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  1. Fitting DAC to system
  2. usb - v-link192 - m1dac
  3. Lynx AES16e, the best sounding interface?
  4. Switching between DACs on a Mac Mini
  5. New to computer audio with a vexing problem.
  6. Simaudio Moon 380
  7. last question on Audiophilleo vs V-Link
  8. What happens if I use 0 Ohm RCA Coax instead of 75 Ohm S/PDIF Cable?
  9. Lynx Hilo vs Metric Halo LIO-8
  10. New Onkyo Receiver TX-NR717/818 can stream/play DSD and DSF file!
  11. HRT HeadStreamer vs. Audioquest Dragonfly vs. Audioengine D1 comparison video
  12. DAC recommendations < $1000 that is synergistic with my system
  13. Anyone compare SOtM USB converter with other USB converters?
  14. Newbie question on DAC
  15. Meitner's MA-2 is officially introduced.
  16. DAC Magic+ with USB or HiFace2 coax?
  17. I'm curious about using external DACs with Android tablets...
  18. Musical Fidelity V-Link 192 & original V-Link comparison video
  19. Rega DAC and my experience today
  20. Metric Halo ULN-2 or Weiss DAC2?
  21. Best way to stream toslink up to 24/96 without breaking the bank
  22. How does 24/192 play through a 24/96 DAC?
  23. AT&T ST Fiberoptic link
  24. DAC advice
  25. Wadia 121 First Listen
  26. Imac i5 OSX 10.6.8 Distortion through speakers ONLY via USB??? HELP........
  27. BNC vs. RCA
  28. PS Audio PerfectWave DAC Mark II
  29. Audioquest Dragonfly; can it be used..?
  30. DAC advice
  31. Rega Dac and Audirvana Plus, Integer or?
  32. High Pitch Squealing Sound from DAC
  33. Recommended USB to SPDIF converter to use with a Metrum Octave DAC
  34. Wadia 861 digital out
  35. Fostex HP-A8C DAC - SD Card File Structure Needed to Play DSF (DSD) Files
  36. HDMI input for DACs
  37. interconnects advice
  38. 24 bit DAC and iTunes with only 16/44.1 files?
  39. Asus Xonar to Peachtree DAC and jitter question...
  40. Computer Output Options
  41. Halide Design Dac HD
  42. Random pops from DAC/Headphone amp.
  43. USB analogue->Digital converter
  44. ASUS Xonar Essence STX (internal) or Musical Fidelity V-DACII (external) ??
  45. Planning for Tomorrow
  46. New PC Audio Research DAC Drivers
  47. Resonessence Labs INVICTA - move over Weiss DAC202U, theres a new king in town!
  48. USB to SPDIF converter or USB DAC with current pre\pro DAC
  49. DAC with USB 3.0 on a Mac
  50. Burson DA160 first impressions
  51. New Chord QuteHD DSD and 384/32 Capable DAC
  52. New Bel Canto USB Link (24/192)
  53. New Offering From MSB
  54. Question for Audioquest Coffee USB owners
  55. I could sure use a DAC recommendation right now...
  56. AudioQuest DragonFly 24/96 Asynchronous USB DAC / Headphone Amp
  57. w4s
  58. Ayre / NAD / Eximius
  59. USB audio enabled on Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S III
  60. Meitner MA-1
  61. RME Multiface II - Why am I unable to play a 24/96 FLAC file via SPDIF?
  62. First impressions of Objective DAC standalone in the desktop system
  63. Two USB-DACs to a single laptop?
  64. LIO-8 plans for DSD?
  65. Audioquest Dragonfly USB DAC
  66. ASUS Xonar DX Audio from one speaker??
  67. DAC's - whats the best under £5K.
  68. Advice on where to go from here? IDAC? Pure I20? I just dont know what to do...
  69. PlayGo API 24/96 Air play receiver
  70. Musical Fidelity M1A vs Burson DA160
  71. Moon 300D or nDAC ?
  72. HRT Music Streamer Pro HELP!
  73. Clicks! and ticks! and pops! Oh my!
  74. Help, consultation used dac with usb below $ 600
  75. Peachtree DAC•iT and V-Link 192 Problem? Please help!
  76. Rookie Audiophile Needs Advice
  77. Poll: How many of you are using an iPad for playback?
  78. M2Tech Vaughan DAC ? ....
  79. Burson Audio HA-160D DAC connection advice needed!
  80. Berkeley Alpha DAC / DCS Debussy
  81. new Sonore DAC with DSD playback
  82. Antelope's Zodiac Gold; A DAC with a proper preamp
  83. Abrahamsen DACs any first hand experience out there?
  84. Musical Fidelity V-Link 1 question about bit perfect/HDCD
  85. Good 192 kHz ADC for recording vinyl - any suggestions?
  86. Where The 'H' Did All These DACs Come From?
  87. April music eximus dp1 any experience?
  88. Audio-Maverick D2
  89. Antelope Rubicon Atomic AD/DA Preamp
  90. One week with the Exposure 2010S2 DAC
  91. which dsd to pcm algorithm does Audirvana plus use?
  92. Valab DAC-X Dual WM8741
  93. Halide vs. Schiit
  94. Outputting S/PDIF digital to Benchmark DAC1
  95. Directions for combo ADC and DAC?
  96. Listening: Mytek 192 DSD versus the W4S DAC 2?
  97. Preamp /DAC's?
  98. Suggestions for Portable DAC to bypass iPod's DAC?
  99. V-DAC196 &V-PSU2::Advice Appreciated on Suitable Amp & Speakers,
  100. Audioengine D1 DAC & headphones amp short video review
  101. To have TOSLINK input
  102. Question for Bifrost Owners and others
  103. New on the Sonore web site
  104. DAC and the WAF
  105. dCS to launch a reference USB to SPDIF converter / clock
  106. Peachtree DacIT -- splitting output and upgrades?
  107. Look what the wife bought me for my birthday…(Part 2)
  108. Linn DS and Songcast - Working fine with iTunes
  109. NAD C390DD Direct Digital DAC/Amplifier
  110. Amp/DAC combo for secondary system
  111. Mac Mini question
  112. Downloading drivers
  113. Nad m5 1 dac
  114. MacBook Pro Dark IR Re-Flow (Sonic Improvement)
  115. using a firewire recording interface for home audio DAC!
  116. Is there a better interface other than USB right now?
  117. Which receiver to purchase?
  118. Rega DAC + PC signal locking troubleshooting
  119. How good is the DAC on this soundcard
  120. DAC Setup Help
  121. DacMagic or Babyface?
  122. Is mini TosLink a compromise over standard?
  123. iPad USB vs MacPro USB difference? external DAC
  124. Digital to analog for multiple sources
  126. Classe CP-800 Pre Pro/DAC
  127. DAC/computer isolation is a myth
  128. Exposure 2010S2 DAC anyone?
  129. The USB cable myth
  130. Wadia 121 Initial impressions
  131. Dac
  132. Anyone notice this Schiit yet?
  133. Bricasti M1
  134. Output Tube Swapping With The AMR DP-777
  135. LIO-8 plus networked music server question....
  136. Zodiac Gold de-jitter digital output
  137. dCS Debussy DSD Update
  138. Prism Orpheus vs e18 DAC for digital x/o?
  139. dac reviews
  140. First DAC up-grade
  141. Has Emotiva's XDA-1 gotten a bad rap?
  142. In Praise of the AudioEngine D1
  143. Internal/external DAC?
  144. Bricasti M1?
  145. Should I get a HRT Music Streamer II?
  146. Schiit Bifrost DAC ,USB & Valhalla headphone amp connections
  147. Review Of JKDAC32
  148. Present from my wife
  149. Mini Mac Dac questions and recommendations
  150. berkeley audio design alpha usb or any dac
  151. Opto-isolated USB vs. SPDIF
  152. New to Audiophilia..
  153. Bel canto
  154. Can a USB DAC be isolated from the computer?
  155. Audioengine D1
  156. DAC around 2K?
  157. Musical Fidelity M1-A DAC : sound glitches on USB
  158. DAC Upgrade
  159. Now I see why going with ultra performance USB cables help on music reproduction
  160. Onkyo P-3000R
  161. Any Mytek DSD dac upgrade in the foreseen future?
  162. New Schiit DAC Announced: Gungnir
  163. Advice
  164. HotAudio USB DAC Bit Perfect
  165. Audiophilleo with Mac Mini G4 problem?
  166. Linn Akurate DS And DSM
  167. Ultimate analog archiving deck, Korg MR-2000s 1-bit DSD recorder.
  168. LampizatOr Level 4+ (All New!)
  169. Halide HD vs Wavelength Proton
  170. MyTek Stereo 192---thread for regular folks!
  171. Best DAC
  172. Audiophilleo have a native ASIO driver?
  173. Need help improving sound quality
  174. Mytek Weiss which ?
  175. Stuck at 44.1 Sampling Rate
  176. DAC Review: AMR DP-777 (Digital Filter for layman)
  177. Will this Sytem Benefit from a DAC, and...
  178. Moving from Bryston BDA-1 to Berkeley DAC
  179. iPad digital out to powered digital speakers
  180. dac dac
  181. BNC Input on Matrix Mini
  182. Multi Channel DAC for AppleTV
  183. Musical Fidelity V-Link II USB to coax artefacts
  184. Do Hifi DAC's bring more "fun" than professional studio-audiointerfaces?
  185. Multi-Channel DIY DAC. New to DIY. Your Guidance Please
  186. Emotiva XDA-1 or Peachtree DACiT
  187. M2TECH HiFace 2
  188. Chord Sarum USB cable - one of the most expensive ever!
  189. Palmer Power Station
  190. Motherboard optical output to DAC or Hallide DAC HD?
  191. Cambridge DacMagic 100
  192. Wadia 121
  193. Peachtree decco 65, available soon
  194. Seta BUF1 Coming Soon from Channel D
  195. Yulong Sabre D-18 Reference 32 bit D/A Converter
  196. Weiss DAC202U any experience
  197. DAC Recommendation
  199. CD Players with useable DAC's
  200. HDTracks To Offer DSD Downloads?!
  201. Simaudio 650D DAC/Transport
  202. HRT Music Streamer II compared to Audioengine D1
  203. new HiFace model 2 announced
  204. METRUM Acoustics NOS Mini DAC Octave
  205. MF v-link on Win 7 / XP with iTunes
  206. Best DAC for $2,500 or less
  207. External Clocks: Heads-Up/What's Going On?
  208. Choice between different DACs
  209. What's the best AES Digital Balanced cable you ever heard?
  210. Upsampling via computer SW vs DAC
  211. Metric Halo LIO-8/ULN-8 directly into power amp - Any experiences?
  212. USB DAC or Firewire DAC
  213. Best DAC for PC, Onkyo tx-nr705 and Monitor Auidio BX-5
  214. Done ripping CDs-need help w/hubby's old speakers
  215. DAC makes popping noise
  216. Benchmark dac1 Calibration
  217. 24/192 Downloads ... and why they make no sense?
  218. Sound Cards
  219. External DAC with Subwoofer Out?
  220. Recommendations, Please?
  221. Any experience with the Wire world platinum USB and platinum AES cable?
  222. Let's talk ENOB
  223. Why waste money on external DAC?? There's external Sound card that puts out better sound for 100th of price
  224. Apogee Duet 2 & Breakout Box short review and unboxing video
  225. Peachtree Inova problem
  226. Another This, That, Or The Other DAC Question
  227. Beresford Caiman (Optical) or Music Streamer II?
  228. Hegel HD2 vs. Bel Canto USB Link 24/96 for iTunes to Preamp
  229. New Guy chewing through the gobs of information...
  230. Stello U3 review. Personal thoughts.
  231. USB2 word length, Windows 7 and Caiman DAC
  232. New DAC (and ADC) from Lynx
  233. ASUS Xonar Essence One - Anyone have one?
  234. Does DSD have a role in high-end audio, and if so, what is it?
  235. Best async usb DAC with integrated amp & remote for ? $1,200?
  236. Metric Halo & Thunderbolt
  237. Testing USB vs. USB>AES
  238. DAC - C.A.R.S. LIST
  239. Wavelength Brick
  240. Antelope Zodiak Plus vs regular Zodiac (base model)
  241. Lossless Music to a preamp
  242. Need Help with Burson HA-160D using with Integrated Amp.
  243. Clicking noise on DAC
  244. Burson HD HA-160D - Amazing-
  245. Cambridge Audio DAC Magic 100 on its way!
  246. Foobar SACD Plugin > Mytek Stereo 192-DSD DAC
  247. List of asynch dacs with adjustable output voltage
  248. Peachtree Grand Integrated
  249. USB--->SPDIF converter options around $500
  250. Best dac(s) under $1k.