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  1. Connect Apogee Duet2 directly to power amp?
  2. DSD playback "quest" begins..
  3. NEW! Musical Fidelity M1 DAC-A, "A" for asynchronous USB Input, Unboxing Video
  4. Apogee Duet 2 with MODS
  5. dac/amp for iphone
  6. New user looking for advice on DAC's and/or digital players targeted for a budget system.
  7. Audio Research DAC 8 mod
  8. What to buy? + some questions..
  9. SOtM usb dac-200
  10. Who's looked at the Playback Designs MPD-5 DAC?
  11. Bal Canto Dac 1.5 with LNS1 power supply
  12. Halide Bridge vs Musical Fidelity V-Link
  13. A question about digital cabling
  14. Comparing new Berkeley Alpha DAC to Weiss 202 and Antelope Zodiac Gold
  15. New to all this, need help with upgrade.
  16. Purchase Advice: Moving in a different direction, perhaps.
  17. Yet another point of view
  18. Yet another guy seeking DAC advice
  19. ESS Sabre 9018 vs Wolfson WM8741
  20. Suggestions needed (price no issue): what are the best PORTABLE usb dac's available?
  21. Looking for advice:Rega Brio-R + iDac or iNova?
  22. CEntrance DACmini vs Burson HA-160DS
  23. Extremely Positive PS Audio Review
  24. Getting Started- USB DAC w/ Headphone Output
  25. USB to S/PDIF converter for Bel Canto DAC2.5
  26. USB to I2S converter for PS Audio Perfectwave DAC?
  27. HRT MSII -> WASAPI/Foobar2000 Issues
  28. iMac digital output - USB via SPDIF converter or Optical??
  29. USB cable specs 2C vs 1P?
  30. Peachtree iDAC
  31. A primer for those who aren't quite sure what to look for
  32. Anyone have the Alpha USB?
  33. help with dacmagic
  34. Help me pick a new DAC!
  35. Is there such a thing as a BUDGET tube DAC worth considering
  36. Maverick Audio Tube Magic D1 DAC
  37. What is better Option? HRT Music Streamer + VS CEntrance DACport USB VS Stello U2 USB
  38. Mac MIni to Rega Dac - USB-S/Pdif converter, or Toslink?
  39. HTPC Soundcard questions - primer needed
  40. Apogee Duet 2 or DACmagic plus
  41. Macbook Pro Audio Controller - Cirrus Logic 4206ACNZ
  42. Berkeley USB review- upcoming?
  43. Siltech Classic Anniversary USB
  44. Antelope Zodiac plus power supply options
  46. float-capable DAC
  47. Toslink Optical length?
  48. Primare I22 vs. Peachtree Nova?
  49. OK to keep power on all the time?
  50. Audiophile Sound Card?
  51. Firewire for Weiss Medea, what would you do?
  52. Trialing transports - audiophilleo, Auzen X-Meridian and Xonar ST
  53. HRT Music Streamer - can't choose 16 bit in Audio Midi settings
  54. New audiophile USB cable
  55. Wavelength Crimson or Coscent vs. Weiss DAC202
  56. External USB Interface
  57. Questions about stand-alone dedicated DAC
  58. Which one of the two?
  59. Upgrading the Mdht Labs Havana DAC
  60. MacBook to Cary XCiter DAC
  61. 0,097 ps clock from MSB Technology
  62. VS. - ARC DAC8, Bel Canto DAC3.5VB/2.5, PS Audio Perfectwave, M2Tech Young, Lector Digicode 2.24, W4S DAC2, & Music Hall DAC25.3
  63. Breaking in a DAC
  64. what kind of cable would be best?
  65. Can I connect both coax and optical source to same DAC?
  66. Has anyone compared the NFB-2/3.1 with the Peachtree DACiT?
  67. Ayre QB-9 Fuses
  68. VLink II and VLink 192
  69. DAC for MacBook Pro - DacMagic or any other?
  70. USB dac distorting
  71. Weiss DAC users: Balanced vs Unbalanced out
  72. Berkeley Alpha USB User Reports
  73. Witch is better: One Wolfson WM8741 DAC or two 8740 DACs in serial of each other??
  74. unpowered USB 2.0 and dCS ?
  75. Output from MacBook Pro to DAC
  76. Non upsampling USB DACs?
  77. MSRP in US
  78. FOSTEX reveals new DSD capable DAC
  79. Software crossover for Metric Halo Lio-8....
  80. Series 2 version - Berkeley Audio DAC
  81. For modest budget: V-DAC-II or DacMagic or new Integrated with built in DAC??
  82. Decent
  83. M2tech EVO DAC - with I2S input
  84. Hiface - Mac Mini -Chord QBD76 set up advice for a dummy
  85. picking a cd player or dac
  86. Musical Fidelity V-Link USB to SPDIF Converter DD/DTS Passthrough
  87. dac/pre amp concern,
  88. New DAC from the Far East....
  89. DAC vs soundcard advice
  90. Why is DSD important?
  91. Cannot get Firestone Audio ILTW DAC to Play at 192k Using Adaptive or Asynch Modes
  92. Theta TLC with Benchmark Dac1 Pre
  93. Am I somehow contributing to the destruction of my USB DACs?
  94. Toslink to Coax Adapter
  95. What to do with 88.2 tracks if the dac doesn't support it.
  96. Wyred 4 sound Dac 2 vs Grace m903
  97. upsample / oversample
  98. Looking into the Lite...
  99. "Musical" DAC/Headphone amp
  100. Is my 2011 MBP Upsampling its Optical Out?
  101. DAC supporting 24/192 through USB port
  102. dCS Announces Pure DSD Playback via USB
  103. Ticking sounds with integer
  104. Another One Of Those "What's Best" Threads...DACs $500 and under
  105. Best DAC around $1000?
  106. DAC to go with Apple TV2
  107. Where would I see the most improvement?
  108. Bryston BDA-1 Removed from CASH list?
  109. How to Play 192khz files through USB DAC
  110. Peachtree iDAC AND 88.2kHz files
  111. Which DAC would give similar results to my current setup?
  112. USB / SPDIF converter for Moon 300d
  113. Questions about Arcam rDAC
  114. Trouble setting up Nuforce dac on an iMac
  115. New DAC or Offramp 4?
  116. V-Link now $119
  117. TOSLINK or USB from MacBook Pro?
  118. Weiss DAC2 vs Emotiva XDA-1
  119. Is an External DAC Better Than my Onkyo Internal DAC?
  120. The AMR DP777
  121. Top Tier DAC's - Current options (Late 2011)
  122. Audio GD NFB-2 jumpers
  123. DAC advice for Music Composer
  124. Musical Fidelity V-DAC MKII and Shiit Bifrost
  125. Apogee Duet 2 vs. NuForce Icon HDP
  126. Dacter Dacter give me the news, Nos or the blues
  127. NAD DAC shown at CEDIA - with HDMI inputs
  128. Help please
  129. Merging Technologies Horus
  130. Peachtree Dac IT
  131. DAC async. USB + S/PDIF
  132. Figuring out what I need Maverick D1
  133. Apple, Weiss and Bel Canto, am i close?
  134. Acoustic Revive RUI-1 vs AQVOX
  135. Top Flight DACs: Playback Designs MPS-5 or Esoteric K-01?
  136. Advice on a DAC & Speakers for Mac Pro
  137. April Music Eximus DP1
  138. Stello U3
  139. First post + DAC questions
  140. If I'm only ever going to listen to 16/44...
  141. ASUS Xonar Essence STX > Coax > Peachtree Nova : Does this bypass the Nova's DAC???
  142. E-mu 0404 USB: true or fake 192?
  143. DAC for iMac under $500 (no Peachtree)
  144. How much better the M2tech EVO is a with a geat power supply.
  145. Native DSD in Pure Music
  146. DAC recomendations
  147. DAT music upload to PC to make CD's
  148. DAC Review: TC Electronic Konnekt 6
  149. AV receiver system design help needed.
  150. Airport Express and DAC
  151. Is audiophileproducts.com reputable?
  152. Does Minerva and Amarra decode HDCD
  153. Async-USB 24/768 Phasure NOS1 DAC
  154. DAC fun with no USB (unfortunately)
  155. Hey What's This I Hear.....
  156. Metrum Octave - WOW
  157. mac mini to dacmagic link + bluray confusion
  158. DAC Advice Needed
  159. DAC break in
  160. Unique selling points
  161. Burson Audio DA-160 or Wyred 4 Sound DAC1?
  162. Mac Mini to Behringer DEQ2496
  163. Are bus-powered DACs hard on computer power supplies?
  164. Berkeley Alpha DAC & Brainstorm DCD-8
  165. PC/XP/Jriver media center/Juli@ soundcard/rDAC DAC playback system configuration
  166. Wavelength Brick V3 vs. Grace M903
  167. Inexpensive optical DAC
  168. DAC Shootout
  169. Is there an "ideal" length of digital cable for USB cables, like some claim for SPDIF cables?
  170. The Selection Of Available DACs
  171. April Stello U3 + V-dac + MPD linux: greatly pleased
  172. Apple TV2 Setup
  173. V-DAC+V-Link?
  174. Music Fidelity V-DAC used in mobile application
  175. Help To Get Started - New User Questions
  176. Eyeing a Bel Canto DAC, but not sure which one.
  177. Top s/pdif DACs under $3,000
  178. iPod + NuForce Icon Mobile or Fiio E7?
  179. iPod + NuForce Icon Mobile or Fiio E7?
  180. DAC's are obsolete!
  181. Please Help - My Weiss DAC2 seems to be out of order
  182. Lio-8 integer beta
  183. Comparisons between top level DAC's from Nagra, Weiss and MSB
  184. Benchmark DAC1 non-USB version still good to buy today?
  185. DAC for rock music
  186. getting started
  187. What digital connection to use between Bryston BDP-1 and Bryston BDA-1
  188. Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Plus or others?
  189. Burson DA-160
  190. wavelength/empirical offramp v4 comparison
  191. Will a DAC enhance my iTunes MP3 sound quality?
  192. spdif from toshiba a350 laptop
  193. Wavelength Brick v3 Users?
  194. Steve Nugent Offramp 4 With Turboclocks
  195. Has anyone compared hog/integer mode direct USB to coax via USB to S/PDIF?
  196. Playing tracks with different sample rates
  197. problem apogee duet 2
  198. ExaU2I 32bit/384kHz USB to I2S Asynchronous Interface Review
  199. m2tech young overkill for A5s?
  200. Anyone with a Calyx in Montréal?
  201. Need comments on my DAC setup please
  202. Any DACs under $150 worth messing with?
  203. Selling a used DAC
  204. MAC ibook G4 to City Pulse DAC
  205. Pairing a DAC w/an old Marantz Receiver. Advice?
  206. Good, but inexpensive USB cable to use from Mac to HRT Music Streamer II Dac
  207. Has any one compared a Weiss 202 to a Berkeley Alpha Dac?
  208. How Can It Be? Algorythm Solo
  209. NEW! Musical Fidelity V-DAC MK-II Unboxing Video
  210. CEntrance DacMini ?
  211. DAC vs. Audyssey: is it either or?
  212. Asynch USB or super clock thru S/PDIF for $3.5k?
  213. QB-9 and J River 16 - WASAPI Problems
  214. USB converter with I2S output?
  215. USB or COAX DAC?
  216. Trivista DAC 21
  217. John Kenny Saber DAC
  218. Yulong D100 DAC / headphone amp
  219. The perfect DAC 24bit/192kHz for only 35 dollar?
  220. external DAC / receiver DAC interaction
  221. best usb dac for sennheiser hd 598
  222. Bricasti m1 DAC
  223. DSD Discussion -- Do you have questions for our Panel at CAS?
  224. New ARC Reference DAC?
  225. De-jittering and upsampling unit fro Audiopraise
  226. Burson Audio HA -160D (dac-amp-preamp)
  227. Profire 610 - for now - need some input
  228. Power conditioner squash your DAC?
  229. Clocks
  230. DACs Coming Soon?
  231. Cary 306 Pro, 176.4 kHz digital in
  232. Check this Schiit out
  233. 192K USB DAC - still not ready for prime time?
  234. Musical Fidelity M1 DAC
  235. USB audio recommendation
  236. Why would USB DAC not work properly with netbook but OK with desktop?
  237. yet another multi channel DAC
  238. Issue with Cambridge Audio DacMagic
  239. Schiit Bifrost DAC
  240. burn-in for DAC
  241. Asus STX with passive pre amp?
  242. iMic setup on Mac
  243. 12au7 for Eastern Electric?
  244. How does firmware affect the sound quality of a DAC?
  245. dCS Debussy direct or through pre
  246. Prism Orpheus - sorry, how to use?
  247. Does the source matter with a DAC
  248. Berkeley Alpha DAC Filter
  249. Processor Overload?
  250. Ayre QB9 dropouts with class 2 usb