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  1. Best DAC to use with the Auraliti PK90? (Under 1200)
  2. Arcam, Peachtree or some other Schiit
  3. Centrance DACmini
  4. HRT Music Streamer II + Linux (mpd) popping sound when changing tracks if they have a different sample rate
  5. iPod/iPad DAC: iStreamer, Icon iDo, or...?
  6. Quick Question PBD & Meitner
  7. Anyone compared Bifrost vs. DAC•iT head-to-head?
  8. The benefits of a DAC with multiple inputs
  9. Another new DAC from Arcam
  10. Eximus DP-1
  11. BADA vs MPD-3
  12. Arcam Rdac or magic / magic plus for my equipment: IMac and a Consonance A100 or CA 650A
  13. Linn DS series (Akurate, Klimax, etc) compared to Berkeley Alpha series 2
  14. DAC for my Genelec 8020A
  15. Wavelength Proton or Wyred 4 Sound DAC1?
  16. dac plus amp, separates?
  17. Rega Dac Connections>to Netgear NAS Duo 2000 v2
  18. Weiss DAC202 review in Stereophile
  19. Audiolab M-DAC or Wavelength Proton
  20. new MF M1DacA
  21. new MF M1DacA
  22. QB-9 reboot
  23. Alternative to USB/spdif converter or optical output on Mac
  24. opinions on an older model DAC (should I upgrade?)
  25. Audioengine D2 Wireless DAC thoughts vs long analog run?
  26. TC I. Twin vs Motu Ultralite Hybrid mkIII vs RME Babyface
  27. M-Audio Firewire Solo vs dedicated DAC?
  28. Connect Windows Computer to a Museatex Bidat
  29. Car DAC question?
  30. Audioengine-D1 $169 USB/optical DAC
  31. Has anyone heard the Grant Fidelity DAC-11?
  32. Berkeley Alpha DAC series 2
  33. USB to TOSLINK and Voyage MPD
  35. Metric Halo LIO 8 ULN 8 analog output differences?
  36. AMR DP-777 Internal Photos (Uncensored)
  37. DAC Upgrade for headphone setup?
  38. Volume Knobs
  39. External power for SOtM dx-usb HD
  40. High End Computer Sound Card vs Receiver/Pre-processor
  41. DacMagic Plus PSU
  42. Anyone tried a Drawmer HQ DAC?
  43. Please help a very naive computer audioneophyte
  44. Musical fidelity vlink 192
  46. iMac and Musical Fidelity M1DAC
  47. M2Tech Evo DAC
  48. PCI Express card with AES/EBU OUT and word clock BNC IN
  49. Good DAC for computer desktop
  50. Empirical Audio listening session w/Off Ramp 4 and 5-Overdrive DAC-Audiophilleo 2
  51. Xonar STX/Juli@ vs V-link to DAC
  52. PS Audio DLIII XLR and RCA outputs...notice any sonic difference?
  53. RWA Isabellina Pro vs AVA FET Valve Hybrid Dac
  54. Heed Audio Dactilus 2 + UC192
  55. Audio gd NFB-2
  56. Inconpatibility with mac mini
  57. Good Performance/Price DAC to use with AuralitiPK90?
  58. McIntosh 1100 cd player
  59. USB/SPDIF - Stello U3 VS Audiophilleo2 VS ???
  60. DAC Burn-in Question
  61. M2Tech Installation Issue
  62. How to listen to a DAC
  63. Metric Halo LIO 8 Interior pics...
  64. Has anyone had a chance to compare the ARC DAC8 to Aesthetix Pandora?
  65. Interesting usb-spdif converter on ebay
  66. Optimal Audio Filter Settings for Audirvana Plus?
  67. Maverick Audio D2
  68. New Musical Fidelity M1DAC
  69. Asynchronous DAC and Clock Source in Mac OS? Selectable?
  70. getting ready to take the ARC DAC8 plunge
  71. Anyone heard the new dac from exadevices?
  72. DAC reviews: Acoustic Arts Tube-DAC / Audio Research DAC8 / Weiss DAC202 / dCS Debussy / Meitner MA-1 / AMR DP-777
  73. Coaxial digital audio cable
  74. Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2
  75. Korg MR-2000S as playback / DAC device
  76. Questions about Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus
  77. Dac not recognised by Mac Mini
  78. Asynchronous USB upgrade kit for Nuforce uDac2
  79. Benchmark Dac1 - Any good or out of date?
  80. My recent experience with a Passive Pre and PS Audio DL III
  81. If a typical 8x oversampling DAC chip is fed something higher than 44.1 samples...
  82. Wanted: Set Ups Tips/Tweaks for Metric Halo LIO 8 / ULN 8
  83. Issues at 24/88.2
  84. LIO 8 + External Clock?
  85. Is the NEW DacMagic Plus magical or just smoke and mirrors?
  86. How to Get My MacBook Pro to Recognize my new DAC
  87. Weiss dac202 power cable
  88. NOS DAC for simple setup
  89. Surprising result! Any thoughts/
  90. Best DAC / preamp combo for turntable option
  91. TC Electronic Impact Twin DAC/ADC vs dedicated DAC
  92. Low level noise problem
  93. Best Dac new or Old for Bluesky Sat 6.5 MKII
  94. NAD M51 Master Series DAC & C390DD Direct Digital Amplifier
  95. Discussing USB implementations. Why should the quality of the interface and cable matter?
  96. DAC202 -v- DENON AVR 5308 Receiver
  97. Antelope Zodiac Gold or other options?
  98. Need advice regarding my dCS Elgar DAC
  99. DACs on Lexicon MC12 pre/proc: Any good for music?
  100. iMac>?>Sennheiser 595HD headphones
  101. DAC analogue volume control
  102. USB/SPDIF Converters - Are they Necessary ?
  103. Audio Research DAC 8 Good News & Bad News
  104. Synology NAS DacMagic
  105. Decent low-end DAC relative to some Audioengine A5+ speakers?
  106. Pops and crackles when try to play HD Tracks
  107. Meridian into a PWD
  108. Prism Sound Using Thunderbolt
  109. Can changing my USB cable Improve sound from Audiolab 8200CD?
  110. DAC 202 as Pre-Amp
  111. From Mac Pro to Dac without breaking bank...
  112. Playback Designs MPD-3
  113. DAC for Rock
  114. Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 or splurge for the PS Audio Perfect Wave??
  115. Different results upsampling with the same program
  116. Audiolab MDAC
  117. Mac Mini HDMI output or use a DAC?
  118. Sonore DAC
  119. 2.0 DAC with Balanced Outputs
  120. MyTek Stereo-192-DSD DAC: Does it Compare to Other DACs?
  121. MyTek Stereo-192-DSD DAC: Good first DAC?
  122. PS Audio PWD MKII - anyone getting one, upgrading?
  123. Q. Can a S/PDIF DAC sound as good as an Asynchronous USB or Firewire DAC?
  124. What is a DSD enabled DAC?
  125. Benchmark DAC1 HDR
  126. Shortage of DAC Comparisons
  127. New Bee, Need Help
  128. Using the computer's internal DAC
  129. DAC & MP3s
  130. Weiss INT202 with Macbook pro
  131. Using AV Receiver's DAC
  132. What's up, DAC?
  133. Looking for Advice on DAC's
  134. Electrical for DACs
  135. Aesthetix dac
  136. Why do DACs cost so much?
  138. Weiss 202 vs Calyx: And the winner is....
  139. Starting over with Mid-Fi
  140. DAC w/ 2 outputs
  141. DAC with remote volume control and analog line in (ADC)?
  142. DAC w/ BNC inputs
  143. new audio engine dac 1
  144. Using Young DAC driver on HiFace in OS X 10.6 - Help Needed
  145. Using Young DAC driver on HiFace in OS X 10.6
  146. DAC to Headphones?
  147. TEAC UD-H01 - 32bit USB DAC
  148. How would you describe the way your favorite DAC sounds?
  149. My plan to upgrade system via laptop
  150. Metric Halo - factory 25% off sale
  151. Adcom GCD 750 digital in
  152. dac hunt
  153. Calyx vs QB-9: and the winner is....
  154. Balanced USB DAC with headphone out
  155. Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus
  156. Hegel HD20 MacOs X setup
  157. Wavelength WaveLink HS 24/192 USB to SPDIF Converter Installed!
  158. Pangea P100 power supply?
  159. Anyone else waiting for the new ART DAC??
  160. Wavelength Crimson and Mac OS 10.7.2
  161. New ARCAM DAC in early 2012
  162. S/PDIF>>>USB Converters (NOT the other way around).
  163. Longer USB cable for my Ayre QB-9: which one?
  164. Wyred 4 Sound mINT (mini-integrated + DAC)
  165. Anybody preorder the halide hd dac?
  166. 24bit/88.2khz playback in Windows 7
  167. Wyred4Sound Dac 1 Asynchro Chip Now Available
  168. Used Bryston (+MF V-link) or New W4S
  169. DAC upgrade
  170. PS Audio PerfectWave DAC "Mark II"
  171. Question for Berkeley Owners
  172. To DAC or Not to DAC
  173. Noob needing help with product recommendations for USB DAC and AMP's
  174. Help selecting DAC with these practical attributes?
  175. Connect Apogee Duet2 directly to power amp?
  176. DSD playback "quest" begins..
  177. NEW! Musical Fidelity M1 DAC-A, "A" for asynchronous USB Input, Unboxing Video
  178. Apogee Duet 2 with MODS
  179. dac/amp for iphone
  180. New user looking for advice on DAC's and/or digital players targeted for a budget system.
  181. Audio Research DAC 8 mod
  182. What to buy? + some questions..
  183. SOtM usb dac-200
  184. Who's looked at the Playback Designs MPD-5 DAC?
  185. Bal Canto Dac 1.5 with LNS1 power supply
  186. Halide Bridge vs Musical Fidelity V-Link
  187. A question about digital cabling
  188. Comparing new Berkeley Alpha DAC to Weiss 202 and Antelope Zodiac Gold
  189. New to all this, need help with upgrade.
  190. Purchase Advice: Moving in a different direction, perhaps.
  191. Yet another point of view
  192. Yet another guy seeking DAC advice
  193. ESS Sabre 9018 vs Wolfson WM8741
  194. Suggestions needed (price no issue): what are the best PORTABLE usb dac's available?
  195. Looking for advice:Rega Brio-R + iDac or iNova?
  196. CEntrance DACmini vs Burson HA-160DS
  197. Extremely Positive PS Audio Review
  198. Getting Started- USB DAC w/ Headphone Output
  199. USB to S/PDIF converter for Bel Canto DAC2.5
  200. USB to I2S converter for PS Audio Perfectwave DAC?
  201. HRT MSII -> WASAPI/Foobar2000 Issues
  202. iMac digital output - USB via SPDIF converter or Optical??
  203. USB cable specs 2C vs 1P?
  204. Peachtree iDAC
  205. A primer for those who aren't quite sure what to look for
  206. Anyone have the Alpha USB?
  207. help with dacmagic
  208. Help me pick a new DAC!
  209. Is there such a thing as a BUDGET tube DAC worth considering
  210. Maverick Audio Tube Magic D1 DAC
  211. What is better Option? HRT Music Streamer + VS CEntrance DACport USB VS Stello U2 USB
  212. Mac MIni to Rega Dac - USB-S/Pdif converter, or Toslink?
  213. HTPC Soundcard questions - primer needed
  214. Apogee Duet 2 or DACmagic plus
  215. Macbook Pro Audio Controller - Cirrus Logic 4206ACNZ
  216. Berkeley USB review- upcoming?
  217. Siltech Classic Anniversary USB
  218. Antelope Zodiac plus power supply options
  220. float-capable DAC
  221. Toslink Optical length?
  222. Primare I22 vs. Peachtree Nova?
  223. OK to keep power on all the time?
  224. Audiophile Sound Card?
  225. Firewire for Weiss Medea, what would you do?
  226. Trialing transports - audiophilleo, Auzen X-Meridian and Xonar ST
  227. HRT Music Streamer - can't choose 16 bit in Audio Midi settings
  228. New audiophile USB cable
  229. Wavelength Crimson or Coscent vs. Weiss DAC202
  230. External USB Interface
  231. Questions about stand-alone dedicated DAC
  232. Which one of the two?
  233. Upgrading the Mdht Labs Havana DAC
  234. MacBook to Cary XCiter DAC
  235. 0,097 ps clock from MSB Technology
  236. VS. - ARC DAC8, Bel Canto DAC3.5VB/2.5, PS Audio Perfectwave, M2Tech Young, Lector Digicode 2.24, W4S DAC2, & Music Hall DAC25.3
  237. Breaking in a DAC
  238. what kind of cable would be best?
  239. Can I connect both coax and optical source to same DAC?
  240. Has anyone compared the NFB-2/3.1 with the Peachtree DACiT?
  241. Ayre QB-9 Fuses
  242. VLink II and VLink 192
  243. DAC for MacBook Pro - DacMagic or any other?
  244. USB dac distorting
  245. Weiss DAC users: Balanced vs Unbalanced out
  246. Berkeley Alpha USB User Reports
  247. Witch is better: One Wolfson WM8741 DAC or two 8740 DACs in serial of each other??
  248. unpowered USB 2.0 and dCS ?
  249. Output from MacBook Pro to DAC
  250. Non upsampling USB DACs?