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  1. Help a metalhead out
  2. Pitchfork: What your music formats says about you
  3. Maazel's classic Sibelius remastered in 24/96--but at a price!
  4. Upcoming Pittsburgh Symphony Album in DSD & DXD
  5. Qobuz in Receivership
  6. RIP: Allen Toussaint
  7. Francesco Cavalli: L'Amore Innamorato - Christina Pluhar (24/96)
  8. River of Sorrow DSD Download
  9. Upcoming Janine Jansen Brahms album
  10. Verdi: Aida - Pappano (24/96)
  11. The Hot Sardines in 24/96 from HD Tracks.
  12. 2 Birthday DSD Surround Sound Picks from Tailspn
  13. Prime seat live from the Concertgebouw Amsterdam
  14. Jagged Little Pill
  15. Alina Ibragimova - Newest Bach Violin Concertos
  16. A Question About Upsampling
  17. Clarinet Concertos
  18. High Resolution Audio Pricing in 1956
  19. HD Tracks Germany Launches DSD Downloads
  20. TIDAL HIFI Subscribers' Club!
  21. Live DSD Streaming - 2015 Chopin Competition Prize Winner's Concerts
  22. New Carmen Gomes recording on the Sound Liaison label
  23. Ivan Fischer's Brahms Symp 4 & Hungarian Dances in DSD
  24. More Elvis Costello downloads at Pro Studio Masters
  25. Jeff Beck on HDT Beckola and Truth
  26. Tidal Content
  27. Grace Remaster from Emily Lazar on HD Tracks.
  28. Mack Avenue Jazz at Blue Coast, what's the difference?
  29. Igor Levit's Goldberg and Diabelli (24/96) - another must have
  30. Jazz at the Pawnshop Late Night Quad DSD, etc
  31. Michael Wollny Trio Nachtfahrten (24/96) - new release on ACT
  32. New Dylan 24/192 recordings at Pono
  33. 5 Beach Boys DSD Downloads from Analogue Productions
  34. Classical music and streaming: new Gramophone article
  35. Midsummer Night's Dream - eClassical
  36. Spotify Discover
  37. Chopin Polonaises: Maurizio Pollini, DG Originals
  38. 5 New RCA Living Stereo DSD Downloads
  39. Kari Bremnes from "Kirkelig kulturverkstad".
  40. Link for the boss - Chris Connaker (Pearl Jam Enclosed)
  41. New David Gilmour Album 24/96 at HDTracks- Stunning!!!
  42. David Bowie 5 years
  43. QOBUZ confused about its history
  44. Moby in high res...
  45. Some (rather small) numbers from Qobuz
  46. New Rachel Podger Album Rosary Sonatas in DSD
  47. Blue Coast Collection Remastered
  48. QOBUZ streaming problem
  49. Brahms Violin Sonatas by Isabelle Faust and Alexander Melnikov (24/96)
  50. Interesting John Hiatt Find
  51. New masterings of Pet Sounds
  52. Slayer in high-res
  53. DSD downloads too expensive for experimentation?
  54. Good Recording of Meatloaf "Bat Out of Hell"?
  55. Linda Ronstadt - Just One Look (2015 Remasters)
  56. Brahms Clarinet Sonata by Coppola and Staier on Harmonia Mundi (24/96)
  57. Cécile McLorin Salvant's For One To Love (24/96) - a review
  58. Ivan Fischer & Mahler No. 7 in Berlin
  59. 256kbps Wired vs. 320kbps Streaming
  60. Different Jean Michel Jarre Hi-res at Qobuz
  61. Bach Cello Suites - David Watkin (24/96)
  62. Born To Run 40th Anniversary
  63. John Coltrane - Giant Steps (HDTracks)
  64. Leonard Cohen Popular Problems (HDTracks)
  65. Who'd you vote for? Pono what would you like in higher rez?
  66. The Pono Promise
  67. Schumann: Piano Concerto - Melnikov - Freiburger Barock (24/96)
  68. Pono offering free resolution upgrades if higher resolution becomes available
  69. Bach's Harpsichord Concertos by Andreas Staier (24/96) - not my cup of tea
  70. How do you use the Genre tag?
  71. New DSD Download Site: Vision DSD
  72. Classics Online free download joke
  73. King Crimson available for DL?
  74. Tomas Örnberg's BLUE FIVE from DSDfile.com
  75. Classical music and streaming: once again
  76. HD Tracks Discount code "Living Stereo" 'till 11: 59 PM August 13
  77. New Order - Music Complete - High Res Pre-order
  78. Janet Feder Multichannel & Stereo DSD Downloads at Acoustic Sounds
  79. First three Peter Gabriel Albums remastered on 45rpm vinyl with 24/96 download
  80. Prince of Tidal
  81. Apple Music may have 11M subcribers already
  82. Aaron Diehl : Space, Time, Continuum (24/96)
  83. Qobuz offering highres streaming and import on iOS up to 24/192 with Qobuz Sublime
  84. For Classical Music Lovers
  85. McCartney's "Tug of War" and "Pipes of Peace" remasters to be released Oct 2
  86. Led Zep: Presence, Coda, and In Through the Out Door released on July 31!
  87. Ravel Violin Sonata #2 suggestions
  88. Finally! Amused to Death...
  89. ECM Records streaming?
  90. Free Linn 24bit/192kHz Album Download
  91. Reference recording in multi formats released by Japan Association of Professional Recording Studios(JAPRS)
  92. Wilco - Star Wars
  93. Sly and Family Stone Live Fillmore at HDT
  94. New Jason Isbell in 24-96
  95. "The Music Industry's Unholy Mess" - Audiostream
  96. A Different Classical Music Record Label
  97. The Doors Perception 24/96 PCM Vs Infinite DSD box sets
  98. Ornette Coleman and Sonny Rollins downloads - which one?
  99. Javier Perianes Grieg Piano Concerto (24/96) has a serious issue!
  100. DSD SACD ripping
  101. Horch House Launches Digital Music on USB Wafer Cards
  102. Free HD music tracks - Post here!
  103. Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman
  104. New Jack Johnson remasters on HDtracks
  105. 8 Ensembles in 1 Bit - New DSD 256 Recording
  106. Fun music / video concert from the Berlin Philharmonic
  107. Hi res download John Hiatt?
  108. Nine Inch Nails shares unique content on Apple Music
  109. ELP: Trilogy
  110. New Amy Winehouse - are they any good?
  111. Tidal in 24 bit streaming
  112. HD music in Germany is hard to find
  113. Iron Maiden on HD Tracks
  114. New Hires music logo RIAA
  115. New Music Friday
  116. Belafonte at Carnegie Hall - HDTracks vs. the new Analogue SACD
  117. Trouble With Downloading from High Definition Tape Transfers?
  118. How Much Do Artists Earn Online (2015 remix)
  119. Taylor Swift gets Apple to pay artists during trial period
  120. Ferdinand Rebay Sonatas in DSD
  121. Snarky Puppy on HD Tracks
  122. Tidal can't send digital from my phone to my DAC??
  123. Here’s What Happens to Your $10 After You Pay for a Month of Apple Music
  124. Music download stops abruptly at same place each time
  125. No high-res remaster available for Joe Henderson's Inner Urge?
  126. Jack White Responds to Fans with Tidal Questions
  127. Anyone Familiar with the DSD Version of Humble Pie's "Smokin"
  128. Streaming to Oppo 105
  129. No hi-res version of the Sticky Fingers reissue?
  130. Qobuz to launch 24 bit highres streaming on June 15 - if you have Android
  131. Kind of Blue - $9.99 on Pono Music World
  132. Why so many 24/44.1 downloads of current albums?
  133. Brain Salad Surgery (Super Deluxe Edition)
  134. Music Revenues: Downloads vs. Streaming
  135. New Melody Gardot album out: Currency of Man (24/44)
  136. Where do I get DSD music? How do I play it?
  137. Hi-Res FLAC files - What am I getting and how do I tell?
  138. Rolling Stones FLAC files from their archive any good?
  139. Qobuz Desktop app - some questions
  140. Linn Records Starts Selling Albums in DSD
  141. Genesis Sale on Yarlung DSD Downloads
  142. The scarcity of high-res electronic and pop music.
  143. Best sites for multichannel downloads
  144. Aqualung at HDTracks
  145. Vivaldi Gloria
  146. albums disappear from Tidal / My Music
  147. Qobuz discount on 40 classic Jazz highres albums
  148. Springsteen's TOL, HT, and LT in 24bit at PonoMusic
  149. Bruce Springsteen: Born in the USA, live, in DSD. Yes, Springsteen in DSD. This has happened.
  150. Ivan Fischer talks about Mahler 9
  151. Where to go next? (Willie Nelson's Stardust)
  152. Creation - New Keith Jarrett - anyone had a listen
  153. Warner Music Group made more money from streaming than downloads last quarter
  154. Where to download flacs?
  155. Default DSD and Analog: The Great Convergence
  156. FREE 24bit album from highresaudio.com for Munich HIGH END show
  157. New Keith Jarrett 24/96 remasters on Qobuz
  158. Tidal has melted my brain...
  159. Naxos Classics Online HD
  160. Hi-Res Audio / Are these downloads legitemate?
  161. Tidal expands to 7 more countries
  162. Metalheads rejoice : Iron Maiden in remastered Hires April 2015
  163. Two of Dolphy's Out to Lunch at HDtracks
  164. Pono vs HDTracks
  165. "New" Paul Simon titles at HDT, Pono, AS
  166. Franck Piano Quintet: Any Good Performances in High Res?
  167. Great New Download Site
  168. Don Grusin's "The Hang" - DSD Stereo Download
  169. Wondering if Acoustic Sounds has an exclusive with Roger Waters' High Def release
  170. Pro Studio Masters Download Offers
  171. Tori Amos - Under The Pink (Remastered)
  172. Pono Music - Lousy Customer Service - Not Honoring Promo Code
  173. Just Discovered a Great Beethoven Piano Sonata Cycle!
  174. A Special DSD Surprise from Rachel Podger & Native DSD
  175. Special offer on Impulse albums from Qobuz
  176. Stunning Hi Res 2015 releases
  177. Tom Petty speaks about high resolution audio & mastering sound quality
  178. Retagging HDTracks downloads
  179. Is there a site to purchase CD quality singles?
  180. PonoMusic - Special Discount, New Album Releases & More!
  181. The TT DR Meter doesn't work on vinyl
  182. How do I know which Tidal files are MQA and/or MQA Studio?
  183. Music technology research / University
  184. Boz Scaggs - A Fool To Care
  185. I think I bought a 24/192kHz container
  186. Nils Frahm - Solo
  187. Cassandra Wilson: Coming Forth By Day (24/44)
  188. Gergiev & Mariinsky DSD Downloads
  189. Alan Parsons - Turn of a Friendly Card - Now Available as Stereo DSD Download
  190. Judith Hill "back in Time free 96/24 download
  191. Lou Reed -- Rock N' Roll Animal
  192. The Music Biz Continues To Shoot Itself In The Foot
  193. Digital Download Pricing
  194. >150 highres albums discounted at Qobuz
  195. Lou Reed's Transformer
  196. René Jacobs -30% at eclassical
  197. Open Well-Tempered Clavier
  198. New Tom Petty Releases on ProStudioMasters
  199. another site with hi-res
  200. Double Rate DSD on Acoustic Sounds
  201. Claire-Marie Le Guay - Bach - 24/96
  202. Cantate Domino on eclassical
  203. Ahmad Jamal: Needle Drop to DSD on Acoustic Sounds
  204. Looking for an audiophile download of Chopin's Etudes
  205. Blue Coast announces Fiona joy Signature Solo as Audiophile mix
  206. DSD Streaming Demo.
  207. Wall Street Journal article about high rez downloads
  208. Anyone Compared....
  209. Sound of Music Soundtrack - 50th Anniversary Edition
  210. 15% HDtracks via Crutchfield
  211. 20% off on Verve at HDtracks
  212. RHCP The Studio Album Collection 1991 - 2011?
  213. In a Silent Way, Miles Davis
  214. Vinyl to Digital: Which Format?
  215. Yonathan Avishai - Modern Times
  216. Looking for hires Avant Garde Classical or Jazz downloads
  217. Embedding album art and tagging DSF files
  218. Technics Tracks site
  219. Qbouz discount code
  220. 6 New Live Blues Masters Recordings - Multichannel + Stereo DSD downloads for $14.95 each !
  221. Rachel Podger & Brecon Baroque: Vivaldi’s “l’Estro Armonico”
  222. Upsampled downloads from the 2xHD label
  223. Classical Streaming Services: Summary
  224. The COMBI Button - Stereo + Multichannel DSD for a few bucks more
  225. Best streaming music service
  226. King Classical DSD Downloads at Super HiRez
  227. Mark Ronson at HD Tracks?
  228. MA Recordings download
  229. Another Springsteen Archive release, 12-31-1975
  230. Onkyo Music live in US
  231. Anybody else having trouble logging on to the Acoustic Sounds website?
  232. Dylan sale on Pono, provenance?
  233. Cookie Marenco Issues a Challenge to Yahoo Reporter David Pogue
  234. Tidal only 12k customers...
  235. Robert Cray - Strong Persuader in High Res 24/96 and 24/192
  236. Top 10 Sellers - DSD Downloads Not Available on SACD
  237. Speaker positioning to avoid annoying the neighbours!
  238. New Sound Liaison Release - Impromptu
  239. Special offer on 24bit Harmonia Mundi releases @ Qobuz
  240. Bach/Vivaldi: Magnificat Jordi Savall - which version to buy?
  241. Don Henley catalog in Hirez
  242. High Quality Polka?
  243. Zinaida Oganova (DSD128)
  244. New HD service from Naxos
  245. Qobuz Outlines Plans for 2015.
  246. Qobuz Offer Free 24bit 48khz Album.
  247. Harrison "Living in the Material World 2014" at HDT in High res
  248. 5.6MHz DSD streaming is coming
  249. Top Selling Jazz DSD Downloads
  250. New HDTracks Ad - Humor in Good Taste?