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  1. Foo Fighters record on 2-inch tape
  2. Chesky Records Tournament Final [Vote and get 50% off any Chesky title]
  3. Your favorite blues track?
  4. Get 50% off When Voting in Chesky Records Singer Search [Semi-Finals]
  5. Semi-Finals: Vote and get 50% off any Chesky release NMBR11 v. Korbe Canida
  6. 50% Off Any Chesky Records Album if you vote in our Singer-Songwriter Search
  7. Even if you don't like the genre... listen to this!
  8. 25 Essential Jazz Albums
  9. Tiny Desk Concert
  10. Aretha Franklin movie to be released. Watch for Mick Jagger cameo.
  11. How did the Beatles know so much more at such a young age than most of us at ...
  12. Bankrupt Columbia House presaged todays digital music industry
  13. Lindisfarne, Magic In The Air Live
  14. Blues Helping
  15. Gramophone Awards are coming up - some reflections
  16. Gig of the Century perhaps? (well the last one)
  17. Live On KSWM Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt (1999)
  18. Contemporary Piano Music
  19. Van Morrison Tupelo Honey
  20. Tribute Albums
  21. Hip Hop artists know more words...
  22. Amy Winehouse At The BBC
  23. NYTimes Article on Piano technique 200 years ago
  24. Nina Revisited - or please don't let Usher touch Nina Simone ever again
  25. Steely Dan 2015 Tour
  26. New David Gilmour album... Any interest?
  27. Gielen's Mahler 8 on Hanssler
  28. Is it just me or does the Leon Bridges album sound poor to you too?
  29. No Neil Young or The Doors on BBC Radio... (Article link)
  30. Top 10 music that gives me goose bumps
  31. I Can't Wait To See This Documentary- Amy
  32. Legal Fight Brews Over Important Grunge-Era Master Tapes
  33. Why We’ll Never Have an Iconic Record Cover Like ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Again
  34. New Chris Cornell Remaster - Euphoria Mourning
  35. Vox/Turnabout?
  36. "Honey, we have no music industry": Quincy Jones in Fortune Magazine
  37. Good Recording Session Videos, please post.
  38. Chris Squire Passes Away At 67
  39. Anyone at Glastonbury?
  40. Live Jazz in Europe
  41. Today's fabulous play-list
  42. Fare Thee Well
  43. Greatest Year Ever For Music? 1969 - Top 100 Albums
  44. Electronica and Pop Music
  45. Name single track making album worth buying
  46. Photos: Rock ‘n’ roll billboards of the Sunset Strip
  47. Article: Why does lowbrow music hit the right note?
  48. The causes of musicians’ deaths, by genre
  49. True Rockstar - Dave Grohl Breaks Leg, Finishes Show
  50. NPR's Tiny Desk Concert
  51. Postulate to ECM Records - for high resolution reissues
  52. Bill Charlap recommendations please.
  53. Whats your Summertime ?
  54. Why so few Alfred Brendel recordings on SACD/HiRes (Classical)
  55. "In C Mali"
  56. Yes - Progeny New Release
  57. Barenboim's new piano...
  58. Looking for music suggestions aka not another one of these threads
  59. Does the world need another blog? Probably not, but I'll start mine anyhow...
  60. Solti/Wagner/Ring on Blu-Ray
  61. Buddy Holly - True Love Ways
  62. Neal Schon: Vortex coming this June!
  63. The album you forgot you liked...even if you are embarrassed to admit it
  64. Guitar shredder videos!
  65. Zoning in, what music is the cause of this phenomenon?
  66. Any audiophiles here into Electronica
  67. Live Concerts In Your Area
  68. Definative Jazz Vinyl
  69. New Music Column On CA
  70. Roger Waters - Amused to Death remaster vinyl, hi-res - July '15
  71. What is wrong with this picture?
  72. Cassandra Wilson Live
  73. Aleka Farha (A Tribute to Florence + The Machine)
  74. American Epic (Trailer)
  75. TIDAL playlist with norwegian audiophile music
  76. Bill Evans - Sublime Sideman
  77. Recommendation sought - Copland Appalachian Spring - unplugged
  78. Lalo Schifrin - any 24 bit 96khz files available?
  79. Documentary Film: The Wrecking Crew
  80. New Andy Sheppard's Surrounded By Sea album
  81. "SACD vs. LP: A Relaxin' Reissue Shootout"
  82. Buena Vista Social Club’s Lost and Found
  83. Best Prokofiev Romeo&Juliet recordibg?
  84. Prince's vault
  85. Hunting for Prince's vault
  86. Nice article on Bill Evans
  87. Schubert mystery
  88. Group inspiration
  89. Anatomy of Songs
  90. Hooked on Classic
  91. Dausgaard to lead Scottish Symphony Orchestra
  92. Poll: Next Berlin Philharmonic chief conductor
  93. Anyone else waiting for Vol3 of the MLP CD box set to be released?
  94. Road To Red King Crimson #24 Blu-ray disc, no metadata
  95. For you pianists
  96. Sir Simon Rattle accepts Music Directorship of the London Symphony Orchestra
  97. Mark Knopfler - Tracker - A Film By Henrik Hansen
  98. R.I.P. Clark Terry
  99. Suggested playlist for your funeral
  100. Do people check out the music review section?
  101. Does big labels spoil the audio quality? ie Adele vs Carmen Gomes
  102. Mercury Living Presence SACDs - why so expensive?
  103. Where to get high quality high resolution vinyl rips from mono vinyl sources?
  104. Suggestions for more music like this (African guitar/folk/jazz and/or world?)
  105. Sense Memory, Food & Wine, and My Bad Golf Swing
  106. Reggae on the River concert event
  107. I really wish...
  108. King Crimson Road to Red on sale at ImportCDS
  109. Fabulous 1961 Recording.
  110. Please, Grateful Dead, Don’t Keep Truckin’ On
  111. MFSL ships Chicago Transit Authority
  112. Pono Provenance
  113. My first taste of Pono customer service for Kickstarter supporters
  114. Suggestions for Traditional Chinese Music
  115. Diana Krall, "Wallflower"
  116. Coexist by Xx
  117. MFSL "The Wall" Gold Disc
  118. Rebecca Ferguson: Lady Sings the Blues
  119. Bootlegs
  120. 1959 The Year that Changed Jazz
  121. Jimmy Cobb on 'Kind of Blue'
  122. Gramophone is looking for a full time classical reviewer.
  123. Herbie Hancock- "Head Hunters" in DSD from Acoustic Sounds
  124. MA Recordings and CD frustration
  125. What's on your Christmas playlist?
  126. First Impression Music label
  127. The Most Three Dimensional Recordings
  128. NYT: Classical Critics Pick the Top Music Recordings of 2014
  129. Music Genre Newsletters/ Review Sites?
  130. You're Gonna Hate Yourself If You Miss This Guy
  131. Great contemporary female Jazz singers
  132. Top-40 radio: the mainstream and the margins, an excerpt...
  133. Hi Rez Christmas Muisc... Please
  134. Bach Christmas Oratorio - recommendations
  135. How Wall Street Destroyed the Record Business
  136. Hi Resolution Beach Boys from Japan
  137. Question on U2 Achtung Baby HD TRacks 24/44.1
  138. Linn - 24 bits of Christmas
  139. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Hurricane, sound question ???
  140. LOVE's "Forever Changes" SACD just out
  141. New "Pure Audio" Blue Ray disc from the London Symphony Orchestra Label
  142. Soundkeeper Recordings - Winds of Change
  143. Yes Relayer Steven Wilson remix. Anyone get this in DVD or Blu-ray?
  144. Roxy Music: 8 mini LP SHM-SACD Reissues
  145. Led Zeppelin IV and HOTH Downloads
  146. Great Tiny Desk Concert
  147. Lossless streaming in the US? When?
  148. Bridge School concert
  149. Music that makes you dumb
  150. Harden the F- up! (How Music Can Boost a High-Intensity Workout)
  151. Tokyo String Quartet 8 Harmonia Mundi SACDs Complete Beethoven SQ On Sale $3 per SACD
  152. Lunatic Soul - New release
  153. Mastered for iTunes or Original CD?
  154. BBC interview with some old guy playing vinyl
  155. I find that hi-res soundtracks sound better than many hi-res audio only tracks.
  156. Thom Yorke Just Dropped a New Album Out of Nowhere
  157. Neil Young beta-release (free download) of track from new upcoming album
  158. Rachael Price high res download?? Anywhere?
  159. Free new U2 album download on iTunes
  160. Deezer!?
  161. Gramophone Awards Winners 2014
  162. Sam Smith - Thanks alot Britain!
  163. Jacintha available at Acoustic Sounds
  164. Qobuz available in US
  165. Psalms
  166. EDM DJ"s - Show Me The Money!
  167. Wanted to Buy: Hard to find music releases
  168. Quality Fury in the Slaughterhouse downloads or CDs?
  169. Just Bought Austin Symphony Tickets
  170. Fugazi to release original demo tape
  171. Best summer deck soundtrack
  172. California Über Alles: the punk equivalent of a folk-song?
  173. Are Punk and Rap (and Graffiti) Art?
  174. FIM's Newest Release - Decca Book and CD's
  175. Eugene Ysa˙e Violin Sonatas?
  176. Fela
  177. BBC Proms 2014 (Classical music season)
  178. Any info on Abbado's Beethoven Symphonies 1-9 [Blu-ray] (2013) (Rome 2001)?
  179. WHOA, nice!
  180. Mendelssohn & Schubert Box Sets? Any thoughts?
  181. Any good sounding Atlanta Rhythm Section
  182. Best ways to get Jarrett
  183. Share your experiences with needle drops(digital or R2R)
  184. Bands with great horn sections
  185. A. Parsons Box Set
  186. Original draft of "Like A Rolling Stone" sells at auction for 2.05 million dollars
  187. JazzBai: a new project from Bilbao devoted to Jazz
  188. Pink Floyd - The Division Bell (96/24) soon available
  189. Beatles albums in mono vinyl reissue (from analog masters)
  190. Ouch!
  191. Beyond Keith Jarrett - contemporary Solo Piano jazz
  192. Happy 150th birthday, Richard Srauss
  193. iTunes match question
  194. How to discover new classical and jazz music via streaming services?
  195. Favorite version of the song Fever?
  196. Brandenburg Concertos
  197. I think I just purchased a pirate/copied CD...
  198. What are the Advantages/Disadvantages of having a music manager?
  199. Did Zeppelin steal the stairway...?
  200. What Are Some Good Snowboarding Songs?
  201. 20% off ACT albums at Qobuz
  202. London Train Station Awesomeness
  203. Playing music for your baby in the womb?
  204. Jaracus Singleton (Former NBA now BLUES Musician)
  205. All of Bach
  206. Beth Rowley, why am I just hearing about her now?
  207. Rachmaninoff Piano Cto 3, op.30
  208. Edie Brickell and the Old Bohemian
  209. WiMP
  210. Music torture in the War on Terror (™)
  211. Which is your favorite Keith Jarrett solo album?
  212. Off Topic but fun... "The eight tribes of vinyl buyers"
  213. Prince Makes Peace With Warner Music, Sets New Album and Reissues
  214. Homo Erraticus?
  215. Question to Hindemith listeners
  216. Why Remaster?
  217. RCA Living Stereo Collection Vol 1
  218. PLEASE help me find . . . Count Basie and Louis Armstrong
  219. For those who have many versions of the same piece . . .
  220. A most interesting Cello performance.
  221. Modern Classical Music
  222. Kate Bush Touring
  223. Rudy Van Gelder, Any opinions on his numerous jazz remasters?
  224. Best Organ-and-Orchestra recordings
  225. Question of Tord Gustavsen The Ground high resolution truth
  226. Classical March Madness
  227. Is Classical Music dead?
  228. Reco for Mozart Violin Concertos
  229. Asio
  230. Mick Martin's Blues Party
  231. Haydn Cello Concertos - du Pre remaster from HDTracks
  232. Anne Bisson, Blue mind . . .
  233. New Pharrell Williams album [GIRL] in high-res: any views on sound quality/dynamic range?
  234. How about some 60s & 70s Rock
  235. Paco de Lucia (1947-2014)
  236. Exploring regional listening preferences
  237. Music Reviews Section
  238. Facebook/Twitter to follow your favorite artists
  239. Are the Loudness Wars Over? Apple Sound Check and iTunes Radio to the Rescue!
  240. Objectivist On Fire
  241. Free dsd music
  242. Heather and the Barbarians
  243. Radiohead Austin City Limits 2012
  244. You Tube Questions - mp4 and other audio questions
  245. Sound quality of budget reissue labels
  246. The thrill is gone
  247. Poll, what method do you use to listen to music
  248. Anyone like bass?
  249. R.I.P. Bob Casale "Bob 2 of Devo
  250. iTunes music library diehard tale