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  1. Joshua Redman Trios: hires version valuable?
  2. DSD downloads worth the trouble?
  3. Another Source of Classical Music Downloads
  4. Best sounding "Kind of Blue"
  5. Linn Downloads dropping "other" labels
  6. Hyperion summer sale
  7. The Civil Wars or The Chipmunks?
  8. Canned Heat & Quicksilver Messenger Service DSD Downloads on Super HiRez
  9. Paying more than CD Price for Download? At what point?
  10. Is there an App for that? Finding downloads?
  11. Madeleine Peyroux HD Tracks
  12. Jack White's Lazaretto - 44.1 kHz or 192 kHz?
  13. How Do You Play Your DSD Files
  14. Is it possible to download from Qobuz to the US?
  15. NativeDSD initates free daily DSD track
  16. Oscar Peterson Trio - We Get Requests (24 bit)
  17. new McCartney re-masters to be released
  18. DSD playback question
  19. DSD Sounding better?
  20. Fone DSD Downloads on NativeDSD.Com
  21. Chaka Khan at HDTracks
  22. Smaller European classical labels?
  23. High res downloads - Which are just upsampled red book?
  24. Norah Jones "Covers" Bonus Album - Now Available as DSD Download
  25. Sor Guitar Sonatas DSD 64fs, 128fs, and 256fs available
  26. Microsoft Offers up to 5TB in Free Cloud Storage for Office 365 Subscribers
  27. Gube Music - what is your experience ?
  28. Guitar Sonatas in DSD128 & DSD256
  29. HvK 1962 Beethoven Symphony Cycle at HDTracks in 24/96
  30. The classic shop Beethoven's 9th (LSO)
  31. "As Long As There Are Songs" - Stephanie Blythe
  32. Where to get high-res LSO albums for download?
  33. Brain Salad Surgery, Really?
  34. More special offers from Qobuz - Hyperion & several studio masters
  35. New Neil Crowley Trio Touch and Flee
  36. Csny 1974
  37. Pink Floyd "...Lapse of Reason"
  38. Nimbus records?
  39. Question Re: Bruce Springsteen's We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions
  40. Qobuz special offer on Deutsche Grammophon
  41. 15% discount code for German HDTracks
  42. Bob Dylan DSD Downloads on Super HiRez
  43. Classical Dance Music at top - Meyerbeer: Overtures & Entr'actes from the French Operas
  44. Getz/Gilberto Reg vs. Expanded Edition - quality difference?
  45. Linnrecords to stop selling Studio Masters from other labels
  46. HD Tracks discount code through July 4
  47. Ginger Baker - Why? New Album at HDT
  48. PSA: HDtracks' recent Bon Jovi 'New Jersey' does not have high-res album art.
  49. Anne Bisson Blue Mind Qobuz
  50. Listen by The DSD Trio
  51. Is Brain Salad Surgery going to be available for download?
  52. New Hyperion release: Ibragimova/Osborne Prokofiev Violin Sonatas
  53. "Hi Res"? I think not!
  54. >100 highres albums discounted and other discount codes for Qobuz
  55. Free DSD downloads
  56. 10 More Harmonia Mundi DSD Downloads
  57. Studio Master Blue Note on Qobuz
  58. Jackson Browne, Late For the Sky Remaster
  59. Where to download hires tracks , not the entire album
  60. New Mercury Living Presence DSD releases at Acoustic Sounds!
  61. D. Fagen "Nightfly" DSD?
  62. AcousticSounds Super HiRez DSDs
  63. Slint - Spiderland
  64. HDtracks Now Available In Germany
  65. Oscar Peterson Exclusively For My Friends 24/88 on Qobuz - anybody tried it?
  66. The Extraordinary Nat King Cole - Deluxe Edition - DSD Download
  67. Complete recordings of 1971 ABB At the Fillmore...
  68. Victor's plan to turn CDs into high resolution
  69. Soundgarden Superunknown high-res downloads
  70. Three Tenors in hi-res ever coming?
  71. Wiilson Pickett "Hey Jude"
  72. Free DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 session tracks (stereo, multi and binaural)!
  73. CSNY 1974 in Hi Res
  74. Pro Studio Masters
  75. Alternate download site for Led zep
  76. Best versions of The Who albums
  77. The Faces in hi-res
  78. Strauss lieder by Thomas Hampson
  79. Jack Johnson's Universal albums available in 24/96 FLAC via highresaudio.com
  80. Deep Purple Made in Japan HD download codes not for non-EU versions of box set
  81. Puccini’s ‘Turandot’ in 24/96: simply stunning!
  82. New sacd Stevie Ray Von
  83. HDTracks: Rigoletto w/ MIles, Sutherland, Pavarotti
  84. region restrictions from HD Tracks
  85. Billie Holiday's Body and Soul
  86. Dr. John Collection On HDTracks?
  87. Qobuz: Harry Nilsson RCA albums collection -bargain
  88. Qobuz - some HiRes downloads not available (distribution rights issue?)
  89. Difference between illegal music downloads and legal?
  90. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 40th Anniversary
  91. What is your opinion on illegal downloading of music?
  92. LCD Soundsystem - The Long Goodbye
  93. HDTracks Memorial Day Sale
  94. The Marvin Gaye Collection DSD at Acoustic Sounds
  95. Acoustic Sounds Downloads on Sale - 10% Off
  96. HDTracks Santana III
  97. New Jarerett/Haden album - Last Dance
  98. Newbie question. Questions before my first hires download
  99. High Res Zeppelin Update (from Stereophile)
  100. Society of Sound in 24/96
  101. 24 bit downloads from Audite...
  102. HDTracks Offers 352/8/24 Downloads
  103. What I want on hi-res well mastered DSD...
  104. What the f$cK is up with Qobuz?
  105. Aerosmith and Joe Satriani in 24/96 at HDTracks
  106. Charles MIngus - Ah Um, DSD vs 1998 redbook mix
  107. Steely "Gaucho" -- Acoustic Sounds DSD
  108. Moving question to a separate thread. Any comments appreciated!
  109. BBC Talks High Resolution Audio & a Free Hi Res Audio Download
  110. Michael Jackson - Bad (HDTracks vs AcousticSounds)
  111. DSD Downloads from Harmonia Mundi
  112. Wheels of Fire 24/192 HDTracks DR is poor
  113. Apparently WMG thinks 16/44.1 is "HD Digital"
  114. how large is your high resolution library?
  115. Berlin Philharmonic to launch it's own label -
  116. Hi-res Wav vs Flac vs CD vs Mp3 free comparison files Download
  117. Dsd256?
  118. HD Tracks - Where did Charles Go?
  119. REM Chronic Town DSD @ Acoustic Sounds?
  120. Any comparison of Emmylou Harris Wrecking Ball HD Tracks vs Original CD
  121. Best Hi-Res Audiophile Releases 2014.
  122. Dunedin Consort - Mozart Requiem
  123. Hdtracks Search
  124. Eleonor McEvoy on HDTracks
  125. HDtracks: 461 Ocean Boulevard (2014)
  126. New Multichannel DSD Downloads from Paraclete Recordings on NativeDSD.Com
  127. newbie needs help?
  128. iTunes to start selling hi rez files!
  129. Northstar recording
  130. Love Forever Changes on HDTracks
  131. Outward Bound - Eric Dolphy/Freddie Hubbard from HDTracks
  132. The Internet Archive (archive.org) -- a Request
  133. Love Forever Changes in 24/196
  134. Bill Evans Sunday at the Village Vanguard DSD on Acoustic Sounds
  135. Disraeli Gears in 24/192 at HDTtracks
  136. Shakira - HDTracks vs AcousticSounds
  137. Internet Archive - Tedeschi Trucks Band live shows & best way to format?
  138. Sources for DXD
  139. Truls Mork: Shostakovich Cello Concertos?
  140. Boyer: Symphony #1
  141. Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (40th Anniversary Celebration) at HD Tracks
  142. Originally recorded DSD256 piano solo sources by a Japanese group Wechseldominate
  143. Interesting observations
  144. Keb' Mo' Just Like You DSD on Acoustic Sounds
  145. Yes Close to the Edge, Question on Provenance
  146. John Lennon Imagine Blue Ray - anyone heard it?
  147. Cedille Records - exceptional sound quality
  148. Prism - Dave Holland - HDTracks vs CD
  149. Utada Hikaru's First Love (2014 Remastered Version, 24-bit, 96 kHz)
  150. The Cars: Studio Album Collection: 1978 - 1987 24-192 HDtracks
  151. Bethlehem Jazz Titles in 24/96
  152. Checking for fake bit depth in supposed hires files?
  153. Lots of new Blue Note titles on HDTracks
  154. Pro Studio Masters Slow Downloads
  155. Universal Music Group's Blu-ray/Hi-Res Initiative
  156. Musician David Elias Talks Music Downloads in Stereo and Multichannel
  157. A Tribute to Jack Johnson
  158. Is Acousticsounds.com a reputable website to buy from?
  159. Why PONO and high resolution are important.
  160. HDTT Starts Multichannel DSD & FLAC Downloads Section
  161. HiDef Transfers Carmina
  162. PEN TATONE to start offering SACD/DSD downloads
  163. Looking for a great classical reference recordings
  164. HD downloads and Blu-Ray audio discs are reported to use different masterings or even mixes
  165. Patricia Barber A Distortion of Love
  166. 3 Jazz Classics Added to Super HiRez DSD Download Collection
  167. Creedence Catalog - Analogue Productions DSD @ Acoustic Sounds
  168. Bruce Springsteen "Born To Run" 24/44 on Acoustic Sounds
  169. Led Zeppelin remasters Deluxe box includes HR download
  170. New Led Zep remasters. Where's the Hi-Rez?
  171. Kan' Nal Myth Magic DSD Recording/Format on Acoustic Sounds
  172. HDTracks 24/44.1 Rattle/BPO Downloads - Are They Studio Masters?
  173. Apple Lossless files
  174. AIX/iTrax to add DSD downloads
  175. Society of Sound 24/96
  176. Upcoming Helge Lien Trio new album
  177. HDTracks new Bob Dylan
  178. Billy Joel FLAC downloads at Acoustic Sounds
  179. The Band
  180. Worst Ever?
  181. HDtracks 48/24 received as 96/24
  182. first paid HDtracks question?
  183. High Fidelity Pure Audio Downloads
  184. HD scams?
  185. Music Reviews Section
  186. Beck -- Morning Phase
  187. Analogue Productions: Somethin' Else by Cannonball Adderley (Stereo version) in DSD
  188. Interview with Jared Sacks of Native DSD.Com
  189. Band of Horses - Acoustic At The Ryman (on Acoustic Sounds in DSD)
  190. H. Hancock The Piano 24/96 from Acoustic Sounds
  191. Bring Me the Horizon Sempiternal on HDTracks
  192. Pagliacci Arias - Vesti la Giubba
  193. New Suzanne Vega...sound quality?
  194. Holly Cole & Susie Arioli @ eclassical
  195. CD or Download
  196. BNF Collection on Qobuz - 3254 Hi-Res Albums
  197. Classical Guitar Recommendations
  198. Newbie Help- HD Tracks Download to Linux OS
  199. HD Tracks Ordering and Checkout ?
  200. Art Blakely and the Jazz Messengers - Moanin'
  201. What musical style do you think benefits most from hi-res?
  202. Super HiRez DSD Titles from Mobile Fidelity?
  203. Acoustic sounds vs hd tracks
  204. The Four Seasons: The Vivaldi Album Anne Akiko Meyers HDTracks
  205. Prince at the HDtracks
  206. Lynyrd Skynyrd on HDTracks
  207. When is hi-rez Beatles gonna happen?
  208. New HDTracks Discount
  209. RVG Remasters 44.1/24 from HD Tracks
  210. Recommend Bach orchestral works
  211. New Music Reviews Section on CA
  212. Pat Metheny Unity Group - Kin from HD Tracks 24-96
  213. Rascals Time Peace at HDT
  214. Minnesota Symphony Sibelius 1&4
  215. Acoustic Sounds -- .dsf question
  216. PentaTone Downloads..How long do we have to wait? !!
  217. New version of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos in high-res
  218. David Crosby - Croz on HDTracks
  219. HELP! About to make my first HD purchase!
  220. List of high-res download sites
  221. Ayre DSD vs. PCM
  222. Pat Benatar - In the Heat of the Night?
  223. essential elvis hd tracks
  224. If you like Debussy piano music.
  225. Is Giant Steps by John Coltrane available as a hires download anywhere?
  226. Qobuz - I wish . . .
  227. Something is even worse at the HDtracks site
  228. Qobuz
  229. Vintage ECM albums in 24/96 on Highresaudio.com
  230. Why not chose WAV files from HDTracks if they are available?
  231. Crowded House Debut on HD Tracks
  232. Black Sabbath on HDTracks
  233. Need Advise
  234. New Tord Gustavsen album out: Extended Circle (24/96)
  235. DSD download of Mari Kodama Beethoven Sonata cycle available?
  236. Cello Music?
  237. Imagine and Selling England By The Pound
  238. Bruce Springsteen - High Hopes HDTracks
  239. Suggestions for 3 Dimensional Music
  240. Opinions regarding the market for indie Hi Res mixes, masters
  241. Herbie Hancock Columbia releases in 96/24 at Acoustic Sounds
  242. Yes - The Studio Albums 1969-1987 HDTracks
  243. Qobuz - When is a 24-96 "Guaranteed Studio Master" NOT one?
  244. Ramones HDTracks
  245. New A Love Supreme on HDTracks
  246. HDTracks: Lorde - Pure Heroine, 48/24
  247. Respighi - Ancient Airs and Dances (Suite #2 in particular)
  248. High Resolution reviews
  249. America WB Collection, anyone?
  250. That SACD problem