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  29. Is this a sin, or have you ever tried it?!
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  31. Well, there you go....
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  35. Focal Spirit Pro Stereo Headphone Review
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  39. Upgrade to better active monitors for nearfield (from focal cms50 to?)
  40. Thinking out of the box..... Linkwitz LX521
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  42. Reflections On Listening To Headphones Versus Speaker Systems
  43. Brainwavz HM5 Stereo Headphone Review
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  52. is THX feature dead?
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  55. Say you bought a speaker that retailed
  56. FS:
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  58. Question to Dali Zensor 7 owners
  59. Rockport Technologies.
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  61. Insulation blow out port PSB B25
  62. *** ~ Please Help - Isolation: Ear foam hurts / Best isolation earphone ~ ***
  63. two of the same product, but a different sound How come?
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  84. iPod Resolution?
  85. ***
  86. Buy Sennheiser Amperior Now
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  89. TB Isone - Anyone using this binaural VST with their headphones?
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  96. Most resolving speaker you have ever heard??? Most musically enthralling???
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  107. Moving from speakers with a standalone volume dial/headphone jack to ones without
  108. Small Office Speaker
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  112. Question for Audioengine A2 owners...
  113. Audioengine D3 USB DAC and Headphone Amp review
  114. Beyerdynamic T90
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  116. B&W 802D hissing
  117. Stax available in Canada again
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  120. Bang & Olufsen (B&O) H3 Stereo Earphone (IEM) Review
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  126. Discussion about speaker spikes and vibrations
  127. Headphone Amp and Controlling Volume
  128. Auralic Gemini
  129. KEF M500 Headphones
  130. Anthony Gallo Speakers (in particular Strada 2 plus sub but reference series more generally)
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  132. Anybody have experience with Eve Audio SC204 or SC205?
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  143. senn mx375 headphones
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  150. Tired of this, you decide for me...
  151. Kef ls50
  152. new desktop system
  153. NEW! Redesigned 2013 Beats by Dre Studio v2 in RED & WHITE unboxing. #NewBeatsStudio
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  161. New Stereo setup for work, what to buy?
  162. Vibrations eaters on top of the speakers
  163. Better than QED strand 79 cable
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  165. Unbalanced to Balanced
  166. Speakers under $1000 with a nuforce dda-100
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  168. In-Ear Phones
  169. Speaker Stands or Isolator?
  170. Tralucent 1Plus2 Hybrid Universals
  171. Powered desktop setup for $500-600? Need help
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  174. Active speaker setup
  176. Emotiva airmotiv 6 versus Stealth 6
  177. Cool Head-Fi History Video
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  179. BAREFOOT SOUND MICROMAIN35 GEN2: Just released
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  181. Vanatoo: my experiences with these $500 direct digital active speakers
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  183. Furutech ADL H-118 stereo headphone review
  184. 7.1 wireless
  185. FiiO E07K computer USB DAC and headphone amp review
  186. Final Audio Design FI-BA-SS Stereo IEM / Earphone review
  187. pc speaker recomendations
  188. New 2.0 active speaker setup
  189. Best Speakers for my iMac. Audio engine A5+ v's KEF X300A?
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  191. Impact on Sound Quality of Perforated Leather over Automobile Speakers
  192. Decware Zen Head headphone amplifier review
  193. FiiO E12 'Mont Blanc' Headphone Amp review
  194. Adam A7x digital newbie review
  195. Call me stupid, but...HOW to mount the B&W 685 speakers on their FS-700 stands???
  196. Speaker positioning and setup.
  197. The Relationship between Perception and Measurement of Headphone Sound Quality
  198. subwoofer rattle
  199. Smyth Realiser
  200. Headpgones for around 70
  201. Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Ultra vs. Logitech z-5500
  202. v-moda vamp verza DAC and headphone amp review
  203. Audience ClairAudient The ONE Loudspeakers
  204. Best integrated for dali Zensor 1s
  205. Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Just died... What next?
  206. Lightweightish Balanced Headphones recommendation
  207. Jumper Cable Install Question
  208. Questions about the KEF X300A Speakers
  209. BIC America FH65B Speakers and HD Audio
  210. Bose AE2i Stereo Headphone review
  211. "Peripheral does not appear to be plugged in"
  212. Harbeth P3ESR - 7ESR - Monitor 30.1
  213. My New System... Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus!
  214. Need some help with setup of compnents
  215. Soloist SL
  216. Help choosing the best near field monitors for ME
  217. HELP! Harman Kardon subwoofer LED flashing
  218. The real future of speakers, food for thought
  219. Rec. for $250-$500 all-around headphones no amp required
  220. Genelec 8250A + GLM vs. new PMC twotwo.6
  221. My subwoofer randomly stopped working...
  222. Newbie with Some Questions
  223. Zu and Sennheiser
  224. Dolby Headphone Technology & Astro A50's
  225. My Input On Speakers
  226. HRT MicroStreamer Headphone Amp/DAC review
  227. Would a NAD c326bee pair well with B&W 685's?
  228. Magico S1...any had a listen?
  229. Desktop\Nearfield Audio - Speakers
  230. Seven headphone video review
  231. Lawrence Audio Speakers
  232. New speaker advice
  233. Swan m200mkIII Users, can you help me before making a purchase....
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  235. An Ear for Music
  236. SoundMagic HP200 Stereo Headphone review (new item)
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  238. Headphone Cable Length
  239. Recommened Headphone Stands
  240. The best speaker.... really
  241. (Re)Joining the club...
  242. What headphones or IEM's do you use for listening with your Audioquest Dragonfly?
  243. KEF X300A My solution to bringing music to another room
  244. New! from Denon for the mobile audiophile - Music Maniac AH-D340
  245. Soundmatters FoxL2 Stereo mini-speaker review
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  247. Accudio Pro Equalizer App (iPod/iPad/iPhone) for many headphones
  248. Love my Grados
  249. XTZ Earphone-12 Stereo Earphone (IEM) review using Dirac DSP
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