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  1. 5.6MHz DSD streaming is coming
  2. Top Selling Jazz DSD Downloads
  3. New HDTracks Ad - Humor in Good Taste?
  4. Zinaida Oganova's Piano Music in DSD 128 for $5.99 !
  5. Native DSD Exclusive: Tintomara at 15% Off
  6. High-res orchestral Wagner album by Dudamel for free on Qobuz
  7. 200 hires albums discounted at Qobuz
  8. The Solti Wagner 'Ring' Rereleased, but in 44.1/24
  9. I am all about that bass...
  10. All Things Must Pass at HDT
  11. Multichannel Downloads Coming Soon from Acoustic Sounds
  12. Neil Young on Pono at CES 2015
  13. HDTracks 10% Off
  14. Qobuz to sell DSD downloads in 2015
  15. CD vs Hi-Res Download Comparison suggestions
  16. Pono Music Store online and out of beta according to report
  17. Hi-Rez and Lossless Classical Streaming from Naxos
  18. Dave Matthews Band Live Trax 32 (24/96)
  19. Praise for Nativedsd.com: a message for newbies like us
  20. New Years 15% Off Sale at Native DSD.Com
  21. Beats Streaming CD Quality?
  22. Opinions Please. Best I can get?
  23. TIDAL - Tips & Tricks
  24. Blue Coast 24/192 suggestions wanted
  25. Springsteen at The Agora, 1978 in 24/192
  26. Hdtracks coupon, which selections should i download?
  27. DSD Download enigma (only DSD album in my collection that doesn't play)
  28. Sound Liaison now in DSD - converted via analog?
  29. Streaming Service Comparison
  30. Blue Note Albums in DSD on Super Hi Rez
  31. Blue Coast Records Begins Multichannel DSD Downloads
  32. Beethoven Quartets - Smetana Quartet - Supraphon - DSD download?
  33. The Doctor by Doc Powell - DSD Download
  34. 8 Sinatra Albums Arrive in DSD on Super HiRez
  35. Neil Young - Time Fades Away - 24/192 on PonoMusic Store
  36. Something Different - "Misa Criolla" by Música Temprana in Binaural DSD
  37. Free download of Bach's complete organ works
  38. Kraut Rock anyone - Tangerine Dream 2015-02 SHM-CD releases
  39. • D'Angelo - Black Messiah • 24 Bit – 96.00 kHz Qobuz
  40. Outstanding new audiophile recording from the Boston Symphony Orchestra
  41. New Quad DSD Download from Eudora Records
  42. Highresaudio.jp offering classical DSD downloads -
  43. 4 New Quad DSD Downloads from Yarlung Records
  44. Who's Next 24/96 at HDT
  45. Qobuz HiFi streaming plus HD downloads at the price of MP3
  46. Another Tidal Question
  47. New Smashing Pumpkins: Monuments to an Elegy--any high-res or lossless downloads available?
  48. Hamburg 72 Ecm 2014
  49. Supertramp - Crime of the Century - now available in 192/24
  50. AC/DC - Rock or Bust ... and other Hardrock albums
  51. Scott Hamilton & Andrea Pozza - Another DSD Download
  52. Is Tidal too expensive?
  53. eClassical Christmas Calendar 2014
  54. Santana, s/t, Abraxas, and Zebop!.
  55. New Wilson Audiophile DSD Release: Center Stage
  56. Jazz at the Pawnshop - in Double Rate DSD (DSD 128) !
  57. Linn 24bits of Christmas (Free Downloads)
  58. Simon & Garfunkel
  59. Hyperion Records UK Hi-Res Downloads - 25% off best sellers of 2014
  60. Linn Records Super Audio Collection Vol.7 - free with promo code
  61. Special offer on Bluenote (including highres) at Qobuz
  62. Primephonic - another source for digital downloads
  63. Fiio X3 syncing: How do you do it?
  64. Technics Tracks - new 24 bit high res download store
  65. Murfie
  66. AcousticSounds - Vinyl + Album download included. What is the format of the download?
  67. Dylan: Blood on the (HD)Tracks
  68. How much premium are you willing to pay more for highres downloads?
  69. Steely Dan on the way?
  70. Springsteen Remasters in HD
  71. Qobuz/Squeeze Streaming Tip
  72. HDTracks 44/24bit vs CD's 44/16bit... Where are the extra bits coming from?
  73. LSO Live Releases 15 Multichannel DSD Downloads, 3 on Sale for 20% Off
  74. HDtracks - Holyfield Video
  75. Artists who sell HD music on their sites
  76. Poll: How do you get your digital music?
  77. The Rolling Stones, The Animals, Sam Cooke & Alan Parsons in DSD
  78. Qobuz discount for Deutshe Harmonia Mundi
  79. Promates offer DXD
  80. Herbie Hancock - Crossings HDTracks
  81. Complete Maria Callas EMI Recordings remastered at 96/24 at 1/3rd the price of HD Tracks
  82. Pink Floyd's Endless River
  83. Linn Records deal of the day
  84. Clapton's Another Ticket
  85. Audiostream: Spotify Overtakes iTunes in Europe
  86. What kind of hd tracks would you like us to release?
  87. Changing sample rate from 192/24 to 96/24
  88. Free DSD 256 Download on Just Listen
  89. Eric Bibb- Blues People
  90. *Complete* Dylan Basement Tapes for $25 on Acoustic Sounds
  91. Friday Night in San Francisco - New DSD Download at Super Hi Rez
  92. Five versions of The Who's Tommy at HDT and PSM, which is best?
  93. Dylan's Basement Tapes Raw on HDtracks, 44-24 worth it?
  94. New N.Young album being sold as Pono hi-res digital by Warner
  95. McCartney "Venus and Mars" and "At the Speed of Sound" now at HDT and ProStudioMasters
  96. Houses of the Holy
  97. Quadrophenia at HD this week plus more Deluxe Who and Faces
  98. HD Tracks bitrate
  99. Yarlung Records 256fs tracks
  100. Tidal, what resolution?
  101. Tidal vs. Deezer Elite : Battle of the higher rez steamers. Anyone else comparing?
  102. Why hasn't Blu-Ray audio for Hirez caught on?
  103. Another 10% Off Sale: Florilegium's Brandenburg Concertos in DSD
  104. Pierre Hantai playing Bach: Suites Anglaises (24/88) Harmonia Mundi
  105. Official TIDAL HIFI Music Wish List
  106. DSD SACD Rip vs. DSD Download
  107. 10% Off Downloads at Super HiRez "Spooktacular Sale"
  108. iTunes or Amazon?
  109. Vivaldi's Four Seasons in DSD
  110. 25% Off - 3 Albums in DSD from Wilson Audiophile Recordings
  111. Led Zeppelin iv / HOTH
  112. HD Tracks Hidden Files After Download?
  113. Johannes Brahms - Herreweghe
  114. John Lennon's Double Fantasy
  115. 300+ studio master albums "hifi classics" discounted up to 35% at Qobuz
  116. New Prince on HD tracks
  117. 100 classical highres albums discounted at Qobuz
  118. Dusty in Memphis - HD Tracks, SACD ... ?
  119. Blue Coast Records Recommendations
  120. Wilco - Summer Teeth
  121. Sinatra on HDTracks
  122. Sinatra Come Fly with Me on HDtracks
  123. Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold Available at SuperHiRez in 96/24
  124. The Importance of Dynamic Range and is a maximum possible?
  125. John Lennon Imagine on HDT this week
  126. Michael Jackson--Off The Wall 24/96
  127. Charlie Haden Jim Hall
  128. Alina Ibragamova
  129. Jethro Tull Aqualung 24/96 questions
  130. 35% Off Sale - Jazz DSD Downloads from Challenge Jazz
  131. Thom Yorke BitTorrent download
  132. Hi-Res Download from Nonesuch? Yup!
  133. Oasis "Morning Glory" remaster 24/44.1
  134. Miles Davis Kind of Blue HD Tracks
  135. Free hi-res sampler from SnipRecords for limited period - until 30 September
  136. Qobuz down?
  137. Callas remasters
  138. 100 Highres albums discounted at Qobuz
  139. End of Summer Sale at Super HiRez
  140. AS to record live Blues in DSD; adds Warner Group to hi-res download sources
  141. Special offer on 2 Gramophone Awards high-res albums at Qobuu
  142. Tour of Super Audio Center & Multichannel DSD Listening at RMAF
  143. Free samples DSF audio files for testing apparatus
  144. DSD128 and 256 TItles
  145. Free David Elias DSD Download Today
  146. 35% Off Sale: New Rachel Podger DSD Download
  147. Diana Krall releases Wallflower
  148. Ryan Adams New Self Titled Album - DR of High Resolution Download
  149. Native DSD Tops 300 DSD Downloads
  150. Mobile Fidelity Silver - Downloads!
  151. New Kinks on HDtracks
  152. Grateful Dead HD Tracks: Wake Up To Find Out: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 3/29/1990
  153. HD Tracks comes to the UK
  154. Hi Res Americana Nelson Wright Orphans & Relics
  155. Pricing alert - Kodama Complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas
  156. WiMP HiFi with Squeezebox Touch
  157. Fone Jazz & Classical Samplers: DSD Downloads for $8 Each !
  158. Tapestry, The Sopranos & David Bowie Headline New DSD Downloads on Super Hi Rez
  159. The B-52s - Complete Studio Album Collection 1979-1992
  160. Qobuz Enters the Equivalent of Chapter 11 Protection
  161. Customer service kudos for Bleep.com
  162. Special offer at eclassical: Beethoven complete piano sonatas - Brautigam
  163. 40% off selected Qobuz highres downloads
  164. Been a while since I've bought a CD, now I feel like I want to buy them and rip them in a lossless format
  165. Joshua Redman Trios: hires version valuable?
  166. DSD downloads worth the trouble?
  167. Another Source of Classical Music Downloads
  168. Best sounding "Kind of Blue"
  169. Linn Downloads dropping "other" labels
  170. Hyperion summer sale
  171. The Civil Wars or The Chipmunks?
  172. Canned Heat & Quicksilver Messenger Service DSD Downloads on Super HiRez
  173. Paying more than CD Price for Download? At what point?
  174. Is there an App for that? Finding downloads?
  175. Madeleine Peyroux HD Tracks
  176. Jack White's Lazaretto - 44.1 kHz or 192 kHz?
  177. How Do You Play Your DSD Files
  178. Is it possible to download from Qobuz to the US?
  179. NativeDSD initates free daily DSD track
  180. Oscar Peterson Trio - We Get Requests (24 bit)
  181. new McCartney re-masters to be released
  182. DSD playback question
  183. DSD Sounding better?
  184. Fone DSD Downloads on NativeDSD.Com
  185. Chaka Khan at HDTracks
  186. Smaller European classical labels?
  187. High res downloads - Which are just upsampled red book?
  188. Norah Jones "Covers" Bonus Album - Now Available as DSD Download
  189. Sor Guitar Sonatas DSD 64fs, 128fs, and 256fs available
  190. Microsoft Offers up to 5TB in Free Cloud Storage for Office 365 Subscribers
  191. Gube Music - what is your experience ?
  192. Guitar Sonatas in DSD128 & DSD256
  193. HvK 1962 Beethoven Symphony Cycle at HDTracks in 24/96
  194. The classic shop Beethoven's 9th (LSO)
  195. "As Long As There Are Songs" - Stephanie Blythe
  196. Where to get high-res LSO albums for download?
  197. Brain Salad Surgery, Really?
  198. More special offers from Qobuz - Hyperion & several studio masters
  199. New Neil Crowley Trio Touch and Flee
  200. Csny 1974
  201. Pink Floyd "...Lapse of Reason"
  202. Nimbus records?
  203. Question Re: Bruce Springsteen's We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions
  204. Qobuz special offer on Deutsche Grammophon
  205. 15% discount code for German HDTracks
  206. Bob Dylan DSD Downloads on Super HiRez
  207. Classical Dance Music at top - Meyerbeer: Overtures & Entr'actes from the French Operas
  208. Getz/Gilberto Reg vs. Expanded Edition - quality difference?
  209. Linnrecords to stop selling Studio Masters from other labels
  210. HD Tracks discount code through July 4
  211. Ginger Baker - Why? New Album at HDT
  212. PSA: HDtracks' recent Bon Jovi 'New Jersey' does not have high-res album art.
  213. Anne Bisson Blue Mind Qobuz
  214. Listen by The DSD Trio
  215. Is Brain Salad Surgery going to be available for download?
  216. New Hyperion release: Ibragimova/Osborne Prokofiev Violin Sonatas
  217. "Hi Res"? I think not!
  218. >100 highres albums discounted and other discount codes for Qobuz
  219. Free DSD downloads
  220. 10 More Harmonia Mundi DSD Downloads
  221. Studio Master Blue Note on Qobuz
  222. Jackson Browne, Late For the Sky Remaster
  223. Where to download hires tracks , not the entire album
  224. New Mercury Living Presence DSD releases at Acoustic Sounds!
  225. D. Fagen "Nightfly" DSD?
  226. AcousticSounds Super HiRez DSDs
  227. Slint - Spiderland
  228. HDtracks Now Available In Germany
  229. Oscar Peterson Exclusively For My Friends 24/88 on Qobuz - anybody tried it?
  230. The Extraordinary Nat King Cole - Deluxe Edition - DSD Download
  231. Complete recordings of 1971 ABB At the Fillmore...
  232. Victor's plan to turn CDs into high resolution
  233. Soundgarden Superunknown high-res downloads
  234. Three Tenors in hi-res ever coming?
  235. Wiilson Pickett "Hey Jude"
  236. Free DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 session tracks (stereo, multi and binaural)!
  237. CSNY 1974 in Hi Res
  238. Pro Studio Masters
  239. Alternate download site for Led zep
  240. Best versions of The Who albums
  241. The Faces in hi-res
  242. Strauss lieder by Thomas Hampson
  243. Jack Johnson's Universal albums available in 24/96 FLAC via highresaudio.com
  244. Deep Purple Made in Japan HD download codes not for non-EU versions of box set
  245. Puccini’s ‘Turandot’ in 24/96: simply stunning!
  246. New sacd Stevie Ray Von
  247. HDTracks: Rigoletto w/ MIles, Sutherland, Pavarotti
  248. region restrictions from HD Tracks
  249. Billie Holiday's Body and Soul
  250. Dr. John Collection On HDTracks?