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  1. Your 3 Favorite Albums Releases of 2016
  2. American Song Writer 2016 Top 50
  3. Miles Davis - New 5 SACD Box Set from Esoteric Japan (December 2016)
  4. Who Are The Greatest Pianists of the 21st Century?
  5. Mozart 225 - Good introduction to this work?
  6. Best Led Zep remasters?
  7. Shameless promotion of a Dutch artist whom I like
  8. Best Sounding Diana Krall?
  9. Classical Music for Those Who'd Love to Love it, but Never Learned it.
  10. Stevie Ray Vaughan best sound versions
  11. What is Your Favorite Frank Zappa Recording?
  12. Pink Floyd the early years - nice
  13. The unplayable piano of Jarrett's Kln Concert
  14. Music Recommendations for Dinner Party Needed
  15. Fun coincidence happened today
  16. World Cafe: More changes in the world of music
  17. Frank Zappa: Meat Light - The Uncle Meat Project-Object (Qobuz)
  18. The Greatest Guitarist of All Time.
  19. Keith Jarrett's "new" solo album - a Multitude of Angels - download anywhere?
  20. Post Nov. 8th what are you listening to thread
  21. New Temple of the Dog 24/96 5.1 Release
  22. Yo Deadheads
  23. My blu ray audio collection is really something now
  24. Luther Vandross Concert Online
  25. Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Sessions Remaster
  26. Santana Lotus SACD Audio Fidelity coming out November
  27. Great Compilations
  28. Growing Up Live by Peter Gabriel (Bluray)
  29. Album if the year... Nominations
  30. Anyone Else Have The Soon To Be Released Bob Dylan Massive Live Box Set On Order?
  31. Favorite great Sounding piano solo performances
  32. New Leonard Cohen Album - You Want It Darker
  33. Music Poster of the Day
  34. Chuck Berry, 90, announces first album in 38 years
  35. Steven Wilson's Tales from Topographic Oceans
  36. My Top 10 classical music pianists
  37. Hard Drive Died, Rebuilding my Collection - Best Clair de Lune / Debussy?
  38. for the noble laureate
  39. Little Dexter Beethoven's Music Blog
  40. How to find the best releases of a recording
  41. Rock Energy at Its Best!
  42. Fantastic House/Disco Mix
  43. Library music
  44. Bat Out of Hell- Classic Album Video
  45. Music of Westworld the HBO series
  46. Great News For Fans Of The Amazing Kate Bush
  47. Amazing Music of the World.
  48. Historical Recordings and the Audiophile?
  49. Music for natural disasters
  50. DG releases through CD Japan
  51. Best love songs of all time
  52. Joey Alexander - Countdown
  53. Led Zeppelin Complete BBC Sessions
  54. New MoFi "I, Robot" SACD
  55. New Peter Gabriel Music (and video)
  56. Stewart Lindsey "Spitballin"
  57. Rhiannon Giddens wins Banjo and Bluegrass Prize
  58. Scammed by Wilco - digital file shenanigans
  59. The Millennial "Whoop" in Pop Music
  60. Re-mastering
  61. New "The Beatles: Live At The Hollywood Bowl"
  62. CD Rot.
  63. Santana - Abraxas SACD MFSL
  64. Drummer Mark Guiliana - Seven Drum Sounds
  65. The Worst Songs Of All Time?
  66. Cesar Cui
  67. The Joe Zone, Episode Two (video)
  68. CD's with multiple complete concerts
  69. New Metallica - Hardwired
  70. The BBC Music Magazine top 10 Symphonies
  71. Six Degrees of Music Separation
  72. Another Woodstock Anniversary Coming Up
  73. Mark Knopfler Talks Sultans of Swing (video)
  74. I am suddenly addicted to live Grateful Dead music.
  75. Eric Clapton "I Still Do" USB stick.
  76. Very nice piano quartet recording by Dan Cray..."Outside In"
  77. Tidal Off-line Play
  78. Kennedy Center - Jarosz/Thile/O'Donovan on singing with others
  79. Searching for albums by release dates
  80. The Joe Zone (Pilot Episode)
  81. Temple of the Dog Reissue (high resolution, stereo and multi-channel)!
  82. How Randy Newman and His Family Have Shaped Movie Music
  83. Rage Against The Machine (Numbered Limited Edition)
  84. If You Like Music
  85. Channel Classics PCM downloads
  86. Waxing Lyrical
  87. More Fun NPR Music Stuff
  88. Jeff Beck Loud Hailer on NPR stream
  89. Help to recognize a play?
  90. Help to recognize a play?
  91. Qobuz Musimap partnership
  92. What is the best streaming service for classical music (available in the US)
  93. The Hot Sardines released a new album today...
  94. Islamists attack Radiohead fans.
  95. Chicago Quadio Blu-Ray 9 disc release
  96. Bastille at Jeep on the Rocks
  97. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Carpool Karaoke (video)
  98. Star Wars : An Indian Music Tribute
  99. Best "Live and Let Die" by Wings
  100. Van Morrison - It's Too Late to Stop Now Volumes II, III, IV & DVD
  101. Who and What?
  102. R.I.P. Ernestine Anderson
  103. Creative Soundblaster E5 portable DAC/Amp
  104. rosset meyer geiger trio -- where to buy?
  105. There is still hope for our youth.
  106. Best Equalizer Settings for Simon & Garfunkel "The Boxer"?
  107. The Monkees? Who knew ..
  108. EMI Szell Schubert 9 SACD
  109. Blue Note's RVG versions
  110. 50 years ago Bod Dylan went electric
  111. Marillion in HD
  112. Will there be "acoustic museums" in the future?
  113. LP Rip "The Concert for Bangla Desh"
  114. Holy Moly, Have You Seen This Concert Lineup?
  115. In Syria, Russia Plays Bach Where ISIS Executed 25
  116. Which Beethoven symphonies do you listen to, primarily?
  117. Jeff Beck & Imelda May Rock n Roll
  118. MQA and Warner Music Sign Long-Term Licensing Deal
  119. Brad Mehldau Trio - Blues and Ballads
  120. Zappa vs. Zappa
  121. Great Story About (mostly) Creative Geniuses
  122. Percussion thread
  123. "Friendly Card" 35th Ann. CD
  124. What does your favorite music say about you?
  125. Yehudi Menuhin ... the early days
  126. Jeff Beck Blow by Blow Analog Productions SACD
  127. new Maria Joo album, on highresaudio.com
  128. LKJ in FLAC (Linton Kwesi Johnson records in lossless format)?
  129. Fiona Joy - Into the Mist (Audiophile Edition)
  130. Has Martha Argerich ever recorded Beethoven Piano Concerto #4 ?
  131. New Anthony Wilson Album - Frogtown
  132. Who are You Going to See?
  133. Escaflowne: Anime OST Lossless-worthy?
  134. Tiny Desk Concert: Lake Street Dive
  135. Song of the Day (or welcome to the ADD Generation).....
  136. Hiromi - Spark
  137. Lake Street Dive Live Right Now On Periscope
  138. Herbie Hancock Quintet - Tribute to Miles - which one?
  139. Peter Gabriel writes... "What's the point of music" (web link)
  140. Pearl Jam At Fenway Park & Wrigley Field In August
  141. Rolling Stone: In Defense of the CD Are we being too quick to toss out an old friend?
  142. Music that almost brings a tear....
  143. Natalie Prass
  144. Gramophone magazine review database: any good?
  145. Copland Ballet suites etc in high(ish) res.
  146. Yevgeny Sudbin's 10th anniversary disc of Scarlatti sonatas will be released in April 2016 on BIS - behind the scene
  147. Nice article about an independent Bay Area's recording studio struggles and on tape vs digital
  148. Panic! At the Disco - Death of a Bachelor - HORRIBLE SQ
  149. DSD downloads
  150. Dates of key Mozart Shmphonies may be wrong (article link)
  151. List of artists with official tour bootlegs / live recordings
  152. A higher common denominator... HiFi set free...
  153. Bought Elton John first release Polydor 1992 CD. Killer sound.
  154. Yes Fragile Remix by Steven Wilson
  155. Natalie Merchant...Paradise is There: The New Tigerlilly Recordings
  156. Jazz Pianist Prodigy
  157. Ripping CD Problem
  158. a christmas present for myself (Neurosis)
  159. Merry Christmas with the Messiah!
  160. Free Download From B & W
  161. Grateful Dead 30 Trips (USB)
  162. A big fine daddy for her red hot skillet lickers.
  163. No room correction, no 24/192, ARE THEY REALLY..
  164. You're not 'Front Street Belvederere on 7th avenue...
  165. It's 1932 get with the program... Pokey Lafarge - Sadie Green
  166. That's a harmonica? Carlos del Junco
  167. Sleep in late...molly johnson...No cod fish. ;)
  168. What no Lou Ann Barton?
  169. Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra
  170. Carlos del Junco?
  171. Caroline hering fans?
  172. How about Jill Barber?
  173. What about Cara Luft?
  174. Any Fred Eaglesmith fans here?
  175. Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra
  176. My top 5 vocal jazz albums of 2015
  177. U2 Live Concert From Paris On HBO Tomorrow Night
  178. My Top 5 Jazz Christmas Albums
  179. Eric Clapton Slowhand at 70 Live At Royal Albert Hall [Photo] [Review]
  180. Allman Brothers Fillmore East MFSL SACD
  181. Idlewild South Deluxe 3CD+BD
  182. Carl Nielsen amazingly cheap on Dacapo label (6 symphonies $9)
  183. What classical piece would you like to have in a modern hi-res recording?
  184. My top 5 classical albums of 2015
  185. Tom Petty Thanksgiving weekend on Palladia TV
  186. Review: Grateful Dead 50 Blu Ray/CD box set
  187. Best source for Tony Orlando high res?
  188. ELO HD Tracks
  189. Incoming from Amazon - New Brad Mehldau 4 disc live collection and Keef's new one
  190. Poll: How much do you spend on music purchases?
  191. Jenna Mammina and Rolf Sturm DSD Album from Blue Coast Records
  192. Voices of Valor - 2015
  193. Jeff Beck Iconoclassic Rough and Ready
  194. What are your favorite/reference Sibelius recordings?
  195. Glenn Gould Remastered: The Complete Columbia Album Collection
  196. The best sounding Classical Orchestral recording ever?
  197. Complete Alan Lomax Collections Online.
  198. My Must-have Mozart Albums
  199. Who is the singer?
  200. Jean-Michel Jarre 2015 remasters
  201. Acoustic Sounds Mahavishnu Birds of Fire SACD
  202. Anyone know the provenance of Erroll Garner: The Complete Concert By The Sea?
  203. Jean-Michel Jarre's Electronica 1 - Time Machine - Huge disappointment
  204. Earwitness Transcriptions
  205. You should try the Lou Read chair
  206. Elvis Costello 24/192 - 4 albums on Qobuz
  207. How Music Got Free
  208. Positive Feedback DSD Seminar: Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015
  209. Verdis AIDA from Italy.
  210. Discuss exceptional synth-based tracks here!
  211. Good Pure Stereo Recordings
  212. New John Scofield: Past Present
  213. Chopin Nocturnes - Recommendations?
  214. Attended our local Orchestra last night...
  215. Ole Gjeilo
  216. My Top10 Jazz Covers Of Pop Songs
  217. Sibelius 150th Jubilee
  218. Pop Music is ruining our brains!
  219. Disco High Rez
  220. Vinyl sales generate more revenue than free Spotify, Youtube, and VEVO combined
  221. Itzhak Perlman - Where To Start?
  222. Robert Forster: Songs To Play
  223. Meet the bald Norwegians and other unknowns who actually create the songs that top the charts.
  224. Remixed Beatles Hits - What Resolution?
  225. The Dead Weather - Dodge And Burn
  226. Music Direct SHM-SACD Sale
  227. Michael Hedges Classic Aerial Boundaries Coming Soon On SACD
  228. Alexander String Quartet: free concert at San Francisco State
  229. Nina Simone Little Girl Blue
  230. Interesting jazz article in the WSJ, see link below
  231. Sublime Soundtracks
  232. Digital Music Buffs of Facebook Group
  233. Foo Fighters record on 2-inch tape
  234. Chesky Records Tournament Final [Vote and get 50% off any Chesky title]
  235. Your favorite blues track?
  236. Get 50% off When Voting in Chesky Records Singer Search [Semi-Finals]
  237. Semi-Finals: Vote and get 50% off any Chesky release NMBR11 v. Korbe Canida
  238. 50% Off Any Chesky Records Album if you vote in our Singer-Songwriter Search
  239. Even if you don't like the genre... listen to this!
  240. 25 Essential Jazz Albums
  241. Tiny Desk Concert
  242. Aretha Franklin movie to be released. Watch for Mick Jagger cameo.
  243. How did the Beatles know so much more at such a young age than most of us at ...
  244. Bankrupt Columbia House presaged todays digital music industry
  245. Lindisfarne, Magic In The Air Live
  246. Blues Helping
  247. Gramophone Awards are coming up - some reflections
  248. Gig of the Century perhaps? (well the last one)
  249. Live On KSWM Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt (1999)
  250. Contemporary Piano Music