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  1. Firestone ILTW DAC
  2. USB / Spidif Converter & DAC Drivers Conflicts / Uses, Etc.
  3. Apogee Duet 2
  4. V-DAC USB input
  5. Wyred 4 Sound Dac2 vs Calyx 24/192 dac for Active speakers?
  6. HRT MusicStreamer II - Other DACs comparably performing & priced?
  7. USB DAC or S/PDIF DAC for Apple?
  8. Xonar ST or other DACs vs a Nakamichi AV-10
  9. DAC-PREAMP for Dynaudio MC15 (Mac Mini)
  10. Wavelength dealer suggestion?
  11. M2Tech Evo; Power Supplies options under $100
  12. V-Dac for audioengine
  13. what spdif input level to dac?
  14. Anbody heard....?
  15. Any experiences with the new nuforce dac-9?
  16. What's coming next in Dacs and other equipment?
  17. new ESS dac from company headed up by ESS design lead.
  18. Cary CD-306/200 as a DAC
  19. Future Proofing a USB DAC for Windows?
  20. HRT Streamer II - not as good as B&W MM-1 speaker's internal DAC?
  21. Playing hirez material with legacy DAC that maxes out at 48kHz?
  22. Finally USB Setup Bests Reference Transport
  23. converting LP's to digital- what phono box to use?
  24. Music Hall Dac25.3
  25. SPDIF to AES question
  26. Edel USB to I2S/SPDIF - USB Audio Class 2 transport card
  27. Peachtree Nova advice
  28. Help from the Computer Audio DAC community of technical experts...
  29. Acoustic Revive USB
  30. Wireworld Silver Starlight USB Cable Reviews?
  31. What would you recommend for a good USB cable that doesn't break the bank?
  32. m2tech Young dac fixes
  33. Monoprice DAC - Any Experience?
  34. DAC/Pre vs. Pre
  35. 5.1 DAC question... first time poster
  36. HRT Streamer II - old and new version
  37. Dacmagic sounds better fed from CD player than from Airport Express.
  38. USB > DAC From Airport Express or Mac Mini?
  39. Portable Combined DAC/HA
  40. 1st post: Peachtree iNova vs Bel Canto C5i comparison?
  41. Best DAC ever heard
  42. I am looking for a good asynchronous USB DAC for max $1500
  43. Firewire cable quality/length influence on sound quality
  44. Why Use USB -S/PDIF Converters?
  45. EVO versus Audiophilleo 2
  46. V-Dac:PowerMac G5 or PS3?
  47. Wonder if anyone here has any updates on when Wavelength Audio will make a 24/192 update available
  48. Connecting the Macmini to the DAC
  49. How to playback 24 bits audio files from my computer to a sound system.
  50. New Apogee Duet 2
  51. Music Fidelity V-Link Benchmark Question
  52. New DAC8 driver for Mac from Audio Research
  53. Audiophile 192 or USB-SPDIF Converter?
  54. NEC USB controller card with low-jitter clock
  55. BelCanto 1.5 DAC + general DAC questions
  56. Jeff Rowland's New Aeris DAC
  57. seperate dac or avr amp
  58. Benchmark HDR vs Bel Canto DAC 2.5 Help!
  59. Who's had experience with M2tech Hiface mods?
  60. DACisions, DACisions,
  61. Happy V-Link/V-Dac Camper! (With Questions)
  62. {newbie} Help with setting up J-River Media Center properly with Asus Xonar Essence STX
  63. Fubar IV Plus?
  64. DAC Shootout
  65. Hegel USB Dac and USB to Spif
  66. Those of you using USB DACs with Laptops (specifically HRT MS dacs)
  67. DAC Virgin Needs Help, Please!
  68. USB DAC for Dynaudio BM6A
  69. Anyone else using the Anedio DAC
  70. Anyone else using the Anedio DAC
  71. MF V-Link Questions
  72. Asychronous USB or S/PDIF?
  73. Does the SPDIF output of computer yield asynchronous mode decoding by DAC in HT processor?
  74. ordered a Lindemann USB DAC 24/192
  75. Imac goes to sleep I loose my external dac
  76. Vinyl to Computer and Back
  77. DAC preamp to replace Ayre QB-9 + preamp
  78. benchmark hdr pre section??
  79. USB --> SPDIF converter for Eastern Electric DAC
  80. Musical Fidelity V-link
  81. Best USB/SPDIF interface for Mac (in your opinion...)
  82. Audioquest Diamond USB vs Wireworld Platinum USB
  83. W4S DAC2 w/ MAC Users
  84. Diminishing returns price point?
  85. Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center upcoming review
  86. Resurrecting the Preamp
  87. USB Extender Solves Cable Length Limitation
  88. Problems with MSB Power DAC
  89. Bel Canto DAC 3.5
  90. cosecant v3: do you prefer balanced or unbalanced output?
  91. Powerless Firewire Cable iMac 27"?
  92. W4S Dac-2 or Burson HA-160D?
  93. Musiland Monitor v. Firewire Solo
  94. ******Shootout*******
  95. Headphone amp DAC combo
  96. The Promise fulfilled - Rega DAC and More
  97. Hiface with aqvox usb Low noise power supply
  98. Please advise on DAC... Completely lost
  99. an entry level usb dac with volume for $500 or less
  100. Will Asynchronous USB into SPDIF Benefit Nova DAC?
  101. Rega Dac, Mac, Icron USB extender, and Music Fidelity V-Link
  102. Music Hall DAC25.3 Modifications & Upgrades - Clock, OpAmp, & Capacitor
  103. Arcam AVR300 DACS
  104. Mac Mini destroy USB DAC?
  105. What's the most musical dac you have listened to?
  106. Thomas Rogoff - Epoq IAD-A1
  107. good usb to s/pdif compatible linux, do you know one?
  108. Warranty Coverage Variance - DAC's
  109. Hiss on 24/96 files through Wavelength Proton?
  110. USB-Connected DAC vs PCI Card
  111. Ticking Issue
  112. Does iMac toslink benefit from a Musical Fidelity V-Link
  113. DAC with 24/192 USB input on a budget
  114. newbie need recommendation on DAC
  116. Who will be first to use Apple's Thunderbolt interface?
  117. in search of the best DAC ? it doesn't exist, take two !
  118. Musical Fidelity V-Link
  119. what portable dac/amp?
  120. Edirol FA-66 Upgrade
  121. Any such thing as a CD Player that also acts as a USB DAC?
  122. Request review of Metric Halo LIO8 vs. Berkeley vs. Weiss DAC2
  123. Calyx DAC 24/192
  124. devilsound vs hrt ms II+?
  125. How do I....DAC from Macbook Pro to an Old Marantz Receiver?
  126. USB (V-Link or Halide?)->S/PDIF->DAC or S/PDIF->DAC, what's better? RCA or Optical S/PDIF?
  127. Anedio dac
  128. PS Audio Digital Link and HiFace
  129. Any Cary Exciter DAC users?
  130. Comparing USB
  131. Adding DAC to mid-level AVR
  132. Oppo BDP-95 will take eSATA drive vs. Wyred4Sound DAC2
  133. $1000 limit
  134. Really Inexpensive USB DAC
  135. The new OPPO 95
  136. KingRex UC192 USB converter
  137. Aesthetix Pandora DAC, anyone heard one?
  138. Need Budget DAC Recommendations
  139. iNOVA
  140. Musical Fidelity M1DAC Vs. The Rega DAC
  141. DSD DAC USB interfaces for diy/experimenters
  142. Beginner asks a critical question...
  143. USB 3.0 DAC - Let The New Revolution Begin!
  144. Modest system DAC
  145. weiss minerva or something else...
  146. Has any one ever proven that asynchronous USB DAC is better than Adaptive USB technology
  147. desktop dac
  148. Will Music Fidelity V-Link do the trick or should I go for a better DAC?
  149. Question about the rDAC sample rates with Wireless Mode when playing vinyl rip
  150. suggestions for mid to high end multi-channel analog-out sound cards?
  151. From Toslink to Async USB
  152. Tweaking your Dac.
  153. DAC as Preamp
  154. Does external dac quality negate amarra mini's sound improvements?
  155. Fix transport or get computer?
  156. Death of the Standalone DAC?
  157. Comparison of Simaudio 300D & Benchmark DAC1 HDR
  158. New Rega DAC is in the house!
  159. Soundcard to feed a MusicHall 25.3 DAC
  160. Question on use of Bel Canto Link 24/96
  161. Emotiva XDA-1
  162. Question for Ayre QB-9 / Pure Music users
  163. Analog and Digital Comparison
  164. Ayre QB-9 - A Neophyte Question
  165. DXD and DSD DACs
  166. trouble with Pure Music and Wyred4Sound DAC-2
  167. Phasure NOS1 vs. Pacific Microsonics Model Two
  168. Sale on Metric Halo DAC's
  169. HRT Music Streamer II vs Nuforce U-DAC 2
  170. Zodiac+ or Wyred DAC 2?
  171. Peachtree iDac
  172. Berkeley Converter - any news???
  173. Metric Halo: (1) software update; (2) 25% discount
  174. Neko D100
  175. Have You heard this DAC... T C Desktop 6...
  176. 24/192 Cable Question
  177. HRT Streamer PRO - Stereophile Review
  178. volume control via Apple remote
  179. Arcam rDAC with Teddy rDACPS
  180. Arcam rDAC vs Tag Mclaren AV32R
  181. Naim Unitiqute
  182. Which DAC
  183. S/PDIF to USB in reverse
  184. Digital Output Bypasses DAC, correct?
  185. DAC from receiver
  186. DAC with a Balance Control - Does one exist?
  187. Weiss Medea+
  188. Does using the iMac clock cause glare?
  189. Asynchronous USB DAC / Cables - Newbie Questions
  190. Sony BDP-S770 / Atlona AT-HD577 / Onkyo PR-SC5507
  191. Searching for multipurpose-soundcard.
  192. To terminate or not
  193. New DAC to go to speakers and headphones. DACMagic?
  194. D/A converter vs built in converters in AirPort or receiver and the curse of over the air Dolby Digital
  195. Ayre QB9 upgrade to 24/192
  196. Usb-spdif converter for ARC Dac7
  197. Trouble with 192khz output from new Mac Mini to Benchmark DAC1 HDR
  198. Legato 1st impression
  199. Shopping! Needed: DAC+SACD under $15k
  200. Apple TV sound quality
  201. Pls help me! DAC question re distortion at 0db
  202. Styleaudio Carat T2
  203. Arcam rdac and HRT II+
  204. Pro Audio
  205. Warning to Potential HRT Music Streamer Purchasers - UPDATE: Issue getting resolved
  206. Problem using Audio Research DAC8, Mac Mini 2010 and 64 bit mode
  207. Introduction to DAC
  208. Oversampling: Who Does It Best?
  209. What DAC would for me & will it suit my long term needs - Newbie Help
  210. DAC with "real" preamp
  211. The Future of Surround Sound
  212. dCS Debussy DAC USB upgrade
  213. Marantz SA8004
  214. music streamer pro v streamer II+
  215. Is there a "audiophile ROM drive"...dvd or cd?
  216. Playback Designs MPS-3
  217. Asynchronous vs older USB: Why the fuss?
  218. Young DAC- M2Tech 384khz, Async USB.
  219. Rega Dac
  220. audiolab 8200 dac and laptop question
  221. Pacific Microsonics Two on Audiogon..
  222. M2Tech 'Young' , Model 5 first listen!
  223. Just Finished Auditioning Steve Nugent's New DAC from Empirical Audio
  224. digital audio
  225. USB Sampling Rate to DAC
  226. Think about this before purchasing a new computer this year
  227. To Many Volume Controls!!!! Help!
  228. Wavelink HS vs EVO vs Audiophilleo USB to S-PDIF
  229. help with getting started
  230. File format from sound card to DAC?
  231. Rega DAC. Anyone heard one yet?
  232. USB DAC for MacBook Pro
  233. Firewire - the non-standard standard?
  234. Hiface + NEC 720200F1 PCE USB Hub
  235. Preampless Volume-Jriver
  236. Are all the USB converters OK with Amarra and Pure Music?
  237. USB vs. Toslink
  238. Musical Fidelity X-DAC V-3
  239. Mutatis mutandi...how long before even discrete DACs disappear?
  240. Help understanding a digital signal.
  241. Reliable digital surround sound from a laptop: what is recommended?
  242. Please help to avoid mistakes
  243. My user experience with Styleaudio's Carat-Sapphire DAC
  244. Problem with WaveLink HS 24/192 USB to SPDIF converter
  245. W4S DAC-2 Users ? A little help.
  246. Thoughts on "Professional Audio" DACs
  247. ARC DAC8 with good preamp vs Weiss/Berkeley Direct to Amp?
  248. DacMagic not recognised sources from USB
  249. Hoping i can get some help!
  250. i would desire to add a dac to the C.A.S.H. list.