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  1. System requirements DSD 512-wired, wireless bridge, power line
  2. Roon: Now With Multi-Channel
  3. Simple low cost second room stereo output wanted for streamed music
  4. REW soundcard calibration Question
  5. Searching for a flexible and future proof Room Correction solution
  6. Could Really Use Some Help With First Time Room Treatments
  7. Sharing your Dirac target curves
  8. Acourate vs OpenDRC - DI
  9. Help with Dirac Live Via Microrendu
  10. Vanity 103HD Board
  11. DSpeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core and SPDIF output - bypass does nothing?
  12. Oppo Mod Providers, reference upcoming Oppo 205
  13. Might Virtual Reality be better than reality in HiFi?
  14. Running filters for room eq on pc?
  15. cheap fix for above your head bookshelves
  16. JRiver and 8 Channel Stereo playback.
  17. Conversion Program for Multi Channel DSDIFF to Stereo DSDIFF available?
  18. The CA Acourate Help Channel
  19. Using REW to adjust subwoofer level
  20. Using REW and rephase to generate amplitude and time domain corrections
  21. How to implement 6-way stereo with HQPlayer?
  22. JRIver Convolution- Help needed
  23. Any solution to adding a subwoofer to the KEF X300AW?
  24. Taming room modes - 50, 144, 249, 468Hz room mode?
  25. Room treatment suppliers.
  26. Drapes not Allowed
  27. What multi-channel DAC are you using for active crossovers in Acourate?
  28. GIK DIY frame kits for making acoustical absorption panels
  29. Advice for getting started with REW
  30. REW and Audirvana
  31. REW vs Acourate?
  32. Acourate cross over...anyone using?
  33. Dirac on Mac - Sound is Heavily Distorted
  34. Room correction with Daphile and Picoreplayer?
  35. Inconsistent measurements using JRiver convolution
  36. Maximum gain that is ssfe?
  37. A Few Questions About Acourate
  38. Dedicated sound card vs. video card for bitstreaming audio to AVR
  39. Deqx?
  40. Anyone using REW (Room EQ Wizard) with HQPlayer?
  41. Tidal in Start Up...
  42. No MCH in Roon? seriously?
  43. Dirac Problem
  44. ASIO or Real Tek
  45. Oppo UDP-203
  46. Airport Extreme to 3 Lan Airplay Speakers connection
  47. system to experiment with 3d audio
  48. .1 Channel on MCH music tracks
  49. Pure Music with Dirac Live Plugin
  50. Dirac - using multichannel & stereo
  51. Dirac - Support & Purchase
  52. Heavily distorted Dirac output
  53. Dirac on NAD M17
  54. Contemplating mini-DSP
  55. Measuring Dirac results with REW
  56. Microphone for Acourate
  57. Any way of using the E28 as a Movie audio preamp...?
  58. Genelec F One Vs Elac Elac S10EQ
  59. Oppo 103 for 5 channel home theatre
  60. Unintentional Room Correction
  61. Next step up of Power Amp
  62. Power Conditioners
  63. Dirac not showing 2ch in sofa measurement
  64. Does Acourate only work online?
  65. HDMI output from computer? What HDMI output?
  66. Playing multi-channel files with minimum fuss and bother? Need an introduction to what's possible.
  67. Anyone using a PC based digital crossover?
  68. DIRAC measurement keep hitting an error
  69. HQ Player + DSD512 + DSP?
  70. Multichannel USB DAC feature for Oppo 105D Successor
  71. DSP tutorial book written by mitchco
  72. Audirvana+ and Dirac Live on Mac OS - what should I do?
  73. Dirac speaker/room calibration for mobiles and Oppo's new wireless speakers
  74. Dirac Live 1.2 for Mac
  75. Dirac and Two Subs
  76. Conflict between Dirac Live and Fidelizer?
  77. DIRAC users - what is your software playback chain?
  78. Anyone using Ravenna with multi-channel?
  79. Dirac filter creation: Best way to treat high-frequency roll-off
  80. Dirac with DAC having a variety of up-sampling and filtering options
  81. HTPC based full digital 12 channel room correction
  82. Minidsp
  83. Dirac and TIDAL
  84. Multichannel Musicservers (Hardware)
  85. Static and Stutter on Dirac with Hi-Res files
  86. Dirac, Crossovers, 2.1 setup, which way to go?
  87. Dirac live calibration error
  88. Dirac Problem
  89. When is Dirac going to be updated?
  90. What hardware do I need to run Acourate?
  91. Dirac Activation Problems?
  92. Is Dirac mistake ?
  93. Dirac and Roon running on PC to USB dac - Will this work?
  94. Dirac Stereo 1.2 filters hanging in Capitan?
  95. Lyngdorf vs ?
  96. Devialet SAM video
  97. New Oppo's??
  98. Interested in a very authoritative sound?
  99. The beginning is often the hardest...
  100. Genelec 8351 wins 2016 NAMM TEC Award
  101. you think you know the basics of room correction?
  102. Dirac enabled Theta Casablanca IV review
  103. New MiniDSP Dirac Live units at CES 2016
  104. OS X: Use Dirac AU plugin with any software
  105. Dirac Live and Roon - full integration
  106. The room correction or speaker correction? What can we do with dsp power now available?
  107. Curious is anyone on CA has tried the Involve SurroundMaster
  108. oops . . .
  109. Acoustic Revive RR-888 - Portable Shelf.
  110. Dirac Live newbie... anyone else's room measure so badly...? Is bass "boost" so wrong...?
  111. NYT: Devialet Phantom to be sold in Apple Stores
  112. Umik Mike configuration file
  113. rew - can't get any measurements signal
  114. Dirac Live on a Mac - DAP doesn't save preferred output - any workarounds?
  115. Using Dirac Live from NAS?
  116. Sound Card
  117. What frequency range do you use with room correction or DSP?
  118. Roon, Dirac, PureMusic on Mac Yosemite
  119. Dirac Live VST plugin
  120. Dirac Problems with Windows 10
  121. Tri and Quad amp stereo with Highend DAC using Acourate
  122. Dirac Live Impulse Response View/Results
  123. mathaudio room EQ question
  124. Help Request in Using Dirac Trial
  125. The Official Atmos "Is it worth it for a ComputerAudiophile" thread....
  126. Arcam SR250 stereo amplifier with Dirac Live
  127. DEQX HDP-5 vs. HDP-3
  128. Most suitable DSP
  129. Dirac and El Capitan (OS X 10.11)
  130. Which of these AV amps for best audio and features?
  131. atmos speales question's
  132. Differences in convolution engines?
  133. ipad + ext mic = RTA
  134. Home Theater 7.1 Preamp > DIRAC HTPC via 8 input USB I/O > 8-channel amp for home theater?
  135. Best AMP for PC 5.1 Gaming Analog?
  136. Dirac Live on a Windows 2012R2 Server with Audiophile Optimizer
  137. Lars Johan Brännmark and Mikael Sternad on different technologies for digital loudspeaker-room correction
  138. DRC/DSP in DSD. Miska can you please clarify?
  139. Ok, I've got Dirac but can't get it working
  140. Dirac's Mathias Johansson on room as well as speaker correction and more...
  141. Old school... TacT RCS2.2X / S2150 / TACS software
  142. Dirac and Yosemite
  143. Dirac + DSD via Audirvana+?
  144. amarra iRC
  145. Dirac Live and Windows 10
  146. Attenuating The Dirac Target Filter?
  147. Dirac Live vs. Pioneer's MCACC Pro multichannel corrections
  148. Computer based crossover/matrix with AES cards
  149. Hi, I'm new here but am wanting to know how much an awsome 7.1 w/ a PIMP woofer and sound card?
  150. An easy way to get and improve multi-channel with a Mac - mini-to-TOSLINK
  151. Dirac minimum processor requirements
  152. Room eq under Ubuntu?
  153. Dirac Live and Ambient Noise
  154. New all in one DSP powered system - challenge to Phantom?
  155. Your Multi-channel System
  156. 6 Channel m4a files play as 2 Channel
  157. Which media server in between DIRAC and an Amazon Firestick
  158. Dirac Mini DSP – a curve with a voice
  159. Help: 9.1 Auro surround with AES3
  160. DIRAC and Tidal Play Well in Chrome?
  161. File corretion with Dirac
  162. Acourate Microphone Measurement Setup
  163. Undoing Dirac
  164. Dirac Unison
  165. Intel HD Audio (over HDMI using Intel HD4000 graphics) versus nVidia GTX xxx HDMI audio
  166. My Review of Acourate Room Correction
  167. Multichannel PCM/Bitstream with a gpu
  168. BACCH Sound Processor - Anyone Else Here Tried This?
  169. Recommended sound card for HTPC, two zones?
  170. Dirac & active 3-way crossover
  171. DRC versus EQ pros/cons?
  172. Use HDMI out on convolver PC?
  173. Dirac Live with new Setup: i have a problem to take correct measurement
  174. Using .cfg files with Audirvana
  175. Decrapifier? Eq?
  176. How to Apply Room Correction to an A/V Pre-Pro that does not have it?
  177. Voices optimization using Dirac Live
  178. Dirac Live's graphs... how accurate?
  179. What's new from Dirac at CES
  180. Dirac - Part 2
  181. How Devialet SAM works...
  182. Tips for Beginners
  183. ConvoFS - room correction in the file system
  184. Subwoffery!
  185. Dirac - what happened to all the enthusiasm ????
  186. Dayton UMM-6 Microphone
  187. Stillpoints Acoustical Panels
  188. Dirac Live - renaming filters?
  189. Dirac/Yosemite problems
  190. Dirac Test Signal Distorts Please Help
  191. Dirac LRCS: Users sharing target curves
  192. Dirac Download Issue
  193. Behold! Equalizer APO for Windows (Open Source)
  194. Dirac: Initial Experience
  195. UMIK calibration file type
  196. Any DSP that supports SDM & DXD
  197. The new 192 KHz version of Dirac Live is now online
  198. Dirac and a Change of Amplifier.
  199. Possible to rolloff treble with Dirac?
  200. 8 - IN 8 - OUT HDMI Audio processor with Dirac Live® technology at CEDIA
  201. Mic position for measurements with Dirac
  202. Is Dirac's DAP screwing up my absolute speaker polarity and/or relative phasing?
  203. Dirac Live Overdriving Subwoofer
  204. Best Paid S/W DSP POLL
  205. Which sound card for DRC measurements?
  206. Placement of turntable, components on rear wall.
  207. Dsp to dlna
  208. Amarra w/IRC
  209. DRC, Digital Room Correction- is it the poor relation to Room treatments?
  210. multi-channel sound card needed?
  211. Mike Stand for measurements
  212. Speaker EQ using Audio Units in A+ and possible digital clipping
  213. 1/4 How Surround’ed are you? Your Position
  214. 4/4 How Surround’ed are you? Music sources
  215. 3/4 How Surround’ed are you? Equipment types
  216. 2/4 How Surround’ed are you? Your rig
  217. Dirac vs Ammaa IRC
  218. Questions on forthcoming DDRC-22DA with Dirac
  219. Room acoustics. Positioning speakers on a diagonal, rather than conventional placement
  220. REW Setup Issue (with MiniDSP NanoAVR 8x8)
  221. Regarding room measurement and filter creation
  222. AV Preamp for DAC for Dirac and the like?
  223. Dirac Live + Matrix Up-mixes (DTS Neo:X, Dolby IIz, etc.)
  224. Doing crossovers with Jriver/Dirac..possible or not..?
  225. Dirac live feature suggestions
  226. DRC, high-passing main speakers, and two subs...which way forward?
  227. PC Crossover virtual Playback Device driver?
  228. Dirac on Windows Server 2012..?
  229. Genelec releases GLM 1.50 software
  230. DTS and Dirac Live
  231. Dirac and time alignment of the speakers.
  232. Converting a 0 Degree Calibration File to a 90 Degree File
  233. Sound Forge DRC
  234. Adding Dirac Filter Files to MC19
  235. Super Tweeter emulation via DSP
  236. Using Dirac without a sound card...
  237. Dirac Live and bass management
  238. Dirac and UMIK-1 from MiniDSP
  239. Basic Room Correction
  240. Dirac review by Stereophile's Kal Rubinson
  241. Dirac in Hog Mode?
  242. miniDSP OpenDRC owners can upgrade to DDRC with Dirac Live
  243. Another flavour of Dirac correction...
  244. Dirac, iTunes, Audirvana -- what am I actually listening to?
  245. low, mid, high price microphones for DIRAC & what their effect to the end result
  246. Dirac with UMIK-1. Which calibration file should be used: Cross Spectrum or MiniDSP?
  247. Dirac and frequency shifting?
  248. Dirac & group delay
  249. New Dirac series from minidsp
  250. Anybody else have a problem with volume control on the Dirac driver?