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  1. Shopping! Needed: DAC+SACD under $15k
  2. Apple TV sound quality
  3. Pls help me! DAC question re distortion at 0db
  4. Styleaudio Carat T2
  5. Arcam rdac and HRT II+
  6. Pro Audio
  7. Warning to Potential HRT Music Streamer Purchasers - UPDATE: Issue getting resolved
  8. Problem using Audio Research DAC8, Mac Mini 2010 and 64 bit mode
  9. Introduction to DAC
  10. Oversampling: Who Does It Best?
  11. What DAC would for me & will it suit my long term needs - Newbie Help
  12. DAC with "real" preamp
  13. The Future of Surround Sound
  14. dCS Debussy DAC USB upgrade
  15. Marantz SA8004
  16. music streamer pro v streamer II+
  17. Is there a "audiophile ROM drive"...dvd or cd?
  18. Playback Designs MPS-3
  19. Asynchronous vs older USB: Why the fuss?
  20. Young DAC- M2Tech 384khz, Async USB.
  21. Rega Dac
  22. audiolab 8200 dac and laptop question
  23. Pacific Microsonics Two on Audiogon..
  24. M2Tech 'Young' , Model 5 first listen!
  25. Just Finished Auditioning Steve Nugent's New DAC from Empirical Audio
  26. digital audio
  27. USB Sampling Rate to DAC
  28. Think about this before purchasing a new computer this year
  29. To Many Volume Controls!!!! Help!
  30. Wavelink HS vs EVO vs Audiophilleo USB to S-PDIF
  31. help with getting started
  32. File format from sound card to DAC?
  33. Rega DAC. Anyone heard one yet?
  34. USB DAC for MacBook Pro
  35. Firewire - the non-standard standard?
  36. Hiface + NEC 720200F1 PCE USB Hub
  37. Preampless Volume-Jriver
  38. Are all the USB converters OK with Amarra and Pure Music?
  39. USB vs. Toslink
  40. Musical Fidelity X-DAC V-3
  41. Mutatis mutandi...how long before even discrete DACs disappear?
  42. Help understanding a digital signal.
  43. Reliable digital surround sound from a laptop: what is recommended?
  44. Please help to avoid mistakes
  45. My user experience with Styleaudio's Carat-Sapphire DAC
  46. Problem with WaveLink HS 24/192 USB to SPDIF converter
  47. W4S DAC-2 Users ? A little help.
  48. Thoughts on "Professional Audio" DACs
  49. ARC DAC8 with good preamp vs Weiss/Berkeley Direct to Amp?
  50. DacMagic not recognised sources from USB
  51. Hoping i can get some help!
  52. i would desire to add a dac to the C.A.S.H. list.
  53. Luxman DA-200 dac
  54. Origen AE New M7 USB DAC & Amp Combo
  55. New music system and advice re inexpensive DAC
  56. Off-Ramp V4-Ultraclock-Monolith Battery PSU
  57. YellowTec PUC2
  58. Any Information On Recently Announced Bel Canto c5i integrated amp/DAC
  59. Dual AES or BNC converters
  60. 2nd Gen USB-S/PDIF converters bringing in 24bit/192kHz
  61. Linear PS or Async converter?
  62. Dual aes with different cables
  63. Marantz SA8004 - Direct Experience (especially in DAC mode) / Feedback Desired
  64. Altmann Attraction DAC
  65. AV Receiver as DAC?
  66. Light Peak Conversion
  67. Lynx Aurora 8fw vs. Lio 8 vs. QB9
  68. Audiolab 8200DQ
  69. USB -> DAC link with ext. clock input?
  70. Apple TV with Peachtree Nova setup question
  71. Wavelink first impressions.
  72. Noob DAC Question
  73. Volume Control
  74. Dac with Macbook Pro and Dynaudio MC 15 powered speakers
  75. Dutch MAC users : A strange call to you
  76. First review of the dB Audio Labs Tranquility Signature Edition DAC
  77. advice on usb for idecco
  78. Emotiva XDA-1 - Backordered
  79. Digital Crossover with ULN-8
  80. M2tech Hi-Face vs. M2tech Evo
  81. I'm surprised there's not more discussion about the NAD M2.....
  82. 2.1 DAC
  83. Benchmark DAC1 USB or rDac/Lehmann linear cube?
  84. Lost in connection. Dac Magic and Windows 7
  85. something fishy here?
  86. Advice on Prism Orpheus
  87. FireWire output gone missing. Help, please.
  88. internet radio through stereo speaker problem
  89. North Star Design USB DAC32
  90. Benchmark DAC-1 USB - Mac Console Errors 10.6
  91. NY Metro - DAC-Off Postponed until Spring
  92. HRT Music Streamer II with KDE: what's the best configuration?
  93. FFADO drivers
  94. QB-9 or Wyred DAC2 thru USB?
  95. Berkeley DAC vs Wyred4Sound DACs?
  96. I need a balanced DAC to go with my Woo WA22 balanced headphone amp. Wyred4, Havana, Ayre,....
  97. Looking for a decent 24/96 capable usb to SPDIF or Toslink adapter.
  98. Wireworld Starlight USB vs. Nordost Blue Heaven USB
  99. Any thoughts on Diverter 192 vs. Off-ramp 4?
  100. Violectric V800
  101. ES9018 vs PCM1704UK
  102. MAC, Pure Music, Havana...HELP!
  103. Aesthetix Pandora DAC...
  104. Library control
  105. hagerman chime usb dac - tube rolling dac??
  106. DAC to PC set up
  107. Toslink and Sabre32 based dacs
  108. SACD + 24/192 Async USB all for the price of a Honda
  109. Simaudio DAC's
  110. DAC/Preamp with subwoofer output
  111. PS Audio Bridge w. iMac?
  112. Aurora 8 vs ULN-2 as a DAC ADC
  113. Difference in sound, ARC DAC8 and Bryston BDA-1
  114. Platinum Dac upscaling 44.1/16 bit to 352.8 / 32bit Good or bad?
  115. First DAC, have a year's worth of learning, but a week to make a decision.
  116. play musit to an analag amp: 24bit/96kHz or 192kHz
  117. USB-cable to connect Mac mini and jkeny HiFace?
  118. Source to DAC for new audioset?
  119. MSB USB Powerdac anyone?
  120. New Eastern Electric DAC
  121. Berkeley, oh Berkeley
  122. Mytek Stereo 192
  123. Fiio E9 and E7
  124. Ayre QB 9
  125. Lindemann and/or Blacknote DAC experience -now with quick review of DAC30-
  126. Gearslutz report that STEINBERG MR816 X is better in SQ than Prism Orpheus at 1/5 Price ! Any experiences yet ?
  127. Grace Design m903 Async USB To 192k
  128. Sonic Studio linear power supply for Metric Halo/Sonic Studio dacs
  129. Which computer to use with a DAC
  130. ReplayGain Aware DACs?
  131. Apple+Apogee+Clock
  132. sub $1000 DAC? Help me out here?
  133. DAC Options
  134. MIO Software 5.4 released
  135. High quality DAC - Sneaky DS or NA7004?? Or else??
  136. PRO DAC with specific needs
  137. Mac to Headroom Micro DAC connection
  138. AF1 or RME UFX (Windows 7 x64)
  139. Suggested aes/ebu digital cable connecting SlimDevices Transporter to Weiss Dac 202
  140. Questions re sample rate and Peachtree iDecco
  141. Pops and Clicks at 96/24
  142. Sample rate switching problem w. Ayre QB9
  143. 5.1 DAC for Music
  144. Audio GD NB2 24/96
  145. High Rez Media: 24/96 vs 24/192
  146. LIO-8 headphone out.....
  147. Sound Quality of Wadia 381i vs stand alone USB DACs such as Ayre, Wavenlength, ARC, etc
  148. Musical Fidelity V-DAC replacement power suppy
  149. Laptop to V-DAC hook up
  150. double-post : ignore
  151. Zodiac+ Async USB?
  152. USB to Coax
  153. Audio Mirror Tubadour MK-II and Mcalister Audio DA-6
  154. Peachtree Audio Nova/Decco2 VS?
  155. Which DAC (from the list) delivers you the best cost/performance ratio?
  156. Connecting two Independent DAC's to one computer
  157. Simaudio Moon 300D
  158. Grant Fidelity DAC-09
  159. To Reclock or Not to Reclock ...
  160. Amarra 4/Weiss Minerva
  161. Musical Fidelity V-DAC, what's wrong with it?
  162. HiFace Evo & Chord QBD76
  163. Signal reproduction at various bitrates and fs.
  164. Why the whole "DAC jitter via USB/Toslink/SPDIF etc."-issue is only marketing and total nonsense
  165. "Best" Way To Get DAC/Pre?
  166. Atlona AT-HD577 Audio De-embedder: Experiences with Sony BDP-S370 and Samsung PS50C550 HDMI endpoint
  167. Wavelength Wavelink USB to SPDIF Converter
  168. Prism Sound Orpheus & onboard RIAA Equalization
  169. MF V-DAC sample rates
  170. Best USB/PDIF converter for Berkeley alpha dac
  171. NOS Confusion
  172. Weiss Minerva Digital Loop Question
  173. Spatial Computer
  174. Optical output from DAC Magic?
  175. Playback Designs MSP-5 and MDP-5
  176. Audio research Dac8 AES vs BNC
  177. Anyone heard the PureAudio Lotus USB DAC1 on eBay?
  178. Anyone have any experience with the Gigawork 24/192 upsampling DAC "kit" sold on E-bay?
  179. headphone amp with usb dac
  180. Lynx AES16 still best option?
  181. My Experience with a MH LIO 8 and Granite Rocks
  182. Simple Stereo Amp that Accepts Optical Input
  183. filter or conditioner for Berkely
  184. Subjective comparison between USB spdif converters (and also Firewire or Network solutions)
  185. Nuforce uDAC-2 connection to ipod?
  186. Sorry, another LIO-8 phonostage question....
  187. Weiss Dac2 firewire connection problem
  188. Apple Tv, some basic quesitons
  189. Help with building a new computer based audio system.
  190. DAC-Pre or Pre-DAC. Benchmark compared to Cyrus
  191. Dolby 5.1
  192. Long firewire and AES or Toslink connections and overall DAC/PC setup
  193. ARC DAC8 Driver Issue
  194. How Important Is a Computer's Soundcard
  195. Best DAC under $500? - Fall 2010
  196. DAC + Amp or combo needed for Bayerdynamic DT880 - 1000 GBP
  197. Metric Halo/Sonic Studio volume control with Apple Remote!
  198. Long digital connection:Toslink or AES?
  199. Ripping SACD Analog output to FLAC
  200. Macbook Pro and USB DAC/AMP - Intermittent Clicking/Popping
  201. Just wanted to share a happy ending ...
  202. Jitter doesn't all originate at the transport or SPDIF
  203. USB to SPDIF converters: Sonicweld
  204. I2S on sound card straight to diy DAC
  205. Home Theater Receiver as digital switch to DAC
  206. Chord QBD76 - Can I bypass laptop's soundcard if I use the bluetooth connection?
  207. If I use Macbook into Naim DAC, am I limited by computer's soundcard?
  208. Anyone heard either of these dacs?
  209. Wyred 4 Sound Dac 2...any experience?
  210. Bypassing a Phase-Locked Loop?
  211. 384 kHZ USB2 Interface from MSB Technology
  212. HRT II Noise
  213. My Weiss 202 to dCS Paganini comparison
  214. Apogee Symphony IO
  215. Lead Audio DAC LA-100
  216. Heads Up DAC8 Owners
  217. Pacific Valve's take on USB audio. What do you think?
  218. 1st Impression, Twisted Pear Audio Buffalo II DAC
  219. Sub $1K DAC - suggestions / observations
  220. Confusion on USB mode
  221. which current USB DAC sounds MUSICAL?
  222. Upgrade to DAC? + Suggestions
  223. Best DAC for under $2000 new or used!?
  224. Audiophilleo Vs Hiface Evo: My Tale.
  225. Odyssey Audio TOD2x
  226. How to send audio or data through USB
  227. Pro gear = digital nirvana
  228. Empirical Audio Pace Car USB
  229. Intel iMac audio issue with all sound using USB DAC - RESOLVED 06.02.11
  230. Positive Feedback: thoughts on a sampling of USB-SPDIF converters
  231. Half Baked DACs for the Digital Age
  232. Overhead in digital tracks
  233. Valab DAC Macbook and itunes
  234. Apogee Big Ben clock
  235. Does your kind of PC/Mac affect sound quality when feeding a DAC? Also what speed hard drive is recommened?
  236. Experience with Naim DAC
  237. Mytek 8x192: what do you think ?
  238. Bryston DAC vs Wyred4Sound DAC2
  239. The Cheapest DAC
  240. Ayre DX-5: Any takers?
  241. M2tech EVO with external clock
  242. upgarde for sreaming radio via sqeezebox
  243. Heads-up on a DAC not mentioned much here
  244. Users of NuForce Icon uDAC ? Other suggestions?
  245. MOTU Microbook
  246. New to Digital Music! Need advice...Cambridge DAC Magic or Musical Fidelity V-DAC..or maybe the new M1
  247. Tentlabs b-DAC
  248. NAD M2
  249. Pro Audio AD/DA convertor
  250. Audiolab 8200 Series CD/DAC/PreAmp