon!
  206. Antelope Zodiac Shipping April 20th
  207. LIO-8
  208. Best coaxial cable to use between computer and DAC?
  209. Current Firmware Version of Alpha DAC
  210. Firewire Dacs
  211. Harman Kardon HK 990 DAC+Amp - Experience & Questions
  212. Sub $2k DAC selection help.
  213. USB vs. Sound Card
  214. Confused about use of sound cards vs USB path to D to A conversion
  215. PLEASE HELP! - Budget DAC Recommendations Needed
  216. USB Soundcards - worth the while to look at?
  217. Let my airport express talk to my sad, old "amp"
  218. Simsaudio 300D
  219. Weiss Firewire Medea
  220. Legato Vs. Lynx AES16
  221. USB vs Optical
  222. Why Lynx? Which Lynx? Why reclock? etc.
  223. Lavery, Bryston,Ayre and Naim
  224. Beginner Benchmark DAC 1 question
  225. Laptop to Berkeley
  226. Soundcard choice M-audio 192 or the ESI-Juli@
  227. Amarra/iTunes as pre-amp
  228. Stereo DAC with Ethernet input and a Balance Control?
  229. Help for beginner
  230. DACs vs. Audyssey
  231. Cary Audio exciter DAC
  232. iDecco/Decco2 as a DAC only
  233. M2Tech HiFace
  234. Advice on buying first DAC
  235. best interface between weiss int 202 or similar and dac (Mytek 96 or similar)
  236. HELP!! Newbie question on going digital through a receiver
  237. Weiss Minerva and DAC202: differences?
  238. Why not a data bank in the dac?
  239. Any info on the Antelope DAC's?
  240. Upgrading amp/dac to drive AKG K701.
  241. Asynchronous USB: Musicstreamer Pro vs. Wavelength/Ayre
  242. Personal experience with the NAD C565 as a DAC?
  243. Musiland Monitor O2 US -NuForce uDAC - Musicstreamer II
  244. Does anyone have any info on the Hegel HD10 DAC
  245. how does the Musical Fidelity A1008 DAC compared to others?
  246. Bryston internal DAC
  247. External linear power supplies for Metric Halo ULN8 /Amarra Model 4/5
  248. LIST: DACs w/ word clock input (and AES)
  249. Question about DAC in receivers and ATV/ Airport express
  250. Optical or USB output to use? MacBook Pro